The Tipping Point

It was yesterday the penny dropped, I think. It was after Brandis blithered that Bolt had the right, the absolute right, to be nineteen times factually wrong in an opinion piece that sneered at persons of a colour he found suspicious, and Abbott vowed that four, but no more than four, persons a year could be made knights and dames by him, and only him. The penny dropped not just on this government’s mendacious cruelty — some of us didn’t mind that — but on its dottiness. They seemed for the first time, for sure, for certain sure, very, very silly people. And immigrant voters, especially, were amazed at their stupidity.

An immigrant person doesn’t know English well. And when a Minister says we have a right to be bigoted, and brings in a law to enshrine that right, it looks very much to an immigrant person like the laws that put ‘Juden’ on the doors of targeted people in Nazi Germany. It may be a wrong impression, but it looks like that.

And saying ‘intimidate’ doesn’t mean any more ‘emotionally affright’ but only ‘physically menace’ is a big mistake in a multiculture too. It licenses cyberbullying and jeering at girls in hijabs and painting ‘Islamist scum’ on mosques at midnight in Lakemba. It means, as Brandis admits, you can deny the Holocaust in a public debate and say, for instance, Reza Barati deserved to die for coming here when he should have known he wasn’t wanted. You can say these things in pictures, songs, text-messages and placards. This is fine with George — or Sir George as we must soon call him, I guess. Sir George would not be worried, or not worried much, by a billboard saying, wrongly, ‘Obama is an illegal Kenyan terrorist who deserves to die’. Immigrants may not like this but, well, gee, they’d better get used to it, used to our ‘robust democracy’, hadn’t they, or go elsewhere.

What Abbott did, though, is even crazier. He thinks giving, say, Quentin Bryce, Peter Cosgrove, Ita Buttrose and John Howard knighthoods and damehoods this calendar year but no-one else, and thus frustrating Malcolm Fraser, Alan Jones, Ray Hadley, John Singleton, Jeff Kennett, Shane Warne, Ricky Ponting, Plugger, Macca, Richo, Kathy Freeman, Adam Goodes, Bronwyn Bishop, John Bell, Robyn Nevin, Clive Palmer and Richie Benaud is a good and useful idea. He imagines he will make friends this way. He imagines he will pick up votes this way. He will be seen to be even madder when it is known he consulted no-one about it, and forced it down Bryce’s throat in the last golden hours of her vice-regency. It will annoy every sibling or widow of every VC, living or dead, every paralympian, and every eminent Aboriginal like Noel Pearson, or Warren Mundine, or Wayne Blair or Lowitja O’Donoghue.

And it will convince the million who voted for Abbott while harbouring doubts about him that he is really, truly, nutty and undeserving of even the office of Deputy Mayor of Warialda.

It is, it really is, the tipping point, and for him, if not for, say, Turnbull, or Hockey, there is no way back.

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  1. Yes, this time there is no retraction - he is clearly mad.

  2. Surely this sort of thing can be reversed when Labor gets back in? Tell me it can?

    • It’s looking like the Whitlam-Fraser-Hawke period. Fraser undid some of Whitlams good stuff, Hawke was elected and put it back. I reckon Labor will have to do it again when they get back.

  3. Abbott means “have some of my disease”.

  4. Looking at the time of day these pronunciementos are made makes some of us more and more convinced that this cabal of malfeasance gets on the liquor and drugs at lunch time,exposing their seething , tight lipped madness even more.

  5. You know, I think now, that he has collaped, mentally, under the strain of practising for this job for the last how many years? I don’t really remember when he got into politics, but he has made my skin crawl from the first time I heard him speak.

    I should correct myself. It was the first time that something he said got my attention. He made that lovely (not) wish in public, that his daughters would remain virgins until they married. I was gobsmacked and then I was furious! Who was this goose? Had I been one of his daughters he would have been thoroughly smacked upside the head the second he got home! I wouldn’t think those smart young women would take too much nonsense from him!

    After a few more personal musings on his daughters sexuality, I began to harbor suspicions about his character and sexual mores that so far have not been, um, refuted, negated, changed? gimme a word, someone. Whatever, he makes my skin crawl!

