How To Fix The New Budget Blow-out

Put a five percent GST on food for eighteen months and then take it off.

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  1. Revisit the Mining tax.. Rex had the right idea..

  2. Sell Australian citizenships over EBay, Australian Government Auctions, find out what we are really worth? FLOAT THE CITIZENSHIP. Then when we have hopefully eradicated the deficit, and increased out tax-payer, business class base, close the doors, other than to genuine refugees as usual.

    GST on food punishes young families, especially battlers. Bit much of a blunt axe approach? Old ground.

  3. Tax all religious institutions just like the BigBi$ they are, abolish negative gearing, introduce an incremental tax for processed food whilst retaining exemption for all raw food,(eg spuds free of tax, crisps 12%, consomme in a farty restaurant 20%), an energy tax, the more you use the more you pay, end state aid for private schools (see above for religious esp), end medicare rebate,abolish diesel rebate for miners, oh and tax the bastards on turnover & inputs.
    The above is just for starters.
    Oh and a

    • Perfetto, amp, fully agree,the more fat, sugar, and white flour in the processed food, the higher tax…ban Coke altogether.

      • Sadly it’s the poorer people who buy more junk food, they foolishly think it’s cheaper than fresh food…so sadly they pay for what they eat many times, also for their health, all they gain is weight…

        We must not start any obesity campaigns, the Liberals believe that it’s people’s right to become obese and let their kids too chose what they like to eat, never mind how unhealthy the tucker is…

        • Daniel Jenkins

          I‘m poor and I don‘t eat junk food.

        • nor must we stop drug pushers from the alcohol industry hooking kids on sweet alcopops

        • Exactly! Tax fat. The fat on the human body itself. You are given an annual medical assessment, weighed up and obesity tax assessed accordingly. If you are too thin and consequently a health risk, the reverse applies. The tax to be collected at all registered medical surgeries and outpatients when you present as unhealthy for a condition clearly related to your assessed obesity/anorexia. A maximum fine of say $500 per annum paid to medical research. So a serious fatty or a skeletal breatharian might pay up to ten bucks a week. Just a thought. My condition would probably cost me around $150 per annum, partial overweight. BP. Everyone pays, medicare or not, just for clogging up the system. The shit food outlets would hate it. The health budget would love it. Being ‘poor’ in Australia is not a good excuse for being a health risk. We are all of us, wealthy beyond our dreams. No outward flow of refugees eh?

          • CH, you let the sound of your own voice carry you away sometimes.

            The issue is giant companies being free to use every device of modern science to brainwash our kids into eating unhealthy but very profitable shit

            Let us understand who the enemy is, and it is NOT a fat kid, but a fat Yank corporation

            • the FAT kid is only an enemy to himself… if he is unaware of it then someone should tell him/her… if not the parent then the state. It’s called being caring, but don’t get too carried away with your reply…

          • I’m playing catchup having been out of action and unexpectedly clogging the health system for a couple of weeks so forgive me if my view appears out of sync.

            In my view being poor and elderly may not be a good excuse but it is a reality when it comes to health outcomes.
            Government research shows that many many hospital admissions and readmission’s in the age group could be avoided if decent nutrition was the norm.
            On one hand we have one department sounding the alarm bells about the costs associated with that, one department extolling the virtue of fresh, decent and adequate supply, one group as some on this thread would have it of paying no pension at all and a heap of vested interests, growers and retailers pursuing their own agenda.

            You have to be able to afford the ingredients.

        • Here’s a go
          Helvi knows how poor people think. They think foolishly.
          Thinking foolishly/eating wrongly. and they didn’t get a good education. (shame on you, judging the poor).
          But it’s not all bad.
          It’s really a win.
          They’ll vote for wax-eating Rudd.
          Don’t fret.

          • the rightist pigs pretend to care so they can undermine real caring

            To recognise the FACTS that poor people eat badly more often than rich people is not to blame them.

