Abbott’s End (80): The Ellis Curse

Cult Murdoch’s new position is ‘Sure you’ll stop the boats but how much will it cost us?’ — and David Speers ran it round the block on Agenda this afternoon.

As if any price would lose Labor one vote if the boats stop coming. Any price at all. Two billion. Five. Ten.

How desperate they sound.

Abbott keeps saying it’s not real, he doesn’t mean it, PNG won’t take you, they’ll never take you, come, keep coming, it’s okay, keep coming, keep coming to Australia. And treasonously encouraging our enemies the smugglers to keep putting children in sinking boats, the way he does. The way he did when he voted down the Malaysia Solution. He’d rather let children drown, and Slipper suicide, and Zoe Thomson miscarry.

Fuck him.

I detest him now, and I used to like him a lot.

My curse upon him, finally.

May he never have a day’s luck.

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  1. this is the 2nd treason offence . ashby also.

  2. you are mighty slow to anger, Bob, apparently; but it does seem to be a pretty substantial anger, once aroused

  3. I covered this earlier. But the sight of that poor dead coney, presented next to its food hall (yes, our cat has a food hall), that dead coney, so perfect and yet so still, I shed a tear for that little coney and buried it late at night over in the forest across the road, with the ginger Tom, sternly watching from under the lamplight, wondering why I had absconded with his prey. The omen, the omen!

  4. No doubt Mr. Abbott detests you back, Mr. Ellis.

    Accordingly, we anti-LNP voters might borrow the words that Pres. Franklin Roosevelt’s threw at those 1930s detestable right-wingers railing against him:


    Introductory paragraphs for this speech during FDR’s first reelection campaign in 1936 were made in political circumstances uncannily similar to Australian politics in 2013!

    “For twelve years this Nation was afflicted with hear-nothing, see-nothing, do-nothing Government. The Nation looked to Government but the Government looked away. Nine mocking years with the golden calf and three long years of the scourge! Nine crazy years at the ticker and three long years in the breadlines! Nine mad years of mirage and three long years of despair! Powerful influences strive today to restore that kind of government with its doctrine that that Government is best which is most indifferent.

    For nearly four years you have had an Administration which instead of twirling its thumbs has rolled up its sleeves. We will keep our sleeves rolled up.

    We had to struggle with the old enemies of peace‹business and financial monopoly, speculation, reckless banking, class antagonism, sectionalism, war profiteering.

    They had begun to consider the Government of the United States as a mere appendage to their own affairs. We know now that Government by organized money is just as dangerous as Government by organized mob.

    Never before in all our history have these forces been so united against one candidate as they stand today. They are unanimous in their hate for me‹and I welcome their hatred.”

    • Daniel Jenkins

      Fucking great line!

    • Hogwash. Brainless moron.

      Conservative don’t hate Labor voters.

      Never have.

      You are channeling figments from your own misguided and warped imagination.

      We Libs like to sport with mythological creatures here like the Ewok Phill and the hairy hobbit Judd. Phil, I’ve grown to like. The other, is a twit.

      We conservatives like to use our skills to beat the undergrowth of fact here and flush them out so we can take sporting shots at them, metaphorically speaking of course and best them in idle debate. We mount their heads in our study. It passes the time or the wind. Take your pick.

      If that scares you, then toughen up princess, blogging is not for you.

      Mostly the respondents here are harmless nymphs and brainless fauna for Liberals to feature in their Nature paintings while sipping a tote of rum or port before bedtime.

      I’ve grown fond of some of them. Not all.

      • ‘Best them in idle debate’!!!!!
        :lol: :lol: :lol:

        Oh for fucks sake Frank!
        I’m dying here, stop it, stop it!
        :lol: :lol: :lol:

      • Frank…. I hope you are not going to tell everyone on this blog how long you have been giving me fellatio. I mean, I

        • cont. I thought that was our little secret.

          I thought when we started out, we were going to put all this name calling behind us?

          Call me an Ewok you cunt!!! You never called me names when you were swallowing my load Jesus Frank.

          I remember when I was your favourite socialist Frank. The way you fondled my ball bag, I thought two great political ideologies had come together so to speak.

          It’s back in the barrel for you Frank.

      • It is not you Frank!

        You aren’t the big business-commercial trusts-big banking-speculating class that FDR was talking about.

        You are a foot soldier at best; a brainwashed “aspirational” more likely.

