The Clive And Bob Show (2)

I just played back the Palmer-Alberici for my wife. Palmer not only said ReachTEL, Galaxy and Newspoll were ‘rigged’, but he had himself in the past paid, in millions, for their rigging.

I ask the Attorney-General to investigate.

And (ho ho) the Queensland police.

  1. Archer Roosevelt

    I hope the Palmer-Alberici interview was conducted at Palmer’s Jurassic Park.

  2. Is it true we might soon require a visa to visit Queensland?

  3. Andrew Crook has published a piece for Crikey today - ‘Who pays the pollster calls the tune? Daily Tele caught out’:

    “News Corporation tabloid The Daily Telegraph has been caught out spinning the details of a poll designed to sledge Labor’s National Broadband Network while failing to acknowledge it was paid for by a million-dollar Coalition donor.”

  4. Wow! Resorting to using Clive Palmer to back up your arguments. Really scraping the bottom of the barrel aren’t you?

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