    Just his habit of the swimming in budgie smugglers is enough to put me off my dinner. Who on earth does he imagine he really is? The inmpression is, he wants to be Superman (Errrgghh!)

    He obviously doesn’t have a speech writer! Every time he opens his mouth the collective Australian skin-crawl causes earth tremors in New Zealand!

    • Disturbing the way he paraded those girls/barely women in bikinis at the election prior to the resent tragedy. Something perverse about a man promoting his own children like that for cheap political gain.

    • Aint misbehavin

      Thinking about a male person swimming in Speedos puts you off your dinner?
      That’s extreme - and quite prim and prissy.

      GabiF, think of other things.
      Put the images out of your mind, before meals.

  6. You know, I think now, that he has collapsed, mentally, under the strain of practising for this job for the last how many years? I don’t really remember when he got into politics, but he has made my skin crawl from the first time I heard him speak.

    I should correct myself. It was the first time that something he said got my attention. He made that lovely (not) wish in public, that his daughters would remain virgins until they married. I was gobsmacked and then I was furious! Who was this goose? Had I been one of his daughters he would have been thoroughly smacked upside the head the second he got home! I wouldn’t think those smart young women would take too much nonsense from him!

    After a few more personal musings on his daughters sexuality, I began to harbor suspicions about his character and sexual mores that so far have not been, um, refuted, negated, changed? gimme a word, someone. Whatever, he makes my skin crawl!

    Just his habit of the swimming in budgie smugglers is enough to put me off my dinner. Who on earth does he imagine he really is? The inmpression is, he wants to be Superman (Errrgghh!)

    He obviously doesn’t have a speech writer! Every time he opens his mouth the collective Australian skin-crawl causes earth tremors in New Zealand!

  7. When you think about, just what did inspire Tony Abbott’s knighthoods brain snap?

    Did he hear something, a whisper in his conch-like, that Malcolm Turnbull might be rustling - is this the pugilist’s instant response (fight or flight) - belt Turnbull smack in the gob with the monarchy rag?

    Wack, wack!

    And that’s what it is - a rag. The Royal Goons are past their used by date - at least in the antipodes.

    • Imagine if Rudd had done it.

    • Libs won’t let a lefty like Lord Malcolm back into the captain’s chair again.

      Anyway, I hear Malcolm might ‘retire’ & takeup a certain diplomatic posting before long. Have you noticed Malcolm taking on & criticising his fellow blue bloods lately? Defending the ABC & speaking out against chanes like the ones Brandis & Abets have proposed heaven forbid .

      • I saw him have having a good laugh with Shorten today…

        Whatever anyone says about Turnbull, he would have been a much better choice than this Abbott clown.

      • Oh yes the Libs can. Wind the clock forward two years and they may need Mal.

        If the Labs let Rudd back into captain’s chair then anything is possible.

  8. It devalues the Order of Australia, the highest award for civilians for over 25 years. At four knights per year, it will take 30 years to catch up with those who deserve the highest award available. Once the Looters Party starts selling them off (oops, “seeking donations”) the deserving few will need to get peerages.

    I told you so? Yes, I did. Abbott is thoroughly deranged.

    “Dementia pugilistica advances; it advances, Madam Speaker, it advances; Madam Speaker, dementia pugilistica advances.”

    (DQ laughs until he cries)

  9. Tony Abbott not only makes my skin crawl, he gives me a dose of the shits digesting a pound of flour couldn’t cure. He is a bully and his body language gives him away every time.

    He likes to think he is a hard man, that’s fine with a load of pen pushers in Canberra, he would get a right thumping in a shearing shed or down some mine some where.

    The funny thing is, some people think he has got a great physical build, he must be about 75 kilos ringing wet. My scrotum has more muscle in it than his emaciated body. He also has lucky legs, lucky they don’t snap off and stick up his arse.

    He’s got a face like a twisted sand shoe, and I have seen better looking heads on a blue tongue lizard.

    He walks around like he has a sheep under each arm. A wanker with out peer.

    No I don’t like him, and never did. He is an anachronism from anther time. How a man like this ended up in the top job in the office of the land, when one considers the other intellects that abound in this country, it truly beggars belief.

