Certain Housekeeping Matters (62)

I beseech all who can to come bearing seventeen dollars to the Riverside Parramatta to see, at 7 on Tuesday November 5, The Word Before Shakespeare, a play by me, Shakespeare, Henry VIII, Thomas Wyatt, Thomas More, Thomas North, Thomas Nashe, William Tyndale, Plutarch, Philip Sidney, Shakespeare, David, King of Israel, Ben Jonson, Elizabeth II and Richard III, and starring me, Paul Bertram, Terry Clarke, Jane Harders, Denny Lawrence, Nathaniel Pemberton and Natasha Vickery, or do likewise on Tuesday November 12. It will become a standard entertainment, like The Hollow Crown or Cowardy Custard, for the next four centuries and you should get in early; not least to experience, behind widening fingers, my Charles Laughton, Richard Burton, Laurence Olivier and Frank Thring.

Hurry, hurry. Selling out.

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  1. I will be there on the 5th.

    Will you be mingling afterwards?

  2. Good luck. Tyranny of distance. Damn.

  3. Abbott’s refrain to the troops. Bitter sweet?

    Something I wrote in 1999. Hoping this loads here. Nothing else will.


    The weald of youth succumbs to age
    Enshrouds his bones so peaceful laid
    Denies the corner of that field
    Where England fell.

    Rest now contentious bard
    Your words we read with love
    They come not bitter to our ears
    They provoke, they arrest, they awaken us.

    In war’s dim end you told such truth
    A truth unchanged from added years

    In modern times we still forget
    Your peace-wove messages.

    • bitter sweet :roll: testing

    • Master/slave cluster

      Thank you very much for introducing me to H Wilson-Green. I would love to see some pictures of his work. I’ve looked online, but no luck.

      You might be interested in this:


      I wonder whether an Australian Darger would have been discovered and celebrated.

      • Clarice Beckett. There’s also the under-rated Olive Cotton and Joy Hester. Better known now, certainly. But overlooked in their time.

        • Master/slave cluster

          Much thanks, K.bites - I was unaware of Clarice Beckett and Olive Cotton; I know Joy Hester’s work, which is still frustratingly under-rated. I really like Beckett’s painting of tram’s passing and Cottons work looks incredible - I particularly like photography.

          I wikipedia’d them both. In Cottons entry was this line: “…both the artist and the significance of her talent became largely lost to memory.” This process seems to happen to women artists, writers film-makers continually and it is still happening.

          You may be interested in this woman: http://www.vivianmaier.com/about-vivian-maier/

          She was a little bit like Henry Darger - only not quite as occluded as him. She worked as a caregiver. At her death she left behind over 100,000 negatives. Not only did she never try to have them published or exhibited, it seems she never even showed them to another person.

        • Yeah, if ‘they’ take a dislike to you, well you make the art for yourself really. Dorrit Black, James Ferries, both got pretty much ignored in their day. I am used to being ignored these days…

  4. Master,

    Your input is greatly appreciated. I am always interested in peoples stories, whether they be the local dump scrounger or some famous person, like the Dalai Lama.

    Unfortunately, I am somewhat sceptical about the Australian art scene. HWG is yet to be credited but I am working on something so stay in touch. Cheers.

    • ps, I am having a lot of trouble loading, as is Helvi.

    • Master/slave cluster

      I share your scepticism. A lot of people in the arts in Australia seem unhappy and worried unless everyone is singing from the same hymn-sheet.

      Good luck with HWG. And with your own work.

      • Lesbians have always championed my art, gay men have struggled with it. Most of the galleries are controlled by gay men. I’m not homophobic, but I would suggest that plenty of hetrophobia exists. Pity.

        • If you google CD Hunter The Blue Lady you will view a Lesbian icon. It has been exhibited all around the world. It was painted in 1982.

          The site, built 23 years ago, shows some of my earlier imagery and was/is, looking back, rather crude by todays standards but I have let it live. The guest book was hacked into and destroyed years ago along with all the site meter details etc.

  5. I’ve booked for two. Doug Quixote, what about you?

  6. Try and stop me!

  7. Comme dit on “dress the salad”? Nous avons oublier, maman et moi.

  8. I’d love to be there but alas distance deters the 3k km journey.

    This is a test to see if I am allowed back in public after being denied internet access in the new age of repression by Murdoch Abbott goons?

    If only I would compromize.
    Ya canna handa manna a grander enlightenment

    • Maybe this is what Helvi and I are going through?

    • Welcome back, I was worried for you. I was gonna get the scuba gear out re concrete boots re your last sighting at Freo docks.javascript:grin(‘:eek:’)

      • it was so - on my b’day and Pearl and Bubbles turned up out of nowhere that day beside the fishermen’s wharf in Freo

    • Thy canny skill still shows thru after my banishment

    • Aww Mal, I was so looking forward to meeting you too.

      Unfortunately my visa application to leave the Imperial State of Queensland was rejected by decree from the grand little emperor, Campbell Newman.

      I thought of riding pillion as a illegal refugee with a drug crazed bikie fleeing Queensland’s police, but then I thought, nah, bugger it, the state may never let me back in for consorting with a bunch of crazy Lefties.

      You guys will have to enjoy yourselves without me. I’ll just have to imagine Ellis playing Frank Thring in my minds eye. Save myself $17! :cool:

      • Your gonna have to change your number plate Frank, after Newman’s latest display of fiefdom sabre rattling, sending the coppers after the Vietnam Vets MC.

        Sunshine State or Smart State, or Beautiful one day perfect the next don’t seem to cut it when government policy is to harass old diggers.

        Any suggestions?

        Police State seems a bit too in ya face, but the little emperor might approve.

        • Canguro,

          All they do is raise money for charity. Most of them will have been diagnosed with PTSD. Newman is ex Army and Abbott spend his day at the War Memorial in Canberra lauding diggers. This is stranger than fiction!

          • Evidence regarding PTSD or are you just making stuff up?

            • As a founding committee member of our local Vietnam Veteran’s club and former RSL President and Secretary I know personally about 100 Vietnam Vets. Approximately 90% of them have been diagnosed with health problems, mostly PTSD orientated.

              I have been hospitalised with PTSD, and have six-weekly meetings with my psychiatrist at Daw Park Repatriation hospital. Unlike the majority of veterans I take no medication for my condition - I decision of my own making, respected by the medical staff assigned to my case.

              What war veteran is not in some way traumatised by his/her experiences? Name ONE.

  9. Thy canny skill still shows thru after my banishment

  10. Malcolm, Helvi and me, oh and Gerard, all slated for concrete boots, hope Helvi’s are fur lined for a lady…

  11. Got my Labor Party Members card today. Just updating PRISM. Looks like Malcolm’s under attack again.

  12. Sounds great Bob. I recognize only two names in the list: Tom More and, that genius, Bill Tyndale, the Edward Snowden on his time. I am wondering whether the play will travel, perhaps to Wollongong, or failing that you might put it on DVD.

  13. I would be surprised if Ellis is remembered 4 weeks after his death let alone 4 centuries.

  14. Liar. You mean no, so why not be honest?

  15. Master/slave cluster

    I have high hopes that Mr Ellis will do the tooth-drilling scene from The Boys From Brazil as a tribute to Larry.

    There could be a different federal politician in the chair each night.

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