Lines For Kevin Rudd (17)

You wish to see the future of Australia? Look to the ruins of the Monorail.

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  1. The undecideds are moving back…

    “A rise last week in Labor’s vote in Queensland would be enough to deliver victory to Kevin Rudd, the latest breakdown of Essential Research’s polling data shows.

    A state-based breakdown of Essential’s data over the last four weeks, including the first three weeks of the election campaign, shows Labor headed for a narrow win on a two-party preferred outcome of 50%. The sample size of the combined data is just under 3700.”

  2. 1. I was in the Western Sydney electorate of Reid the other day. ALP holds it by 2.7%. No ALP Posters anywhere.

    Have the ALP given up on this one ?

    2. Just heard the LNP Shadow Defence Minister David Johnstone on RN Drive. Imagine a housebrick given the power of speech with no corresponding change in IQ…

    3.Julie Bishop Foreign Minister: Her contribution to the Parliament has been limited to asking Rudd whether he thought Gillard was a ‘Boganville’ in 2010. As Shadow for Trade she didn’t ask Craig Emerson a question for three years. Moment of Glory was in the AWU pseudo-scandal where she looked flustered, confused and out of her depth every day for two weeks culminating in the infamous ‘Ventriloquists Doll’ question.

    Foreign Minister ????

  3. Humans share 98% of DNA with chimpanzees. I’d say that the remaining 2% is quite important, wouldn’t you?

  4. The monorail was always a white elephant, a thing tourists might use. I think I used it twice or three times, back in the 80′s. I don’t know about you, but clambering up umpteen steps to access the thing was unattractive. There are some places, with a cold snowy climate perhaps, where such a thing would be useful; but not Sydney.

    • I wen on it once, when the kids were young, I found it quite fascinating, you could see into the offices, rear window style, and the architecture, floating through my mind - it was so fine.

      Fair play to you.

  5. It was conceived in the Halcyon Daze of the Rising Yen, buying up everything and eager to spend, whore & gamble. The whole ppoint was top funnel the Hilton type traffic straight to the money pits of Darling Harbour without having to rub shoulders with hoi polloi white trash on the street and risk being mugged of the night’s winnings.
    As the yen set like Neil Young’s junkie, the function was lost.
    Now DH looks very tatty indeed.

  6. NO:-here is the future…more sell-offs when the Libs get it….but after looking at what Howard sold (below) there is bugger all left to sell!

    SELL OFF EVERYTHING!! Libs love doing this.Look out-here comes TONES!! Privatise the world with taxpayers’ money! Howard sold The Commonwealth Bank, Our Airports (the sale of separate long term leaseholds interests in Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth), Australian National Rail, Adelaide Airport sold to Parafield, Telstra, Canberra Airports sold to the Snow Brothers (A Snow Job for sure that one!), Darwin and Alice Springs Airport sold to Darwin International Airport Pty Ltd, Hobart Airport, The Australian Industry Development Corporation, The Commonwealth Serum Laboratories, Broadcast Australia:Howard sold the ABC and SBS transmission towers, The National Rail Corporation and FreightCorp to Toll Holdings and Patrick Corp., 164 tonnes of our gold in a $300 per oz fire sale(the gold is now $1500 per ounce!)
    On the day after the Fraser election John Stone Treasury Secretary, gave Hawke and Keating a projection for the budget deficit for 1983-84 of $9.6 billion - the equivalent of about $64bn now in today’s money - or $12bn when Labor’s election promises were added. They were scary figures, particularly at a time when we were less accustomed to ballooning budget deficits.(Mike Steketee, The Oz, 7.1.12)
    When Keating left office he handed Howard productivity growth of 3%. Interest rates were 7.2% (NOT the 17% the Libs keep going on about). In other words he had set the economy up for Howard and Howard admitted it. During their 11 years of office Howard’s mob never got near 3% productivity and were in negative growth perpetually.The highest it got under Howard was 1% and not for long. No wonder Howard said “I have inherited a strong economy” on taking office in 1996.

  7. Ummmm. Didn’t Hawke & Keating sell off the Commonwealth Bank? Howard sold off Telstra.

  8. 2hatpat (TrueBeliever)

    those “undecided” voters from Rooty Hill tonight had remarkably well crafted sharp queztions against the PM… a few in a row too. Rudd took a while to get over his initial frustrated tone, i felt. (And as for the goose who queried Abbott’s PPL scheme, got the policy detail wrong then decided he “liked it” after all, as he sat down…..?!) Bizarre night. ALP seem to have again thrown in towel, with Bowen’s non-cut through performance and weary tone today confirmed this.

  9. 2hatpat (TrueBeliever)

    ie, we’re Rootyed.

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