    • I don’t think anyone much likes him, phill - and if the Morgan poll keeps holding up, he’ll be gone … tomorrow’s feather duster as one elderly Senator from Tasmania had tha grace to describe himself a while ago.

      • No, I don’t think they do.

        You know I wouldn’t mind, but he keeps telling the Australian working class he is going to make their lives better. He keeps going on about the carbon tax and canning it, like it is going to be the panacea for everything.

        If he was honest and just come out and say, the working class can kiss my arse, I would still hate the jerk, but I would respect his honesty.

        These RWDB’s want to take us back to serfdom.

      • Rudd..Gillard..Murdoch..equals Abbott

    • He is a WILLNOT Phil

    • I’ve become used to the ape-like walk but his awkward stance makes me think he is trying very hard to hold in a butt-plug.

      Maybe the concentration that feat demands is clouding his judgement.

      • The newly detected humour of the Labor party, mentioned by Bronwyn the Speaker was in relation to this - Abbott blowing his butt-plug.

        Only her intervention staved off the event, possibly a gun shot that would likely carry around the world.

        So the butt-plug is ricocheting all around the chamber - what poor sod is going to get it in the neck?

        Oh no. not Clive Palmer! :lol:

  10. What a contrast to see the polar opposites on the same screen.

    Quentin Bryce - the very epitome of integrity and calm elegant intelligent moderate sanity and in her presence the most insecure degenerate alienated lyin sack o’ siberian sheepshit ever to slink into Yaralumla with his transparent ambush plan and his camera crew who knew before she did of the trap being laid and set

    The mendacity of this talking ape and his pathetic premeditated media molestation of her eminence.

    As I observed them I read the amazing subtle facial expressions Ms Bryce communicated to us silently as she looked the bully in the eyes and let us know that his condition is worse than we thought.

      • That’s a pretty one compared to ours phill.

        The red helmet and the matching skimpy all-revealling swim suit do nothing to improve the appearance of the talking ape of Warringah.

        The inquisition has been reinstalled with Ignatius ready to terminate with xtreme prejudice

        • It is indeed. The one in the movie has a normal jaw.

        • I do like the phrase ‘lying sack of siberian sheep shit’ Mal Kukura - kind of rolls off the tongue.

          Someone posted elsewhere that his main aim was to deflect the discussion away from awkward questions in Parliament from which even Bronnie may not have been able to protect him.

  11. They have been giving Wayne Swan an absolute hiding over the last few days, a concerted effort to ridicule him, today he could take it no more as the verbal abuse lead by Hockey reached its highest point “the World’s worst Treasurer”.

    Swann, red faced started yelling back and was admonished by Bishop for his behavior.

    Abbott let real anger pass over his visage after being goaded by Shorten, with a if looks could kill expression.

    If you watch QT keenly, you will witness every time Abbott gets up to speak or answer a question, Pyne’s worry and relief, his hope and despair and his apprehension as to when Tony will fuck it up.

    Quite remarkable.

  12. Damien English

    My wife, originally from Trinidad, remarked today, of the planned changes to the racial discrimination laws, that it reminded her of the “No Blacks, No Dogs, No Irish” signs!

  13. There is a film called ‘Tropic Thunder” with Ben Stiller who has a slight passing resemblance to our Prime Minister.

    In the film, another actor cautions Ben Stiller about his acting skills.

    Stiller is told to “Never go Full Retard” when performing his craft in front of the cameras.

    Wise words for Tony to think over.

  14. If Australia had far more competent and diverse mainstream journalism, Tony Abbott could never have survived his fearfully long stare at Channel 7′s reporter Mark Riley when asked a question, the angle of which Mr. Abbott had been notified a couple hours prior to the interview. He was not ambushed on the spot by Riley, yet barely kept control of himself.

  15. My apologies for blotting the page! I thought I could go back and correct, now I see obviously not.
    Once submitted, it is definitely permanent.

    Mea Culpa

  16. He seems like a solitary figure in the Parliament, even surrounded by his fellow party members who take up so many seats within that forum, he seems alone and uncertain, he sprawls in his chair, is slow to rise to answer and rarely raises his voice. His words are mundane and repetitive, they lack fire they lack enthusiasm. It seems to me that unlike Rudd who could at the very least simulate a spontaneous thinking intelligence a mind moving barreling down shopping aisle shelves of alternative vocabulary and rhetorical styles to pick and choose from, any high intelligence attributed to Abbott has likely been done in by the acquiring the post of Primeminister.

