The Fire This Time

My house burned down once, and my wife, whose lungs were damaged in her infancy, is coughing a lot because the bushfire smoke she is daily breathing has oils in it that worsen her suffering, her doctor says. She may have to go to hospital soon, though the Prime Minister thinks, no doubt, that she is ‘talking through her hat’ when she connects these fires, the first in October after the hottest September on record, with global warming.

It’s personal for me now. My life has been traumatised by fire, and the Prime Minister assures me these fires are a usual Australian experience, which means my wife will die sooner than she would elsewhere. And he says these fires have nothing to do with global warming, and he ‘has a mandate’ to abolish our principal weapon against global warming, the carbon tax. He is keen my wife die sooner, it seems, and more people go through suffering like we did when our pets were killed and our photos burned.

How dreadful a man he is turning out to be. Like many a sadomasochistic athlete, he wants to widen the scope of human pain. Like many a Catholic, millions of whom thought the earth was flat, he scorns the science that all other leaders believe in, and thinks hellfire, not global warming, is coming for most of us including his sister, the sodomite. He is worse in that regard than the Pope, and it is amazing he is in charge of anything. He does not deserve to Mayor of Katoomba let alone Prime Minister. His utterances encourage terrorism (setting bushfires is terrorism in its purest form, discuss) and he should go to gaol for it.

Let us not mince words about this. He has claimed that bushfires are a normal Australian thing, and eight-year-olds are setting them now. This is not just irresponsible, it is criminal; and his continuing, persistent hot pursuit of the unhappiness of his sister, by forbidding her to marry in Canberra (marry a woman, that is), approaches the psychotic.

It is hard to think of a good thing the Liberals have done. They once tried to take away the property of anyone two Ministers declared to be Communist and put him in gaol. They once pulled birthdays out of a bucket and sent off tens of thousands of teenagers to atmospheric poisoning in Vietnam, and fathering mutant children when they got home. They declared the Opera House a disaster and sacked Utzon for it and bungled its inner sanctums and acoustics. One of them, Julie Bishop, defended for years the makers of mesothelioma. Another, Malcolm Turnbull, is dismantling the NBN. Another, John Howard, called Medicare ‘unaffordable’ and helped make war on a country that did not have nuclear weapons for having them, killing or displacing four million of its people, including all the dentists. Another, Tony Abbott, thinks bushfires are a normal thing, and we shouldn’t do anything legislatively about them, and we should dismantle, in fact, the one thing we have done, however feebly, the carbon tax.

This is an awful government already, corrupt, internationally derided and borrowing more money than any in our history.

It is wrong that it should survive more than a couple of months, and I urge the ‘lame duck’ Senate to use its present numbers to bring it down,

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  1. Here, Here
    Thanks Bob I have nine grandchildren and sometimes i just feel desperate about their future. Abbot should be made to face up to his dishonest, bordering on crazy, not even rational, policy on climate change. We should be in the streets, shouting him down, I am sick of polite banter, put the facts on the table and make them stick.

    • It is mighty slow coming, but I’m sure that it is coming: almighty anger at the rape of our children’s world by fat cats in Parliaments and the skyscrapers of all our cities

      There will be almighty anger at the grey furnace being prepared for our children by the greedy and complacent

      A grey furnace clearly foretold for us daily by our best brains

      Those dire warnings are hidden and belittled by ‘balance’ by our capitalist mass media, but reality is biting and will continue biting with increased savagery.

      Then there will be anger, and maybe action that will avoid the very worst

  2. Well that is the truth. The air we breath. Millions of words are spent on the evils of smoking, and I don’t doubt their veracity, but a diesel truck laying its carcinogenic fumes over a group of primary school children out playing during their lunch hour is to be ignored? And the annual stubble burn-offs in our district, and many other districts - the farmers light up religiously, right next to the towns, to kill off the Italian snail infestations apparently. And the poisons they use on the crops are a part of this acrid, dense smoke that sees hospital admissions rise sharply, resultant of the all too predictable breathing disorders.