        Listen to Mrs Frank and take your medication, and you may be on the road to recovery. :mrgreen:

  5. You were a soft headed old fool to have been smitten by him.


    • It’s a Sydney northern beaches thing. You have to live there to understand. A bit like the Shire, parochial and cliquey.

  6. He’s turned into a malevolent Frank Spencer…

  7. JIM MOLAN:-that card-carrying Liberal Moylan, was certainly caught out on Insiders when he called Abbott’s refugee plan “just playing politics”-in other words- it is a BULLSHIT plan.

    So Abbott is going on about costs. Well Oh well! When a quid was REALLY a quid, its cost taxpayers $800,000 per refugee to implement Howard’s Nauru plan. And what did he eventually have to do….fly them all back to Oz. Howard said of these “they would never set foot in Australia”. 95% of them are now Australian citizens.

    Possibly the worst case of waste I can recall relates to a person called Aladdin Sisalem. Howard kept this 25yr old (and his solitary cat!) on Manus Island for 6 months at a cost to the taxpayer of $4.3million. Why? Er just to prove a point!

  8. Abbott is now finished, the stupid gait, the constant mumbling and searching for words, the complete lack of policy and anything positive to say. The Liberals will be obliterated. Turnbull will be the only who can save them if he decides to stay on after their heavy defeat.


      “the only thing Mr Rudd has actually done, as opposed to talking about, since becoming prime minister is he has stopped the car industry dead in its tracks, thousands of sales cancelled, jobs gone, hundreds of millions in destroyed wealth because of a decision that hadn’t been thought through, hadn’t been consulted over, and will end up slugging ordinary workers $1,400 a year.”

      • Salvador….this coming from a bloke who promises to cut $500million from the car industry if elected.Then the moron goes on about Labor destroying car jobs….this from the lying hound who has freely admitted he is going to sack 12, 000 familes as soon as he elected. How the friggin’ hell does this bloke get away with it?

        • … and he promises the Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame $5 million: expensive for a photo-op on a white horse with a white 10 gallon hat on the head of a white-knuckled city slicker (don’t be fooled by his rolling gait in the parliamentary corridors - he cain’t ride no hoss, boss.)

          … his outback crazy utterance/ folk wisdom:

          “You have got to take the rough with the smooth and you have got to rely on your mates.”

          memo to malcolm: can you play the gee-tar? mate? cobber?

          • Malcolm Kukura

            I picked a gut string or two once but hesitate to say i can really play - or do you mean the market Bull with the Goldman sack full of pawn brokers balls.

            BTW that eclecticless horseman was feautured bold in the Perth Sunday Times - you have to wonder about his PR people - ae they interns auditioning for Langley or Booz Allen Hamilton Carlyle NSA or some such?

            Tom Mix may go well over there but here it more Ned K. and Henry L by a billabong

            • Malcolm Kukura

              Banjo right - the string picker

            • Always good to meet another strummer, accomplished or not, MK, but I was referring to the Wentworth Warbler, the Sheik of Jacob’s Creek, Malcolm Bligh Turnbull.

              If Abbott’s familiarity with the guitar matches his horse-sense, he probably knows that the hole faces outwards, but not much more.

              • Malcolm Kukura

                That you should mention the Sheik reminds me - I was delighted to chance upon Chad Morgan in person in the RSL hall in Tamworth a few years back.

                In the sixties his howling Shotgun Wedding song made me laugh.

                Sarah Storer was there too - the real Buffalo Bill had special meaning to me after meeting a few Arizona and Wyoming cowboys during my long and expensive American education.

                I’ll keep that line about the Wentworth Warbler handy just in case the birds in the hand are no longer worth two or a few in the bush.

                • no way!
                  Chad Morgan!
                  is he the happiest dude or the saddest one in the business?

                  • Malcolm Kukura

                    He sounded happy when he yodelled - I tried to move quick but with one mighty kick he lifted me up in the sky.

                    They say you’re a sheik but your mind it is weak…you are a loafer by trade..
                    funny how the lyrics and melody stick around like Dali’s persistence of memory -camembert dolphin watch

                    I prefer your hallucinogenic torreador but there are so many

  9. Don’t be too hard on the “smugglers”. There’s a demand for their services and they’re mostly successful. Same with drugs. No demand, no smugglers, no executions.
    I’ve now read the best (what was available), the best according to Bob Ellis. And thank you for responding.
    Here’s what the fair ones say. The best of Bob Ellis should be on fine cream paper, bound in gold-tooled gleaming chestnut leather.