    As much as the Dames and Knights might be a brain snap or God forbid a “thought bubble, o” a term I hoped to hear today and did not, the one I cannot make any sense of is the withdrawing of benefits from military orphans. That doesn’t make sense to me at all from someone like Abbott and though seeing Pell in the dock today and realizing what a cold unfeeling piece of man he is, that policy decision by Abbott still strikes me as strange.

    Somehow he got rolled on that one, perhaps from Hockey who is working himself up into a lather to give us all a lesson in financial rectitude with the coming budget as an overcompensation I assume for marrying a millionaire wife.

    Abbott is a complex man, one needs to find the key to him and Bill Shorten accidentally poked him with a stick today in question time, maybe with more than one stick, I’m trying to decipher which stick touched a sore point. Will report back later.

    • It might have been Pyne’s cattle prod that touched the tabbott, as he repeated himself once too often.

      Chrissy just can’t wait to use it.

    • All Thumbs, Abbott is a man without a sense of humour.

      I would beat him with the sticks of playfulness, irony, whimsy and wit.

      Have you ever heard him laugh. Really laugh. Not that strangled, braying sound that passes for enjoyment.

      • Yes 99, his laugh is political too.

        To genuinely laugh you have to give - to the joke, the situation, or whatever; sort of an egoless state, laughs are as distinguishable as fingerprints.

        Tony Abbott doesn’t want us to know his fingerprints, he’s secretive, and thus he cannot laugh - as you suggest, a strangulated braying sound at best.

        The funny thing is that by behaving so, he reveals a lot about himself and we learn from it. It’s hardly a relaxing jaunt though, with the dark one. He’s funny but not funny. A stress ball. Wound right up.

        This is the beginning of the dark age. The tumbrils will yet roll, heads will roll, our heads will roll if we display even gallows humour towards his bizarre, antiquated, stewardship.

        In our isolation cells we will be subjected to endless loops of the laughter of the Emperor - resultant of his final, non-consulted decree that created the Order of the Emperor, of whom there shall be only one - ever.

        Tonius Abbottius. Many more surprises to come.

  17. Yes they can be seen not only as the vicious, cruel, vile Liberal scum that they normally are but also completely bizarre and crazy. Abbott is totally insane. He belongs in a mental institution.

  18. Brer Abbott is looking more like Vlad Putin everyday.

    The Government of No Surprises (GONS) is led by a tyrant who Julie Bishop once called a ‘team player’, but who has single-handedly returned us to a cringing colony of Mother England without the involvement of his cabinet or the party room.

    Something dreamt up by Meddlin Credlin Queen of the Kremlin, and now lauded by George Brandis, a fawning fop whose intellect is in inverse proportion to his ego, and who has absolutely no regard for the truth or for evidence:

    Senator Brandis told Radio National on Wednesday that the decision was “emblematic of the way in which Australia sees itself. Australia dallied in the 1990s with the idea of becoming a republic and turned its face against it. If you look at any opinion poll you will see a gradual weakening of support for republicanism. Mr Abbott . . . is absolutely in sync with the trend of opinion in the Australian community.”

    On the same day a poll of 20,000 answered “Do you think Australia should become a republic?” 85% Yes, and 15% No.

  19. “I call the Leader of the Opposition”.

    “Thanks Madam Speaker, my question is to the Right Honorable Member of Hasluck. Why do you insist on trying to muzzle free speech by not supporting Senator Brandis’ proposed changes to 18C and have you in turn apologized to Andrew Bolt?”

  20. “I call the Leader of the Opposition”.

    “Thanks Madam Speaker, my question is to the Right Honorable Member of Corangamite.

    It is reported in today’s press that you have reservations about the removal of 18C in respect to free speech. As an ex journalist of the ABC why are you attempting to muzzle free speech in light of Senator Brandis’ proposed changes to 18C and have you in turn apologized to Andrew Bolt?”

  21. “I call the Leader of the Opposition”.

    “Thanks Madam Speaker, my question is to the Right Honorable Member of Kooyong.