    The best advice Council can give to the suffering elderly and the asthmatic kiddies and the rest is to stay indoors with your windows shut during the burn-off, do not venture out - just suck it up, become a prisoner, home detention for three months of the year, because that is the burn-off span of farmer Joe, who apparently carries the nation on his back, although he employs virtually no-one these days because of the advance in farming mechanisation and yes, he must get his kids to a private school - away from the smoke, for a better education ostensibly.

    The hypocrisy is shattering. I have read that one lung-full of diesel smoke is about as carcinogenic as a packet of high tar cigarettes so all the kiddies in public schools that dot the highways of this nation are chain smokers, like the farmer’s wife and like the farmer himself, of whom many die much younger that they should, poisoned by their broad acre farming techniques that hire no-one, or hardly anyone.

    I’ll stop now and have a haul on my puffer to ease my lungs damaged by everything this world has shoved in them, agent orange sprays, diesel fumes, petrol fumes, crop poisons/smoke, bush fires, dust storms, but not cigarettes, no, not these days, I’d have been dead years ago.

    In a roundabout way we are all chain smokers and Tony Abbott, out on the highway sucking it all in, is killing himself too, in his quest to be - what, a hypocrite, a dick head, the fittest man dying? Keep it up carbon Tony.

  3. Time for (global) class action on all those who denied climate change & opposed action for the past 50 years so that we can cover health expenses & other associated matters?

    • Stop talking about it then - do it. You would not know where to start.

    • The world movement for action on climate change is up and running, vibrant, organised, multi-represented. You would have to be blind and deaf and sensory deprived not to see it, feel it, take part in it, it is now.

      Being a climate revolutionary can be fun, you get a sense of community, of belonging, of voting with your feet, of telling your grandchildren that “you were there” when the world changed, when, under the urging of the brave, those often risking imprisonment, death, and their attempted dishonouring and certainly deriding by ‘writers’ of the ‘mitigated’ Press, which will puff in the smoke like the rest of us, living in a big city, like LA that has the equivalent carbon output of five decent sized volcanos burning simultaneously, twenty-four seven…

      So how many ‘volcanos’ are on the earth now?

      Getup have a nation wide gig on the 17th of November. A mass rally, wear ‘warm coloured’ clothing, in Adelaide it begins at 11am, Elder Park.

      Other major cities and towns are gearing up, probably similar starting times. Slap on a hat, make a placard, remember you’re doing it for Mum, her constant, pitiful raping must stop…

      Check it out at Getup. Walk the Talk.

    • You would have to word that class action very carefully, lest having it thrown out on a technicality.

  4. If as you say dangerous global warming was real and the temperature of the planet was going to soar a few degrees by the end of the century and Australia was frying with bush fires due to climate change and freaky weather systems etc…Why not just install a few more air conditioners in your house? We have plenty of coal to burn. Why not use it all cheaply? Whats the problem?

    The Earth is not a static air conditioned room with a thermostat set to your comfort zone. So you are a little uncomfortable. So what? Thats why we have aircon in our offices, our homes, our theatres and cars.

    Use them. Crank up the dial.

    Do you seriously want to raise Billions in taxes to drop the temperature down a thousandth of a degree of the entire planet?
    Are you mad? King Canute tried it once I think. Did it work for him?

    Do you think flogging ourselves with taxes and guilt will help the planet? I say you are taxing the poor who will die in droves in the winter because they cannot afford to heat their homes.

    I remember this ALP website with advice for the old and the cold;
    Put on a few more blankets!
    Thanks for the advice chums. :lol:

    Are you keen to stop using machinery and return to a feudal form of agriculture as the Greens will demand? Are you happy to reduce your standard of living? Live with decreased Health standards? Your roads and bridges and cities decreased and not maintained. This will happen if you go down this path.

    You guys should think this through a bit more.

    Do not turn your back on the West and technology that has lifted billions of people out of poverty.

    What you are advocating is the fall of Western Civilisation. You are, may I put it politely, not standing on the side of the enlightenment but I dare I say it, on the side of the barbarians. Trendy barbarians that ride bikes.

