Wednesday At Noon: The Scorecard

It is worthwhile noting what happened this week.

There was a ‘We Need Tony’ front page on the same day as the Labor launch, in which Albo and Therese put a different view. If was the day too that Abbott proved he was a klutz on foreign affairs by saying ‘baddies versus baddies’ and the day when Palmer ‘hit the front’ with his free-pizza-for-everybody economics (which, incidentally, work). The polls that night reflected this. They seemed to show Labor declining, but they only showed that party losing votes to Palmer which will come back (pray God) in preferences.

On Monday on 7.30 Abbott looked a slow-witted crim and Rudd on Q&A seemed one of the better orators in world history and a thoughtful, smart and conscienceful national leader.

Yesterday it seemed our broadband was better than theirs. Today a report said it was. And the interest rates yesterday, and the trade figures today, showed not just Labor but Rudd and Bowen were good economic managers.

At this point Labor hit the front.

Abbott refusing to release his figures looks dumber and dumber.

And we will win from here.

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  1. Oops, headline read, “We Need Tony”.

  2. Anecdotal evidence that this thing may be much closer than formal predictions. At my hospital the patients (over represented by the elderly) overwhelmingly prefer reading News Ltd over Fairfax. On the “We need him” Sunday, the Herald outsold the Telegraph by three to one. Amazing! Bored? Decided? Or, turned off? Would love to know if the Tele’s circulation has dropped on the editions that screamed patently biased and bossy headlines.

  3. I certainly hope you’re right Bob. Tony Abbott as PM is a scary thought.

  4. Thought I’d try to clean up on a Labor win seeing they’re paying out on the Coalition already. Interestingly there’s a cap on these bets. Would’ve put a grand on it if they’d let me.

  5. I call Abbott ‘Gorilla-Gait’

    But I’m told that some blokes think his wide-legged walk has something to do his with having enormous tackle. And they think that’s pretty good. And they will vote for him because of it.

  6. Let’s hope most young people aren’t all ill informed as this lot!

    pretty sure one of them states that Tony Abbott was “pushing for a conscience vote on same sex marriage - which is more than what Labor has given us!!!

    God help us if this is representative of Australia’s youth vote.

    • First of all, the ‘housemates’ are deliberately kept out of the loop - no tv radio papers mobiles internet - so they would be unaware of Rudd’s announcement. (I did a double-take too)

      Secondly, the housemates are very specifically casted, through exhaustive processes, to include examples of each ‘type’ of young person - for obvious commercial reasons.

      So, the people you saw were not as lamentably ignorant as might appear, and the accurate depiction of Abbott “creeping” people out blows a big hole in the “Tony really does get women” masquerade.

      Thirdly, spare a gentle thought for Margaret, who apparently is too old, ugly and boring to be at his side at this key moment in the history of the family.

      Fourthly, stick a few needles in your Peta Credlin voodoo doll, for her self serving sidelining of the wife and mother of the preening trio in the limelight.

  7. I just saw Tony Abbott’s message to the Big Brother House….using his daughters again… for me because I have good looking daughters…..we cannot have this man as our Prime Minister !!

  8. One million people have already voted and still the Libs have not released their figures. In all fairness, there needs to be a rule/law to not allow this to happen.

    • A question for Abbott - “Will you introduce legislation to ensure policies and costings are fully released at least xx days before an election date?”

      Labbottony alert! - How could he be game to say no? But, to say yes would be an admission of his own over the top, pathetic, cruel tactic.

      • “Look, ah, these are difficult, and ah complex issues, Jammy. Our ah policies are all fuly, ah costed and they are being ah released as we speak.

        Your, ah, suggestion has merit and I’ll ask Joe Hockey to look into it for you.”

        “(aside : As if!)”

  9. I hope they were good economic managers Not giod ecinomic managers.

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