Australian As Vegemite

It is Tony Abbott’s belief — some would call it a ‘thought bubble’ — that bushfires are part of the Australian way of life, and eight-year-old firebugs, of course, are therefore affirming that way of life, and anyone who is against this process is, well, unAustralian; and anyone who says warm air has anything to do with it is unpatriotic, it’s not warm air, it’s just Australia, and eight-year-old firebugs are as true-blue Australian as Vegemite; and anyone who wants money if their house burns down isn’t getting any, it’s unAustralian to ask for it.

Is he indeed already as mad as this? It would seem so.

It would also seem that by calling bushfires normal, Australian and part of the experience of being Australian he’s encouraging those eight-year-old terrorists with matches and petrol to keep up the good work, and he should go to gaol for it. The Attorney General of the ACT or Tasmania should order his arrest for inciting terrorism and deny him bail.

It’s got as bad as this, old friend, in only fifty days. Had Rudd been Prime Minister still, and the election on November 30, compensation for burnt-out home owners in the Blue Mountains would have been a campaign issue in this, the campaign’s opening week, and Abbott’s minginess, his cruelty to Australians, would have assured his defeat in all the adjacent western suburbs, and across Australia likewise.

And there you go. Bruce Hawker saved Abbott by going too early, and history, now, will record this.

And he should have waited for this particular ‘light on the hill.’

And so it goes.

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  1. I was watching a bit of Sky News last night and this sense of entitlement seems to have crept into a lot of Australians. The hand out mentality is here. People wanted a financial handout for being slightly inconvenienced because their power was cut off for a bit. Where’s the cash?

    They didn’t want tins of food, blankets or toys to play with. No, they wanted the cash.

    Bugger ‘em.

    I’d give them nothing. Where did this victim mentality spring from? Who helped shape these moral weaklings?

    On another matter, I see Rudd, Gillard and Swan will soon be in the dock over Abbott’s pink bats inquiry. The Libs are a cunning lot eh?

    • Yeah that’s right Frank, where is the justice for the poor power companies and Optus?
      I mean whats wrong with charging a disconnection fee?
      Just because your house burnt down shouldn’t stop us charging you for a broken contract.
      We would have got away with it too, except for some bleeding heart Labor Senator who lives up there in the Blue Mountains, shaming us into waiving that little earner.
      That Doug Cameron, he’ll be on the Murdoch list.

      • The sense of entitlement you speak of is the sense of the right a citizen has not to be murdered or impoverished or bankrupted by arsonists.

        What do you have against this right?

        • The sense of entitlement most on show is that of Liberal MPs who regard their private expenses as being payable by their constituents.

  2. ‘ Where did this victim mentality spring from?

    Ask Lloyd and Jamie and Robert, James, Michael, and Gerald.

    Closer to home ask Gina and Twiggy.

    ‘Who helped shape these moral weaklings?’

    Ask your parents.

    • …but, but, now look, we don’t want any leaners, we want leaders..

      ( sorry, but I don’t like leaders like Mr Abbott)

  3. The boats are still coming. I heard that there were 2 this week.

    That brings the total, I think, to around 22 during the Coalitions tenure.

  4. Abbott mean-spirited and small minded?

    Who’d have thought it?

    The penny pinchers and bean counters are now in the ascendant, but they are such fools that they will squander billions whilst pinching the pennies and counting the beans.

  5. Why waste a thousand dollars on leaners, give them a jar of Vegemite instead, that should keep the bastards happy…we are the Government, not some Father Christmas…

  6. Bultaco Metrella

    He wouldn’t have told anybody he was going to do that before he was elected. Did he?

  7. Well what have I been telling U all these months? In govt 5 minutes and already Abbott is setting up his next election win. Investigation into pink batts already started. In 6 years Labor did not go after ONE page of the Howard Dark Years. And Hockey? He is doing his bit too. Looks like he is doing a Howard and we are going to have “Labor left us billions of dollars of debt so U have to re-elect us to pay it off”.

    Labor just turns the other cheek. Learnt nothing in Opposition for 11years. Already Abbott is in campaign mode for the next election. Not a minute to waste Sir. As Carr said…..Labor did not do this. WHY?

