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Dali March 22

How mad is this getting??

Doesn’t matter how deep Australia’s (so called) economic crisis is, Abbott will spend as much of our money as he wants in order to fend off the invading hordes of queue jumping heathens coming to pollute our national bloodstock.

He brags of his ‘success’ in keeping the numbers down to almost zero, as if it was a triumph of humanity to bash the fingers of survivors trying to clamber aboard your cruise liner.

It is inconceivable to imagine half a million (500 thousand) asylum seekers reaching Australia in one year. That would be 20 people per 1000 inhabitants of a vast rich part of planet earth squatted on by a tiny population. Inconceivable – a disaster, a failure, a catastrophe.

Meanwhile, yesterday, on this tiny island, one of the world’s most densely populated nations:

Friday, March 21: Valletta: Some 90 African refugees have been rescued at sea off Malta by a Maltese armed forces patrol vessel, a government statement said.

The refugees, including five women, were transferred from their small boat to the patrol vessel at sea, 25 nautical miles off Malta in the western Mediterranean Sea near Italy. The refugees, mostly from Syria, Palestine and the Horn of Africa, were intending to travel to Malta and its neighbouring country of Italy via Libya.

Malta last year received, on average, the highest number of asylum-seekers compared to its national population, a report by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) shows. Malta received 20.2 applicants per 1,000 inhabitants. Sweden ranked second (19.2 applicants per 1,000 inhabitants), followed by Liechtenstein (17.3 applicants per 1,000 inhabitants), Luxembourg (11.9 applicants per 1,000 inhabitants), and Switzerland (11.5 applicants per 1,000 inhabitants).


chris hunter

Exactly. It’s all a beat up originated by the repugnant Howard. Even at its height our refugee intake is just a drop in the ocean.


Is the national psyche SO drenched in insecurity??

Is Howard’s “we will decide….. etc” a defiant manifesto of a resolute people, or a timorous whimper of a frightened tribe shivering in the dark?

You need to change the hearts and minds of the people… i.e. most voters.

Now, how will this be done?

chris hunter

The great Aussie male could be a myth – a wimp? A stooge easily manipulated – like Lenny in Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men?


Tell me about the rabbits, George.

Well, we let them in, they bred like, urm… , rabbits, and we can’t exterminate them.


Today,v I heard Steve Earl say “the wo rld’s great cities were all built by immigrants”

It had the ring of truth.


Why are we are where we are?? Simply…

Abbott promised to stop the boats – then people voted for Abbott. If the boats aren’t stopped, that would be seen as a broken promise.

You need to change the hearts and minds of the people… i.e. most voters.

Abbott spends mountains of money keeping a handful of brown people out, yet I don’t hear anyone complaining.

If we treated our dogs as badly as we treat them, the cops would we knocking on our doors….

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  1. Abu Seme Alakat

    Here’s an idea - howsabout the ALP/Greens/GetUP/Fellow Travellers raise some funds or pool their finances to privately sponsor Asylum Seekers?

    The majority of Australians voted at the last election to no longer accept “walk ashore” arrivals.

    Show some “leadership” instead of whinging on a blog!

  2. Pedro twice said that we need to change the hearts and minds of the people.

    I would like to ask Pedro: What would change your heart and mind?

  3. I thought the dreadful dreadful dark days of the Howard era were behind us, the days when Little Johnny could do anything he liked, “It’s OK that’s OUR Little Johnny, He’s OUR Prime Minister He knows what’s best!”. I thought it was all over on that Rudd day in 2007. But NO, here we go again, back to being screwed over on our way to some ghastly science fiction corporate future.

  4. Dali “Is Howard’s “we will decide….. etc” a defiant manifesto of a resolute people, or a timorous whimper of a frightened tribe shivering in the dark?”

    spot on, nails Howard’s and the Cruise Ship’s pathological mental state

    That is so even before taking into account that the white people in this country are living on borrowed time. The climate change we are so hugely involved in creating will swamp us.

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