The Ellis Defence

I looked a good bit like John Ellis for a while, and it’s clear he’s a relative. Had I been raised a Catholic it is likely, though not certain, I would have had a similar ‘coming of age’. Some things should be said.

The Church believe that suicides howl irredeemably in Hell. By pushing with his sneering neglect some damaged kids to suicide, Pell himself risked hellfire. More to come.

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  1. The Ellis Defence is named after John Ellis’s attempt to sue the Catholic Church for damages for sexual abuse he suffered as a 13-year-old altar boy in the 1970s.

    The Sydney Archdiocese successfully argued it could not be held liable for the abuse, a claim upheld in the NSW Court of Appeal in 2007.

    If the Catholic Church is not a legal entity that can be sued, how can it be tax exempt?

  2. Because it receives donations from Catholics who understand that 97% of Catholic priests live out their vow of chastity faithfully. Such donors have already paid tax and are free to do what they like with their after tax income. The government is not entitled to two tax grabs.

    • The place is decaying, because not enough taxes are been paid, especially not by the rich.

      Here we have a top class private hospital, but the public one is sticky-taped together.

      Well-meaning locals are running three charity shops to find funds to support building a hospice, very modestly starting with six beds…maybe there’s a need for sixty.

      (the Church of England is donating the land(?), anyhow NOT Catholic…)

    • The Catholic Church took a leaf out of Big Tobacco’s playbook when they moved to stitch up poor John Ellis.

      Are good Catholics happy about their donations being spent on legal abuse?

      Are the church’s only profits from donations?

      They are a multinational business, exempt from tax, exempt from human rights laws.

      Their God is money.
      Hit them where it hurts.

    • Henry, they pay no land tax on properties they buy and sell, often for profit; they pay no payroll tax on people they employ, and their bureaucracies are vast. Donations from their parishioners are trifling amounts compared to the assets they all have, and trade. The CofE has a department that looks after the assets, worth 1.6 billion POUNDS in the UK alone. They all do.

      This is not to mention loot that has been stolen over centuries and rarely repatriated back to the countries from which they were looted.

      I don’t want to go into the ‘understanding’ that 97% of priests are celibate here, but if you’d care to share the source of that statistic, I would like to read it.

  3. ” they are as whited sepulchres”.

    Surely a bit of buggery is a small price to pay for the privilege of having the Church in our community?

    Send forth your little ones.

    Can there ever enough alter boy orisons, sweet sounds of supplication for the love and forgiveness of God, soaring upwards on the wings of a lark?

  4. GW the statistic comes from the New York Times which did some ‘research’ in 2008 and reported the following:

    The highest rate of accusations involves those ordained in the 1970s, of whom 3.3 percent have been accused. Since January 2002, 432 accused priests have resigned, retired, or been removed from ministry. Of all priests ordained since 1950, 1.8 percent have been accused. The percentage is higher in places such as Boston where dioceses have been forced to disclose their files.

    • Accused of being paedophiles, or accused of not being celibate? Sex with adult parishioners (of either gender) does not appear to be in the equation, Henry.

  5. Now the bastard from the bush was angry,

    As a kid he was arse-fucked like a pansy,

    He stepped into the church and to the left he lurched

    And grabbed the priest by his worm-like dangly.

    “Tell me”, hissed the maverick, “why I shouldn’t

    snot your mouth, why I shouldn’t rip your nuts you

    filthy bastard”.

    But the rancid man in black, deft as any alley cat,

    warmed the bushman’s hand with sticky candy.

  6. Seriously, its no joke, must be a rotten experience for a kid to be used like that- a bit like the lad I knew as a kid who never wanted to go home.. later it turned out the whole family had been abused while the mother looked the other way.

    Craig was a sweet kid, but now I know what I saw in his eyes- fear.

    Yet nothing seems to get through to with these people, as to their arrogance and outrageousness, no sense of responsibility or compassion, or conception of the harm they might be doing .

    Even jail or beltings can’t get the message through to them.

    • There is nothing more ungodly than an organisation. Nothing more desecrated than an official site - it is up to the individual to broker their own way.

      Was that not the message told at the well to the Samaritan woman?

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