Lines For Albo (53)

All these polls ring nobody under sixty-five. And you believe them, do you?

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  1. Any ideas whats going to be in Rudd’s speech tomorrow?

  2. No not more war!

  3. Sorry, but here is the only place I could find to express the following. Whoo! Hoo! Lleyton Hewitt, what a fighter.

  4. They do ring people under sixty-five. I have a few friends in Greenway, under thirty-five. I was curious and asked if they were phoned, being that Greenway is so marginal. Two of them have said that they were called. Responded Liberal. Many have parents in electorates like Mitchell and Berowra though so you could factor that in.

    • To add to that, all agree that Jaymes Diaz needs to be replaced, but Michelle Rowland is not much either. Her campaigning apparently didn’t impress people.
      Marginal seats need stronger candidates from both sides. Disappointing.

      • Michelle Rowland is a great member of Parliament. You obviously have not seen her speak in Parliament, she has been brilliant especially with her IT knowledge and speeches on the NBN

        • I have seen her, not terribly impressed. Her campaigning has been disgusting. I have seen some of it. So much for positive Labor.

          Jaymes Diaz is abysmal though.

          I’d like to see better from both sides, as I said.

          • Wow, you nasty banned-from- every-blog poster, deem Rowland disgusting without knowing anything about her…you really are truly a revolting person, go away and stay away…

      • Who would you have put in Rowland’s place in Greenway, Cthulhu? Alan Pendleton? John Aquilina? Ron Alder?

        • Please follow this up for those of us outside your electorate.

          • Honestly, I don’t know. The talent pools are pretty shallow on both sides currently, as far as I can tell. Anyone would be better than Jaymes. Michelle? She may be competent at something but her ‘positive’ approach has left many with a deep sense of disgust.
            I don’t live in Greenway, though I did for a time after returning from university and starting in the workforce. I have fond memories of living there. It’s a great area and deserves better candidates.

  5. Off topic but on topic.

    All of those mobile carrying young voters not contacted by the pollsters. The election’s final battleground. Go to the Cross Kevin. Be seen with openly gay people, the kids love it - they don’t give a fuck about finance, generally speaking, they are into issues, like your 100 days - its a symbol for FREEDOM - they crave it - give it to em big fellah! Everyone else is rusted on - but the kids are not.

  6. WAR:-no, the USA will not attack Syria any time soon.

  7. SubterraneanKoala - No sane person would carry out the US bluster & threat of an attack on Syria.
    However, we are talking about amerikans, not sentient human beings so expect them to do something, rilly, rilly stupid.
    Anyone running a book on the collateral damage (aka civilians)from a surgical Cruise strike? 5 will get you 20 that it will be more than the gas casualties (if indeed they be).

  8. Lest we forget who supplied the poison gas to Saddam Hussein or who was his patron in his execution of his war on Iran which led to his 1989 invasion of Kuwait with the blessing of the US Ambassador and her boss - why - he is the very same guy who took over after the very silly fluffy white poodle coup that followed the shooting of Ronald Reagan two months into his first term.

    The same guy who was lobbying to become CIA DCI when Whitlam was removed via the Shackley Murdoch link.

    Talk about fractional boomerangs transporting homeward bound chickens.

    Syria’s leeward flank is safely upwind of where the poison gas will drift after the holy tomahawks explode somewhere in the general vicinity of the Syrian poison storage facilities.

    Kevin Rudd’s Tampa is very conspicuously ignored both here and in the Australian MS-media but the Murdoch cess pool is clouding the issue with lies about Obama’s intentions.

    Already there is talk of impeachment of Obama for taking action against Syria and yet he has clearly stated he will seek congressional approval before proceeding.

    Just imagine interviewing Tony Abbott and Julie Bishop to get their take on the legality of intervention and Australia’s position as President of the UN Security Council.

    Abbott must be forced out of his hiding place in his small target cave to answer questions about this critical urgent issue. He cowers like a coward avoiding Syria - Foreign Affairs is not one of his strengths and neither is it a strength of the bare arsed amateur shadow FM.

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