Lines For Albo (32)

If Halliburton was flying me to Iraq to encourage me to go to war there in 2002 that would be corrupt, wouldn’t it? What else would you call it? And Tollway Holdings flying poor frantic Scott to Nauru? What else would you call it?

  1. Toll have said something along the lines of ‘our flight was going anyway, we just offered the spare seats to the Coalition people’.

  2. Looks like Fairfax were initially wrong.

    Toll Holdings told Fairfax Media late on Tuesday night that it had been invited by the government and the opposition to work on ”potential logistics solutions” to the asylum seeker issue.
    ”Part of this involved sending some senior executives to Nauru to assess the situation on the ground. There were spare seats available, which were offered to the shadow minister. There was no significant extra cost to allow non-Toll passengers on the trip,” a spokesman said.

    Read more:

  3. The LNP are allegedly cashed up with mining money..
    Why would you shonk it..? tight fisted and dumb .. could be the title of Tones new book..

  4. Spare seats!

    Wow - I’ll bet if Emirates, for example, had spare seats, that would do for a round the world trip in first class!

    No problem - they had spare seats!

    Does anyone on the conservative side see a problem with this?

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