The Poirot Factor

Humans love a mystery. Hamlet, Oedipus Rex and JFK in Dallas are whodunits; Holmes, Poirot, House of Cards, Downton Abbey hinge on unsolved murders. The search for Harold Holt and Noah’s Ark continue.

So what $inodino$ did, and Abbott knew, and Hockey received in secret cash, will absorb us for a while yet, and so will MH 370. Schapelle Corby is dissipating after ten or twelve years; what George Pell knew, and asked, and said, is beginning.

It is foolish of the Labor Party not to have known this basic human truth, and used it. A murder on Manus with Morrison squirming in the torchlight they have not pursued. The framing of Slipper, with Pyne and Brough denounced by a judge, they have not raised in the Senate.

Are they so unskilled in their craft? It seems so. Watergate brought down a President, and that was about some bugged conversations. Worse things are known of Abbott, Pyne, Howard, Reith, Downer, Vanstone and Ruddock. A forcibly aborted woman. An old man who burned himself to death in Parliament House. A hundred women and children who drowned while distraught sailors, it seems, did not intervene. Boy-rape witnessed, and covered up.

Why not pursue these mysteries? Why not delight the readers of the Sunday papers?

What is holding you up?

Just asking.

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  1. Bob, I ask the same, what’s holding them up…
    Have the Media too taken a vow of silence regarding any crimes and sins by Liberals.

    Over hundred thousand people marched to express their dissatisfaction with Abbott and Co, I did not see much said about it in the press or on TV. Social media did its best but not every Aussie goes there…many get their nourishment dished to them by shock jocks..

    My interest in Oz politics is waning, just when you think we can’t go any lower, we sink into even deeper shit :evil: :twisted:

  2. They should be forensic in scenting any whiff around Goward, and Barangaroo linked Chinese real estate deals connected to the social cleansing at Millers Point, Gloucester Street and the Rocks.

  3. There is already a stink around this government.

    A stink which permeates through from the decrepit remnants of Howard’s last ministry - Bishop, Bishop, Abetz, Brandis, Andrews and of course Hockey and Abbott.

    But they have created their own stench of death in a few short months - Morrison, Pyne, Sinodinos and probably others no-one could be bothered naming.

    A one-term government? If they are lucky.

    If they are a stupid as they seem to be, they will seek a double dissolution and thus get out of our lives as soon as the end of this year.

    Roll on.

  4. The Senate, My God I’ve seen more life in a morgue. If not for Wong, Cameron, and Carr, the Labor party does not exist in this house of nothing.

    Helvi, I agree with you. The people are happy, the wogs, the rag heads, the dagoes, the niggers, the Chinks, do no longer land in Darwin. The racists are satisfied, to date, they have won, we have lost.

    You know I go on face book from time to time, to see the pictures of my grand children, along with the pictures, the friends of my youngest daughter in law, put up more racist bile than you can poke a stick at. Their naivety about politics is breath taking. Of course they are not all like this, but, enough to give us a government they don’t have a clue what the governments real agenda is.

    I despair.

  5. One of the decrepit, Andrews, was half way through his anemic Costello schtick in question time on Monday, when he called a past Plibersek housing scheme ‘hapless’. Tony Burke stepped up and said; ” hapless is not a word that should be used by the man who deported Dr Haneef.”

    The old Howard crew have so much baggage they should always be chins up for a jab like that. I find the same naivety everywhere Phill, and feel blue as well.

    • Yes Rod I saw the episode of which you speak.

      The Labor party will have to do much better, or we will get another round of Abbott at the next election.

      They the Liberal scum, are more switched on to the electorate than Labor. They know which buttons to push, and it works for them every time.

  6. Ask it of your candidate Bob.

    Bill Shorten still has the look of a tired man….face wan, hair thinner and poorly styled, indifferent and seemingly reluctant to pursue, pitiless and raging, the answers to the scores of unanswered questions he put to the Govt.

    He repeated the name “Senator Sinodonis” far too often that the “s” hissed. It gave me the distinct impression of a man fumbling for gravitas.

    Words protect and support as much as they betray.
    Shorten looked, still, a man on the wrong side of the Language.

    These opportunities will not present themselves readily; he should devour them on sight, with a zeal and savagery, that may, just may, expunge from the minds of many Laborites (that I know) the memory of his hand in the Labor debacle.

    It is for me the only vindication worth worrying about.