    As a “yid” yourself why are you attempting to muzzle free speech in light of Senator Brandis’ proposed changes to 18C and have you in turn apologized to Andrew Bolt?”

  22. How long until capital punishment in all its forms is re-introduced?
    Not just the hangman either, the resurrection of floggings and the stocks.
    And in schools too.
    Can’t you just see Chrissy Poodle licking his lips at the thought of pert young schoolboys being bent over for six of the best?

  23. Great question time this afternoon. Labor moved a no confidence in the speaker motion, knowing full well they would lose the vote.

    However Bishop realizes she is on notice and Labor have done well to make her very self-conscious as to her future conduct.

    Good job from Burke and Albanese.

    • Take it back she hasn’t learned a thing.

      • I notice you’ve been listening to QT over the past few days allthumbs.
        What is it that’s piqued your curiosity?
        Are you on the trail of something?

        • any word at all on my favourite topic of the moment - how it is that a couple of hundred grand can go through AWH and end up in Liberal party hands as…ahem…donations?

          Or aren’t we allowed to ask questions like that, will we need to wait for due legal process before commenting, like we all did for Gillard, Slipper and Thomson?

          • Great point Fed.

            To your other question I am trying to invent or frame a question to which the Govt. must answer without avoidance or equivocation, by being relevant, by must having to answer. A wedgie question.

            I don’t think it can be done.

            “Does the Government think that those Australians that voted for the Labor party at the last election, were nothing but fools, illiterates, innumerates, naifs, brain incapacitated, unintelligent and non-thinking automatons and pawns of the Union movement in casting their electoral choice and that a great number of them still think the current Government nothing but a bunch of unimaginative, looting, marauding, dishonest,scandal prone, hyprocritical, lying, incompetent buffoons?”

            What do you think, too much argument in the question?

            • It’s no seesaw and the playing field will never be level, not for an instant.

              The old-growth logging in Tassie says it all for Abbott. He’s in another dimension, beyond reason, a kind of megalomaniac self-entitlement zone, answerable to no-one.


            • Can we fit in “duplicitous ratbags” in there somewhere, allthumbs? Otherwise, a very restrained and well moderated question.

            • Allthumbs, I had fashioned afresh a pithy response to compliment your discreet question……but was rudely distracted by Bishop’s craven display from the Chair today.

              It was confirmation that there is not one quark of decency to found on that side of the world.
              What a despicable farrow they are.
              I mean, how appallingly loathsome does one have to be; some debased and putrid homunculus, borne of wicked witticasters, suckled on some putrid amalgam of evil and deceit, raised in the fetid mud of privilege until appearing pinkrosycheeked on the front bench of a new demonocracy to poison the world with their foul miasma of malicious lunacy.


              I retreat now to my book, a cup of tea, and a 2 shot Gin to quell my rising bile……and clear these troublesome sinuses.
              I hear that gin is a restorative of some renown.


              How old are you allthumbs…
              are we of the same vintage?

              • Fedallah this ICAC thing is going to lead all over the place eventually, I’m guessing it will knock on the door of Campbell Newman before too long.

                The Sydney Water connection is probably the least of it, Surat basin, CSG and the go ahead by Greg Hunt and the involvement of AWH.

                It’s the way business is done, nothing extraordinary, but who knows.

                Duelling Commissions once the state of the unions gets underway.

                I’ve probably got ten years on you.

            • “Is the government incompetent or is it actually trying to fuck up?”

  24. Can you imagine Morrison allowing th to happen

  25. The disgrace that is this government is very nearly exceeded by the disgrace that is the Speaker.

    Bishop is the most unsuitable person who ever sat in the Speaker’s chair. Incompetent rulings are only a small part of it. Her patent and culpable bias is appalling.

    Ninety nine Opposition exclusions and none - none Madam Speaker, not a one - from the Government.

    No government MP has interjected, nor misbehaved in any way. By way of comparison, the Treasurer - the Federal Treasurer, Madam Speaker - was excluded from the House, by none other than Peter Slipper.

    Slipper was one of the better Speakers; this present Speaker is undoubtedly the worst.

    She must be removed if Parliament is to retain its credibility.

