The Big Lies Of Our Time

Some commentators in the habit of lying have convinced some newsreaders to pass on their untruths. In no particular order:

1) Twelve or thirteen percent of the workforce are unionists, and this is a tiny, paltry figure, which means they shouldn’t be listened to any more, or allowed to go into parliament.

No, it means thirty-nine or forty percent of Australians are union-affiliated, once you count in the wives, children and mothers-in-law. This is greater than the total number who vote Liberal, about thirty-four percent. By the same reasoning, the Liberals shouldn’t be listened to any more, or allowed to go into parliament.

2) Tony Windsor was so scared of his voters he left politics.

No, he used to get seventy-five percent of the vote, first party preferred, and was bound, all the local polling said, to beat even Barnaby Joyce by four to six percent. He left because he had a health scare, due to an interrupted flow of blood to the brain. Easily fixable by my chiropractor, whom I offered to take him to, he maintained his determined hypochondria and scuttled into retirement, encouraged by his wife.

3) Rob Oakeshott was so scared of his voters he left politics.

No, he had small children and many, many death threats against the children and he couldn’t hack it any more.

4) The Liberals got 53 percent in South Australia, two party preferred.

No, three parties, not two, were elected. One party, Labor, got forty-seven percent. One party, Liberal, got fifty percent. One party, or group, Independent, got three percent. All three groups were elected to parliament. Two of the groups got fifty percent, or a little more, between them, and formed a government, the way you do.

5) South Australia has a ‘gerrymander’.

No, the close seats are adjusted after each election to make them even closer. The safe seats therefore accumulate bigger and bigger margins, and in these the Liberal vote is here and there ‘locked up’ and the Labor does not campaign with vigour in them.

6) Sinodinos did no wrong, or at least nothing illegal.

Well…he was Treasurer then President of the NSW Liberal Party, and he accepted a job from Australian Water Holdings after they gave money to the Liberal Party and gave him two hundred thousand dollars for a hundred hours’ work in a job in which he was to ask a Liberal government for a lot of money of which he would get, maybe, twenty million dollars if they handed it over.

It fits at least one definition of corruption, being both seller and purchaser of a product for which he negotiated — with himself — the price.

7) The Catholic Church must ‘reach out’ to those it has raped and driven to suicide, or thinking of suicide, and ‘reconcile’ with parents thus lied to, bereaved and made mad with grief.

No, the Church and its priests, must go to gaol in great numbers and pay in millions each survivor for a stolen life, and for perjury on perjury before many courts and inquiries. It is a simple matter, really, of crime and punishment, crimes against children, by depraved men and women posing as agents of the Deity.

8) No boats have reached Australia for ninety-four days and no drownings occurred since the election on September 7.

No, one boat at least reached Melville Island, by an ‘unusual route’ other boats may have taken, delivering hundreds, maybe, safely to the mainland, 7.30 showed last night. Four people drowned on this voyage, witnesses said. Morrison lied to the House about this, and should be expelled from it.

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  1. The SA election result is a massive blow to the Liberals and BHP. The Liberals can’t get over it. Murdoch will be bashing his head against the wall - they thought it was in the bag - a landslide. Oh dear…

    • Hi Chris,
      Did you hear Pyne speak of ‘illegitimate government’?

      What despicable vermin he is.
      Where’s Richelieu when I need him?

    • Why would Adelaide want old Rupert Murdoch’s caravan of brown nose Liberals back?

      How many among Adelaide’s old money have been burnt over the years by Murdoch’s lack of dividends, poor payout ratios & gerrymandered corporate structure? You used to see the old dears, pleading at News Corp AGMs, ‘Please Sir, just a little more’, only to get a raspberry from a petulant Rupe. The poor old dears just didn’t get Rupert’s approach to ‘fair & balanced’; ‘Whats your is mine & what’s mine is me own’.

      Some of them even had the temerity to vote against old Rupe’s money grubbing ways & nepotism. They mistakenly believed the majority would rule & force old Rupe to be reasonable. After all the old bastard didn’t actually have a majority of votes , did he! The poor old fools woke up one day only to find Rupe had folded the tent & moved the entire shebang to Delaware. No more AGMs with tea & cakes in Adelaide once a year meant half their social life was gone. Like Rupe several decades ago, the entire company had down runner & deserted Australia.

      The irony of it all brings tears to my eyes. Adelaide has done to Rupe & his puppets in the Liberal Party, exactly what Rupert did to all the old dears of Adelaide. They’ve given the Libs & the puppet master ‘the bird’, with less than 50% of the vote!