  8. On the subject of Vegemite. During my trauma course at the Daw Park Repatriation hospital some years ago, we, the so called brain-fucked soldiers of that crazy Asian war (Kenny Rogers), were made well aware of the importance of Vegemite in the diet.

    Alcoholic dementia is what happens to you when your brain goes below the critical allowable amount of Thiamine (B1). The condition cannot be reversed once these minimum levels have depleted past the critical point. The thiamine in Vegemite is harvested from (beer) breweries and is liberally added to our famous national spread.

    Just one scraping on toast a day keeps the dementia at bay. Thiamine is obviously present in other organic products but only at relatively low levels. PTSD sufferers are often chronic alcohol/drug users, hence the lecture from the nutritionist - all part of the service. I eat Vegemite on a regular basis, but no, I don’t have shares in the company. Food for thought?

    • You sound like you want to get your intake of Thiamine au naturel but the over the counter(cheap stuff too) product called Beta Min is for those like me who can’t stomach Vegemite.

      Stomach is a funny choice of word actually as a B1 deficiency can occur after gastro-bypass surgery and other gastro-intestinal mucking about so one needs a supplement for life.

    • Now I would have thought you would be using NZ Marmite. It’s got the same amount of B1 per 100g as Vegemite, and although taste is a personal thing for me its much nicer.
      There was a supply problem due to the Christchurch quake shutting down production but it’s back on the supermarket shelves just recently.

      • Cyril me old squirrel,

        I’ve never seem Marmite on a supermarket shelf in South Australia. Yes, I was raised on it, along with rolled oats, butter, milk in bottles with a third of cream on top, endless lamb with attendant fat, lamingtons at the church fete, beef sausages, white bread, apples and pears. Fish was a goer, snapper, gurnard, but never squid! Rarities were bananas, coconuts, even oranges. Chicken was a massive luxury, reserved for Christmas. Ice cream was not a problem, tuppence a cone, chocolate was a luxury, half a crown a block. Little wonder they said we fucked our sheep, I reckon we had lamb, or hogget, three times a week - oh, and girl guide biscuits. Oil was reserved for the car, lettuce was eaten without dressing. Vegetables were boiled, boiled, boiled, like the eggs. Pork was a luxury. All I can say is thank God for migration - European migration. Curiously Chinese food was always available in the big centres. No whites only policy.

        When I first arrived in Australia in 1971 I couldn’t work out where the Asians were, it was quite surreal. Adelaide only had one Chinese restaurant but a plethora of the new fandangled pizza bars - wild shit - cheese was also something I related to from my upbringing, thick slabs of it with Marmite in white bread, not pre-sliced.

        The good old days when NZ girls had arses the size of the back of a buses, apparently highly desirable to the gumboot brigade, half the men in our town wore black singlets and gumboots, a rural trait. Barry Crump was our greatest ever writer we were told…

        • Chris, when the kids were little we took them to Holland, where we ended living for three years. The kids wanted Vegemite, and I like too, so we went to search it at the local shops, no luck, only Marmite…Nobody liked it, so I had to ask our visitors from to bring us some jars, some also kindly posted it us…

          The only one in the family who’ll never have it is GO, he tasted it once as a fifteen year old migrant boy from Holland, once was enough for him.

          • Helvi,

            Probably before the EEC was formed? Back when NZ was a huge exporter of dairy products to England and Europe. I guess GO being repelled by Vegemite was tantamount to an Australian bloke eating from bucket of ‘rotten’ fish in Scandanavia. I can quite understand.

        • A good keen man was Barry Crump.

          My old man had a farm near Te Puke, so familiar with all that stuff.

          The lost tribes of the Urewera etc.

          Mayonnaise made from condensed milk, powdered mustard and vinegar.

          And I’m told by my niece that the wheel has been re-invented and 200ml of milk is going to be provided free at the schools.

          Helvi, the Marmite in Australasia is different from the Pommy variety that is around on the Continent.
          Something to do with the name being sold to the Sanitarium group out here. Pommy Marmite you can get at Woollies under the Our Mate brand name.

          Its Woollies that have Marmite on the shelves here in VIC.

