Lines For Albo (33)

Is Joe Hockey saying I knew how many millions Ian was crookedly making, and had no share in them, and did not dob him in? That is bizarre. Either I was on the take or I wasn’t. If I wasn’t I cannot be tainted with anything Ian or Eddie did.

I invite him to pay me two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, plus legal costs, for even suggesting it.

  1. Hockey, whom you recently said had a whingey voice, comes in right on cue with a “guilt by association” smear on Kevin Rudd.

    “Don’t forget it was the NSW Labor machine that put Kevin Rudd into the prime ministership and it was the NSW Labor Party machine that brought him down and it was NSW Labor that put him back in,”

    Another one of his “you-wouldn’t-read-about-it expostulations”, no argumentative value, no logical cohesion. What I think is on show, is a low ranking operative who has served so many masters that he is no longer sure of the mission, and has lost interest in the outcome.

    It would not surprise me if hockey were one of the many who fold their tent following a loss at the next election.

  2. Nobody listens to Joe Hokeidonian anymore. He can’t count, was $11 billion out on his costings last election and was so pleased with that effort has said he is going to ignore Treasury with all of its resources and do it all again!

  3. If you sent Hockey a demand for two hundred and fifty thousand dollars and he ran it past the coalition’s ‘budget team’ they’d say “it’s ok Joe, it’s only two shillings and sixpence.”

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