Anna And The King

Anyone keen on great television should watch Alberici with Clive Palmer on last night’s Lateline. She buzzed him like a wasp and strafed him like a Spitfire and he swatted her away, proving her wrong, dead wrong, about forty-three times. He is a politician as good as Nye Bevan and as assured of his facts as Bill Clinton and talks only a little faster than James Cagney. He should not be underrated. If he says he is going to win ten seats it may be so.

He interestingly said ReachTEL was corrupt and Newspoll and Galaxy were too. This has always been my contention. I hope somebody now — Dreyfus, Hawker, Beatty, Bradbury, Jason Li — will take this up and ask why only one in ninety do not hang up on robocalls, and why no-one under sixty-eight accepts them and only Anglo-Saxons do, and clap the untried Chris Lonergan, for one, in gaol.

He is suing Brough of course for calling him a liar, after providing certain evidence of that lofty scumbag’s criminality. His most devastating statistic — that Aboriginal infant mortality once you added in the ‘spontaneous’ foetal-alcohol miscarriages was the worst in the world — flummoxed Alberici who kept yelping and wittering and buzzing and strafing but he crushed her under his mighty statistical fist. If Aesop ever writes about the two of them he should call his new fable The Labybird And The Rhino.

This is a man to be reckoned with, and he and Katter may hold the balance of power in the House in ten days’ time.

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  1. Yes, I was actually impressed by his command of facts - and staggered (not for the first time) by Alberici’s pertness disguising real rudeness.

    But the thought of him and Katter taking the place of Windsor and Oakeshott leads to a very, very sombre place.

  2. Shit - are all Bloggers insomniacs?

  3. Clive Palmer is a heavyweight in more ways than one. Emma looked like a pedantic schoolgirl in her efforts to point score. Clive reminds me of the fearless Kerry Packer. Strong, highly successful, logical, great recall of facts and I imagine he scares the hell out of Rudd and Abbott who never publicly criticise or raise any negatives about Clives policies. Perhaps they want the voters to forget that he is running in all seats.

    • When Clive explained his money-go-round economic theory (raised pensions etc) - that certainly had Emma floored. You could see a vague recognition come over her face, like a deeply drugged sleeper beginning to stir, then her compulsorily implanted ABC/Murdoch panic siren went off and she resumed her deep, Chelmsford like, sleep-talk interview…

      but it was a very precious moment this, her unguarded economic ignorance exposed to all, a precious moment for the discerning viewer.

      As Clive rightly said - You have to move money to make money. Take the power to consume away from the consumer and who wins? Certainly not industry. Not anyone.

      The Liberals economic plan is a furphy! All pain without gain. Don’t be mugs and go for it, unless you are a self-loathing masochist.

  4. Was Alberici a young Liberal ? She has the manner that suggest she was. Clive the gargantuan Citizen Kane,has a great many good ideas and so too Katter if you read his history of Australia its essentially a hagiography of Red Ted Theodore.

    • There is that private school young Liberal arrogance about her. IPA’s Tim Wilson is her male counter part in my view.

  5. You are all naive. Haven’t you noticed that the day after Sales destroyed Abbott a couple of months back the ABC was warned off the Libs. Hockey has already intimated he is going to break the knees of the ABC (“If there is waste there I will find it”, Q and A). The Libs have had a clear run from all the media this election.

    And Aberici….she looks like she needs a good feed.

  6. Clive is certainly no fool. He was as articulate and unflappable as I’ve ever seen him, and Alberici sounded like a querulous lightweight - and by the end she knew she’d had the worst of it. Don’t forget that years before he went into politics Palmer was insisting that his whole workforce join a union!

  7. OK - today I went to cast my vote at the Australian High Commission in Malta. It is at Ta’ Xbiex (pron. tush bish). Quite a mansion, overlooking a marina where Spielberg’s $200 million yacht ‘Seven Seas’ is berthed.

    Greg Hunt is my local member, a nice guy who services his constituents well, but is now shackled to party dogma and slave to ambition.

    I voted for Joshua Sinclair, a young passionate candidate, and wish him well in a tough fight.


  8. POLL 2

    On Monday 26th Tuesday 27th ten people made ten calls each on their mobile phones, to people they don’t know (random numbers) and asked 2 questions:

    1/ If a federal election for the house of representatives was held today, which one of the following would you vote for? if uncommitted”, to which one of these do you have a leaning?

    Labor - 58%
    Coalition – 41%
    Others - 1%

    2/ Who do you think would make the better prime minister?

    Rudd - 65%
    Abbott – 35%

    Merged with poll 1 (200 calls in all)

    Labor – 57%;
    Coalition – 41.5%;
    Other – 1.5%

    Rudd – 66.5%;
    Abbott – 33.5%

  9. Most encouraging!

  10. And of course, replaying Kevin’s wonderful, humanising video of him swearing while engaging the ‘impossible’ language of Mandarin was entertaining too. Apparently the kid’s (young voters) love this footage, they identify with it as many are still students and understand the frustrations and difficulties of learning, only total wankers and God’s boot lickers see it as offensive. It has cult status now so shove it where the sun don’t shine Aberici, Clive made you look like a real amateur.

  11. As for Alberici :

    “There is comfort in the fact that I am attacked equally from both sides. Half the viewers are adamant that I’m too kind to the Coalition to ensure that I have a job after the September election (as if Governments have any hand in ABC editorial appointments). The other lot are convinced that I am a paid up member of the Labor party (I am not).

    For some people, establishing a presenter’s political leanings has become a game of spot the indifference.

    I don’t belong to any political party but even if I did, it wouldn’t matter at all. Just because you vote a certain way, it doesn’t follow that your journalism is compromised. That’s not the motivation.

    I didn’t become a journalist so I could tell people what to think. As clichéd as it might sound, I became a journalist to uncover the truth. Media advisers are employed to help politicians evade uncomfortable questions. It’s up to me to make sure the opposite happens when the little red light on the camera comes on.”

  12. Nothing new or interesting in Alberici’s little statement. People often invent a plausible credo for themselves and it’s almost always at odds with the truth.

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