  10. Bob, if I may ask, why did you used to like him a lot :?:

  11. Louis Phillips

    I’m a bad person.
    I carry a mini-chainsaw “with me,” my loss of judgment…
    is well known. They drag me away, and I’m,
    never punished. Because I see, the light. God
    shits; in my general area. My fingers value, the
    result. I am quiescent as becomes any observer.
    I love
    quiet moments of reflection wishing
    for a priest that knows his god
    as well as his hand.

    I believe
    most things. I love
    Rupert Murdoch because I understand him.
    Because I have to. He is not dead yet.
    I will spend the coin
    I will be there.

    Out of respect for his beloved
    mother. I look at this a special way.
    is precise like an incision. It is alive; though dead.
    The paltry fact of life, become great awhile. And
    left, the crap starting from the wound.
    Who know’s
    value before it comes, leads it forward
    with an open face.

    Who succeeds and who does not; I will be happy
    for his end. And I will sit here; awhile.
    The moment gone,
    just the rest alive. To practice my own
    lack of mourning
    at his death. So, should it be, for false

  12. Louis Phillips

    I just read a story “for” Mary Ellen Field. Another
    journo death. The altar by, someone else’s “whim,” I smell sin. It’s
    like a lack of toilet paper.
    (Some silly bugger just, become famous.)

    Why would I bother to be “precise”
    she gave a kidney to Mark Colvin” I would have wished him
    well and hung my head in prayer.
    Models are the TOYS of men
    why would we wish them well.
    I think the flesh “is easy” not much more
    to say.

    It’s another funeral I won’t go to.

  13. meanwhile, back in the real world, a reminder of the value of a free press (i.e. one that is not in the pockets of the rich, like all our newspapers without exception)

    Yanks switch views on freedom/safety balance- see the first graph

  14. Abbott only ever had one goal
    For which he said he’d sell his arse and soul
    But now the funeral bells begin to toll
    And Tony’s sliding down the greasy poll.

    Malcolm, shine your shoes and press your shirts
    You’re just in time to get your just desserts
    And as you knew, through years of self-denial
    The emperor was naked all the while

  15. Not Mal he’s uteless…

  16. Abbott and his crew have for quite a while being displaying a disturbing habit of dismissing the arguments of anybody who dares to publish opinions contrary to their own. At the same time, they try and avoid any meaningful debate about the nature and content of their own argument, fearful of exposure.

    For example Joe Hockey recently said that the Treasury was not to be trusted, trashing the department’s reputation for integrity and independence by claiming the data would reflect Government “bullying”. “Quite clearly … the government is trying to bully the public service into a set of the numbers that clearly do not properly represent the state of the budget.”

    Of course Hockey does this to justify his decision to refuse once again to submit its election policies to Treasury for costing, with Hockey instead proclaiming that “we are using independent advisers; we have a range of different sources”. Oh yeah?

    Hockey is hoping that we’d forgotten that the last election he produced a one-page letter from WHK Horwath which he claimed certified in law that the Coalition’s numbers had been audited as accurate. Hockey said, “I tell you it is audited. This is an audited statement.” Actually it wasn’t, and subsequently professional conduct proceedings were launched by the Institute of Chartered Accountants.

    They don’t trust CSIRO because they are prone to popping up with data that deflates Abbott’s “climate change is crap” narrative on global warming and pricing carbon emissions. On one occasion Liberal Senator Julian McGauran said “Minister (Kim) Carr without doubt has wandered through the CSIRO offices, intimidating the scientists and the executive to do as they’re told …This is now a political organisation.”

    When the Australian Industry Group came out with a research paper in 2011 that found the overwhelming majority of economists concluded carbon pricing was the most cost-effective way of achieving abatement, Tony Abbott returned fire by saying that “maybe that’s a comment on the quality of our economists rather than on the merits of the argument”.

    And while Hockey trashes reputations at Treasury, shadow finance minister Andrew Robb let fly at credit ratings agencies - “What does a AAA credit rating really amount to?” Robb asked. “What I’m saying is you can’t place enormous store in the rating agencies. They do get things very badly wrong.” - especially when their independent assessment shows up the hyperbolic narrative of doom, gloom, debt and damnation.

    And now, we can also add the leaders of sovereign neighbours such as Indonesia and Papua New Guinea who are incapable of forming their own views when it comes to regional co-operation on vexed issues such as refugee flows, and are also victims of Labor bullying.

    Wasn’t it PNG who made the first approach??

    • Dali, I gotta ask, what the the hell you doing up at 3am penning delights for us morning readers??
      go to sleep!!

      • What’s the time in Palermo?