            Blame is not the point, except blame for the rich corporations that lie to us all, and the rich people who send their own kids to the best schools then oppose governments spending more on poor kids’ education

            Of course poor kids end up knowing and understanding less than the rich kids — why else do the rich spend all that money on educating their children? (Old boys’ networkis part of the answer, admittedly)

            On the other hand poor people end up having good hearts, something that has been bred out of the rich very succesfully

            • and the poor mothers also end up short of time, harassed, overworked, easy targets for the vendors of short cuts that are advertised to the hilt, but are bad value and unhealthy

            • John, I love your last paragraph. PC must be rich because she definitely has not got a good (kind) heart :smile:

          • Better to eat wax than to start wars; only five year old boys should be allowed to play war-games.

            If the ‘grown-up’ boys are bored they can always play a spot of cricket, to me it looks a very calming pastime, (actually it puts me to sleep.)

            • People who say cricket is not boring are missing the point. Cricket is a celebration of boredom. Connoisseurs of boredom especially like to watch England batting. It is a sort of meditation for the masses.

              Like the election campaign, I fear that this current Test series will never end.

              • I wonder what Franz would have made of cricket. I reckon it would have fitted in at das schloss. An interminable game full of subtle nuances, not necessarily coming to an end…

                • or a conclusion…

                • He would have loved it, as I do, but not when Czechoslovakia was losing.

                  This series is like watching a plane crash, in very slow motion.

                  • Some consolation Byron, the Kiwis just went through it, they took some revenge in the post- test limited over series, the Kalpa and cricket, history strangely repeating, I’m sure ‘pilot pup’ is rather shaking at the controls of that barely moving aircraft, about to gracefully “paint” itself (on the landscape).

                    Is the game of willow just a metaphor for what is really happening? … or back in 1941, a Dornier bomber limps in over the French coast, undercarriage all shot up, pilot badly wounded, looking for a safe place to belly-land and hopefully save a bit of the fuselage?

              • Nicely said, Byron. All that testing, are they checking if the microphones are working.

        • Operation Sufferin’ Bloaters was launched today at the Mirabelli Sausage Factory by Tony Abbott, who announced that a three star chef will lead the war in the ‘national emegency’ with more overweight swimmers drowning on our shores each summer. “I will stop the bloat… and I will stop the deaths at sea.”

          • Look at me, said Hockey, the bloat stops with me…oops, the bloat has stopped.

            Then we were shown the before and the after photos…I saw them, I was there at the Mirabelli opening…

            So was Wombat, but he pretended to not to notice me for some reason…

          • Three star general stop the boats
            Three star ephemeral stop the boats
            Three star ephemeral stop the hoax
            Free car ephemeral cops the most.

        • Yes,I often wonder what the poor people do during the day.

          But no, no no, not the Fat Police thanks.

          • You are and always will be, given reasonable circumstances of living, the policeman over your own body fat. The ‘fat tax’ is just there to give hope to the fit and well that they are not entirely copping the impending health bill for the bloke outside the chicken shop on his second whole foul and fist grabs of hot chips mashed with red sauce, our bloke a mountain of fat, still relatively young, an icon of the fast food industry, he should pay a levee towards his lifestyle, be medically assessed at his next visit. Not fat police, you are your own fat police. Polluter pays. Why stop with carbon emission?

            • Samoa Air has introduced a ‘pay what you weigh’ pricing policy. … “There are no extra fees in terms of excess baggage or anything – it is just a kilo is a kilo is a kilo.”.

              • Helvi, did you read comprehensively about Samoa Air?
                Where they fly to?
                What planes they fly?
                Would I get on one?

                • Cyril, I don’t work for Samoa Air…

                  I have not used them, and don’t know if they would let me on.
                  I’m not talking about people being somewhat overweight, I’m concerned about obesity and especially when I often see little kids who are as wide as they are tall, to me that’s child abuse.
                  And I don’t see a smack on the bottom as anything to worry about, by the way.

                  Our doctors also prescribe antidepressant too easily, and people on them tend to put on weight.