      :twisted: :lol:

  2. Did anyone watch 7.30 report. What a horror show tonight. First the poor asylum seekers with their burnt hands, then the cold-hearted Pell with his evasive answers…

    Makes one angry, makes one cry.

    • Grim, grim stuff tonight, some of the most effective 730 for some time.

    • Helvi, I am starting to worry about you.

      You may need to stop watching the 7.30 Report, Four Corners and Q&A for a little while. The stress may be bad for your health.

      • :lol: Thanks, Pedro, for your concern, but deep down I cope rather well, shouting about all bad news helps though, no stiff upper lip for me…

        I was surprised that no one here was concerned about the poor publicity about March Marches in the MSM :?: I thought papers would be full of it…

  3. Best Quotes, So Far, from The Sinodinos ICAC Experience - Slight Return

    ‘Mr Canaway said AWH executive Nick Di Girolamo, who is also a Liberal party fundraiser, was not pleased when it was put to him that his salary of more than $1 million should be cut.’

  4. louis phillips

    Everybody avoids alienating the big end of town.

    That is not a local phenomena its universal.

    The heirachy of money has to be kowtowed to, why not when this is where power roots itself.

    None of us here, is truly desperate enough to rock the boat, why should we. We are not starving, and life is a numbers game after all, some of us are going to, just lose.

    It will be the share market (someone always,has to lose here.) The result of the diminished awareness brought on by age,or just something as simple as,we didn’t get enough of the opportunities, (enough.)

    Arthur Sinodinos seems to have that one covered.

    But then it really is true isnt it, “its not what you know but who you know.” Isnt it.

    His confreres on both sides of the house know, this…only too well.

    So they will make the right sort of noises wont they? For a short while,and then this will all just go away.Wont it.

    • No doubt true Louis, but we have paid our admittance fee and it is now our right, indeed our privilege, to throw a few rotten tomatoes.

  5. Alfred Sparkes

    The behaviour of the Churches in this country (the Catholic in particular) and elsewhere has been simply abominable. If the Churches insist on hiding funds behind trusts and untouchable property assets, the government’s response to their malfeasance and complacency should be to revoke their tax free status for the next 50 years, ring-fencing those significant taxation contributions, and creating fund available to victims of sexual abuse within Church institutions. The government may also wish to revisit the special privilege granted the Catholic Church in the funding of its schools, redirecting those funds to a better funded public system.

    • Not 50 years, Alfred - forever.

      I can’t imagine a single scenario where income (from property, trusts, schools, businesses, collection plates, blah blah) for an institution, (business, church, synagogue, temple, blah blah) shouldn’t be taxed. Just like everybody else.

      • You ripper..Except we are told the church is not actually an Institution, especially when it comes to making amends to abused children.

  6. Helvi Well said.It would break your heart.

    • Hi Helen, to top it all off, I had to put up with Kelly O’dwyer on Q&A, and on Four Corners witness our galleries spending big money on stolen artwork, stolen from Indian temples…

      I’ll need all Bob Ellis’ tricks to go sleep tonight :lol:

      • I’ve absolutely loathed O’Dwyer from the moment she interrupted Noni from Playschool on Q&A a couple of years back. Un-Australian.

        • She spoke to Tony as if he were a three year old. Tony paid back by by-passing her…
          Where do the Libs find these people :roll:

  7. George did not look too well after inquiry about the dudded alter boy came out.

    Once again, it was down to the exiled attempted reformer, Paul Collins, to wryly explain to the audience what had gone wrong this time, on 730 tonight.

    Anyway, now that the Cardinal Archbishop has himself been exiled to that frontier settlement on the Italian peninsular, to bean count unto Armageddon, it may be that we will not see his like again.

  8. Excellent, Bob. Call them out on their lies.

    Big Lies, small lies; they can’t lie straight in bed.

    Q: How do you tell if a Looters Party spokesperson is lying?

    A: His lips move.

  9. #7
    On the occasion of Cardinal Pell appearing before the Royal Commission into Child Sex Abuse:

    Some of us are born with it. A whiff in the nose of burning flesh.
    A visceral hatred of the red-hatted churchmen.

    The witch’s dunking stool, a pile of faggots, are darkly familiar; written on the body.

    There is only one monument to the women’s genocide: A witch’s cart. Empty, almost decorative. Benign.

    Many millions burned over a time men call The Renaissance.
    A time when women were usurped as healers and birthers.

    We await an apology for the women’s holocaust.

    We are not surprised the children have been used and maimed by men in frocks.

    Descendants of the witch burners.

    Put the Cardinal in the Witch’s Cart and drive it through the streets so we may see who really does the devil’s work in Twenty Fourteen.

    Then kick him upstairs to his gold plated bathroom in the Vatican.

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