The Only Question That Matters

If you have twenty friends under thirty-five years of age, how many are going to vote for Tony Abbott?

If the number is seven or under, Labor wins.

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  1. I know of eight people under the age of 35, from my immediate social circles. Five are voting Liberal, two Labor, one Green.

    • Who are your immediate social circles?

      • Three ex-girlfriends (two Liberal voters; one Labor voter), My best friend (who has always voted Liberal), my second best friend (who hates Abbott; likes Turnbull, but will vote Green), another lady friend of mine, who I went to high school with (she has always been an ALP voter), my third-best friend (who hates Labor with an absolute passion, bordering on unreasonable; loves the Liberal Party) and my sister (who hates Labor as well). That makes eight.

  2. Not one of my 7 voting age nieces or nephews are voting Liberal.
    They are all under 30.

  3. I work with 2 people u/35 one will vote lib other “says” he won’t vote because he hates the libs but can’t stand rudd. My daughter works for an inner city architectural firm of about 40 employees and 90% will vote either labor or green. She says she will vote for the greens, just to piss me off I guess and that doesn’t count.

    • You know why the people at the architectural firm will vote predominantly Labor or Green.
      Because the Pink Batts were a great and generous gift to the people of Australia, same as the BER, plus the sustainable energy and products support. All part of the fast moves by the Rudd Government to stimulate the economy before our recession dipped further. People know in their hearts these were good moves but the LNP slandered and rubbished it so much, that nobody knows the truth anymore. But some of us do. Let’s hope enough get clued up by tomorrow week.

      • Bravo heather

      • Of course we know why those rich vested interests were very happy. It wasn’t they who had to worry about their places burning down or children dying.

        They could even have Plausible Deniability about knowing that the backpackers hanging around Sydney’s Haymarket were hired to do the installing “tomorrow” either.

        They DO know, though, about the warnings from the industry and unions about fires and deaths and don’t care.

        For those who have much, Rudd means “even more”.

        • STILL using the dead for political advantage Ryutin?

          You are a despicable political animal without either decency or morality.

          The market place killed those boys.
          Your cherished, feverishly and forever nurtured, FREE market place, where the dollar trumps all.

          You are a fucking grub and I despise you.

          • Yes Judd, the market that Labor created by setting up the scheme and allowing it to be rorted sideways. The higher powers were warned. Peter Garrett has my sympathy with regards to that situation. The blame lies firmly with your beloved for this one Judd.

            You will make any excuse as long as it is ‘your side’.

            • Get the fuck off my serious post you miserable piece of shit!
              Take your kindergarten comprehension and shove it up your voluminous arse.

              “My side” is ANY side opposed to your type of muttonheaded lunacy and dog morality.

              Fuck off.

              • Kindergarten style comprehension?

                Hahaha, read your own posts again, dickhead.

                Yours are the rantings of an impotent, angry person who can’t face facts.

          • the market place, abetted by governments who listen to the rich and reduce the powers of the state to supervise on behalf of the community. This is a perfect example of markets not working. And a perfect example of the results of hamstringing government, which both sides have done for years.

            Market forces are indeed powerful, and must be strongly controlled because they work for the good of one side only, the capitalist, even at the expense of the destruction of the planet, for example

            • sorry, the market does not ONLY work for the good of the capitalist, but the good of the capitalist is the only good you can be SURE markets will produce.

              Sometimes there is benefit for others too, but quite often not, but instead great harm

          • A market that has been stimulated by government subsidies isn’t a ‘free’ market. It is a created market that exists beyond free market demand.

            • Kris, My point was that the marketplace, full of the honest AND the dodgy, (because the market DOESN’T discriminate)CANNOT have it both ways. Its central ideology is LESS government interference. But for political point scoring it NOW screams for government intervention!


              The Government flooded the industry with money. It was up to the work practice and ethics and conscience of EVERY insulator/contractor to do the right thing by its employees.
              They didn’t do that and tragedy followed.

              • That Kris above isn’t me, the #1 Kris.
                Sorry I’m late,it was an awesome night.

                • Aha!
                  I see now; your avatar has nicer colours. The other Kris has sharper contrasts; they hurt my eyes.

                  Tell me about the music.
                  Better than my playlist?

