Lines For Julie Bishop (2)

How will I sort Syria? By baring my arse at Bashr.

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  1. Yes, it was coarse.
    But people laughed.
    What can you do?

    I don’t know about sorting Syria. Does anyone?
    Kitchen Cabinet still going to air?

    • in that case, why didn’t she moon us herself, THAT would have brought the house down, though perhaps laughing while vomiting is a health hazard

      • Gee you’re slow.
        She didn’t NEED to. Did she?

        What is your problem?
        You’re vomiting?
        Have you been waiting in the queue for an operation? Waiting for free dental work?
        Look, why not contact a rich person, misery-guts. Therese of the Accents is sure to help you out. You can go private.

        DQ, will you organise a barrier around my comments? You have influence here. Something to stop Fluffy White Pooch from straying. I asked the Host a question backaways, and along came Fluffy White Pooch, whine whine yap yap, predictable boring heapawords.

        • another loon

        • Poor DQ, I hope you get paid for defending this mad troll. I hope the pay is worth your trouble.

        • Fluffy white pooch is one of the hazards of coming here. I’m not immune; often I’ve asked a question of a specific commenter only to have some idiot pipe up with an inane comment to spoil the potential exchange.

          We seem to have attracted a plague of trolls lately, as the election nears or as some sacred cow is scotched by Bob.

          All highly amusing to me.

        • The Fluffy White Pooch is at the Dog Salon having her tail pouffed and eyebrows painted on.

  2. OK.

    I think Bob is trying to draw attention to the fact that Australia is soon going to have some serious decisions to take in world affairs; and that neither Abbott, nor Bishop seem in any way equipped to discharge these duties.

    I think this is a huge issue for the country, and therefore for deciding who is best to govern.

    I want to hear some discussion, the Libs are on very thin ice here.

    So please ignore the fucking distractions that all the trolls goad people with; they set out to, and often succeed, in spinning the discussion off the track.

    Don’t waste your time and energy picking up the manure they hurl and throwing it back - that’s the chain reaction they hope to trigger. And there is NO satisfaction to be had in arguing (they change the topic), losing your temper (they love to abuse back), or engaging at all - you’re dealing with a functionary, not a thinker.

    Let’s pick up the topic - can Julie Bishop be trusted as our foreign minister?

    Here she is with the guy she called a fake and a monster in full seduction mode. Spot the actual fake and monster??×349.jpg

    • Sensible post, Dali

      A most revolting seduction attempt. No, she should not be trusted to be our Foreign Minister…I saw how she tried to flirt with the Indonesian Foreign Minister, to help Morrison…

      • case you missed it:

        One day the Sheik of Scrubby Creek
        Walked into Lulu’s Bar & Grill
        (yes, Lulubelle, of whom I speak
        Once dubbed the Thrill of Rooty Hill)

        ‘Hey Lulubelle’ Chad shouted out
        ‘I’ve got to sing in just a while
        ‘I look like last year’s flamin’ drought
        ‘Ya got some make-up for me dial?’

        Lulubelle got out her rouge
        her lipstick and eye-liner
        He told her ‘Lu’ when she was through
        ‘You’re wasted in this diner.’

        ‘When I came in I looked like hell
        ‘like a flamin’ mangy rabbit
        ‘but fuck me sideways Lulubelle
        ‘You made me look like Abbott’

        • Worth putting up twice or more, lovely Lulubelle.
          Nothing escapes you Dali, you even know of the existence of eye liner…
          I’m going to Lulubelle’s Salon for a spot of maintenance this morning, I hope I don’t come out looking like JB or worse,like SM…Damien might like the new look, but I don’t want to scare my dear mate, Wombat.

  3. Note his arms are crossed and while Rudd smiles and is friendly , the monster is doing an open arm invite for indiscretion. You’d have to be keen, he would rather have an apple instead.

  4. The British PM accuses Ed Miliband of giving succour to Assad regime for not rushing headlong to action. Miliband said ‘decision should not precede evidence’ when assessing whether to launch a military strike on Syria.

    Response from the Conservatives??

    A government source told the Times on Wednesday night: “No 10 and the Foreign Office think Miliband is a fucking cunt and a copper-bottomed shit.”

    Looking forward to see Julie Bishop cuddling up to Cameron now.

  5. Your challenge to table talkers Sr. Dali for discussion of Julie Bishop’s equipment for discharges of duties like the the heavy duty Syrian crisis and the whole middle east refugee crisis is entirely pertinent given that only a new ALP led government on Sunday week can avoid the disaster of a Foreign Minister Bishop using her bared arse on all comers - Assad and his like have an interest in the outcome (of the election not her arse).

    It seems certain that an Abbott-Bishop combo is much more likely than Rudd-Carr to follow the necrophilous pattern set by Turdoch Bush Cheney Rice Blair Howard and Fox News throughout 2002 inflaming the American public to invade Iraq in what Arthur Schlesigner described as a day (like Pearl Harbour) that will live in infamy.

    You got me thinking Dali about Julie Bishop - I thought and discovered I don’t recall even one occassion when she made any statement that showed any sign of her having engaged in judicious study of discernible reality.

    She is not in the reality based community, I fear.

    That is not at all encouraging were she to be confronted with this dilemma about how the UN security council should act with regard to the mass murder orgies in Syria.

    Already we hear about Rwanda and Vietnam. The barking of the dogs of war leaves little to the imagination about the intentions of war profiteers.

    We are another moment like the one when Howard Blair and Bush took the criminal action of invading Iraq in March 2003 with full support from Murdoch and Greg Sheridan - that was when John Pilger coined the terms Murdochism & Murdochracy

    (George Bush’s Other Poodle

    and Sheridan countered with Pilgerist Chomskyism

  6. Lines for Bob Carr:

    Obama or Assad? One of these cunts is a liar, and the British Parliament just decided who.

    What to do? What to do?

  7. The British Parliament made it quite clear that they do not want to start a military adventure in Syria.

    Though it seems that the Assad regime are the evildoers, the polyglot enemies of the regime include al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood and other dubious entities, only some of which are even vaguely democratic.

    Tearing down Assad will probably result in another Iraq, and perhaps worse. To keep a “peace” such as Iraq has had for 10 years now would require thousands of troops. And guess who would need to provide them.

    Do we really want tens of thousands of US troops in Syria? Russia certainly do not, and for once I agree with them.

    • Well said.

      Great to see British Parliament (democracy) in action and glad to catch part of it live on TV.

      Iraq has been a big lesson.

    • Presidential bucket list:

      “Have you started a war, escalated a war, set the groundwork of a war for your successor?.”

      Subparagraph ii: ” A war is much preferred but depending on circumstances an allowance will be made for a Police Action, Incursion, Peace Keeping Mission, Skirmish, Proactive Protection of Nation’s Assets, Conflict Resolution, border protection ( not necessarily our borders), argument, tiff, spat, misunderstanding, bitch slap, Nuclear backed strict talking to….)

      It’s in the job description Doug, not even in the fine print.

      • I like the idea of a bitch slap. Another possibility is a vigorous exchange of views.

        The British created an empire almost by accident, as they sent in troops to defend commercial interests and “peaceful settlers”.

  8. … better still, Stare down Bashar.

  9. Does my bum look big in this?

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