    • And humour too, Fedallah:

      “Madam Speaker the Prime Minister refuses to say what he knew, and when he knew it — another ‘On Water’ matter I suppose.

  7. Allons-y mes amis. You must do the search most thorough. Do not ‘esiitate to follow the instinct of the little grey cells.
    Bonne chance!
    Why is it that so few come out to admit supporting Labor. Is it seen to be some sort of social stigma? How sad that LCP voters seem to think it confers some sort of “class” to be associated with the Conservatives. A relic of the absurd and largely corrupt British aristocratic system! This is a sad and bad time for our country. They must be ou(s)ted.

    • Well Soucieuse, looks like the Australians are happy with this revolting lot, MSM sides with them and ABC is shit scared to move a bit to the left…they worry about their own finances…something to get depressed about, or to get the hell out of here…

      • You would be a lovely friend, Helvi - so sympa! As far as escape goes - one can daydream.
        Bob won’t like this but I am a little worried about Bill. He looks stressed.

  8. At their Caucus meetings, do they talk like us here? Or are the meetings as dull as dishwater? I’d love to know, be a fly on the wall, just askin’

  9. Shorten will not be leading Labor to the next election (unless it is a DD). It would seem his only purpose is to prove that the left do have a sense of humour. And Plibersek as 2ic is proof positive that there ain’t much depth in them trenches. Like Howard, Abbott may claim that the times will suit him.

    • I am inclined to ban you for life. You are speaking of people I know and you do not.

      Please apologise. Or else explain what evidence you have. I remind you that Labor is ahead in the polls, all the polls, and these are the leaders of that party.

      • It counts for little in the big scheme of things that you know them Bob. You have only one vote. I’m not talking of their personal qualities which I gather you know. The evidence you request I think you have already provided. The two of them have not a political bone in their body, nor a coherent ideological belief. They are shallow and prone to the prevailing wind.
        And if you want further evidence have a look at question time and ignore the meaningless polls that are going on now. Beyond that your alacrity in stifling differing views is the core reason why labor and the greens are heading south. An open mind is what you are lacking.

        • Spot on Milton. You are the smartest man here. Congratulations.

          Consider the Carbon Tax. Labor and Greens in the Senate rejected abolishing it this week. Despite Rudd saying he would terminate it in the last election. Never mind,

          Abbott is the smartest man in Parliament.

          For proof I give you this: You would think he’d be crying foul about not getting this tax abolished. Not so my friends. There’ll be no double dissolution.

          He needs the windfall this tax collects. Forget saving the planet. Thats just a load of horse shit.

          This tax collects $125 Billion and Abbott needs every cent of it. So what do we end up with?

          Labor pilloried by Abbott as a spoiler. A hiker of your electricity Bills. A spendthrift incompetent opposition full of dolts. All true my friends.

          Tony portrayed as a saviour. A Prince Valiant who struggles to lift the burden off working families that Labor imposes. A millstone tied to every working family courtesy of Labor and the Greens.

          The Libs will trouser this tax. Rightly so too and blame Labor for it. I love that! Win win.

          Abbott is a Rhodes Scholar. I have a tremendous regard for him. Milton, you read the wind perfectly. I dip my lid to you.

        • Banned for life. I do not print liars.

          All you have said is wrong, and anyone who knows them would agree you are wrong.

          You can criticise policies. You can criticise particular utterances. You cannot call ‘shallow’

  10. Bob, I thank you for tis post above.

  11. Sorry….this…!

  12. I’ve been very disappointed with Labor MPs for rarely raising Manus in Question Time. It seems they either want to avoid the issue because of their own history, or they just don’t care. I think the only human rights many of them are interested in are those of out-of-work trade unionists. (That’s not a bad thing, but there are other human beings in need of help.) And when Bill Shorten does raise an issue, he comes across as a polite school boy in a debating competition - no oomph, just going through the motions. Penny Wong on the other hand is a pretty good performer during Senate QT, and actually looks like she feels something when she says something. No chance of a swap I suppose?

    • No chance.

      Have you watched any Motion of Importance this year?

      Tell me which ones.

    • It’s a funny thing.

      The ALP passivity has actually worked very well, giving Abbott and co a virtual warrant to expose themselves as braggarts and liars. No opposition, they can say what they like, who can stop them?

      Unfortunately for them, a raft of bad policies lazily presented by them, with explanations and accountability fobbed off, has landed them in a number of legal situations, including Sinodinis and the Timor Gap antics, that could prove costly for Australia.

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