                  I doubt it. :razz:

        • Hey! who on earth in their right minds would climb up in to the roof space with the electricity not turned off at the mains? And those with dollar signs for eyes working during heatwaves had their brains tuned out.
          There are always accidents on building sites and refurbishments are a tough business for all of us. There are still businesses out there who will come and put pink batts in your roof for you, and do a good job of it. Problem is at the time, and due to it being a freebie, it was turned in to a rort by certain types. Probably friends of Abbott’s or LNP sabotaging the jobs.
          Wouldn’t put it past them. Like good idea, Peter Garrett stood by and watched his mother burn, let’s do it to him. Sinister! and it doesn’t seem to go away like a conspiracy does it?

  4. I have 15 friends under 35 and another 15 cousins and siblings.

    Honestly they are about 50-50 with perhaps a slight liberal bias and a massive gender gap.

    In young working-class circles women are breaking for Rudd and men for Abbott.

  5. Having spoken with my Australian-based friends I would say 75% Labor/green and 25% coalition. Not sure if this is enough though to override the over 35′s vote.

  6. Is Rolf Harris guilty?

    • You came to the right place. Ask the regular posters here and they will all know for sure.

      And all of them experts.

    • I don’t know Wombat…..what was the charge again, consensual sex with a 15 yo back in 1986….?

      Quite a lot of people have had consensual sex with 15 year olds in places where it doesn’t happen to be legal to do so. Not me, obviously, or I wouldn’t dare to discuss the matter in public. But I talk to women, and if Harris has crossed legal boundaries in this way he is in plenty of company.

      Probably it would be better if the law concentrated more on timely protection of children suffering actual abuse.

      • The UK has a habit of legislating human behaviour. The age of consent in Albania 14,Spain 13,Holland 16,France 15, Estonia 14,Greece 15 ,Italy 14 etc.
        In Holland consensual sex between 12+ and partner is generally not acted upon, unless a complaint by either parent(s)
        Harris is charged with unlawful act but NOT rape. Therefore sex might have been consensual. Don’t know about other charges.

      • Harris was 56 years old in 1986. How many women you’ve talked to have had consensual sex at age 15 with a 56 year old man?

  7. 51-48 is probably how the real election will end up either way and all of Newspoll’s and Galaxy’s polls for the past three years would have been proved a lie. Rudd can still pull back 2-3% and its line ball election with Labor getting back in with slim majority.

  8. I had an interesting conversation this morning with a retired Italian politician. He served as a junior minister in Andreotti’s time, and keeps a general, “general but not vague”, interest in Oz politics, as one of his grand-daughters lives in Brisbane, and is expressing ideas about running for office sometime.

    He was largely unruffled by what he described as ‘snake politics’, saying that very often people attracted by and to the quest for power, associate power with force, instead of with authority.

    What he observed as significant in this campaign was the behaviour of the press monopolies. “When everybody runs to the same side of the ship, you know something is going wrong. If the Conservatives can only get elected if the media owners are in charge of their campaign, it has to mean one thing:

    they are actually not fit to govern, because it is not them persuading the voters, but the media owners.”

  9. I’m 37. Of my friends in the 25-35 age group, I can think of 2 out of 20 who would vote Coalition. Oddly enough, none of us have been pressed for our opinions by Newspoll, Galaxy or ReachTel…

  10. I’m under 35 and I know hundreds of people between 18-35. I’d guess 95 per cent are voting Labor or Greens. Keep in mind the vast majority of these people live between Bondi and Ashfield.

  11. We have a clandestine “farm” of young voters, Boys of Brazil style, all of whom are being programmed to vote LNP. You haven’t a hope.

  12. the bookies aren’t oracles, but it does seem odd that at least one book maker has such short odds on a coalition win that they’re paying out already.

    maybe of interest that they picked 147 of the 150 results at the last election.

    • it’s basically a 2 horse race - Paul the octopus could have got the same success

      • Didn’t Paul successfully select all 150 of them?

        As John says, the odds are framed by the flow of money. If they are “paying out” then it is merely a return of money received after they have closed the betting.

