Lines For Tony Abbott (10)

This is the worst government in our history.

And we agree with ninety-eight percent of what they’re doing.

  1. Either that or we’d be lucky to agree with 49% yet recognise Abbott would be 98% worse :)

  2. Does anyone know if either Abbott or Hockey ever sold Amway?

  3. “Get in first with the biggest lie, and repeat it often.”

    Liberal Party handbook, vol.1 p.1.

  4. Chris put facts in his Bowen and shot them at the unmissable target of Sloppy’s lies, the only OECD country to add 1M jobs during the GFC, the unanimous AAA credit rating, the lowest inflation & U/E in 20 yrs, lower tax take pro rata of GDP that Rodent’s reign.
    Not to mention Middleton’s revelation of speshal deals for speshal interest groups, $200 for whaaatt?

  5. Michael Lawrence

    Tony Abbot’s psych test.
    Lack of realistic plans for the future? Check.
    Glib and superficially charming? Check. Double check.
    Parasitical lifestyle? Check.
    Lack of emotional response and empathy? Check.
    Cunning and manipulative? Check.
    Inflated sense of self-importance/imperviousness. Check.
    Lack of guilt/inflated certainty of purpose? Check.
    Tony is pretty clearly a psychopath, or almost one.

  6. If they are the worst government in Australia’s history why did the minority coalition of the libs and nats not try to stop the labor budgets passing through the house over the last three years. They should have come out screaming “NO to labor budgets but they did not”.

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