The Coming Battle Of The Fat Men

It’s hard for Hockey to do anything now.

He has to argue that though Sinodinos was worth twenty million dollars for a few days’ work no disabled person should get any new help for six years and no special needs kid should get a chance in life. He has to argue that though Photios was worth a million dollars for a few hours’ work a fifty-two year old Qantas engineer should be sacked soon, and retrain as a packer of shelves at Woolworths. He has to argue that though Thomson, for misspending twenty-five thousand dollars in seven years (that’s, wow, ten dollars a day), will rightly get a year in gaol, Sinodinos, for cosily — corruptly? — agreeing to fix things with a Liberal government and making nine thousand times that amount in a couple of weeks, should get no time at all.

Because, well, because ‘the age of entitlement’ has to mean something. It has to mean people making more money than Photios or Sinodinos, and there aren’t any.

In the end, these numbers count, and they matter; they really, truly matter. In the end, these numbers must be argued in a moral way. And Joe can’t do that any more. Because another fat man, Palmer, has some moral sense, and he’s got the numbers, or he will have soon, to make Joe do the right thing now and then — about the dead soldiers’ kids, and the Aboriginal scholarships, and the refugees O’Neill won’t take, and should be settled here. And the Qantas engineers, those sky-conquering heroes who deserve better.

And it’s going to be a big, ugly battle now, after Sinodinos, and we will see what we shall see.

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  1. “it’s going to be a big, ugly battle now”

    It had better be.
    We shall now see if Shorten has been placed in the correct weight division.

    As his bucket boy I’d call for him to lead with this straight jab:
    What happened, exactly, on Tuesday night to signal the cutting loose of Sinodonis?

    Then drop a combination to the liver and kidney:
    Sinodonis exposed - pays back the money
    Hockey exposed - pays back the money
    (Hey Brandis & Abbott! Sound familiar?)

    Then line up a head shot:
    Sinodonis in charge of AWH in its role as Liberal Party bag-man.

    C’mon Billy Boy!
    Move, dance around, stay light and hit hard.

    In a fight like this it’s all about who wants it more.
    (Couldn’t help myself :oops: )

  2. The public utilities crying peasant poor.

    Whilst all along gouging and siphoning pipelines of cornucopian
    nourishing riches into the bank accounts of the political elite.

    Seems that you have a greater chance of getting away with $20mil
    lucre if -John Howard can declare your’e a good bloke
    and it helps that the- AG-Brandis declares the same

    I think with the the non franked fresh elastctric banded wads of cash being donated and gifted to the Liberal party

    Would indeed have the Attorney General Brandis and the Public Purse Pilferer age of entitlement public teet sucker Howard (very) much declaring this greedy Greek

    • I’m happy with the world spending big looking for the lost aeroplane, but saddened that not a smidgen of compassion is to be found for the brown men going mad in Manus Island. :sad:

  3. Just a few more words to finish off your first paragraph, ….should get no time at all, and his job back in a few weeks.

  4. I guess I’m an old fashioned. rather quaint sort of a fellow who believes whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

    I have never been able to figure out why Abbott (Battle Lines) and the rest of the wedding-gate cronies were not charged with fraud. Paying the money back was an admission of guilt - what else?

    The fact that we have to listen to these very people singling out the likes of Craig Thomson, when they have had their own snouts in the slush bucket is pretty hard to take.

    • Abu Seme Alakat

      Williamson and Thomson stole STOLE members’ fees.

      • Abbott & Co attempted to steal taxpayers monies. A lot of it. Same thing. Possibly the LNC opposition were more blatant about it. All is respected positions.

      • The rich get away with their crimes and misdemeanours, the poor only will pay for theirs…

        FAIR crack for of the whip for ALL, used be the law of the land.

        • Helvi…… It’s the golden rule, those who have got the gold make the rules.

          Of course the odd Labor politician gets sprung, then they are just greedy thieves.

          But conservatives well, they are different, they really do think they’re entitled to all the cash from corruption, phoney travel expenses, and other graft that comes with the position.

          I mean where else except the parliament, is there a job you can check out the sewerage system in Venice, from a seat in a Gondola being serenaded by some swarthy looking Mediterranean looking lad to the strains of Nessun Dorma?

          Yep, fill out a report about the size of a piece of paper you wipe your arse with, telling the reader the Gondola needs a paint job, and presto! Trip justified.

          That justification of course, included the staffer with the tight hard perky titties and arse to die for, who gives the best blow jobs in Canberra.

          It is all a fucking joke, the tax payers of this country are mugs. Some poor fucker has to be on a waiting list to get a new hip, or a child needs a wheelchair yesterday. These cock suckers have no fucking shame, no shame what so ever.

          I hope to God no member of the Liberal party ever approaches me in a shopping centre or on the street,. I will need bailing out of the lock up, after I nut one of the scum bags.

          • We’ll get up a collection to bail you out, phill.

            The ‘Age of Entitlement’ has never ceased for the Tories.

          • Phill, I saw a sign in front of one of the local the churches, which said: Stop the truth decay.

            I don’t think it was a Catholic church, as Abbott would have taken the sign down…his government believes in letting the truth to decay…and the lies to blossom :twisted:

      • Dunno about Williamson. I know Craig, and he thought he could buy, say, firewood, and cigarettes on that card. This isn’t stealing.

        Stealing is going to Mirabella’s wedding and charging the taxpayer the plane fare. You know that’s wrong. That’s worth time in gaol.

        And several of them did that.

        You follow?

      • Hey Abu!

        Didn’t AWH donate ratepayers dollars to the Liberal party?