        • 1/it cost the bookmaker sweetfuckle to pay out - do the math;

          2/ it was a headline grabber which Sportsbet’s sole owner, Paddy Power another non-australian, is hoping will be so sweetly recieved by the Libs, that they will settle the legal proceedings between him and the Vic government;

          as i’ve said before, we are being well and truly fucked over; the voters are chips at the roulette wheel of the International Fuckers Club; how nauseating that the Liberals collude with them, instead of protecting us from them.

          • That they collude. How utterly fucking shameful.

            What a nauseating bunch of criminal fuckers these poker faced Liberal terrorists are.

            Democracy to them is using a degenerate billionaire to lie his miserable arse off for them.

            If they win this election the resentment they will create will rise up and destroy them anyway…

      • to successfully pick 150 events that could be modelled as a coin toss in terms of statistical events, we’re looking at something vanishingly improbable.

        • a coin toss??

          whut are you talking about?? is that how you vote?

          • i’ll spell it out simply. an election result with two credible possible outcomes (labor / coalition), can be modelled “statistically” as equivalent to a coin toss. picking correctly the result when doing it randomly is the equivalent of picking a coin toss result.

            take a paper on statistics if you need to learn more.

            • the fundamental flaw in your argument is the assumption that each voter is a flattened piece of metal with the Queen’s head on one side and an animal on the….

              Ah, i give in - you’re right.

    • The bookies don’t pick anything excepte thie noses. It’s the flow of money that makes the odds and that follows the polls.

      • agreed. the point being that people who put their money (literally) where their mouths are overwhelmingly believe a coalition win highly probable. and those people collectively by setting the odds that the betting market settled on effectively picked 147 of 150 seats.

        • Who follow the polls Derek. The same smarties had their pants pulled down when Kennett was rolled in 1999.

          The PPL is playing like a bad dream more than you realise with apolitical people I know reeling at the idea they should pay for Abbott’s wet dream through higher prices, lower dividends and lower super balances

          • “Abbott’s wet dream”

            and only 25% of women support it.

            like most wet dreams, you wake up to find a sticky mess and have to change the sheets

            !brrring brrri ng! hi peta, sorry to call so early… yeah, it happened again!

  13. Our friends are all labor voters because those that are inclined to liberal philosophy ( private schools, cake making, buying horse saddles, red jumpers, Telegraph buyers, white sliced bread and much more) generally disappear or just fade away and climb over our paling fence.

    • And the polo horsies go on the red jumpers daaaahling. That or a lovely Nautica sailboat.

      White sliced bread? Wash your mouth out. How common. Pfft.

      • Well the important business trip to Dubai failed to ameliorate your hysteria. What did they do to you, you can tell us…

        • It wasn’t a business trip. I went shopping mostly. :smile:

          Hysteria is Judd’s specialty.

          • Hysteria?!?!
            Don’t mistake my absolute contempt for your idiocy with hysteria.

            • look for a landing spot Major Judd, avoid static, you’re above ground, slowly sinking “Major Judd to Ground Control…”

              “Loud and clear Major Judd, turn your engine off, relax, kick back, jobs done for now, avoid static, warning, avoid st….”

              “the fields are always wet with rain, standing there, in the garden…” VM

              • And I will stroll the merry way
                And jump the hedges first
                And I will drink the clear
                Clean water for to quench my thirst

                Thanking you Chris for making me look up and smile and in that temper contemplate on the misery and idiocy of others.
                (Apologies to someone I cannot remember at the moment)

            • Hysteria?!?!

              I AM NOT HYSTERICAL!!!!!


              You’re a classic.

      • Cthululu., I thought you were still doing the Fox-Trot at the Trocadero waiting for your life-long banned dropsheet to be lifted.
        Are you showing contrition and is it genuine?
        Say ‘sorry Gerard’… 3 times.

  14. I know a lot of Liberal voters.

    They have their pile and they think the Noalition are just the ticket to help protect their pile from any threat of redistribution.

    Nasty socialist ideas like social justice, equality, support for the unemployed, the disabled and the needy are not in their vocabulary.

    Some of them actually think Abbott is acceptable and electable.

    No accounting for taste.


    • Remind them of the number that the PPL will do to prices and CPI and interest rates when the BIG companies raise their prices and their investments and super balances when the same companies lose dividend imputation credits

  15. Of the older, long time friends, out of ten: eight Labor, two Liberal.

    Newer friends, all Liberal, maybe two Green.

