O’Neill doesn’t want too many ‘genuine refugees ‘, especially Muslims, settling down in Niugini, we’re now told, and it’s worth wondering what the deal with Rudd was, however sketchy, last July, and what the figure on it was, and if Abbott has halved it since then; or worse.

It would have been something like a new suburb, designed and built by Niuginians, with a thousand houses, apartments and shops in it, and a playing field or two, and three or four years’ dole and child payments for the new arrivals. Abbott on Morrison’s advice will have cancelled most of this by now, needing the money for lifeboats, and accommodation of the thugs on Manus; and, as a result, we have instead a permanent Guantanamo now.

How bad can this lot get? Every day we glimpse new depths. A lifetime, now, of dreary torment for the friends of Reza Barati unless they choose a public hanging in Iran. What a great idea that is.

How dumb they are.

Abbott thinks not going to Manus himself and sending out planes to look for floating wreckage for, oh, ten weeks is a good way to allocate money, and look for evidence, as a national priority.

But he should have gone to Manus. A young architect was murdered there on his watch, by three or four bad people he’s still paying, and he should have looked into this breach of the UN rules on how you treat refugees.

It gets more and more like Catch-22. Only a crazy man would choose Niugini, and we lock him up in Niugini for the rest of his life. And if he chooses to go home, where he’ll be killed, why, we’ll pay his fare, and we’ll send our sympathy to his parents, the way we did to Barati’s, the way you do. So he has a reasonable choice, of being killed, or life imprisonment, although he has done no wrong.

How mad is this getting?

Just asking.

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  1. Clearly, had there been votes in it, Abbott would have gone to Manus… What does this say about us.

  2. Nauru and Manus - twin Guantanamo.

    When will the directive come through for the new national salute?

  3. If I was Christo I would wrap Manus Island in yellow “Crime Scene” tape, visible from space like a huge Rosalie Gascoigne installation.

  4. It occurs to me that the energy invested in the search for the missing Malaysian airline plane by the Abbott Government, is the opening bow and an invitation to dance with Malaysia.

    We will soon see the resurrection of the Malaysian solution for asylum seekers.

    • Somehow I don’t think any arrangement with Malaysia will be necessary and nor will Manus Island be required in a year or so. That’s a wrap.

    • You could be right. Also… It occurs to me that the energy invested in the search for the missing Malaysian airline plane by the Abbott Government, has made it headline news on CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, BBC, ITN, ITV, SKY, CBC, ANI just to name a few.

  5. :cry: the whole situation just beggars belief. As you state pedro.. had there been a vote Abbott would have gone to Manus! my god what have we become? How is it possible to treat other people with such callous disregard for their safety, welfare.. and worse not even bat an eye when a young man is beaten to death and 62 others injured? I feel so ashamed and actually afraid of what is yet to come from the Abbott regime.

  6. Even cars driving by the Lodge are losing the will to live.

  7. As for the deal with Rudd, perhaps the Papua New Guineans did not then know much about Muslims.

    Their backward and dangerous religion was not a known. Now they have seen them close up.

    And they aren’t impressed.

  8. It would not matter what religion a person is All churches create problems.
    The roman catholic church believe they are the only link to god well I have News .
    Their are many perceived gods all are dead and fictional they were created in times of poor knowledge.
    A lot of wars have been fought in the name of god but which one and which god is the real one. please stand op and say forgive sinners and then send Tony Abbott to purgatory. With all of his religious Liberal mates for what they are doing to the refugees.
    It is ridiculers to think no one has yet been charged for this Murder.

    • Are the popes Catholic? You can trace all the popes back to the first pope i.e. Saint Peter. Now that’s a pretty close link to God.

  9. Which god though ? .
    Some worship money.
    I worship nature.
    You can see it, feel it and enjoy it and it is free to care for.

    • Ron, you are worshipping a good god, nature.

    • Ron, some of the best people I have ever met are non-religious. They are just good people.

      • I always try to convert them into believing in something real like nature you can see it at work it does not preach hate or war even though survival of food sources. Even if it means some animals and plants eat other, just like us but we are more sophisticated .
        We must protect what we have or loose it by climate change.
        Nature don’t start wars men do that is the main reason for refugees running from conflict or persecution. Like the refugees that was murdered just for being different.
        Then consider how much this persons life was worth.
        Pay compensation and make the Murders do hard time in Nuigini Making Jungle roads Where the Rascals hang out and kill the odd trespasser passing through.