    Don’t trust them. Follow me.

    Consider the upside of global warming. More CO2 would mean more abundant plant life. Richer marine life. Tony Abbott’s direct action plan of reforesting broad acres of landscape with productive trees, not eucalypts, could actually be a more worthy solution. Tony would be happy in a garden of Eden we could all enjoy. When I was a boy, I was taught trees breathed in CO2 and gave off oxygen. Does this still happen? I’m sure GetUp! would not approve of that concept.

    Beware of these people like Getup! They are not right in the head.

    Consider my views before you put on sack cloth and ashes and wish to repent for your perceived sins against Gaia. That way, my friends ends in madness. It wont turn out well for you.

    • Turn the clock back a bit? Slow down a bit? What’s the hurry etc etc.


      Fantasy Ad:

      The boat is leaving for England from Sydney tomorrow. Old world prices (cheaper than flying), leave your thrombosis stockings behind, smell the fresh sea air, learn to play chess, deck tennis anyone, nightly dance, romantic stop-overs. Arrive at your destination refreshed, no time lag, no blood clot, dine with the captain if you are pretty enough and single, or wonderfully devious, the journey is the thing, the destination, well, that’s another adventure.


      • The “left” was always about industrialization, five year plans, great leaps forward, honouring and celebrating “industrial man” and those born in the sweat shops and mine shafts, gouging out the earth and fuelling the chimney stacks of the dark satanic mills or children crawling up and down those same chimney stacks, chimchimereeing with a song in their hearts. The legend of the left’s fame was the yearning to benefit from the material world, they were not against production, or the means of production they were against the unfair ownership of the means of production and the unfair disbursements of the profits of that production.

        The intellectual left said it was a good thing, a noble thing to pursue the comforts of a civilized human existence, to reap the rewards of that civilization and I for one am deeply disappointed not to be wearing a spandex suit while rotating in a space station above the earth and ingesting literature and art through a simple tablet simultaneously learning seven new languages before tea.

        What I think happened is that the same left woke up to the fact, that in the end the working class and the rest, would be victims of those same pursuits. But the contentment of the many (as far as the Western World is concerned) is blocking the new thinking from getting through. A nice world wide Economic Depression might just do the trick, and it is more than ironic that the US is leading us down that path (isn’t it Frank?). I assume Obama had the NSA bug 35 world leaders because he was interested in canvassing consensus on an approach to global warming?

        But the march of time has seen the disappearance of species, thousands of them as Western Civilization marches on, not that I give a hoot about some remote hardly ever seen form of wingless insect the last of which may herald the doom of the entire planet and the last chance of curing cancer. Being one of the inmates running this asylum these concerns are of little import for me.

        I don’t agree with Frank, but he asks a couple of hard questions in his round-about way. Guilt Frank? Yeah I feel guilty, enough guilt to make me feel uncomfortable and at the same time a little worthy, but it just ain’t enough. It is the inevitable march towards democracy that equates opinion with fact and I think I like that.

    • Frank…. Steady on old chum, there is a limit to taking the piss. If you feel pain all over your body, some one is sticking pins in a voodoo doll that looks like you.

    • You see Frank, you whole thesis rests around one aim, one ambition, one clot of an idea:


      Well is doesn’t. Time as a commodity leads to crack cocaine, a machine takes a thousand jobs, and drug addiction taking care of the rest. We might as well reap the crops by hand, beats shooting up and the despair that belongs to it.

      We invent machines that replace labour and then we castigate the unemployed, we become self-righteous, up ourselves. Get that snow ski experience in quick Frank, the snow is about to run out - the Himalayas are turning into rock - check the pictures out over the last 20 years, available on the net. You hunt them down Frank, I haven’t got the time, I’m too busy doing nothing - Speedy Gonzales.

      • Chris, you guys on this blog are so naive. :lol:

        You are reading the wrong papers mate.

        This is what your alarmist ABC will NEVER tell you - just TWO days ago:

        An inconvenient truth:

        Record winter ice cover in Antarctica!

        Weren’t the polar caps meant to melt?

