The Economic Consequences of Clive

I note that Newspoll is not suing Clive Palmer for saying their polls are always rigged.

We can take that as an admission, and proceed with O’Shannessy’s arrest.

  1. The Left has been saying for months that the polls have been rigged, and now we have this “huge” figure on the right saying the same thing. This is an important issue. Now watch the ABC sweep it under the carpet.

  2. Of course Newspoll won’t sue - even at this late stage, why would they want a very public and very loud stoush with Clive Palmer? Or even with you, Bob?

    Best Tactic: keep the bullshit flowing and let them say what they like.

  3. Of course the polls are inaccurate - they rely on people not hanging up!

    What assurance do we have that people hang up in proportion to the ones who answer?

    If I have an axe to grind - “get rid of the xg43m# now!” of course I will answer. If I think, “Oh, well I think they haven’t done too badly, but don’t bug me now” I’ll hang up.

    And then there are preferences allocations - a critical matter.

    And there is the mobile phone issue. Many under 40 do not have a land line to a phone. (I don’t either, just an ADSL2+.)

    We shall see the true state of affairs only on September 7.

  4. No-one is his right mind would sue Clive - litigation is a hobby of his, and he has deep pockets.

  5. Yes proceed with the arrest of O’Shaunessy and Murdoch. Criminals of the first order. Murdoch needs to spend his final years behind bars.

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