Certain Housekeeping Matters (92)

An online magazine called The Theatre Review will begin to appear on Saturday, May 1. It will contain reviews of at least eight hundred words of plays in the Sydney-Wollongong-Katoomba-Gosford area. Certain well-known writers, some of them theatre practitioners, will contribute to it. It is hoped that in a few months they will be paid — two free tickets, a glass of red wine and twenty dollars per review, the latter sum rising as the magazine attracts, if it does, advertisements.

Within six months, it is hoped there will be a Newcastle, North Coast, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Ballarat and Mildura version of it, independently available in those regions.

It will cost, from day one, each reader a dollar a week, four dollars a month, twelve dollars for three months, fifty dollars for a year.

Evan Williams, Julian Burnside, Richard Feidler, Noni Hazlehurst, Gerry Connolly, Tony Llewellyn Jones, Paul Cox, John Duigan, Bruce Beresford, David Marr, Drew Forsythe, Tim Ailwood, Laurel McGowan, Katherine Brisbane and so on will be approached. Anyone from this readership who wants to try out, and there are several talented regulars, should submit a sample review. It will not be too troubling if the same show gets more than one long dissenting essay. There will be a Letters Page as well for those enraged by what is said.

My co-editor will be Rowan McDonald, an actor-director-playwright currently performing Decadence by Berkoff in remote and coastal regions. In the initial package will be reviews by him and me that go back two years of past and present Sydney, or near-Sydney, productions.

I will let you know when the machinery is in place for subscriptions; on, or around, I suspect, Anzac Day.

  1. Noni Hazlehurst; I like her.
    She gave a “gutsy” performance in the Shiralee, with Brian Brown (from memory )and Rebecca Snart.

    I will subscribe to this thanks

  2. Sorry Bob! I cannot afford the new one as well as this one . So I will have just to stick with you alone.

  3. Great initiative

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