            • But what it doesn’t need is the thin and probably unwell few preaching what is wrong or right for everyone.
              That’s beyond socialism.
              It has faint overtones of the disease of the year syndrome with a vociferous few preaching their gospel before discovering they didn’t get it quite right and moving on to the next target.
              One man’s bean sprouts are another man’s goats fodder.

              • Not at all Cyril, I’d be paying a fair proportion of the tax I propose. But as Helvi has pointed out, “Fat tax” already applies when travelling with certain airlines. Dare I say, the thin end of the wedge?

  4. The alp can’t be trusted to do this. This will not work.

  5. Let’s tax the rich rather than the poor. Taxes on the rich have gone down over the past 50 years - they now need to go up drastically to restore fairness

    See second chart here

  6. Or maybe…don’t spend as much.

    • NO

      spend more, so that we can give a hand up to the many left behind by the 1pc’s rush to stupendous wealth, to slave wages in China and tax havens to avoid paying their share

      The rich’s war on the poor has gone extremely well for several decades. Naturally it is a war we hear little about, because the rich hold most of the reins of government, media, academe, professions

      return tax rates to what they formerly were for the rich for a start

  7. Even better, remove the GST altogether. Increase the eligibility age for the Aged Pension to 70, and include the value of the family home in the asset test as well as property assets transferred to family members or related companies in the previous five years. Increase taxes on capital gains for shares held less then 3 years and for investment properties held less then 10 years. Amend negative gearing rules so that it only applies to new construction. Increase taxes on the redemption phase of superannuation. Means test the child care rebate. And leave those changes there permanently. Done !

    • Aged Pension no;

      rest are all GOOD; exactly what the left should be pushing. The right has had a long period of unopposed gains in the class war - reducing taxes for the rich and increasing benefits for the rich

      Every advance in benefits for the poor, such as super, is immediately leveraged by the rich so they stay well ahead

      • Agree with John - aged pension no.

        Bring back Rudd’s ORIGINAL mining tax.

        Job done.

      • The aged pension eligibility has to increase, demographically and fiscally. The alternative is to allow baby boomers to scorch the earth to fulfil their unparalleled profligacy and get future generations to pick up the bill. Increase it to 70, and do it NOW !

  8. spleenbat fuck off, yea fuck off somewhere and when you arrive, fuck off again. In fact keep fucking off until you arrive back from whence you fucked off from then fuck off again.

    Yea lets make concrete workers keep killing themselves until they’re seventy. You’re probably a shop assistant or work in some office some where shuffling papers. BTW, did I tell you to fuck off?

    • yes, phill hits it again; so easy for penpushers to sit at their desks doing f-all a bit longer - so the laws get written and the sorts who write laws always think of themselves adn their like

      • Exactly. Yes I’m serious.

        How is some man who has used his body all his life supposed to keep working until they’re seventy? It is bad enough at sixty much less seventy and I would know.

        This talk of making people work until they’re seventy is nonsense. If they want more money, tax the likes of Gina or Ziggy.

        The wealth some people have in this country is obscene and some tool comes up with a throw away line like ” I know what, lets all work until we’re seventy.

        Hey why not eighty? Lets dig the bastard up he’s got another five years in him.

        Lets put children and pit ponies back in the mines.

        This nonsense is what conservatives come up with.


        • Have a glass of water, chump. People died at 65 when the pension was introduced. Now they’re drawing down it down for 15 years. The pension age is increasing to 67 as it is in 2023, just in time for the baby boomers to take away the plank and make every generation to follow work until they’re 70. It will happen. But do it now and make the boomers pay their share. Now fuck off, quisling.

          • spleenbat, there are no prizes for seconds, you dumb know nothing imbecile. You were told to fuck off, what are you still doing here?

            They died at a lot younger than 65, when the pension was introduced you ignoramus, that is a conservative number even for a tosser like you.

            The pension going to seventy is not inevitable you stupid juvenile arse wipe, if anything, notwithstanding what Rudd did, it may well come down.

            Now once more for old times sake, fuck off you useless cunt and the horse you rode in on.

            • Phill, when I had my swimming pool renovated, I was astonished at how old some of these workers looked.

