How Labor Can Win Easily (9)

Run a lottery whose tickets are fifty cents and whose prizes are free car ferry tickets, five thousand of them, to and from Tasmania.

After a year make that twenty thousand.

  1. I’m sure Clive would like that, it’s called, of course, greasing the pump.

  2. Labor can win easily by:-

    1. Demonstrating the carbon tax is a lie…there is plenty of evidence there-why not use it?

    2. Demonstrating that Direct Action is a con-it pays the polluters to blow out more shit. There is plenty of proof there why not use it?

    3. Selling our strong economy like John Howard did a few months ago when he said unemployment is low and the economy is strong. Why does Howard have to do our work for us?

    4. Demonstrating our debt is low-there is plenty of evidence there…why not use it?

    5. 85% of mining profits go out of Australia. Most people don’t know that….why not tell them?

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