Boatwatch (3)

A boat with a hundred people on it has been detected near Christmas Island.

It is the first in a week.

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  1. One boat sank yesterday with 61 people on board. Never made it out of Indonesian waters report Indonesian press.

    • Daniel Jenkins

      The article implies that only 22 of the 61 survived. A fucking nightmare.

    • Noteworthy that in the press of a muslim nation the human beings who are the subject of the report are referred to as “undocumented immigrants”, while in the press of our own “Christian” nation, our “Christian” politicians (Abbott, Morrison,Hockey) reduced them to ‘illegals’.

      Was there a twinge of grieving in your post, Frank?

      • It is hard to like the smugglers after the hundredth drowned child in an unseaworthy boat.

        I used not to think so, but ‘evil’ fits them, after all.

        • Difficult to say without knowing all the circumstances in a very different world to our super-rich, well-policed little enclave.

          Certainly, when governments create black markets, the scum does get attracted.

          But we need to worry not about the hearts of the people who assist refugees, but about our policies which cause the refugees to use such people, and how we can do everything possible to ensure the safety of the boats that do sail (as Tony Kevin ably explains, our politically-inspired focus on prevention leads directly to deaths)

  2. I have a great idea. If they send us 100 people, we give them back 100. A clean swap.
    The numbers will never increase. We can cut back on the tents. Tell Kevin at once.

  3. I have an even better idea. Each time we swap, we give them 100 members of Abbott’s mob until there are none left.

  4. How about we provide a micro sub with Tony Abbott as a captain to turn them back.

  5. Louis Phillips

    How is anything else relevant to the debate
    It is
    Because it is
    Infrequent or no

  6. STAFFER: Scott! Scott! A boat with a hundred people on it has been detected near Christmas Island!

    SCOTT: (lleyton style) C’m o-o-o-o-o-n!!!!

  7. No, no, no, there has been a boat every day since Rudds announcement. Some 850 have arrived since that day…it ain’t working

  8. I have written of the lack of boat arrivals since last Thursday. ( ) and agree on the sudden stoppage.
    What is concerning me is that I cannot find a reference in the MSM to this new boat arrival (curently 7.30am WST 1st Aug.) Has the MSM given up on the boat arrivals to concentrate soley on their politically sensitive ultimate destinations, or could your info be incorrect?

    Or have I missed something?

  9. Where the bloody hell are they Scott…..

  10. Daniel Jenkins

    It’s ridiculous to squabble about whether the PNG plan has stopped the boats. The asylum seekers that have arrived since the announcement could not possibly have known about it when they started their journey, and if they were informed on route there would have been disbelief and therefore a passionate, if not violent, inclination from many of them to push on.

    Apparently, the first refugee applicants will be sent to Manus from Friday onwards, and it’ll be at least two months before we’ll see any significant drop in the numbers.

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