              There was this old concrete pumping geezer with a 6 inch hose in my pool blasting concrete dust everywhere. He looked about 75 so I’m sure he didn’t require a pension. He was covered in concrete dust and looked like a grey statue, that moved a bit.

              I had to go inside and shut the windows and door and still the dust kept coming in.

              The old worker was safety aware though and in true blue Aussie fashion used a cigarette butt as an air-filter. He kept puffing on that dead butt for hours. The only bit of safety equipment he used.

              Doctors say, some of these old blokes when they open their lungs up in autopsy have a little concrete shelf at the bottom of their lungs.

              I got a pretty good swimming pool made though but still wonder if he’s alive or still pumping concrete…

              • Frank….. that is an exception to the rule. A bit like, all idiots are not conservative, you know the rest.

            • Well I didn’t have you in mind specifically when I was thinking of keeping physically capable, cerebrally dynamic people in the workforce a bit longer, Phill. So we’ll let the physically wrecked old concreters and roofies go a bit earlier, but the spreadsheet addled and other miscellaneous white collar know nothing plonkers like me who comprise the majority of the workforce can hang around a bit longer, I think. If you don’t think the aged pension eligibility age is going to 70 in the future then you’re not paying attention to what’s happening the world, chump. So let’s be sure to capture the boomers who want to keep engorging themselves on the tax dollars of generations to come. The benefits in terms of social inclusion and mitigating risk factors for neurological disorders will be an added bonus. Oh, and Phill - we’re not actually sitting around Bob Ellis’ kitchen table here. But by all means, keep telling me to leave :razz:

              • the only reason retiring ages are going to 70 anywhere is because the rich have the handles of power adn are exacting austerity - and crashing most world economies in the process

                There is no economic reason whatsoever to increase the retirement age - it is merely the rich fucking the poor as usual.

                “Jobs are exported to China, corporations avoid tax, and tax rates for the rich fall. . . so suddenly we need more old people to stay in the workforce to make government accounts balance.”

                Translation: the rich want to rob the poor

              • spleenbat ‘ Don’t hang around just for me’

                It is you who is not paying attention fuck head. Have you seen the unemployment figures in parts of Europe of late.?

                Yea lets make the retiring age 90 and bring back the 45 hr week.

                What ever you do don’t leave Australia, people with in depth economic minds like yours are like fucking diamonds hard to find.

                OBTW fuck head, it’s dollars to doughnuts I ‘ve probably paid more tax than you have earned in your miserable fucking life.

                Chances are I’m probably keeping some of the right wing fuck heads that infest this blog.

        • You have a good point, Phill. It is one thing to ask the public servants and professionals to work until 70 or thereabouts; and absurd to require judges for example to retire at 70. But to require a person who has done physical labour or a manual trade to work beyond 60 (unless they want to) is undesirable, and until 70 is unacceptable.

          • Exactly DQ it is the only point. I don’t take any notice of gob shites like spleenbat. He wouldn’t know I was fucking him, until I pulled out and a wind blew up his arse.

            I’ve got him figured for some 20 yr old yuppie, who couldn’t find his own arse hole with both hands.

            Go to any tavern or night club on a Friday night, there you’ll find all the spleenbat’s in one place. Not getting a root, fake gold chains around their scrawny necks and waffling about the evil unions. They’re fuck heads, just sport for me.

            • Ah ladies, you do make me larf. Busy weekend so sorry to get back to you so late on this - bit late in the day for this in many respects, Phill - what with that thick layer of silica dust and VB encrusting your frontal lobe - but do try and have a read, you silly old boofhead, and see if you can discern the influence of darkie bashing conservatives …


              You too, Mr Almond, you unmitigated clod.

              • being unable to work when you want to is different from being forced to work when you don’t want to, idiot

              • spleenbat go away you’ll give yourself an aneurysm in the bonce.

                Look my economic fucking dodo. I give a fuck if people want to work until just before the undertaker is called, that’s their business.

                I do have a problem legislating it.

                I will repeat it for you one more time pea brain, I have probably paid more in tax than you have earned.

