Lines For Tony Abbott (2)

I ask John Howard to apologise to Xiao Aiyung, whom he sent back to China where she was held down, shackled and aborted in her ninth month and her little son thereby extracted, butchered and burnt. If he doesn’t, I will.

I don’t believe in abortion, as you know, and I should have spoken up before.

With apologies, I do so now.

  1. Can Tony Abbott categorically state that the baby ‘murdered’ with the absolute complicity of the Howard Government was not in fact not the Son of God? Can he state this categorically? He must answer this to save what is left of his soul and his parties soul. He has no option. And I still want to see a small plaque in Canberra, to mark this nadir in the nations history so that we may never ever repeat it.
    Held down, shackled and aborted. No doubt injected as well, prior to departure. An 8 and a half month pregnant woman! Given the general framework, arguably the most hideous crime in the history of the world, it was not war time or racial madness, it was a cold blooded calculated, exercise in extreme terror.

    • ……and Howard is still walking around with Mrs Handbag on his arm with that goofy grin on his face that never leaves it.
      Of all the ex-PM’s he costs us the most. His nose isn’t in the trough his whole body is to the tune of $11,000 a day.

      Howard was the highest-spending former prime minister, spending $148,638 between July and December, including $119,382.27 on office facilities(2012)

      Kevin 747 had NOTHING on Howard… Rudd’s travel abroad to June 30,2008/9 this year totalled $600,742. His most expensive trip was $427,539 for 17 days visiting Washington, the NATO summit in Europe, Britain and China in late March-early April.
      But alongside the Howard’s overseas travel, Rudd is just an amateur!.
      Always enthusiastic, the travelling Howards were at their best in calendar 2002 when they racked up overseas visits costing a total $3,551,000, during which John and his Bride went to the US twice - for 10 days in January-February (cost: $1.15 million), that included stops in Singapore and Indonesia, and a week in June
      Then in July that year they had their much-publicised epic trek through Europe - Germany, Greece, Italy, Belgium and France, for a fortnight.

      Those two weeks ended up costing $1,025,638, including $171,000 for four nights in the so-called royal suite of a Rome hotel, including a $10,000 late check-out fee. MEMO:-I don’t want to hear the words K747 again after Howard’s splurge!! By the way,when Rudd goes overseas he rarely stays in expensive hotels. Rudd often boards at the Australian Ambassador’s house in the country he is visiting.

      Howard, of course,stays in the most expensive hotels e.g. The Claridge(London),which is $9,000 a night with staff! Howard has also cost us $3million simply because he would not live in The Lodge! He preferred a private jet to Kiribilli. In his first 10months of being sacked Howard cost the taxpayers of this country $400,000 in travel and perks…and this does not even include his pension of squillions!!

      • He’s a wild-eyed, unwieldy, compulsive spender. When he appears in public it should be to Shirley Bassey’s classic:”Hey Big Spender.” Would he be embarrassed?, hell no, he’d love it.

        The truth of it all being that his compulsion has a deeper, more sinister origin, and the man we witness traveling restlessly from one destination to the next, is running from something that follows him everywhere. The question is: Will it finally catch up…. at the Hague?

      • The truth is what will in time reduce the Howard myth to its banale ordinariness - just one more conceit-ridden wheeler-dealer in the used car yard of conservative politics. Who peddled lemons to the tyre-kicking people.

        Great post Wombat.

  2. Tones act instinctively when he duffed his girlfriend he got on his bike and outsourced the kid to a third party..
    His Mum handled the details…

  3. No Abbott about is bought and sold by the Liberals. When they brought in the vile Workchoices he ignored and belittled the Church’s response which was vehement criticism and rejection. The thing is right wing political parties like the Liberals or the GOP only use religion to get them the numbers. There’s only 10-20% of the population who believe their putrid Friedmanite/ Von Hayek economics so where else are they going to get votes ? The guillible religious lobby. If religious groups and voters abandoned the Liberals or GOP they’d cease to exist. I think its pretty obvious from Pasolini’s film that Jesus was against the rich and for good works and public spending.

  4. Lines for Tomy Abbott

    And now a word from our sponsor - Toll Holdings.

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