In Eleven Words

I ask Troy Bramston how much he was paid for his soul.

  1. I’ve noticed he’s always defending News Ltd when he’s on Twitter. That says it all really.

    • Surely using media power to intimidate a government through wildly biased coverage is the same as intimidating an MP ?

      This is a criminal offence under section 36A of the Crimes Act 1914 “Intimidation …

  2. Troy Bramston is Mitchell’s idea of balance. Hahahahahahaha.

  3. I ask these people the same….How much they were paid for their souls…Gerard Henderson, Paul Sheehan, Simon Benson, Joe Hilderbrand, Peter Switzer, Miranda Devine, Chris Kenny, Piers Akerman, Judith Sloan, Paul Kelly, Nicki Sava, Henry Ergas, Janet Albrechtsen, Terry McCrann, Christopher Pearson (deceased), Peter Van Onselen, Greg Sheridan, Dennis Shanahan, Tracey Spicer, David Oldfield, Jason Morrison, Grant Goldman, Graeme Gilbert, Gary Stewart, Carter Edwards, Ross Greenwood, Ray Price, Chris Smith, Ray Hadley, Alan Jones, Tim Blair….. and Bolt!!
    Could somebody check for me who associates with journalists?
    Since a huge bloc of columnists(I cannot call them journalists) have resorted to biased commentating has this destroyed many long-standing friendships between some of them? Maybe Bob would know?

  4. Were he paid its full value, i doubt that there is a coin small enough.
    Even Raj India didn’t have a single anna (1/16th of a rupee), the smallest was a square coin for four anna (char anna would buy a hand of bananas, two chapatty & a pot of chai or a single skewer of (unidentifiable) flesh in a quarter chappatty.

  5. Great work Wombat, what a rogues gallery of brain dead, right wing zombies and half wits. More than half on that list including Murdoch should be summarily executed.

    • Labor has a snowflakes chance in hell with all these freaks writing a column a day against it. FAAAAAARRRRRRRKKKKKKK!!!!

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