          • The Marmite we got in Holland was the pommy variety. Of course it was not anywhere near as good as Vegemite, but i still finished the jar of it all by myself…I kept the best part of it, the cute jar for my dried herbs.

  9. According to some reports anywhere between 43K and 65K hectares of bush and surrounds burnt out in the recent Blue Mountains’ fires.

    With a long hot summer forecast before us, the Libs will have to rejig their direct action plan to up the number of trees they plan to plant to make up for the loss thus far in order to meet their proposed emission mitigation quotas. That would indicate to me a cost blow out and summer hasn’t even begun.

    They must have a calculation or an algorithm or horoscope or something as to the number of trees they will lose and how many more they need to plant to make up for the loss and how many more soldiers in the green army they are going to need to fulfill the quotas, wait a minute….

  10. Correct me if I am wrong but I am sure I have seen that there are forest (bush) fires in other countries too. Is it part of their way of life as well or are they different ??

    On another matter I read the Prime Minister’s embarrassing interview with The Washington Post….phrases like “get cracking” and “weirdo Labor policies” ????

    Can’t wait till he meets Barrack Obama….if Obama would ever want to meet him….after all Obama wants to introduce Obamacare which is similar to the “mask raiding” socialism of the carbon tax !

    • Australia is becoming species diverse at a greater rate than any other country on the planet.

      If I could make Labor policy for just one day I would have the entire opposition (Labor) dressed up in the animals/insects that have gone from this countries register, say, in the last decade.

      Can you imagine the fun it would be for the Liberals? I can see Abbott grinning his weird non-smiling smile, Joe just cracking up in his permanent non-jovial laughter, Pyne becoming even more hysterical (if that is possible), and so on.

      But who would the joke really be on - the Great Barrier Reef, us….?

      • Your point, more accurately, is that we are suffering a greater rate of species extinction than any other major land mass on the planet, in both floral and faunal terms. It’s a disgusting indictment on a less than 250 year colonial history.

      • Just remember one thing, the endangered animals of this world look to us, the humans of this world, to save them. The poor buggers love us, respect us, but we do not love them, or respect them. Other than a few brave souls risking their lives and their freedom - so do we give a damn?

        The next bike race is on at…?

  11. This block has descended into absolute absurdity. It is no longer even sporting to point out the multitudes of times the host contradicts himself.

    Dear Bob, because an 8 year old lit one of the fires doesn’t mean that 8 year old’s arson is a part of Australian life you pathetic halfwit. Enjoy your scotch you dribbler.

  12. Mirror on the Wall : Good Morning Tony!

    Face in the Mirror : Don’t you start. It’s bad enough already.

    Mirror : But Joe will soon finish his remedial arithmetic classes, won’t he?

    Face : But several other ministers are probably going have to repay their rorts, arr, travel entitlements.

    Mirror : Not all of them, surely? Aren’t some of your ministers honest?

    Face : Perhaps, but if I sack one I’ll have to sack a dozen. And those bloody fires, people want compensation, as if we are a Labor government.

    Mirror : What you need is a good distraction!

    Face : Exactly, and an inquiry into pink batts is just the ticket.

    Mirror : Hasn’t that been investigated several times already?

    Face : Rupert and the boys will dredge it all up again for us. Not a problem.

    Mirror : Hmmm.

  13. How goes the MANDATE tony?

    A Fairfax Media survey of 35 prominent university and business economists found only two believed direct action was the better way to limit Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. Thirty - or 86 per cent - favoured the existing carbon price scheme.

    BT Financial’s Dr Chris Caton said any economist who did not opt for emissions trading “should hand his degree back”

  14. Tony Abbott’s use of a Washington Post interview to brand his Labor predecessors as ”wacko” and ”embarrassing” could set back his working relationship with the Obama adminstration, a leading US commentator says.
    Norman Ornstein, an author and political scientist with the right-leaning American Enterprise Institute, said ”It really does violate a basic principle of diplomacy to drag in your domestic politics when you go abroad. It certainly can’t help in building a bond of any sort with President Obama to rip into a party, government and - at least implicitly - leader, with whom Obama has worked so closely.
    ”Perhaps you can chalk it up to a rookie mistake. But it is a pretty big one.”