  26. Dear Mr Premier,
    I refer you to reports today that Jon Grayson,Director-General of the Department of the QLD Premier and Cabinet has now twice been linked with the Obeid family, which ICAC alleges has a secret shareholding in AWH. Can you reassert your utmost confidence in the propriety of his actions now that it has been revealed that his business dealing with the Obeid family came after the NSW Independent Commission against Corruption had already raised questions about the dealings between AWH and the NSW state-owned Sydney Water

  27. Allthumbs,

    I hope the ICAC dragnet scoops them all; flapping, wide-eyed, and gasping.
    Lib and Labor alike.

    Nothing of the sort will happen though, but I can dream, can’t I?

    I leave you with the joke of the day, I could barely drink my morning cup of tea, such was the comedy quotient in this gem:

    ‘Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey will today attempt to convince his state counterparts to sell public assets and invest the profits in infrastructure.’

    Now I suspect that this gag will only be bettered once we get to hear Joe’s argument.

    I think it will go something like this:
    Hey guys, sell everything you got and then say you’ll build a road or something, or better yet, say that you didn’t know you were selling, and that you didn’t know you’d make some money, and that you didn’t know how it ended up in your bank account or the Liberal party coffers. It seems to have worked for Arthur.

    What do you think allthumbs, verbatim?


    So, you’re an ‘Ol boy then?


    I’ve built two more plywood boxes - they sit proud in my lounge room - plain, screw heads exposed.

    I’ve stretched a huge canvas - 3m by 3m - and am ready to work. I bought some paint, actually about 200 litres, off Graysonline, for a measly sum. I now have paint to last me a lifetime!

    A lawyer friend told me over lunch that he gave some small though valuable assistance to the opposing applicant.
    I asked him why.
    He said it was because his client was a ‘lying cunt’.
    Overjoyed at this display of decency I paid for his lunch and wine and slapped him on the shoulder.
    Good man, I said.

      • Give me ten to pack my bags, Fedallah.

        I often fly through Seoul to yonder, and always enjoy it. Free stopover, good food, and Incheon Airport is one of the best.

      • If Yonder’s anywhere near North Korea Glow, you will need a bad haircut to fit in.

        I’ll flag this aluminium swirl, Fedallah. This is more to my taste:

        Re your questions, all is Kaos and the Chief has redacted all of my answers, except #1

        On my bedside table there sits a silver tabby, some olives, Alain de Botton’s The News, today’s DA cryptic and a prized feather from a red-tailed black cockatoo.

        PS: Bring me a Franz Marc for my sunroom and I am yours.

      • In those cityscape shots the building reminds me of a droplet of liquid mercury in motion, those we used to foolishly push around with our bare fingers on benches in high school science rooms.

        • Glow,
          If your underwear is clean you’re ready to go!
          Everyone, and I mean everyone, knows that!

          I saw that Miro once.
          I was surprised it came so late (1961).
          The influence of the Americans perhaps.


          Is it the building itself; material, form, or aesthetic, - its vocabulary, that bothers you or is it modern works in general?

          I am no fan of Hadid but seeing some of shots from the video clip – 1.43 and 3.32 for example - have wet my palette.

          This is more my flavour:

          I like your pic though – the night skies a delight.

          I’m glad you returned to the questions; it is so easy to lose them in these spinning threads.

          By the … Chief?!?
          Should I introduce you to Glow’s Bossy Boots?
          It would seem that Euripides “Man’s best possession is a sympathetic wife” is lost on those wishing to impose some dubious rubric…on the charming and innocent.

          Marc? I must say Agent, I was surprised to see this name appear. Of all the 20c chaps to choose from you decide on Marc.
          Do you have one in mind?

          I’ve just had a quick flick through my collection and I’m afraid I have only 2 left – “The Fate of the Animals”, and “Fighting Forms”.
          Yours if you tell me a story about…how you met and seduced the Chief.


          I too remember those droplets…as you say, flicked onto the white shirts of David D. and Shaun Y.
          Simon and I received 2 cuts of the cane for our dangerous hi-jinx.

          What news from QT?

