How To Fix The Budget

Put a three percent tariff on everything, a five percent GST on food and bring down all rents on small businesses by a third. Take off the tariffs and the GST in eighteen months, and at that point bring down the rents on houses and flats by a third.

  1. decide what rich is and tax it..

  2. Stay away from the GST. It is the most cruel tax ever inflicted on the poor and marginalised. How can U say this Bob when governments spend billions and billions in areas that for mine are just plain waste.

    The GST should be abolished and if it were put to a vote it would be. I wish someone would do a poll on the GST.But they never will. All road tolls should also be abolished.

    We are the laughing stock of the world voting in a new octopus-like tax on ourselves…well actually we didn’t;the majority of people voted AGAINST Howard’s GST and if U take in both houses the rejection was even more massive.
    The GST extracts $55billion a year mostly from families who cannot afford it and the poorest people in our society. There is plenty of money around. I agree with Packer when he said governments waste a heap of our hard-earned.
    The GST should be abolished.
    Get the money from here:-

    1. Scrap instant write-offs of investment by mining explorers-saves $2billion

    2. Tighten “thin capitalisation” rules to make multinationals pay more tax-$1.5billion

    3. Exclude “extras” cover from private health insurance rebate-$1.5billion

    4. Reduce tax benefits for family trusts-$2billion

    5. Scrap Family Tax Benefit B-$4.7billion

    6. Restore taxes on superannuation payouts-$2billion a year

    7. Abolish negative gearing for landlords-$8billion a year

    8. Cut Defence Spending by $19 billion, cancel Howard’s F30 fighters-save $15billion more.Defence is a “sacred cow” for some reason that nobody will touch. We have no defined enemy, we are not being attacked and we do not need to spend $25billion a year on this waste.

    9. Make private schools pay their own way like they do elsewhere in the world-save $16billion but subsidise poor Catholic schools. Not Kings, Riverview and the like.

    Try this. Walk up to anybody in the street and ask them if they would rather have 4 hospitals with 400 beds in each or one nuclear sub that sits in the water all day doing fuck all having the brass on it polished by over zealous sailors waiting for a war that will never come. I know….my mate’s son works on one! And I don’t mean any criticism of our loyal and brave military. I aim this at wasteful politicians of all stripes.

    I wrote this a few years ago so the figures need to be updated…but just look what $7billion would buy back then when I penned this.

    $7 billion would pay the annual salary of 84,000 senior nurses or 105,000 registered nurses.You might have to import them from overseas because we don’t train enough here, but $7 billion would pay the annual salaries of an extra 38,500 specialist doctors. You could buy 45,500 knee replacement operations for $7 billion – including the cost of the doctor, the hospital bed, the nurses and the knee replacement itself. Or you could just simply boost the amount we spend on public hospitals by $7 billion a year, which would represent a 30 per cent spending increase. And $7 billion would buy every Australian more than $300 worth of dental care every year. If it’s education spending you want, for $7 billion you could hire an extra 140,000 beginner teachers and pay their salaries for a year. That money would buy 87,500 university lecturers. You could pay the TAFE fees for more than 10 million students a year at a certificate three level. Or you could abolish HECS fees for current and future students for just $2.4 billion a year. For $11 billion a year you could set up a paid maternity leave scheme that gave Australian women the princely sum of $45,000 for 12 months maternity leave. For just $2 billion a year you could boost the pension paid to single aged pensioners by $80 a week, giving them $18,000 a year to live off – $25,000 a year for partnered pensioners.

  3. Sorry…cut Defence spending by $10billion….we dnt need to spend nearly $30billion a year on Defence…we are not under attack and we have no defined enemy.

  4. Help me out here - sounds good, but how do they bring down all rents on small businesses, houses and flats by a third?

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