Assad Agonistes, No Way

There are fools who think the Syrian Civil War will be over soon. They imagine Assad will scarper and a liberal democrat of some sort seize power and impose democracy and secular millions then live happily ever after.

Nothing of the sort will occur.

Hundreds of thousands of good people and their children will die. The tyranny will continue.

This is because no foreign coalition will go to war with Assad and his helicopter-gunships, tanks and chemical weapons.

And shame is unknown to him. And he will not tiptoe away, any more than Bush and Cheney will tiptoe out of Texas and seek sanctuary in Kazakhstan.

Only fools think he will.

And the slaughter will continue, as it did in Ruanda. And the entire talent pool of Syria, including the fugitive Iraqi professors, dentists and dictors, will be wiped out in the fighting.

And it’s a pity

  1. Dagney J. Taggart

    So what do you see as the solution? Another Coalition of the Willing taking action while the UN drafts more firmly worded letters? Or does the world step back and let the Syrians sort it out?

    • Doubt we’ll see a coalition of the bankrupt prepared to pay the cost anytime soon. Iraq has made all the usual candidates wary of accepting unsubstantiated statements based on claimed US intelligence.

  2. What you are saying just doesn’t make sense.
    Syrian rebels used chemical weapons against civilians. Syrian rebels are being supplied by the US.
    No one is going to war with Syria because it will cause exact kind of destruction you mentioned. If the US goes to war with Syria, Iran will retaliate, and in the worst situation possible (not that it may be likely) Russia and possibly China will be drawn into the conflict as a direct reaction to the US military’s strikes.
    All because the US wants to keep the US dollar intact and flowing.
    The situation in Syria may be dyre, but intervention by war will only result in colossal destruction.

  3. Bob,
    The parallels between Assad’s Syria & Saddam Hussien’s Iraq are obvious. Both despotic dictatorial leaders of relatively stable ME countries & both as opposed to fundamentalist ideology & al Queda.
    One has to wonder why the US has chosen to destabilise Syria & open the door to those same fundamentalist Shiite & hahabi elements.
    The US just never learns anything from history. This is yet another civil war encouraged & fuelled by the hawks in the US, as a proxy for war against Russian & to an increasing extent, Chinese influence in a resource rich & strategic region. To what extent the US Jewish lobby has contributed to this in support of Israelli destabilisation of Arab countries generally, I am loath to guess.
    I agree with your assessment. Assad is far from finished. There are enough powerful despots remaining in the region who will support Assad continuing in power in Syria. We are aready seeing the rollback of the Arab Spring in places like Egypt.
    Whether the world likes it or not, there are still places on this earth where the union of different ethnic & religious groups will only function as a single entity while ruled with an iron fist. The whole point of the boundaries drawn in the Middle East by the French & British after WW1, was to keep them internally destabilised, disfunctional & dependant while their strategic positions & resources were explioted. The only thing changed is the power struggle over who maintains & exploits their dependency.

  4. :shock: Hi Bob Ellis. I don’t watch mutch TV, however I was fortunate enough to flip it on and catch an interview with you an the ABC. Finally, there is some creature out there who does tell the truth, which, how funny, people seem to find offensive - go figure…? You, I feel to be spot on,and the complete blindness of most to your spirit and heart attitude, must hurt your head rather a lot. I have never heard of you before, never knew you existed, but I am impressed and releaved that there is a voice of lucidity in the wilderness. Hard to find the truth in the smokescreen they call news these days, which is why I don’t bother, and for me, politicians, somewhat marionettes. They seem so transparent by their lies that most are blinded by the mirror!

  5. Bob, I told you why:
    Baddu August 5, 2012 at 4:55 am

    Assad has not gone yet because more and more Syrians are siding with the devil they know. The alternative FSA put together by KSA and USA is not seen by Syrians as a force for democracy, but as a destructive force fueled by Gulf oil and Wahhabi tyranical ideology. BBC, Aljazeera and AP combined cannot convince Syrians otherwise, as easily as we take their word for it here Down Under.

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