        There were supposed to be 10 million climate change refugees zipping around on boats 3 years ago according to the UN. Hasn’t happened so they took that embarrassing detail off their website.

        Climate refugees suddenly vanish! I wish Tony could do that trick.

        Rajendra Pachauri the head of the IPCC a train driver so that makes him a global warming expert claimed the Himalayan glaciers would disappear by 2035. Complete bollocks. He ended up back peddling his choo-train on that one.

        Everything these people claim - never happens. Never will. In fact if you want to be right occasionally, put your money on me - you’ll score a win! Consistently. I’m a winner. I don’t back losers.

        Its just so lamentable and laughable. The Australian bushfires are the Greens problem not clearing and backburning the forests. Pure and simple. Nature will run its course if you don’t do your duty.

        The aborigines did it for centuries.
        All those smoking ceremonies they do - where did you think they got that idea from?

        Yet you guys swallow it all up. Hook line and sinker. Global frigging warming. You guys are so embarrassingly gullible, I’m ashamed of you. (I just wish I had something to sell you so I can make a quid out of you for my troubles)

        Sea level rises? Baloney. I have an ocean view. Live right across the road from the Pacific Ocean. Water hasn’t risen 1 cm in 20 years!

        See, I don’t listen to the so called experts. I believe what I see and touch and fondle this has brought me up wise, clever and with a small dollop of rat cunning. A commodity sadly missing in the Labor Party according to Bob Carr.

        Most of the climate spruikers from Flannery down to Al Gore are in on the great green gravy train ride. I’d be on it too if I could get me some of that cash. Make no mistake. I’d be tub thumping like crazy! I’d be the biggest global warming spruiker out there!

        Gore went on the ABC the other day unchallenged saying that it was all part of Big Tobacco’s global conspiracy.

        Read his history to find out about AL Gore’s interest in Big Tobacco.

        “Throughout most of my life, I’ve raised tobacco,” he told an audience in North Carolina.

        “I want you to know that with my own hands, all of my life, I put it in the plant beds and transferred it. I’ve hoed it. I’ve chopped it. I’ve shredded it, spiked it, put it in the barn and stripped it and sold it.”

        That’s the kind of guy he is! When he talks about the influence of Big Tobacco on his Global Warming Campaign, I’d say he’s speaking from personal experience! :lol:

        • “Gore went on the ABC the other day unchallenged saying that it was all part of Big Tobacco’s global conspiracy.”

          Frank……c’mon don’t start with the bullshit.

          Gore said no such thing.

          What he said was, global warming deniers are the same equivalence as, ‘Big Tobacco’ denying smoking caused cancer.

          His connections to tobacco are well known, his sister died of lung cancer. When the facts change people like Gore change their mind, what do you do Frank ?

          The rest of your comment about global warming is absolute diatribe.

          There is not a scintilla of truth in any of it, as well you know.

          There are no barbarians gathering at the gates, apart from Tony Abbott and some of the excuses for human beings, called Liberal politicians.

          What there is Frank, is an army of people who now know the planet is being fucked over, with their eyes wide open.

          You had better join them Frank, the writing is on the wall.

          • Actually, phill, the very same people who came up with the playbook for how tobacco would fight the science - sowing doubt - are ALSO involved in the oil/coal industry’s campaign to continue to make money by destroying our planet. The actual same people.

            I strongly recommend “Requiem for a Species” for a comprehensive survey of this and every aspect - science, politics, psychology, likely futures - of global warming. $10 for Kindle at Amazon

            • It’s worth remembering that these people are desperate - when the penny drops, oil and coal shares will go through the floor. Tobacco could switch to selling to impoverished, uninformed people overseas, but no-one will ever be able to use most of the oil and coal now in the balance sheets of Exxon-Mobil etc

              • Just to be clear, given the sometimes problematic layout of this blog - see my links refuting The Australian’s lies below

          • Do your research Phill. You will find I am right.

