Galaxy Fraud Exposed, Chapter Two

If evidence were needed that Briggs of Galaxy was crookedly colluding with his client Murdoch to do Rudd harm it can be found in the Sunday and Daily Telegraph of yesterday and today.

Under the headline Rudd Urged To Man Up And Face Voters, no figures were shown to support this, and no mention made of it in the story below it. No mention moreover was made of the Katter or Palmer parties, and how they were doing. No mention was made of the DLP, or Family First, or the LNP, or the Independents, or the Greens. No mention was made of the Undecided or Refused. No penetration of Queensland was attempted, though that is where it will be decided. And the sample, 1,015 voters, is split half-and-half, which is impossible. One party had to be one vote ahead, and the other one behind.

Today, a headline, Rudd Fails To Earn Our Economic Trust, shows Rudd and Abbott tied on 41 percent, but does not say who was, numerically, ahead. With 1,015 votes, one had to be. It does not say either if Rudd had better figures as an economic manager than a month ago, and of course he had. It showed Rudd ahead of Abbott as Preferred Prime Minister by two million votes, and he probably is, and Turnbull ahead of Rudd as Preferred Prime Minister by a million votes, and he well may be, but it did not, in the latter instance, tell us the number of the ‘Uncommitted’, which was two million votes. It left two million voters off the page.

The poll appears below a photo of Rudd, looking rubicund and fat, and Therese, looking deranged and obese, in Afghanistan. It is clear this photo is meant, like the poll, and the headline, to harm Labor’s chances.

It is wrong that Briggs should conceal from the public numbers that may alter the nation’s future, or ‘tweak’ them, and it may be a crime.

I ask the Attorney-General to look into any wrongdoing he may have committed, and seek his arrest and imprisonment.

  1. I don’t see or read Daily Telegraph, but a most unflattering photo of Rudd was accompanying an article on ABC, the Drum, Kevin looking bloated and red like he was suffering of some childhood illness or high blood pressure or maybe drank too much Shiraz.

    I complained, but this time the picture stayed, shame on you ABC, biased much?

  2. But Bob, what’s so bad about rounding off? Are school teachings kids the wrong thing?

  3. Who even go nears The Terror. My bloody cat will not even use it for cat litter jobs!

  4. Bob, energy would be better deployed in building pressure for a royal enquiry into Political Polling, rather than maintaining that crimes exist which do not.

    Imagine what we would find out from a royal enquiry with a broad set of terms. Imagine what skullduggery would be revealed, what deals, what manipulation, what involvement by media owners, what collaboration with political parties and interest groups.

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