    Immediate family members, all Labor.

    So : most old Balmain friends Labor.
    New Bowral friends Liberal.

    As is to be expected.

  16. I have just completed a phone (mobile) poll of thirteen of my friends under the age of 45. Two thirds will vote Labor and one third Greens giving Labor first preference. I am proud to say I do not have any Liberal voting friends. In fact “a Liberal voting friend” is for me the perfect oxymoron.

    • Okay, imagine your high school graduating class.

      If there were thirty of them, which way wouod they go?

      • Doing the above, we have Labor 101, Coalition 32, Greens 6.

        This includes Helvi’s first ten.

        I await further figures.

        From Ryutin and Frank, perhaps.

        • Bob, if I add the young family members and their partners here, you’ll have four for Labor and one for Green and for Liberal (the Liberal is now ex-partner,thank god for that)

          So: 4 Labor, 1 Green, 1 Liberal.

  17. I’m ba-ack!!!

    I’m under 35 and I only know of one person voting for Labor, lovely girl but does not follow politics much at all. She’s not really a fan of Rudd.

    This is out of about ten of my friends who I see on a regular basis.

    Admittedly, I live in a safe Liberal seat, lots of educated, affluent types.


    • pigs don’t usually vote against swill

    • “I live in a safe Liberal seat, lots of educated, affluent types”

      one out of two ain’t bad.

      • Yes Judd it takes a special kind of stupid to be successful.

        Have you seen any stats on education in these areas? Didn’t think so. Yes, it would be great if everyone were so educated!

        • yes, a special kind of education, where you are educated in knowing all the right people, into being born with a silver spoon, into having all the skills of fitting into the universities, etc. GPS schools above all offer access to the network, as well as confirming, of course, by their fees, that youre parents are already part of it

          • I think it would be great if everyone had the opportunity to experience these levels of education, though I do believe that only throwing money at it is simplistic. Have you read the Vinson report etc? It’s not just about money.

            The ‘silver spoon’ lefty mentality is also overly simplistic. More parents than not work hard and go without to see their children in private education, particularly in certain areas. Some just can’t, sure. These are the areas that need more than just money.

            • “More parents than not work hard and go without to see their children in private education, particularly in certain areas. Some just can’t, sure. These are the areas that need more than just money.”


              • So you know nothing about the smaller private schools in areas such as western Sydney?

                I actually didn’t say that less privileged schools didn’t need more funding, I said that only throwing money at them was simplistic. It is far more complex than that.

                • Yes the small private, struggling,independent,religious schools, the very best of Private Education that the Libs want to hold up as a model to emulate within the public system. What a fuck wit you are.

                  • Have you read the Vinson report or really looked into Gonski? Do you know about the Fair Go project?

                    They do mention funding, of course, but that is not the only aspect of it. Do I have to say it again?

                    If parents want to send their children to private schools, and can afford it, then that is their choice. I have not said that there aren’t some very good public schools around, some need more, yes. I have no problem with that!!

                    Your reading and comprehension skills need work.

            • ‘it’s not just about money’ - people whose whole lives are about and based on and fed by money always say that when the poor shoe up for their fair share

              Start with the money, taken off the rich (by collecting it from the footpath while they hang by their bootlaces from lamp posts if necessary), and we’ll see how it goes

    • That’s 106 Labor, 42 Coalition, 7 Green.

  18. Bob,

    My daughter is twenty-two (home for father’s day) and she says to me that all her peers are undecided, and confused, as we speak. Their opinions mostly being that both leaders are uninspiring but when push comes to shove, Rudd gets the nod. Apparently, he’s less of a worry and the GAY MARRIAGE issue the 100 DAYS, is resonating crazy good with them - its hot gossip and a major plus for Rudd over Abbott!

    Go for it comrades, its about gay abandon, dust the old skirt off lads!! Or overalls?

    • One reason that policies don’t come into such people’s minds much, is the attitude the parties themselves have adopted of treating the electorate like fools. Where leaders actually do face real issues honestly - and reducing the suffering of outsiders like gays is a good example - there is resonance

  19. Rudd and Labor will win with a slim majority.

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