            Kevin Sack, New York Times, August 30, 1996:

            SIX years after vice-president Al Gore’s older sister died of lung cancer in 1984, he was still accepting campaign contributions from tobacco interests. Four years after she died, while campaigning for president in North Carolina, he boasted of his experiences in the tobacco fields and curing barns of his native Tennessee. And it took several years after Nancy Gore Hunger’s death for Mr Gore and his parents to stop growing tobacco on their own farms in Carthage, Tenn … For several years after (his sister) Ms Hunger’s death, Mr Gore and his parents continued to grow tobacco, an experience that proved useful in 1988.

            - See more at:

            • irrelevant bullshit; which Gore has publicly discussed

            • Frank.. When Gore stopped growing Tobacco is irrelevant.

              I would not use the Australian Frank for a source for anything except the actual paper to start a BBQ.

              Frank.. you can post links up until the cows come home, poo pooing global warming, it will not change the reality.

              I am a child of the land & sea Frank, my brother has only just recently sold his citrus farm. I was not brought up in the leafy suburb of Toorak.

              The changes just in my life time have been huge. My brother sold his citrus farm because of the damage he was doing to the environment with chemicals.

              Yea I know Frank, a lefty Green farmer go figure. There are plenty of them and they’re are growing day by day.

              John Salmond I am well aware of your points, and agree, Frank is oblivious to the reality.

              • Phill, you make all kinds of bogus claims like you are a global warming insider, but none of them are apparent to me.

                Its like your saying, “You haven’t seen the things I’ve seen Frank…”

                Well, what the fu#k are they?

                Did the seas rise up and swallow your child?

                Did you get a bad suntan when patrolling the beat as a copper?

                Did someone steal your ice-cream?

                Please make them apparent to me.

                I’m not that bright y’know. :twisted:

                All I got so far, is my brother’s lemon tree died. He had to sell the farm. So it must be global warming.

                I need proof! Solid irrefutable proof. None of which any Leftie here can provide me. Just a bunch of nancy-girl old wives tales.

                Bring me the proof dear Lefties or shut the fu*k up!

                Let real men run the country. Let the girls in blouses all cry in their pillows!

                You haven’t convinced me at all.

                Not even a bit.

                • Frank are you serious? Proof !!!You can’t handle the proof.

                  Frank most of the worlds scientists by a country mile, believe global warming is a reality.

                  The scientists on your side of the ledger, are mostly on the pay roll of the polluters.

                  Frank the sea is rising WTF! You can’t be serious? The islands to the north of us,as pointed out by John Salmond are already sinking into the sea. Jesus Frank again you can’t be serious?

                  My brother sold his property because he was pumping thousands more gallons of water on it every year, plus the added chemicals to protect the fruit from disease and insects. This water consequently was ending up back in the River Murray from whence it came.

                  Frank irrigated water runs off quicker than your normal rain.

                  Frank even introduced rabbits, will stress citrus trees, you are a city boy no doubt about it.

                  I ‘ll ask my brother to forward the water bills to you if you like.

                  Frank, seriously do you live in a gold fish bowl ?

                  This is not the only argument with the right, that the right told us on the left was a conspiracy theory.

                  The left were telling your mob smoking was killing people for years, your mob covered it up.

                  Asbestos has/will be killing people for years to come. Your mob covered it up. With a bonus!!! Your head man Tony Abbott had the affront to insult a man dying in a wheel chair, suffering from this disgusting disease.

                  The left told your mob, they were starting faux wars, spying on their allies, and keeping dossiers on private citizens for years.

                  We were told, we were all communist and conspiracy theorists.

                  Well Frank the chickens have come home to roost.

                  Yes we have had a set back with Abbott, that my friend is temporary.

                  In fact voting him in, just may be the saviour of the left.

                  Enjoy your time in the sun, like the roast I just ate, all things must pass.

                  • Well Phill, have you noticed how you and I are the only towering intellectuals on Bob’s blog?

                    The others all fall away when you and I lock horns.

                    First let me grasp your claim about islands sinking under the ocean.

                    I have a squirrel grip on your nether regions…let me now squeeze your nuts…if I may…

                    Prepare to squirm.

