After Brock, The Roadmap

(First published by Independent Australia)

It’s always different when it actually happens. After Brock’s decision, a narrow one, Weatherill will be Premier for six more years. Marshall will be overthrown next year. Labor will take Victoria in November; New South Wales in March; Queensland, probably, in April or May; and Abbott will be overthrown and replaced, by Hockey maybe, soon after our hundredth Anzac Day, and the Liberal Party disintegrate thereafter and the Katter-Palmer party replace it and the Joyce Nationals interbreed with it and become the second force.

Two hundred and sixty changed votes in Coulton might have prevented this, but there you go. The ‘Blue Continent’ scenario, so beloved of Kelly, Grattan, Uhlmann and two Joneses is now inoperative, defunct, redundant, and past caring; and our oldest, most resilient party is on the way back. It will be a red continent, probably, by 2017, with only a blue Tasmania.

This is because…well, it’s because the face of the Wolf has been shown protruding from the sheeps’ garb in every state; because Holden, Toyota, Qantas and Ardmona show they mean us ill; because Sinodinos shows how greedy they are; and Morrison how cruel. It is hard any more to find likeable, friendly qualities in them. They are the Looters Party, marauding like the SS through innocent suburbs, seeking whom they may devour. They do not care. They do not care. They want their pound of flesh. They do not care.

It is not the party any more of Hewson, Chaney, Peacock, Fraser, Collins, Hamer, Hasluck, Casey, Menzies, of Commonwealth Scholarships and a protected rural sector. It is not the party that, under Chipp, ceased censoring art films and under Holt enfranchised Aborigines and abolished White Australia; not the party that, under Fraser, protested an invasion by Soviet Russia of an adjacent country by seeking to boycott the Olympic Games, and welcomed boat-arriving refugees from a country we helped ravage in a losing war. It is a party more squalid, corrupt, small-minded and mingy than that. It is more like the party of Smith in Southern Rhodesia or Orval Faubus in Arkansas.

Yesterday Abbott applauded O’Neill for closing down an investigation into a murder, and the violent injury of sixty men by prison guards with clubs and knives. Yesterday Abbott spent another ten million looking for wreckage in an area of sea the size of Queensland, money that will now not be spent on the disabled, or dyslexic schoolchildren, or cancer research, or saving honourable industries. He will spend a hundred million, two hundred million, looking for bits of plane that could have been spent on flood relief, or a robotic cure for blindness, before someone tells him – Palmer, perhaps, Credlin, perhaps – that it is money wasted.

Figures like these, and figures like those attached to $inodino$, mean they have no credibility now, eight hundred million goes to Murdoch, but not one dollar to schoolkids buying text books. Billions in tax relief to Rinehart but not a dollar to Holden, or Toyota. Children’s lives are being smashed by the sacking of their father and their forced removal to a smaller dwelling in a distant town, away from their friends and their good school.

And the Wolves don’t care. These kids are fair game and fine feasting for some longtime party crony who puts another ten million in the bank and buys a chalet in Gstaadt. If ever there was a worship of the Golden Calf and a breaking of the Ten Commandments it is here, and now, by these awful, sabre-toothed people.

Killing. Stealing. Coveting. Dishonouring our parents’ generation. If it’s wrong, they’re up for it. If a dollar can be swindled out of the blameless and the needy, they will find a clause to extract it.

This is the worst bunch we have ever endured. They are worse than Askin. They are worse that Kennett. They are worse than Howard. They are what Shaw called, in words he gave his character Jesus of Nazareth, ‘the spirit of the wolf, striving to return’.

And it’s a pity.

And we will see what we shall see.

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    • “Australia loves cultivating a generous, professional image, but its actions towards refugees have tainted the veneer.”

      The world is watching, whilst Abbott is damaging the country’s image overseas. Sad.

  1. I can’t believe what is happening here, it is even worse than I thought, I feel like leaving this country with this mob in power.. :cry:

  2. Concur with Mr. Ellis on the egregious behaviour of one of our worst governments, notwithstanding the long term impacts of Howard’s two Middle-East wars, regressive GST as well as many residuals from WorkChoices.

    On the Labor side, here’s ABC News reporting the latest contribution to our nation’s welfare:

    “Australian Workers’ Union boss Paul Howes is expected to quit the union movement and seek a job in the corporate sector.