    Perhaps you can chalk it up to not having his mind on the job.

    • Ya kidding! Did Abbott really do that?

    • You can chalk it up to his being a dick. I think he may be the first actual dick to be Australian PM. I don’t mean this in a hateful way; on the contrary I say it in mitigation.

      On the whole I think he means well, by his lights a decent man. But a dick. An overgrown sexually mature schoolboy. Romantic and idealistic in a Boys Own Paper sort of way - Strike that a Girls Own Paper sort of way; he’d fight for the Divine Right of the Bonnie Prince if he could. A dick.

    • Ya not kidding.

      Perhaps it can be chalked up to fighting fires and not having his mind fully on his main job.

      Bob Ellis - Can you please call Mr Abbott (you have his phone number) and remind him, he has won the election and no longer needs to criticise his opponents… especially to an international audience.

  15. I bought my cherry red semi acoustic Sapphire 1966 Maton from Lutzy for $120.
    It was enough to secure 2 hits for him that day. The heroin would dispossess this handsome wild wiry haired young man of many things; it would prove to be a ferociously jealous and possessive lover.
    I took the guitar home and for the next few years learnt to play 4 songs.
    Just the 4.

    And rhythm only.

    The guitar was extraordinary. It could move from soft muted tones to soul shattering distorted overdrive with the simple flick of a switch.
    The latter sound seduced me, seduced us all actually.

    We were young and the mid 80’s alternative music pub thing was throbbing with the guitar God dreams of every boy in stovepipes and boots.
    And so armed with these 4 songs I would, at the invitation of friends in bands, enter from the side stage, which in those days was a simple raised platform painted mat black in the corner of the pub, or a piece of 30mm ply placed on top of 2 pool tables pushed together, and plug in.

    And it was Reed’s rhythm chords that enchanted my heart that fitful, bursting, summer of ’85 There was no else that came close to me during those gloriously indulgent, smoky, beer stinky, twisting snake girl dancing, skinhead tattoo, Mod girl stockings, red Mohawk punk, Jim Morrison leather, Keith Richards heroin teeth, Nico lookalikes…

    …I sweated through my pajama shirt and pummeled strumming at those simple beautiful chords in a delighted fever.
    I was unstoppable.
    The rhythms were unstoppable.

    This version is their best – from their 1969 live recording.
    Everything after the 4.55 mark belongs to me! :grin:

    Vale Lou Reed, vale

    • I just heard the good news. Grandfather of punk I hear they are calling him. :roll:

      • sorry, godfather…

      • Damn Steve, you a cold one with that eye-roll!

        I know its a move away from your industrial sounds but tell me that Gristle’s “Very Friendly”, for example,
        hasn’t got the latter part of “Sister Ray” as template.


        • haha Judd! Just drop that TG in there, why don’t you. I shouldn’t be so cynical. Chris Carter was a big Abba fan after all.

          The Velvet Underground were ‘alternative’ in a main stream ‘Bjork’ kind of way. You’d often find their records at Uni student toga parties stuffed between the Talking Heads and Sting albums.

          Reed is just one of those (many) people who irritate me. Bono is another.

          • But what of that rhythm guitar man!
            The rhythm!
            Listen to him whack that thing - 4 chords on an endless loop, hit hard and sharp and build this tremendous wall of dense sound.


        • A mate of mine met Lou Reed, in fact hung out with him for a day in Adelaide - mid 70′s. It turned into worship, right down to my mate getting into spiking. Well the Hep C certainly slowed him up. But I like Reed’s music, especially his signature song ‘”Heroin.” I never got into shooting up though, can’t say I regret it.

          Vaclav Havel was his most famous fan? Reed is held in high esteem in the Czech Republic. Vale Lou Reed.

    • Master/slave cluster


        • Master/slave cluster

          Never mind

          • I have no idea what you’re talking about M/s cluster.

            I imagined you had mistaken me for an oceanographer with a keen interest in sea surface temperatures (SST).

            But if you say “never mind”, consider it done.

            You are yet to answer my question.
            Why have you left it unattended?

            • Master/slave cluster

              I am no utilitarian. I am purposely disorganised.