                    No, sorry Phill, even your own leftist press, the ABC now sadly realize that your claims are bogus.

                    The Islands are actually rising up - not sinking.

                    Look here and learn:


                    It must be hard for a red flag waving comrade, standing at the barricades to be bested by me, a Tony Abbott wall bashing hard man supporter.

                    By jove, I’ve left some festering cracks in your theory.

                    It must hurt.

                    I will be looking forward to perusing your brothers dodgy receipts as to his wastage of water claims.

                    No doubt his travel expenses would also reveal dodgy claims to my expert swivel eyes.

                    The good news is that climate change is on the wane Phill.

                    The Comos are falling back to regroup….15 years of no warming means someone has been hiding the facts.

                    The truth can’t be played with anymore…

                    The ludicrous point is the very same climate scientists who you laud are now saying the extra warming has been hidden in the oceans deep.

                    They are a scurrilous lot.

                    Thats their current lame excuse. Somehow these inconvenient facts are hidden in the oceans current…

                    I study these things Phill, the same way a cat plays with a mouse.

                    Can you believe what a bunch of dopes they all are Phill?

                    Anyway, I congratulate you for trying to debate me.

                    You are a worthy opponent. One day, I might even call you a fellow Lib.

                    • Frank…I stand by what I said.

                      Global warming is real, what’s more it is only the start of what is going to test the scince community and economists.

                      The planet is on the slippery slope to the Abyss. Frank I wish I was joking I really do.

                      Frank, and it is just not global warming.

                      Pollution, over fishing, over population and a host of other factors are going to bring it all undone.

                      We apart from the fires and drought that plagues this land, do not see what is going on in the rest of the world.

                      I have travelled this planet extensively, parts of S.E. Asia, India,China and parts of Europe are drowning in their own shit, I kid you not.

                      And our indifference to it all will come to a head.

                      I have to laugh about the few refugees we get here.

                      This is just the start.

                      Even in the land of the free the good ol U.S. the can do mentality is fading.

                      You said we were in the best time of the planets evolution, for westerners that’s true, however the party is slowly but surely, coming to an end.

                      Those who think it can go on forever live in a fools paradise.

                      This period we live in, is just a pin prick on the radar screen. It took us thousands of years to reach this point. Mans greed has best part fucked it in 200.

    • Modern man is like a blue-arsed fly, buzzing around, buzzing around, buzzing around, heating things up.

      When all the buzzing stops, understanding descends. When certain greyhounds get ahead in their races they stop racing, they don’t know how to deal with being ahead, so they drop back into the pack and never win. They don’t get the fuss about being first. Always being first. Too manic.

      This logic escapes the brainwashed, the terminally greedy, the compulsive winners, those who think the aboriginal people are lazy bastards ’cause they refuse to run, like the idiot dog out front, addicted, spurred on to endlessly winning - like a right burk.

      I’m off to golf. A glorious waste of time.

    • Frankie boy.
      You got your invitation to Kirribilli House tonight for the ‘thank you’ gathering aka as the conspiracy of columnists?

      You’ll be mixing it with the cream of intelligentsia (in their own minds)the heady company of Bolt and Akerman; I hear that Jones might be there as well.

      Don’t forget your pull-ons, you know what happens when you get over excited

      And you’ll get to meet the boss! Yep, Peta will be there.

  5. Australia’s bushfires and America’s storms will are blessings in disguise, providing plenty of advance tastes of the future under global warming (only tiny tastes, but still increasingly savagely damaging ones)

    So people in those two countries especially will have time to wake up before unbearable warming is finally locked in.

    Sadly, warming that is ALREADY locked in by CO2 already released will have dire consequences and possibly even tip us into out-of-dontrol tipping points.

    But we might be lucky

  6. This post is the figurative embodiment of Bob sitting with the shape-set hammering the square through the triangle hole with a mallet.

  7. A No Confidence motion in the Senate would be nice, or is that wishful thinking?

  8. This is not going to end well. . .

    Arctic temperatures highest for 44,000 years

  9. After witnessing the absurdities perpetrated in the above thread, I should call for a lifetime ban on johnsalmond, Phill and Frank.

