Lines For Chris Bowen Today (2)

How can you say no woman will be worse off when nine million will? They won’t have their schoolkids’ money. They’ll pay more at Coles. They’ll get less from their super. They’ll get less from their shares.

There’ll be, sure, fifty thousand better off but nine million, count them, nine million punished for it.

  1. Labor can win easily by:-

    1. Demonstrating the carbon tax is a lie…there is plenty of evidence there-why not use it?

    2. Demonstrating that Direct Action is a con-it pays the polluters to blow out more shit. There is plenty of proof there why not use it?

    3. Selling our strong economy like John Howard did a few months ago when he said unemployment is low and the economy is strong. Why does Howard have to do our work for us?

    4. Demonstrating our debt is low-there is plenty of evidence there…why not use it?

    5. 85% of mining profits go out of Australia. Most people don’t know that….why not tell them?

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