                I am getting back what I paid for.

                With that, spare me any more of your economic fantasies. It must be obvious even to a fuck head like you, I’m not interested.

                • I’ll leave the economic roundtable to Bob and your good selves, then. Get your tongues up there nice and deep, ladies.

                  • Listen up, I don’t agree with everything Bob Ellis says.

                    However, his crystal ball on politics, is better than most.

                    On politics he is the man. On anything else he is just a man.

      • What, like every member of the labor caucus you mean ?

  9. Forget the GST it should be abolished altogether. Remember the majority of people voted against it in the GST election which Howard lost on the people’s vote.

    The GST extracts $55billion a year mostly from families who cannot afford it and the marginalised people in our society. There is plenty of money around. I agree with Packer when he said governments waste a heap if our hard-earned.

    The GST should be abolished and along with that all road tolls.
    Get the money from here:-

    1. Scrap instant write-offs of investment by mining explorers-saves $2billion
    2. Tighten “thin capitalisation” rules to make multinationals pay more tax-$1.5billion
    3. Exclude “extras” cover from private health insurance rebate-$1.5billion
    4. Reduce tax benefits for family trusts-$2billion
    5. Scrap Family Tax Benefit B-$4.7billion
    6. Restore taxes on superannuation payouts-$2billion a year
    7. Abolish negative gearing for landlords-$8billion a year
    8. Cut Defence Spending by $16billion, cancel Howard’s F30 fighters-save $15billion more.Defence is a “sacred cow” for some reason that nobody will touch. We have no defined enemy,we are not being attacked and we do not need to spend $25billion a year on this waste.

    Try this. Stope someone in the street and ask them would they rather have 15 four hundred bed hospitals built or have a new submarime that sits in the dock all day having the brass on it polished by over zealous sailors waiting for a war that will never come. I know….my mate’s son works on one!

  10. Sorry:tablet errors…bugger these small keys….Defence cut by $10billion and “ask someone in the street if they would rather have 4 hospitals with 400 beds in each or one nuclear sub that sits in the water all day doing fuck all waiting for a war that will possibly never come”.

    • fuck

    • … the sailors are waiting for Godot - what do we do, hang ourselves from the conning tower? Yeah says the next matelot, the tower that cons, I joined the service to be active, lets drown ourselves off the front of the sub…

      Or do you mean we (as a nation) should do a runner on the fear campaign, the permanent dangling invasion, the necessary bad carrot we must see and believe in, follow, yet arm ourselves to the teeth against, paranoid in concrete boots, any colour you like, gurgle, gurgle, amen…

  11. CHRIS:-I wrote this a few years ago so the figures need to be updated…but just look what $7billion would buy back then when I wrote this. Again, stop ANYBODY in the street and ask them what they would rather have:- $7billion worth of bullshit Collins Class submarines that sit in the dock all day because they do not work or THIS:- and I am not belittling the brave men and women who served I am aiming it at the politicians.

    $7 billion would pay the annual salary of 84,000 senior nurses or 105,000 registered nurses.You might have to import them from overseas because we don’t train enough here, but $7 billion would pay the annual salaries of an extra 38,500 specialist doctors. You could buy 45,500 knee replacement operations for $7 billion - including the cost of the doctor, the hospital bed, the nurses and the knee replacement itself. Or you could just simply boost the amount we spend on public hospitals by $7 billion a year, which would represent a 30 per cent spending increase. And $7 billion would buy every Australian more than $300 worth of dental care every year. If it’s education spending you want, for $7 billion you could hire an extra 140,000 beginner teachers and pay their salaries for a year. That money would buy 87,500 university lecturers. You could pay the TAFE fees for more than 10 million students a year at a certificate three level. Or you could abolish HECS fees for current and future students for just $2.4 billion a year. For $11 billion a year you could set up a paid maternity leave scheme that gave Australian women the princely sum of $45,000 for 12 months maternity leave. For just $2 billion a year you could boost the pension paid to single aged pensioners by $80 a week, giving them $18,000 a year to live off - $25,000 a year for partnered pensioners.

