Ellis’s List

Hockey a Maronite, Morrison a Pentecostal, Abbott a fanatical Catholic, Turnbull a converted Catholic, Jamie Packer a Scientologist and Van Onselen a Jehovah’s Witness.

Much is explained by this.

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  1. All sorts of odds and sods, aren’t they.

    Get them early and fuck them over, in most cases. It is a form of child abuse.

  2. What is explained by this Bob?

    Opposing theologies are doing what?

    Shall we explore Kokoda Kevs church doorstops as well?

    • So you think Scientology and Jehovah’s Witnesses and speaking in tongues are healthy influences on a growing mind, do you?

      Why do you think that?

  3. Didn’t know Jamie Packer was Scientologist. Morrison as a Hillsonger makes sense.

  4. Credlin Catholic; Pyne Catholic; Joyce Catholic; Abetz Exclusive Brethren?; Kathy Jackson Catholic; Michael Lawler Catholic (Opus Dei).

  5. Geez Bob, why limit yourself to Christianity.

    No Islam, No Buddism, No Shintoism, no Taoism, no Confucianism, no Zarostianism, no Onmyou, no druids, no wikken.

    C’mon Bob you can do better than this. Find a plot without some quasi religious connotation.

    You’ve been in the game for a long time so i expect a lot better than this. FFS man show some passion, not partisan barracking.

  6. GALAXY POLL TOMORROW:-50-50 2PP, Labor up one. Labor primary 40% up 2. Coalition 44% no change.

  7. THE ELECTION:could be decided in the campaign. Rudd will campaign 2 points at least better than Abbott. All we will see Abbott doing is 24hour stints on his bike, in fire engines, in his life saving gear. He will be looking for the sympathy vote….not the policy vote. He will tell us nothing and Murdoch will report nothing….only anti-Labor rants!

    RUDD:- if he does NOT start shifting refugees to Manus YESTERDAY he will lose his edge….why? The boats will come faster to test his resolve. Having refugees coming at a faster rate than he can shift them out will destroy his policy. Refugees should be sent to Manus the day after their boat lands in Oz. That will send a strict message. All health checks should be done on Manus. Not here,

    I am having second thoughts on this. Life in PNG with good health care, good food, a comfortable bed, schools for their kids maybe air-con and entertainment might be too attractive. Much better than starving and being shot at in their own country.

    Maybe Rudd should not make Manus too comfortable!

    • “Life in PNG with good health care, good food, a comfortable bed, schools for their kids maybe air-con and entertainment might be too attractive”

      You do realise Manus Is has none of this or have you inhabited an alternate reality?

      • They will move all of those goodies in like they did at other refugee living quarters.

        • Kurisu Shimei

          Poor deluded fool, believe what you will tosspot.

          • It is the work of a day to move in a hundred caravans with televisions in them. The work of a week to move in a thousand.

            Since Roman times, it has been possible to accommodate ten thousand people in tents at a day’s notice.

            Why would it be any less possible now?

  8. Good news Wombat. Labor up in Morgan and Galaxy. Just goes to show what Bob was saying that Newspoll is a lie for the Murdochist cult. What filth they are. Shanahan, Ergas, Sloan, Van Olselen et all all need to resign once Labor wins the election. Their lies in service of the Murdochist cult become more clear and obvious with each passing day.

  9. Janis Weverling

    I believe utterly a separation between church and state. I t is the.only way.

  10. RICHELIEY II:- Here they are….mostly Murdoch and a few other biased hoons writing for their superannuation.

    Gerard Henderson, Paul Sheehan, Simon Benson, Joe Hilderbrand, Peter Switzer, Miranda Devine, Piers Akerman, Judith Sloan, Paul Kelly, Nicki Sava, Henry Ergas, Janet Albrechtsen, Terry McCrann, Christopher Pearson (sadly deceased), Peter Van Onselen, Greg Sheridan, Dennis Shanahan, Tracey Spicer, David Oldfield, Jason Morrison, Grant Goldman, Graeme Gilbert, Gary Stewart, Carter Edwards, Ross Greenwood, Ray Price, Chris Smith, Ray Hadley, Alan Jones, Tim Blair….. and Bolt!!

  11. God is a Kev botherer..

  12. Hockey is actually a serious Catholic. He himself has admitted this. As if his two sons’ names weren’t evidence enough (Xavier and Ignatius), I also saw him on tv taking Holy Communion in church.

    • Oh Sally, whatever church he visits, does not seem to be working; I always thought God’s men were GOOD people.

      Whatever names he gives his children does not make them good or wise…

      Maybe the best shot for him is to be a good person and the kids might follow, be they called Jack or Jim…

  13. Van Onselen a Jehovah’s Witness? Yikes. Now that is one scary cult if you read up on it. They’re not allowed to vote so why he comments on politics I don’t know. Its a contradiction given they are not allowed to vote, acknowledge any worldly govt or salute any flag. Maybe he is ex-JW?

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