              I don’t discount personality. Character, on the other hand, doesn’t exist.

              You seem to have a certain amount of sway here. Make either Frank or Phill say something unexpected. Not both at the same time, though. That would be too much of a good thing.

              SST is a record label and publisher of your associates.

            • Judd, for me this discussion has a familiar sound…

      • Master/slave cluster, where did you come from? A new arrival at the Doo Drop Inn, or simply metamorphosised? It’s none of my business of course, and feel free to tell me to mind it but I find it curious, the switching of names… to then re-emerge into the light posing as some virginal entrant yet to be blooded in the back streets of Table Talk. All perfectly understandable though. A bit like using Aerogard Tropical Strength.

        I should have a crack at it, try it on for size.

        • Good evening Canguro,
          What do you make of our new arrival?

          Should we pull up a chair,
          or let them stand for the duration of the…proprieties?


          • Master/slave put Henry Darger up. He knows what he’s on about. He’s genuinely interested.

          • Proprieties? Correct or appropriate behaviour. Jeez, you’ve got me there, Judd. I’d say, as a gentlemen, that the correct thing, always, is to offer a chair. There may be caveats to that position, but that’s for another place & time. Correct, and appropriate. I like that. :twisted:

            As for our new arrival, M/sc, well, a good start, most impressive. I hope you get your questions answered, and may they continue in the same vein.

        • Master/slave cluster

          I have visited twice before. The first time was early autumn 2012. The Innkeeper was having some sort of dispute with a Mr D Williamson, and the air was thick with underwear and literary resentment.

          My second visit was shortly before the last federal election. There was a great deal of shrieking and in a corner two exceptionally ugly old men, Frank and Phill, were having an arsehole-stretching contest. I left quickly.

          It seems an odd sort of place.

          • Who was the biggest arsehole in your view?

            Phill, I quite like. Still do. He is more genuine than you pricks.

          • Master, why are singling Phill and Frank out, there has been ugliness here straight from the start.

            • You know Helvi, let me be honest for a moment. I always thought like attract like. The reason we are all here, like Hell, is because in many ways, we are all extreme in our attitudes. If there is any ugliness here, it is because we embody it. Wonce we are free, we are gone out of here! heheh…

              • Sorry, bad spelling. Glass of red wine in my hand…

              • Effy, you know my thoughts on you, and my nomination of you as the blog’s Yapper, so I’ll understand if you arc up and so on, but that’s cool. Given you never recanted your slur against the allied soldiers who were Japanese POW’s, with my old man being amongst them as I have previously mentioned, you’ll allow, I trust, my distrust of your character to persist.

                However, on this occasion, you seem to have ditched the bullshit for a moment and glimpsed some truth.

                We are ‘extreme in our attitudes’, you write, and ‘if there is any ugliness here, it is because we embody it’.

                Many have written on this blog, and many have departed. You, like me, are still here. Not free yet?

                • Canguro, if Bob is going to be too busy to write, because he’s got other projects to attend to, I’m afraid this blog will be finished. I have noticed many have already left…

                  • We will need to think of something Helvi.

                    What happened to Dali’s mike night?

                  • Yeh, well, a debatable point Helvi. Master’s out of the room and the children are left to their own devices. What about when master is present? The kids still play up, yes?

                    That’s what you get with an unmoderated blog. Whether you use words like troll, troglodyte or neanderthal, or others for others, the master’s still out of the room and the kids will do as kids will do. Who can say who leaves and who stays? Each will determine their own passage…

                  • Helvi, a lot will be like me. Not left exactly, still reading and agog at some of the ego tripping junk being put up by some.
                    Not even close to the intent of the blog even with the political stuff added in.
                    Wilst the organ grinder is busy, the monkeys run amok.

                • Hi Canguro, I was cooking dinner as the little woman is doing the books for the accountant as I’m too dishonest in declaring the truth and keep telling her to keep deducting! Something she refuses to do. I should have married a Liberal!

                  Just read your post about your father in WW2.

                  I’m very sorry to hear that I may have caused you immense distress over some casual remark I may have made.

                  I do apologize. I didn’t realize it would gnaw on your soul.

                  I of course have never had a father who suffered against the Japanese.

