The Pope’s Forgiveness

Will all those burning in Hell for sodomy get out now? Will they get compensation? Will they go to heaven?

Please explain.

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  1. When the Pope orders that every last clerical paedophile at large be given up to the authorities along with records of allegations against them - and I think Francis is capable of that if he survives the attentions of the Curia - then I’ll listen to what he has to say about sexual orientation.

  2. ……certainly adds new meaning to the term “suffer unto me the little ones”!!!!

  3. “Will all those burning in Hell for sodomy get out now? Will they get compensation? Will they go to heaven?”

    Nope. Bugger ‘em.

  4. Is it any wonder the Chinese regard us as barbarians. Our only excuse is that our social evolution is just beginning and we have a very long way to go.

    • You’re more handsome than I imagined Byron. You can sit on my face anytime.

      • true sailing is dead

        • your asthma getting the better of you?

          • The wickedness of minor non-Christian sects are as nothing compared to the sins of the Catholics and their ilk.

            Jesus created the original sect but it was quickly subsumed by the Christian Church, of which he new nothing.

            These churches are an embarrassment and a reminder of servitude, superstition and the Dark Ages.

            • many have become restaurants or backpackers…

              • Jesus created nothing. He was a fictional character. So I’ve heard.

                • Thats a strange thing about the West, it doesn’t trust its own history. Anything old is a myth; Jesus, Shakespeare, Socrates, Troy. The question is always raised, maybe they didn’t exist? Then by extension they doubt if Buddha existed, or Lao Tse etc.

                  I don’t see the parallel in the East. The history is simply written, why would anyone make it up? Exaggeration and inaccuracies occur, sure, but make up historical figures? What for? And how would you get away with it?

                • With the caveat that one cannot prove the non- existence of something or someone, it has to be said that the blatant forgery of passages relating to his existence (e.g., Josephus) is evidence that he never existed.

                  • In the Eastern or Middle-Eastern view there is nothing that exceptional about Jesus.

                    Miracles are often concocted as symbols of divinity and aggrandisement by zealous disciples.

                    His influence and cultural significance stand out, but he didn’t have much to do with that.

                    In my humble opinion…

    • It is an improvement on Chairman Mao. Extreme Makeover?

  5. A new Pope but the same old responses, as regards homosexuality, and as regards women in the Church.

    Francis has ramped up the rhetoric in certain areas, for the poor and the downtrodden; but the message is for the salvation and advancement of the loyal godfearing flock and for anyone else silly enough to listen.

    Is the Pope a Catholic? :shock:

  6. I thought he said it’s ok to be gay but still a sin to commit a gay act.
    This from the numpty who has finally declared kiddie-fiddling in the vatican is a no-no.

    • It was actually Francis’ predecessor who made that call as Cardinal Ratzinger. When he took over at the Holy Office he was horrified at the figures on clerical paedos in trouble getting sent out of country, including to Rome, and persuaded John Paul II to tell the church in America that it could no longer do this but had to make its beasts face the secular authorities. Hence dioceses over there going bankrupt with compenstation payments. The US wasn’t the only offender, of course, but in taking on the richest RC constituency a clear message was sent. One wonders about the Curia’s motives for hushing that up.

  7. He’s come out for Reffos and Homos if the vatican goes solar it’ll be like the denial of Peter for the Monk…

  8. Cardboard Pell….I liked the debate between Pell the athiest on ABC. Carboard pell was talking about forgiveness. He was asked if Hitler could be forgiven and he said YES! There is hope for all of us!!

  9. Hah!
    You haven’t seen the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch, Bob?

  10. Did he really say “It is not for me to judge them”? If not, then who? Tourquemada?

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