          I return to it for a final time allthumbs, bear with me:
          Was it not Bob who delivered the final blow?
          Something provocatively sexist and unapologetic…polemical, febrile, and taunting…all delivered with his Alfred E. Neuman “What? Me worry” face??

          Refresh my memory if you can.


          Hello my erstwhile adversary. We meet here for the first time. That’s a good thing.

          Re: the Foster. I’ve never seen it and so I’m reluctant to comment…but comment I will!
          I often find myself indifferent to highlight features within larger civic designs. Signature flourishes, like this, can be detrimental to the whole…and that “whole” is always more important (to me).
          But again, I say that not having experienced the site.
          Glow perhaps can offer her perspective.

          • No QT, although the whole idea of asking questions to get answers is a misnomer.

            The same questions are asked every day for weeks on end and they provide nothing more than a framework for the Govt. to repeat the same numbers and same unimaginative responses.

            It was interesting to see the emphasis change to totally ridiculing Swan this week, as well as watching the adolescent yearning of Dutton for Plibersek over the last few weeks.

            Hockey has no substance whatever, Emperor’s clothes stuff, the man has no muscle, no sinew, a bag full of empty carbohydrates, the man takes no protein, he is meat substitute and will come a cropper when he hands down the budget.

            I hate to say it but I have developed a grudging respect for Pyne, prissy, perfect prefect pratt that he is, he knows his stuff.

            Without altering his appearance in anyway, he would not be out of place in any episode of Thunderbirds.

            Regarding Reader1 it was as I remember an altercation about the difference in validity, capacity and superiority of a female and a man’s feminine side to empathize as a woman.

          • The Miro left a reverberation on my eyeballs for hours - needed a restorative glass of something fortifying.

            2011, Tate Modern retrospective. BB stayed home for that outing. He doesn’t like London much.

      • Yes, I agree, it’s good, very good and a glowing tribute to capitalism.

        How do you feel about Foster’s effort in Marseille?

        It’s worth a trip or maybe you disagree.

        • By coincidence, Edgar, I was there last year … the effect is astonishing, but the local city workers complain that it’s a bugger to polish.

          • I was there last year too Glow Worm!

            I can see that maintenance would be a problem but worth it and remember it uses no energy to power it. Did you visit the new museum precinct which I found a little contrived? Did you venture into the back streets of Marseille which I found alarming even though I once lived there. Did you visit the Confluence Precinct in Lyon another interesting Architectural experiment?

            • Drop a link Edgar, and your thoughts.

            • In April, Edgar - a lovely time for Southern parts in general, and France in particular - canopies of almond blossom, almost wild.

              I took a photograph of it almost in reclining position (BB is useful in some respects, apart from picking up tabs) so the reflection was right side up, and the city looked upside down - so contrived, so predictable!

              We then had a good lunch by the quayside, and were admonished by the waiter for leaving our phones and camera on the table.

              The further you wander from the harbour, the dodgier it gets. BB is not lean and spindly, and walked kerbside like all well-brought up gents of his generation.

              No visit to Lyon this time around, alas.

              Je reviens!

              • Regarding the admonition you received, let me say that the people of Marseille are traditionally rude and these days… bitter. Rural France is the best and I recommend the Luberon district far enough away from Marseille to make life very enjoyable and prevent the theft of your hire car.

                • The admonition was well deserved, and probably saved us from spending all our free time at the local police station.

                  The Luberon is indeed lovely, and I have spent two lovely holiday there.

                  Ah, La Belle!

            • Here we have a building located in the Marseille museum precinct designed by a reputable European Architect.


              What is wrong with this building? It lives only because its Architect, compelled by trends and competition with his fellows perhaps, was fixated with the idea of the drama of a massive cantilever and in its pursuit he abandoned art. It doesn’t even work as an inspired cantilever because the structure, evident internally and externally seems grossly oversized. So even the wow factor is missing.

              The companion building, the museum is a box with some nice fixings. I know that you are currently involved in a similar though smaller scale exercise. The problem is that it is a single box. I am sure that your project involves several boxes all of different sizes and perfectly proportioned and perfectly positioned. The interior of the museum may be fabulous. I don’t know because I wasn’t prepared to queue for hours to find out because the building did not lure me.

              • 

                • There’s something about this dunny that reminds me of the ins and outs of black holes and quantum physics.