    Several villages have decried the loss of their idiots.

    However, in the true spirit of Controlled Folly, which I herewith exercise, let all the poisons which lurk in the mud hatch out.

    The fleas can argue about the ownership of the dog; it doesn’t worry the beast greatly, and it enjoys a good scratch.


    • There’s something to what you’ve said.

      Conventional wisdom has it that masturbation is a private affair conducted in solitude and sometimes silence, albeit with the one-click accessibility of screen porn to backdrop the rod-strokers should they wish.

      Yapper and Phill, on the other hand, engage themselves in this quite public display of circle-jerking, no doubt and quite evidently deriving deserved pleasure from their self-titillating but never-the-less infantile and seemingly compulsive behaviour.

      Blog-land is broad church, DQ, and the doors are open, even for the idiots.

      • yu are a waste of space

        • ‘against my bettre judgement I reply’, except I’d spell the words as ‘better’, and ‘you’, and simply say if column inches were counted, you’re ahead by a country mile, salmon, so be careful about tossing the ‘waste of space’ accusation around.

          • too many around here massaging their infantile egos

            • This blog, you idiot, has right of entry to practically all, and from my reading of your contributions you’re on pretty shaky ground and certainly without expertise when it comes to psychological profiling of posters on these pages.

              You’ve already been identified as a liar and hypocrite, don’t add obtuse fool to the list.

      • I mean that’s true Canguro, after all you’re here. Exhibit A for the prosecution.

        BTW when you get minute go and fuck your self.

        • Phil the copper, witless for the prosecution.

          I bet those reports you cobbled together in your days as a pig were masterpieces of prose, along the lines of your efforts here.

          Phil the cop: “Yairs, he just happened to run into my fist as I was standing by myself minding my own business. After the suspect assaulted my fist it was my solemn duty to arrest him.” :roll:

          Try harder, old fella, and you may get there eventually.

          • Canguro it is you who try harder, you are pathetic.

            I’m sorry you have the drug monkey on your back, but there you are drug addicts, show a total lack of character.

            • Drug monkey? The only monkeys on my back at present are the likes of you with your willingness to attack those whom you know nothing about.

              But if I’m fair game for ad hominen attacks, then so are you, from myself and others.

              Alcoholics are like that, inveterate and indiscriminate frustrates, and along with your anger management problems it’s not a good state to be in at this late stage of life. Best of luck. Try AA, they may help.

              • Don’t make laugh, you fuck head. You have the drug problem not me .Not only that, you have a problem with authority.

                Stop breaking the law, and your life will be better.

                • Case fucking closed, yer honour. :lol:


                  to @DQ below at 10:26 pm, count how many insults and expletives the prosecuting copper has added to the pages of Ellis’s blog. Comfortably at the top of the list, I’d think.

                  • “Case closed.”

                    Piss off shit for brains, you’ve won nothing.

                    If you need help with your addiction, I can give you some phone numbers.

                    Don’t stress, even the police will help if you need it.

        • BTW copper, ‘when you get minute go and fuck your self’ is a non-sequitur, not that making no sense or writing nonsense has ever stopped you from so doing, a bit like the incident reports you would have fabricated as a servant of the crown, you shameful cretin.

    • against my bettre judgement I reply to drivel: what in my contributions do you find objectionable?

      • Wat on earth r u talking about sweet CHEEKS I love u both but pet plz…..Canguru is the Grandaddy of this BLOG he guides US ALL whether we know or LIKE it or NOT…!!!

        • Sweetpea, whether you know it or not, you’ve got a special place on these pages.

          I like to think of you as Table Talk’s own Kyoami. :razz:

    • DQ go back to sorting out parking tickets or what ever it is you do? A clerk in a hardware, or flipping burgers at one of our famous food outlets does not a lawyer make.

      You pretentious, prattling, political pygmy.

  10. DQ BTW isn’t it about time you went back to the blog where Marilyn
    keeps handing you your bollocks on a plate?

    What is it she calls you? That’s right a vile cretin. An insult a bit on the light side, but hey if the hat fits.