      • Ah, Judd, if only I could be up at that hour! Tapping away on the Ipad with one hand, the other cradling a dacquiri, flanked on either side by sated nymphs gently snoring, while outside the occasional Vespa buzzes past, its drowsy rider rehearsing his excuses for his insomniac saracen lover.

        Truth lies in the round-earth phenomenon, observable on google earth, wherein people in one part of the planet are lying in the arms of Morpheous, while elsewhere they are sipping on a campari at a bistro on the Quattro Canti, and trying not to fret about Abbott and Morrison. And Ellis.

        • You’re a daiquiri holding gently snoring nymph insomniac saracen lover who rides a Vespa!?!?

          Shit Dali! And here I was thinking you were mild mannered elderly Sydney man who suffered from 3am inspirations!

          Ravish a raven haired beauty for me if you will please Dali. Make sure her name is Gabriella.


          • Gabriella Lambretta? Dali will ravish her, but I’m not sure he’ll be thinking of you Judd.

            • Easy handling, smooth to the touch, soft curves, added extras, responsive, economical, driver comforts,
              0 to 80 miles in 9.4 seconds.

              Come now Chris, it doesn’t matter if Dali thinks of me, it matters just that I think of her!

          • Ah Judd, that is not me on the Vespa, that is Leli who nightly visits Serafina on the floor below, then scoots off down Via Maqueda to his Tunisian wife.

            I have never been partial to the Wasp as a form of conveyance, and here it borders on suicidal.

            Gabriella sends her regards, her sister Nadia as well, and soon Serafina will come up for breakfast.

            PS is anyone in Sydney mannered, mildly or not?

    • Perfect Dali!

      Bob Ellis, this post repays closer study. It is chapter and verse of the “shoot the messenger” approach of the Noalition : no-one can be relied on to tell the truth but them!

      All the Australian public servants have apparently been bullied, the foreign ratings agencies get it wrong, the independent AIG is defective, foreign governments are defective as well.

      It all reminds me of John Howard - in all the world, he was the only one in step.

    • The problem being that constructing a well thought out and prepared commentary on the lamentable performance of the Liberal party is invariably negated by their next three word slogan. Obviously we don’t and should not reign in or dumb down our observations to match but it is disheartening and certainly frustrating to realise that the mob mentality approach, first perfected by Howard, is the real enemy of intelligent discourse. You don’t have to sit an intelligence test to vote. That’s the nub of it.

  17. Abbott also knows that opposition leaders are rarely remembered . He must know he will NEVER lead this country ,his dreams of the lodge and kirrabillli house are gone . All those times he has driven across the bridge and imagined having a beer on the waterfront have vanished. I pity him ,he is looking sad and desperate and mad. He is so so mad ,crazy and angry ,so completely unhinged with disappointment . He will stay on as a local member ,he has to pay his mortgage . But he is gone finished washed up and whatever thread of decency was sold long ago .


    Abbott ”I’ve been to Nauru. Nauru is by no means an unpleasant place to live.”

    Yes I’m sure your five-hour FiFo was by no means unpleasant. Did someone in your office snigger and tell you, tee-hee, that back in 1798, a whale hunter became the first Westerner to visit Nauru, and named it “Pleasant Island”, ain’t that a hoot? And you just hadto have your little cruel ‘fuck the illegals’ joke? – did the same smart-arse (Peta, perhaps) add, in the same masochistic vein, ‘perhaps we should call the Tent City “No Roo”, get it? Nau-ru No Roo? nyuk nyuk nyuk’

    Or Tony, was your visit 200 years ago, when it wasn’t the economic and environmental wasteland it is today?

    From the CIA website:
    Nauru - population: 9,434; land: 21 sq km; arable land: 0%

    Limited natural freshwater resources, mostly dependent on a single, aging desalination plant; intensive phosphate mining during the past 90 years - mainly by a UK, Australia, and NZ consortium - has left the central 90% of Nauru a wasteland.

    Revenues of this tiny island traditionally have come from exports of phosphates. Primary reserves of phosphates were exhausted and mining ceased in 2006, but mining of a deeper layer of “secondary phosphate” in the interior of the island began the following year. The rehabilitation of mined land and the replacement of income from phosphates are serious long-term problems. As a result of heavy spending from the trust funds, the government faced virtual bankruptcy. To cut costs the government has frozen wages and reduced overstaffed public service departments. Housing, hospitals, and other capital plant are deteriorating.

    When do you plan to retire there Tony? 2014? Taking Margaret?

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