  12. Put a 0.01% tax on sales of shares on the stockmarket.

    • There was a clamouring for a debit tax some years ago. I dnt know eneough about it but they say it would raise a LOT of money….mainly off the rich because they spend the most!!
      Anybody know about this? It was a debt of a cent or 2 on EVERY transaction that is made. Said it would raise billions easily and without much pain.

  13. I too was at the launch of Mirabelli’s sausage opening but was overshadowed by her massive jaws that kept masticating on a snag with tom sauce on Tip Top bread.
    It was horrible, each time I dared look up, down came a jaw spraying droplets of fat on my Stockman’s shirt. I am going to bed early tonight.

    • ”I am going to bed early tonight. “

      gerard oosterman’s nineteenth nightmare

      As I lay me down to sleep each night
      I ride a crazy mare through fields of fright
      Up to the haunted crossroad sign which said
      Mirabelli’s sausage opening ahead

      Massive jaws protect this devil’s lair
      From sausages erect who wander there
      And soon the meat and fat and gristle fly
      That’s when I wake and weep and groan and cry

      Oh Sophie spare me from your mastication
      That opening beckons only to damnation
      Next time I lay me down for sweet repose
      I pray you Sophie keep that opening closed.

      • Apparently Gina’s got a big hole too.

        • I dinna ken hoo lang its bin since Gina had her han on a cock, but there be those as say that she has rain in her heart, and the twain might have some connection.

          Not being acquainted with the dimensions of her aperture, it would not be fitting (ahem) of me to express anything, however her butler, a fellow Glaswegian, has heard her conversing with a certain Mr Palmer (hoo apt!), in which she has coo’d aboot her Loch Ness being deep and wet and in waiting for a monster.


        • Dat McDali he shore talka som bullshit. Here in Palermo we ‘av forgot more than glaswidgies ever knew about amore and women. We laff, haha! We heard once was a man from Glasgow he love his woman sooo much, he almos’ tell her!

          McDali he no know she’s not the same as befo’. Gina is a new woman, a nova donna. In Sicilia we call her Nova Gina

          Salvatore Daliano

          • Are you splitting, Dali? As in schizoid?

            Say it isn’t so!

            • In a tavern in Carlton there were three drinking hard
              Whiskey and wine and stout
              And watching the Scotsman, the wog, and the bard
              Was a spy with his tongue hanging out.

              First he saw one and then he saw three
              He reasoned ‘I have had a few’
              But when the young waitress went up to the crew
              He thought he saw three tits not two.

              ‘This is surreal’ he told them out loud
              ‘The great Salvador would truly be proud’
              They all spoke at once “well, we could’ve sworn
              you were the one on a unicorn

            • I’ve heard of expatriitis? I think there is, on memory, a schizo link. We may be witnessing the final meltdown of a once great mind… but then, he could
              be reborn as a chop-house cubist..

          • “man from Glasgow he love his woman sooo much, he almos’ tell her!”

            They like saving in Glasgow, words and all; no good talking about love to every sheila, there might a better one around the corner…

      • Oh save us from it!

        “It’s big and it’s fat and it’s hairy, and I do be afraid of it.”

        (Ronnie Barker)

        • Lets pray hard for poor gerard
          Who’s choking while we sport:
          In Gina’s new furry lasso
          He’s well and truly caught.

          gerard poor fellow feels like Othello
          who strangled Desdemona.
          He screams “its not her yawning twat
          that scares me. Its the owner!”

          William Dalspeare

          • Are you there Gerard? By way of explanation, and as you are probably aware, it was Barry Humphries, appearing as himself, who first noted Gina’s big hole, on Q&A that elastic night. Dali’s running with the balls, somewhere in Catalonia…

  14. But as I woke up, I had a fright I erroneously
    what I thought was Mirabelli’s jaw jutting out
    turned to be a fata morgania.
    A mere bout.
    of an obstinate morning glory-neously
    so often noticed in the Straits of Messinia.
    With a sleep pleasantly surprised by a nice organia.

    with credits to Joost Vondel.

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