Quiz Time (45)

Who, in the sequel to The Gielgud Memorandum, has Bob Ellis cast in the role of Ralph Richardson?

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  1. Depending on which years it covers, you could almost do it yourself Bob.

  2. With a choice of three, Ellis, Clarke and Burke, I’d go for Terry Clarke. Simon Burke as Olivier, Bob Ellis as Gielgud.

    With a first performance on April 1, how can I resist attending?!

  3. Chuck Norris?

  4. Geoffrey Rush.

  5. For heaven’s sake Bob; how many times do I need to say it? I won’t do it! :mrgreen:

  6. Moira McLean

  7. Grigor Taylor

  8. I’ll be there to find out.

  9. Is it you Bob!!!

  10. Is it Sir John Gielgud that you refer to?

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