                  My old man also went to war against the Germans and had his own demons that were inflicted on his children including me.

                  Such is how war ripples through the generations.

                  I cannot remember what I said. I’m sure you will remind me.

                  Let it be said that I apologize to you Canguro and humbly hang my head in shame before you.

                  Your Liberal scum - Frank.

          • And yet here you are,
            again it seems.

            Hmmm, I must consult with my consigliere k.bites on this matter and perhaps perform a minor act of gymnosophy if I’m to unravel this mystery.

            Canguro, let us prepare the chair but withhold the offer to sit,
            for now.

            I shall follow your lead.

            • Let me return to this:

              A single phrase uttered twice over the course of a year and lost amongst the thousands printed here was your clue?!

              And you saw fit to announce yourself to this blog with a name bearing direct relation, some may argue, to me?!

              Come now M/s cluster - I’ve performed the calculation; the likelihood of such an occurrence stands at 480,000,000,000 to 1.

              So, for the 3rd and final time, have you decided yet?

          • Master/slave cluster. I was preparing myself for you. Canguro told me you are rather blessed with a large one.

            Is that true, or is it just wishful thinking?

            • I missed you Phill. Thank God you are back.

              • Just call him Master, Frank, and all will be well. And thanks for your apology, it’s appreciated, although given past history I don’t know whether you’re taking the piss or not. I’ll assume not, so, thanks. :twisted:

                • No I wasn’t being mischievous or disengenious but now with Phill by my side, I’m now feeling a bit bullish and am ready to take you all on like Errol Flynn! Lets kick some butt Phill!

              • Frank.. It is just you and me now against the world.

                So many pretentious bull shit artists, one doesn’t know where to start really.

                BTW Frank I have just painted my back gate, my wife thinks it is brilliant, a fine work of art, I need you to evaluate it for me, my house insurance is bound to go up.

        • Master/slave cluster

          You could always put in an appearance as Reader1.

          That would complicate matters nicely.

  16. Vale Lou Reed.

    “I don’t know just where I’m going
    But I’m goin’ to try for the kingdom if I can
    ‘Cause it makes me feel like I’m a man
    When I put a spike into my vein
    Then I tell you things aren’t quite the same”

    from ‘Heroin’, (1964)

    Quite amazing that he reached 71 years of age, in my view. The liver gave out it seems.

    • I went to a concert by the little prick in the mid 70s.

      Liked his music, disliked the man.

      • How was it Doug?
        Do you recall any of the set list?

        • DQ wasn’t really interested in the music, most of the concert he was on his knees.

        • As you might have expected it was mainly from Berlin and Transformer; I think he was pissed out of his mind.

          His lyrics are quite interesting, and can be viewed as poetry.

          He was certainly influential, especially from the Velvet Underground days. Some may poo-poo it now but it was cutting edge at that time, with the likes of Warhol and Nico, and John Cale.

    • “You’re so civilized it hurts
      I guess I could learn a lot, ha-ha…
      About people, plants and relationships
      How not to get hurt a lot
      And each lover I meet up your roof
      I wouldn’t want to throw him off, mmmmm..
      Into the chemical sky, down into the streets to die
      Under the wheels of a car on canal street
      And each lover I meet up on your roof
      I wouldn’t want to throw him off, mmmmm..
      Into the chemical sky
      Under the wheels of a car to die on canal street.”

      From ‘Hooky Wooky’on Set The Twilight Reeling album.

  17. After our arrival in 1956 and being told about Vegemite my mum went and braved this new world to get a jar of it.
    Next morning she had put it on the laminex table with the slanted legs and aluminium strip screwed around the edge.
    We all gathered around it and dad slowly unscrewed the lid. We all peered into its deep brown cavity.

    I am only now getting over it. I have come to accept that some like to spread it on toast and eat it.
    How anyone can spread brown paste over bread and then eat is still beyond me.
    The aesthetics of it is the objection I hold.

    Every time I have my colonoscopy at Concord Hospital I steel and harden myself against the ordeal by forcing myself to think of ‘vegemite’. It is the only way.