    The 32-year-old, perhaps best known as one of the faceless men that installed Julia Gillard in the prime ministership, is said to be looking for a job in the corporate sector.”

    Obviously, Mr. Howes is following the example set by former NSW Party Secretaries/Senators Mark Arbib and good old “Skynews Richo”. Paul Keating calls such types as Howes and Arbib, “young fogeys”.

    Poor fellow, our country when Murdoch, Abbott, Rinehart and all-but-one small state government now have undeterred control of the national agenda. The corporate sector’s fat cats are laughing all the way to their banks and tax shelters.

    • Keating always makes me always makes me laugh!! Too true!!!

    • Paul Howse is no dope. He’s done a runner because of two words; Royal Commission.

      • I’ve not liked him much, either.

        Is he a new Gary Johns?

      • Howes always had an odor of selfishness about him.
        When Rudd was knifed he couldn’t resist crowing his it is all about me participation to the media’ I am sure he would have been well on his way to a successful career in politics if things hadn’t gone so terribly wrong when Rudd refused to go quietly. Instead of having this as springboard into private commercial life he has decided it is best to go turncoat like Richardson.Costa and company. He is just an opportunistic, unprincipled little shit who has been riding on the backs of others. These maggots are a contagion on the labor movement

        • Arbib and Bitar must be included amongst this grubby lot

        • No, I know Paul well and wrote a film about him, and you are wrong. He is racked by his conscience. By the rules of this blog you do not judge the character of people you do not know.

          Please do not do it again.

        • Shad, to you, Howes always had an odor of selfishness about him. To me, he had an odour of selflessness about him.

            • Gosh, perhaps that’s the thing..

              Selflessness is in such short supply in these times, that few recognise any longer the plain evidence before their own eyes and dispute such an anomaly as being what it is when it unexpectedly comes to being.

              Cynicism, cynicism, oh you evil contraption that sours a very recognition of the qualities of the more Christ-like amongst us..

              The innocent are led to Calvary on blinding, incorrigible, mean-spirited defeatism.

              Only the uniquely gifted see things as they are: we will remain in debt to Bob Ellis, for explaining to us the error of our ways.

              • Stephen Loosley was a senator and studied law and juggled studying during his senatorial responsibilites shall WE say. I am sure young Howes would have contemplated doing the same.
                By the way does anyone know the path Loosley took. Does anyone know what he thinks of public life now.Maybe young Howes would enjoy similar pursuits The remuneration as he has confided in me leaves politics for dead and he is doing just fine thank you very much.

  3. Even considering the plethora of illuminating historical allusions that we have become accustomed to hearing from Mr. Ellis, the one to Arkansas Governor Faubus is a dead-set pearler!

    Ironically, a dozen years after Orval’s last term in office, the incoming Governor of this southern state was one William Jefferson Clinton. :cool:

  4. How about some more quizzes Bob? This whole political situation makes me so dang angry!! I think it is safe to say that we all here feel pretty bloody powerless to do anything!!
    Plus its’ depressing!!!!!
    Give us more movie/theatre posts!!

  5. Paragraphs 4,5 & 6 should be turned into a speech by Albanese and given in the House of Reps. or perhaps Plibersek.

  6. I will never ever forget my very first pay packet, when they paid you in cash. I was fifteen years old.

    In it, a letter from the owner of the company, telling us, the workers that is, it would be in our best interest to vote for the Liberal party at the upcoming state election.

    All sitting around at lunch time discussing the election, the Liberals rats off the shop floor came into their own. Brown nosing cunts they were indeed.

    Friends one moment, the enemy the next.

    My politics was formed, Liberals are scum bags. That letter taught me a valuable lesson.

  7. As to the thread starter, it is a whole new landscape politics, the last few months.

    I want to throw a firecracker into the living rooms of many Australians and shout out at them, “Are you awake yet?”

    • Paul, I hope tonight’s 7,30 report awakened some.

      • I nearly cried watching that. This inhumanity, it is just not who we are as a people . Or are we now? :cry:

      • Best 7.30 for a while, rediscovered “relevance” but gee, it was grim stuff right throughout.

        Add to what we watched, Brandis’ attempt to elevate bigotry to a level of default virtue.

        You are NOT a bigot, what sort of Australian are you, he may as well have said.

        Bigotry is the law, or will be soon.. come to think of it, rid the Reich of all those mealy- mouthed do-good loft dwellers; those un
        Australian arty poofters and their wailing female familiars.

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