  11. It is my policy never to reply directly to a persona non grata. The blogger calling himself Phill has lately acquired that status. If he thinks Marilyn Shepherd has ever - ever - scored a point off me, he is sadly deranged. I tolerate Marilyn with her Tourettes Syndrome because her heart appears to be in the right place on refugee issues, ie somewhere between her lungs. She sometimes makes a useful contribution, something Phill has not made since before the last election.

    BTW Marilyn was banned often from these pages and Bob has let her back in for old times sake, but not the last time. Something that Phill cannot count on.

    Phill should make a useful contribution or go away, and not bother returning.

    • certainly the poster known as phill seems to have lots more time than brains

    • DQ, DQ….. I have your measure you soft cock. I have got to you and it sticks out like dogs fucking dogs balls.

      Persona non grata, my God , a bit of Latin makes you a lawyer does it? My God I’m impressed.

      Listen you soapy arsed cretin, don’t confuse Wit! with shit, the latter you are full of.

      Don’t try and mix the game of insult with me, you dumb cunt.

      You are a tender foot, a beginner, a non event, I have cleaned more intelligent life forms off the bottom of my shoe than you, you poor sod.

      I may not have made a useful contribution since the last election, however, any of my comments, are superior to your ramblings you stupid cunt.

      My comment about Marilyn and you, was the Pièce de résistance, you are the salmon that jumps on the hook.

      Fuck off you fucking retard you are a nothing.

      Lawyer!!!??? Suck my dick you useless cunt.

  12. Water off a duck’s back so far as i am concerned.

    But for spraying faeces all around the blog, I would suggest “banned for life” would now be appropriate.

    • DQ.. Fuck off. Water off a ducks back is it? :) :) :) Don’t make me laugh. If Bob bans me it will just confirm he has his favourites.

      Are you a favourite DQ ?

      Are you going to send Bob a private e.mail, crying that Phil has got the better of you? What a squeezer you are.

  13. Never mind the bollocks, it’s the Sex Pistols.

    Poor Cont-stable Plod. The last person he got the better of was his little sister in 1940 or so, but I’ll bet he still has the scars to show for it. :lol:

  14. Yes and while NSW burns Abbott is having champagne and caviar dinners with his favourite commentators and media backers, Andrew Bolt, Piers Ackerman, Denis Shanahan and the rest of the right wing filth of the Murdoch mafia. Abhorrent and disgusting people form a horrid disgusting party, the Liberals.

  15. What Andrew Bolt should’ve said to his friend Tony:

    It is thought the earth is 4 billion years old.

    It is thought the human race is 6 million years old

    If we measured 1 year as one millimetre, the life of the planet stretches back for 4,000 kilometres.

    The human race did not appear till 6 kilometres ago.

    Jesus did not appear until 2 metres ago.
    The population did not reach 1 billion until 20 centimetres ago.

    The mass use of electricity and petrol did not begin until 10 centimetres ago.

    The population did not reach 3 billion until 5 centimetres ago.

    The population did not reach 6 billion until 1.3 centimetres ago.

    Only in the last few centimetres of its 4000 kilometre trip has the planet and its atmosphere been subjected to the combined assault of 7 billion humans polluting 24 hours every day to produce the electricity for airconditioners refrigerators computers huge tv sets in the home and machines in factories; the roads choking with cars and trains, skies with thousands of planes, seas with thousands of ships.

    Do you really think it’s not having an effect? Try shooting a watermelon out of a cannon if you want to see a sudden force on a fragile object.

  16. “PM says boats were stopped in 50 days”

    Tony learns to lie.

  17. What’s the problem with global warming? Just turn up the air/con and buy a couple of extra ones, that’s be good for jobs, making them ..oh, wait.., well at least jobs in the import retail sector, wharves and coal mining to make the extra electricity we’ll need.
    Sounds like win/win.

  18. Maybe the Senate could have a look at Carr’s lies about his intention to take up his Senate seat. Surely that has to be against the law?

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