In Thirty-One Words

Unlike Morgan, which rings mobiles and asks its respondents who their second preferences will go to, Newspoll, Galaxy, ReachTEL and Essential do not.

I ask that they be put in gaol.

  1. Wait until Asylum seeker to the node cut in…

  2. Abbott and the Liberals are in free fall collapse. Today’s ‘tent city in Nauru’ stunt shows he is unhinged; making disastrous and catastrophic policy on the run. Its back of the napkin stuff. The Libs primary vote will be heading down towards the mid-20s soon. Abbott and this current crop of nutters Hockey, the Bishops, Pyne, Morrison et al are single handedly destroying the party of Menzies.

    • I’ve just read about it Richelieu. Im finding it hard to find the words, so ill just take a leaf out of Dali and Malcolm’s book and turn to song,

      “Idiot wind, blowing every time you move your mouth
      Blowing down the backroads headin’ south
      Idiot wind, blowing every time you move your teeth
      You’re an idiot, babe
      It’s a wonder that you still know how to breathe”

      • add in -

        a line for Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison:

        “We’re idiots babe
        It’s a wonder we can even feed ourselves.”

        • Nice addition Doug.
          Let me ask you in all seriousness: you ever seen such fucking lunacy as this Toll Tent City business??
          By God these guys are in a world of hurt.

          Those Liberal megaphones of the last few months seem to have switched off and buried themselves in a deep pit.
          These are the times I really miss them!

          Might buy some shares in Toll Holdings. Word has it that coal is now passé, word has it that canvas tents are now the Future!!!
          Any idea how we can get MORE asylum seekers to come over so as to bump up the share price?
          Good old market Liberals eh? Who else can create profit from the suffering of others?
          Must bring a smile to Hayek’s face.

          • Fortunes from the sufferings of others : try Halliburton, and Dick Cheney.

            I think Hayek backed away from the extreme views most think he espoused.

            As regards your question “in all seriousness” I can’t say I’ve studied Abbott’s latest absurdities. I truly and sincerely trust the commonsense of the Australian electorate, or enough of them, to ensure Abbott and his rag-tag dregs of Howard’s regime never get their trotters back into the trough.

      • Malcolm Kukura

        I sure wish that troubadour from Hibbing was approachable enough to be informed of how ably you’ve applied his prose to our home grown idiots.

        But ya might as well try an catch the wind - Mariah Mariah
        Like folks were up there dying
        Maria Morria
        They call the wind Morria

        Or is the wind Morria’s son
        Great Scott this fools’ fugue indulgence is taking a Toll on the literary quality of our discourse.

        En Garde

  3. Malcolm Kukura

    My reading of Hayek is that like Y’shua ben Yosef he’s been used by his followers in the same way necrophiliacs use the dead now that he’s no longer around to speak for himself.

    He definitely believed (too much imho) that markets were spontaeously ordered having evolved by natural selection but he devoted his whole life to exposing the dogmatic control freak morons who were abusers of reason - especially politicians, second hand dealers in ideas and economists who fell prey to the pretence of knowledge.

    He was a lover of liberty but specifically denied he was a conservative and always ran the other way when approached by “libertarians” especially the Ayn Rand herd.

    It’s worth remembering that he left the USA in 1963 and lived in Germany and Switzerland until his death in 1992. The man was an authentic autonomous reasoning philosopher and human all too human.

    He consistently warned the Yanks and the Poms that they were on the verge of a totalitarian coup having lived through the preliminaries himself after serving in combat in the Great War on the Austrian (loser) side. He knew what to look for and saw it (them) in both the UK when he lived there and in the US in the fifties and after he escaped the McCarthyist fanaticism to return to Europe.

    I see the signs here in Australia and Morrison and Abbott are proto-fascists and would be totalitarians. Hayek would not have endorsed them or the other fake conservatives who’ve hijacked the Liberal Party National Party coalition. He’d have recognized them for what they are – enemies of democracy and constitutional democracy – enemies of liberty and agents of entropy engaged in rebarbarization of the planet.

    I sure hope the cattalaxy clowns who lust after the literary corpse of Hayek like necrophilous vultures don’t see what we are writing here – Hayek did pretty much coin that term as an alternative to “Economy”.

    The guru of management science Peter Drucker made his early claim to fame with a book about his close shaves with Nazis in Hamburg – they were he said determined to terminate the decdadent permissive liberal culture of both Capitalist and Communist factions of Homo Oecnomicus with create “Wehrwirtschaft” – the permanent war time economy and militarized totalitarian social structure – much like what now the US society and economy have become – and we – since Howard and Murdoch betrayed us – are their deputies.

    I think I hear the Wackenhut band beginning to tune their instruments for the middlemarch

    • Thank you Malcolm. I grow tired of pointing out just these matters to the Catallaxatives, namely that their idol did not actually agree with their cant.

      His views got hijacked perverted and abused by self-interested Ayn Rand desperado robber-baron capitalists.

      Most of them should be in gaol after the GFC debacle.

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