  10. thank you.
    Helvi. Wished it was possible to add photos to this

  11. How mad is this getting??

    Doesn’t matter how deep Australia’s (so called) economic crisis is, Abbott will spend as much of our money as he wants in order to fend off the invading hordes of queue jumping heathens coming to pollute our national bloodstock.

    He brags of his ‘success’ in keeping the numbers down to almost zero, as if it was a triumph of humanity to bash the fingers of survivors trying to clamber aboard your cruise liner.

    It is inconceivable to imagine half a million (500 thousand) asylum seekers reaching Australia in one year. That would be 20 people per 1000 inhabitants of a vast rich part of planet earth squatted on by a tiny population. Inconceivable – a disaster, a failure, a catastrophe.

    Meanwhile, yesterday, on this tiny island, one of the world’s most densely populated nations:

    Friday, March 21, 2014, 14:31

    Valletta: Some 90 African refugees have been rescued at sea off Malta by a Maltese armed forces patrol vessel, a government statement said.

    The refugees, including five women, were transferred from their small boat to the patrol vessel at sea, 25 nautical miles off Malta in the western Mediterranean Sea near Italy. The refugees, mostly from Syria, Palestine and the Horn of Africa, were intending to travel to Malta and its neighbouring country of Italy via Libya.

    Malta last year received, on average, the highest number of asylum-seekers compared to its national population, a report by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) shows. Malta received 20.2 applicants per 1,000 inhabitants. Sweden ranked second (19.2 applicants per 1,000 inhabitants), followed by Liechtenstein (17.3 applicants per 1,000 inhabitants), Luxembourg (11.9 applicants per 1,000 inhabitants), and Switzerland (11.5 applicants per 1,000 inhabitants).

    • Exactly. It’s all a beat up originated by the repugnant Howard. Even at its height our refugee intake is just a drop in the ocean.

      • Is the national psyche SO drenched in insecurity??

        Is Howard’s “we will decide….. etc” a defiant manifesto of a resolute people, or a timorous whimper of a frightened tribe shiveri ng in the dark?

      • Today,v I heard Steve Earl say “the wo rld’s great cities were all built by immigrants”

        It had the ring of truth.

    • Why are we are where we are?? Simply…

      Abbott promised to stop the boats - then people voted for Abbott. If the boats aren’t stopped, that would be seen as a broken promise.

      You need to change the hearts and minds of the people… i.e. most voters.

    • Abbott spends mountains of money keeping a handful of brown people out, yet I don’t hear anyone complaining.

      If we treated our dogs as badly as we treat them, the cops would we knocking on our doors….

  12. I watched this on tel the other night and wondered what deal$ had been done under the table to facilitate it.

    There seemed to be a moment when things went quiet as the NG minister assured all that not all asylum seekers would be allowed to stay in NG, also.

    I thought he looked like he was choking as he said this.

  13. Abbott is obviously flying by the seat of his pants, and his Cabinet are obviously not bothering to report back to him to what they have negotiated or agreed in previous discussions with PNG.

    Pick the line of argument the Libs will use to divert attention, which incidentally will be the same line that will stop Labor from asking too many questions.

  14. So Abbott & O’Neill have jointly moved to block the Human Rights inquiry instituted by Justice Cannings.
    “”It’s a joint effort. We’re the best judges in terms of what’s happening on the ground ….” said Abbott. Morrison & Bishop were clearly behind this move, supposedly made by O’Neill.

    Abbott said he’d had no discussions with O’Neill on this subject, before suddenly changing tack & declaring it a joint decision when he found out Morrison & Bishop were claiming otherwise.

    These bloody Abbott fascists obviously fear any HR inquiry will expose crimes against humanity.

    This is a disgraceful act which deserves highest levels of scrutiny in global courts.

    • It’s just a matter of time before a deep throat appears.

      My guess is it will be Christopher Pyne.

      Then there will be a whistleblower about this whole Manus thing.

  15. The whole thing makes me so sad and disappointed. What have we become here in Oz? No compassion, no heart, we are not the same country anymore. Whatever happened to our kindness. :cry: :cry:

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