        Didn’t senior Libs warn Abbott against the appointment of Sinodinos last year fearing the reach of ICAC?

        Didn’t Sinodinos understand the implications once Obeid picked up 30% of AWH?

        Also, could you tell me, in your own words, what it means to say that there was no need to have shares registered because you have a “gentleman’s agreement”?


        If I were an SPC worker, for example, I would walk to Canberra and look for a Liberal head to kick.
        Just twice.

        Shameful hypocrisy.

        • SPC is fine now. The Bolle is flowing in the boardroom. Did you miss that news.

          • Make that three times.
            Twice for the hypocrisy and once for the deceit.

            Or did you miss Stone’s critique?

            Oh, before I forget, one more for you too Edgar for picking the last point to comment on, a personal editorial, and neglecting the preceding 4 cardinal issues that sought to pry open Abu’s bias and hypocrisy.

            • Agreed with the first four points and didn’t realise you were seeking a yes-man.

              • I’m not Edgar.
                Why, are you applying?

                Forward your statement of claims and I’ll have a quick look.
                Might pass it on to…..
                Ahhhh, never mind.

          • That’s not the only boardroom the Bolle flows in under Abbott. Or should that Bullshit?

            Bolle in the boardroom.

            Blood on the shop floor.

        • Hey Abu!!
          Are you going to answer some of these questions or are you one of those hit and run Catallaxy maggots?

          • Abu Seme Alakat

            It’s in front of ICAC.

            • A most unctuous evasion and not untypical of the kind of hypocrisy we’ve come to expect from the Conservatives on these pages.

              It’s a terrible way to conduct yourself Abu.

              • Morning Fed!

                Spring is in the air! Magnolias and cherry blossoms gracenote the pre-60′s bleakness of the campus behind the hotel, where rows of student dorms framed by corridors of flowering trees form an impression of a sepia image touched by an artist’s brush. A 20m statue of Mao looms over all, benevolently patriarchal, rendered into stone prior to his despotic madness.

                Your post on the other thread regarding purpose and duration of visit has a reply.

                It’s breakfast time in China. Come and join us. yo ti ao and shaobing.

                Dinner last night at the Shark Palace Restaurant on the edge of the mountain, four cold and sixteen hot dishes for eight diners in a private room for 298 renminbi, or $54 Aussie.

                Sad to say, but Tony Abbott’s action man persona’s getting a good run on the local news now that the search for MH370 is being led from Down Under.

                Must away… the buffet won’t last.

    • Craig Thomson was singled out by Kathy Jackson in an internal union power struggle.

      • He was delivered on a plate to Abbott?

        Yes, I have heard of such.

        It’s become Shakespearian, biblical even.

        When and how did all this sculduggery begin?

        Evil has been around forever but a new strain has been noted in the Australian body politic. The culture has flowered prodigiously throughout government, and organisations, a canker on the lips of many, who can speak whose lips are uncorrupted?

        I believe this new, virulent strain - cynicostaphlococcus, was first noted during the Howard years, when the petri dish bloomed as colourful as Joseph’s coat.

        The forensic of public opinion is picking up pace and the Liberal party have become a running sore. The smell is very bad and gangrenous elements will require surgical intervention.

        Who will be the surgeon?

        Bill Shorten will be the surgeon, he has the right temperament. His hand will be sure, the sutures impressive.

        • I have seen Shorten stutter quite a bit in QT. He needs to pick up in confidence and drop the pitch in his voice by a semitone to give it that touch of gravitas.

  5. Arthur shines a light on Howardism and it is grubby.. no suprise..

  6. I relished every time Abbott in question time said that $inodino$ was doing the honorable thing, the right thing, and I was reminded of Antony speaking of Brutus.

    I imagined $indono$ just wishing Tony would just shut the fuck up and stop making it worse.

    Perhaps Arthur’s moral compass became atrophied with the acquisition of a trophy wife.

    • Ry Cooder!
      Ry bloody Cooder!

      During mid life 23 of 2weeks ago I listened to ‘Pars, Texas’ for the first time in 20 odd years.
      I’d forgotten how beautiful it was.

      Mark, Rebecca and I sat on my back verandah listening to ‘she’s leaving the bank’ on a 4 loop.

      • One of my all time favourite films and I said so recently on Wim Wenders’ site. The Land of Plenty was pretty good too. Ry Cooder, oh yeah.

        BTW Paris Texas was also Kurt Cobain’s all time favourite.

      • Abu Seme Alakat

        It’s one of my favourite pieces of music.

        • Alakat, you have been living dangerously.

          ‘For on the Day of Resurrection, Allah will pour molten lead into the ears of whoever sits listening to a songstress.’

          Your brother Alakat Stevens knew this truth.

          • Abu Seme Alakat

            Oh well brother Yusuf can play his heart out until Allah pour lead into his guitar’s soundhole.

  7. Pure soul, loved it.

  8. Marvelous, marvelous music.

    Thanks, allthumbs - we need to revisit this marvelous stuff again, and again …

  9. Downer, Alexander Downer, what could he be up to?

    Either way, he’s making a buck.

    If I was the Government I wouldn’t let him come within a country mile.

  10. Beautiful moment in Question time this afternoon which spells the end of $inodino$.

    Pyne stood up and started quoting rules and regulations to protect the PM from answering questions regarding Bill Heffernan’s reservations expressed to Abbott of appointing $inodino$ to the Ministry.

    $indodino$ gone for all money I’d say.

    Morrison should be next.

  11. Great penultimate line allthumbs.

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