                  I was a wild colonial boy in 68 the year I lost the lottery and won my freedom to explore the girl next door and quantum physics.

                  Now I have it.


                  The thing about how i came by quantum physics is - I just fell into it.

                  like that old bush dunny

                  No shit

                  • :lol:

                    You’ve given me smile on this rainy morn Malcolm.

                  • Ah 1968 a year to be treasured for me, reasons for which will die with me. So you lost the lotto Mal? So did my brother he volunteered for Vietnam, my old man a WW2 vet, went ballistic.

                    The sixties were great years, even beer tasted different back then.

                    And bush dunnies were great for nee tremblers.

                    Gang banging meant a whole different thing then.

                • Phil, I disagree vehemently with your 3rd, 6th, and 7th paragraphs.

                  Everything else though is bang on the money. If only we could make it a reality huh?

                  Anyway, well said!

              • Edgar, even with your inclusion of an unflattering photo the question you’re asking still stands:

                “What is wrong with this building?”

                My response, like yours is: everything.


                Aside from the work itself I am particularly resistant to this kind of crap:

                “The polyhedral spatial complexity of Villa Méditerranée reflects the hybrid and as yet undefined programme that it will be hosting.”

                I’d give a fail and ask to see something by Monday morn.
                Or else.

                I’m not familiar with the companion building - do you have a link?


  28. As ou can ze from ze picture the architecture of ze dunney is le quaint. It eez as they say storm proof.

    Now Edgar take ze sheet in ere and you will be most satrisfied.

    • Phill, I know you are jockey size and you are the tatooist’s friend but that does not excuse you your use of faux french. That is DQ’s role. You guys need to sort this out.

      • Oh Edgar you flatter me. I know what I am. Where as you, think you are cultured, refined. The blogs raconteur and all round wit. The bon viveur.

        Edgar. There are two things in the world I don’t like and the French are both of them. Much the pity we have so many words of their language in ours.

        Of course as you know Edgar, the French like the Germans, are unhygienic bastards. I thought I’d throw that in to annoy you.

        • Phill, I agree with your opening sentence.

          I disagree with the hygiene slight. We French are very hygienic and to lump us in with the Germans is an insult. Have you been to Germany? Have you seen the way those people clean their kitchens?

          • Edgar oh Edgar, don’t come the old French soldier with me, the French used perfume wigs because they wouldn’t take a tub.

            Some of the best slums in the world are found near Paris.

            There are as many myths about the French as there are the English, unfortunately the French being hygienic is not one of them.

            Yes, I have been to the Fatherland, it would be a nice place if only the Germans would leave it. I am sorry the Russians didn’t keep the whole place after WW2 it may have improved their culture some what. After Wagner, Schnapps, Reeperbahn and nice Teutonic blondes, not much. Besides being a lefty it would have been a cheap holiday destination. I could have bought a nice Dacha there.

        • 40% of the English language derives from French phill and those words are wonderful words. Words like BBQ!

          • Edgar I know, the English language originated in the lowlands of Holland.

            Just think Edgar, I can shear a sheep, ride a horse, navigate a ship, and talk about Greek mythology, and Tattoos.

            Good eh?

            • You may well be multi-skilled phill. The question remains. Can you do any of those things well?

              • Oh please, Edgar, I won’t even dignify that with a reply. And what do you do may I ask?

                Oh wait I know, you are a brain surgeon, in your spare time an architect specialising in Cathedrals and drive a Jumbo for kicks..

                There is nothing special in what I do, I unlike some other people here, don’t own art galleries, a condominium on fifth avenue, study quantum physics, know the ins and out of black holes, and can speak English well enough to know the difference between shit and clay.
                As for the French.
                Some Englishman would say I was born in France. Being born in Portsmouth. A Frenchman would know this port for sure.

  29. Louis Phillips

    Mr. Brandis please…
    Don’t bury us, please

    in the inanity, that you invent
    for ego…
    Legal minds are of course the most productive

    for the “church” of state,
    living in the margin

    of the knowing,
    like any other good ersatz muse of commerce
    the body wanting contact

    because of the needs we all suffer.
    History tells us how the “luck” is..
    We get what we get.
    That’s u George.

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