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7.30 showed last night that Morrison has lied to the House and he should be expelled from it.

He said no drownings have occurred on his watch and at least four have. He said no boats have reached Australia and at least one has. He said no mistreatment occurred, no burning of hands, and credible evidence exists that it did. He’s refused to let the men accused speak of it. He’s interviewed no boat people about it, and neither has any of his officials.

To lie thus to the House means he must leave his Ministry. The Senate should say this to the Prime Minister. He must at least stand him down, like Sinodinos, pending an inquiry.

These are the bare facts of it. It can go no other way.

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  1. Scott Morrison’s voice was half an octave higher in his AM interview with Chris Uhlmann this morning.

    Seething and dismissive short breathed, confused argument provided a Steve Marshallism where Scott ended up refuting his own opinion and commending people agree with the asylum seekers who threatened Australia before turning their boats back.

    Uhlman came close to reaching across the microphone and smacking Morrison it seemed to me, and went for the modern version of Godwin’s law by comparing the current Governments penchant for secrecy to the cover up of kiddie fiddling by the Catholic church.

    Morrison’s voice had the edge of shock and fear as if finally realizing that Darwin was correct, inasmuch that he mistakenly thought Uhlman was bought and paid for, but Chris leaped to the defense of his employer the ABC and felt his personal “integrity” and that of his colleagues under attack.

    I look forward to the future of the political interview when 18C is soon removed from the stature books.

    Morrison will be ringing Julie Bishop currently in The Hague, asking about the weather, cheap hotels and a list of local lawyers.

  2. All of it, sicked up in our living rooms; a hairball tangled around the pitiless, self serving ‘Stop the Boats’ policy.

  3. Take heart from yesterday’s Morgan poll:

    “ALP (54.5%) biggest lead over L-NP (45.5%) since losing the Election after ALP win narrowly in SA and L-NP win in Tasmania; ALP (52%) leads L-NP (48%) in WA before special WA half-Senate Election.”

    And it will be interesting to see the next one.

  4. I was surprised to hear Chris Uhlmann pursue Morisson this morning & generally agree with All Thumbs first comments. Good to see he’s apparently had one of his two goolies sown back on anyway.

    While Uhlmann pursued Morrison on burnt hands, I waited in vain for CU to hit him with questions about the GPS data which prove Morrison lied to parliament on numerous occasions. His claim “no boats have reached Australia” is now exposed for what it is. If Morrison or Abbott had any respect for our parliament & the conventions of the Westminster system, he would immediately resign his commission as a minister & move to the back bench in disgrace. This one proven lie means nothing he has said before or will say in the future, is not to be trusted.

    I consider myself a person living by the principles of Christianity. I refuse to be classified under any of the business brands names of organised Christianity in any census. Morrison, Abbott, Pell epitomise to me everything which is wrong with organised religions. They are full of sanctimonious hypocrites who don’t practise any of the basic tenets of their purported beliefs. They lie, they cheat, knowingly involve themselves in criminality & seek to hide it. They are vicious when they seek to inflict premeditated hurt on others. They have no compassion for those who seek their protection. They are never sorry & have no pangs of guilt, when they wrap themselves in the flag or the long lost piety of their claimed religion. In Buddhism or Hinduism one lives their life with the aspiration to be reincarnated as a higher being. Maggots would be too good for these three & their cronies.

    Morrison needs to be pursued to the ends of the earth for his actions.

  5. First they came for $inodino$ and I did nothing because I was not a Liberal.

    Then they came for Brandis and I thought it a good idea, quite a good idea in fact because I was not a Liberal.

    Then they came for Morrison and I cheered from the sidelines because I was not a Liberal.

    Then they came for Pyne and Abetz and I thought all my Christmases had come at once because I was not a Liberal.

    Then they came for ……

  6. The government has decided to waive visa fees for any relatives of MH370 passengers wishing to come to Australia.

    “I want them all to know … that they will be in the arms of a decent country,” Abbott said.

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