    • A morning slice of fresh toasted Ciabatta with a generous dollop of butter and a thick stain of Vegemite and a fresh cup of tea or coffee. Its as good as it gets. I had that in America recently and it was very good. Very nice.

  18. How about……………..

    ”OPEN MIC “

    Treasurer Joe Hockey’s announcement that Centrelink and Australia Post’s shopfront services could be combined as part of his cost saving measures will see one of the greatest concentrations of human rage ever. Two of the most loathed bureaucracies in the country could soon be joined in the unholiest of unions.

    Are the Libs truly mad with power? Discuss.

    • I thought you were joking for a moment. I doubt Hockey or Abboat have ever been into Centrelink or a post office. Why Australia Post? They seem to have little in common. A pub might make more sense. Next they will be farming out basic public hospital procedures to veterinary surgeries.

      How about cutting their own costs instead of picking on the poor? This is class warfare. Adult Government? They are a pack of fucking bum holes!

    • Yes, they are mad, proof of it : Pyne on Q&A last night, drunk with power…

      They are driving me to despair, I’ll end up sitting at a bus stop like Cate Blanchett in Blue Jasmine, forlorn, refusing to go to any Post Office…

      They can’t take me to a psych hospital as there aren’t any.
      Jail maybe, they are still keeping them up and running?

      • Helvi - iView isn’t accessible over here, so I don’t get to see Q&A.

        …or you at the bus stop muttering quietly, waiting for the Number 54 to take you to the combined public hospital and prison at Silverwater, to visit Gerard doing 6 months for aiding an illegal.

  19. @Dali October 29, 2013 at 3:28 am

    ‘last i heard Bob was going to ash his son to set it up’

    I hope that’s not true, Dali.

    • God said to Abraham ‘ash me a son’?

    • Canguro, I think you are too generous with your forgiveness.
      Perhaps it’s just me but I read it…..differently.

      I hope you don’t mind my saying.

      How goes the job?

      • You don’t even know what the argument was about! It was before your time Juddite.

        You weren’t even a pimple on this blog’s bum. Just a dagette under the tail, waiting to grow up into a full fledged swaying dag.

        From memory and Canguro will correct me if my mind is a bit opaque or beginning to show the development of early alzheimers, I believe it started off as a discussion over Labor’s plan to build a railway that would take 160 frigging years to build, from Sydney to Canberra!

        I remarked, quite casually and innocently that Labor should employ some Japanese overseers to guide the workers into speeding up the build process. After all I remarked, they built the Burma railway in record time during the second world war.

        Thats when Canguro shit himself and said his father was in the war, possibly a prisoner of the Japs, I believe - so I should be taken out and summarily executed by Bob for blackening his name etc…bamboo under the fingernails. The whole frigging works. Such was his pain. (Take note Phill)

        Canguro may have a better recollection of the discussion, but its been a sore point for him (not me) ever since.

        Dammit its all coming back to me. I have absolutely no need to apologise at all.

        Its me that is the victim. I demand an apology!

        • Master/slave cluster

          Judd was here long before you realised there was an alternative to being the Golf Club Bore.

        • Frank….. Don’t be a victim, this blog is full of victims already.

          I mean, I do believe this blog should be a study in victims. A study worthy of a PhD in victimisation.

          Let’s see, we have war victims, drug victims, alcohol victims, we have paranoid schizophrenics, a few with delusions of grandeur, and of some no doubt, have a bad case of the clap.

          Don’t be a victim Frank.

          BTW Frank my old dad was wounded during WW2. Is it healthy that I don’t like Germans, or am I just another red neck?

        • ‘Canguro will correct me if my mind is a bit opaque or [showing]… alzheimers’

          No way, Frank! I work with the mentally disabled, and I’ve learnt the futility of harbouring unrealistic expectations.

          Some things are simply beyond people’s capacities no matter how much you’d wish it otherwise.

          • Thank you my dear friend. Should I ever libel you in future, do not hold back. Hold me accountable. I only seek to serve.

            And please - please keep your gimp locked down in the dungeon below and shut the bloody trapdoor when you go to work.
            It came up today and frightened the bejesus out of me when I was napping after lunch.

            I slapped it down today. I hope you don’t mind…I don’t like fiddling with another mans plaything.

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