The Low Swinish Character Of Jon Faine

Why not ask Clive Palmer about policy? Cunt?

Scott got your tongue?

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  1. They should lock up Faine in sound proof booth with a speaker monitor that relays just his voice. He is a prissy overconfident dilettante who is just as damaging to the left as any rightwing ratbag is to their side of politics.

    • Are you seriously suggesting John Faine is left wing? Populist at best. I recall when Blix was asking for more search time in Iraq Faine saying that there could be know more doubt Saddam Hussein had WMD. Faine was speaking on behalf of his own arrogance and the neo-cons propaganda apparatchik. 774 by that time had been castrated, reduced to fluff and tedium, its true talents escaping to Radio National. Faine was/is nothing more than a rating puller, 774′s answer to the jocks. The difference, for example, between Faine, and one of his predecessors, Terry Lane, is stark in contrast. Lane was highly intelligent, had read everything, listened to his guests, and developed questions and discussions from their responses. Topical. At times controversial. But never aggressive, simpering, self-promoting. If my dictionary is correct in suggesting that Left Wing means “those who support varying degrees of social or political or economic change designed to promote the public welfare A true”, then Lane was a true representative. Faine, on the other hand, is more in line with the ABC’s image and its continued self-burial policy of conservatism.

      • He is as pro Israel and anti Arab as anyone in the media but his championing of left wing causes is fairly evident I would have thought

  2. Hanging up on Faine should win Palmer some more votes, probably.

  3. Doesn’t tolerate dissent.Much?

  4. Faine provides journalism for people who prefer entertainment to information; but Palmer has yet to realise that the real world is not full of the yes men who populate his business.

    a fool and his money are soon parted

    • He will win two seats: Fairfax and Fisher, at the very least.

    • there is no visible difference in IQ between Katter, Palmer and the average fence post, which alone wouldn’t disqualify them from Australian (particularly Qld) politics, of course

      • Have you seen them in any conversation longer than three minutes? Have you seen Palmer with Alberici? Have you seen Katter’s hour-long conversation with Rudd?

        Do not make me angry.

        • Palmer is certainly eccentric and often plays the fool but he is anything but. You don’t build a business empire as he has without brains and guts. Having said that his paranoia gets away from him at times. Today’s attack on Rudd is a good example.

          • pace Ellis: this is not about Palmer specifically, but the idea that it takes a lot of general intellignece to make a lot of money I deny strongly.

            This worshipping of succesful capitalist pigs on the left is sad

            • Palmer’s wealth is estimated at $800mil in businesses he started from scratch. If you think an idiot can do this give me some examples. You don’t have to like rich or successful people to acknowledge that they have ability.

  5. Comrade,

    I heard the exchange on the radio in Melbourne and was a bit annoyed about it. It was not an illegitimate question but to put it out there first and foremost smacked of gotcha jounalism, placing these personal issues before wider policy. had he asked it at the end then he would have been on better ground.

    FW- I think Faine is of the left in a fairly narrow, sheltered ABC kind of way. Listen to the logic that underpins his questioning and his assumptions and they are mainly left wing reactionary stuff. He is closer to the Greens on social and economic issues than Labor. The key thing to understand is that he is a contrarian and an ex-lawyer; his idea of balance is to ask people a question premised on what he thinks is the opposite point of view. It is lazy, ABC style ‘balance’ at its worst. It seems fair and balanced but it is actually unsophisticated, manichean and lazy. I have heard him ask the kind of pointless questions about politics to so many pollies- would you like to be PM? You don’t agree with X issue but have to tow the party line, etc etc. Whilst I do not remember the Blix interview, Faine would have adopted the opposite to what he represented and just rudely asked questions. It would not have been enlightening I imagine.

  6. Yes, he is a self styled “devil’s advocate”, but he really went too far this time. We need to know more of Palmer’s ideas.

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