The July Primates Poem

Attend the resurrected Rudd,
Steeped in virgin redhead’s blood,
With fists of bone and fangs blood red,
Or so the Murdoch papers said,

Of him whose only aim was good,
Whose purpose was misunderstood
As in the howling wilderness
He strove to transform ‘no’ to ‘yes’

And rouse the Westie multitudes,
The Hillsong choirs and rural dudes
To welcome back with palms and song
A risen Christ the world did wrong,

As on the donkey’s back through cheers
He clip-clopped into three more years
Of testy micromanaged spleen,
Much meeker than he’d ever been.

It goes to show, good Primates, how
Those few on whom the gods endow
Ambition, patience, smarts, and stealth
May rule once more the Commonwealth

If rolling dice and spinning coin,
And tea leaves and played cards do join
The will to preen, and pray, and smirk,
While lesser groundlings do the work

And gather up the fallen shards,
Like Kevin Spacey in House of Cards,
And be once more acclaimed, oh King
— And hark, the Faceless Angels sing -

Returned, Mandela-like, from gaol,
Confessed, new-shrived, and cleansed. Wassail.

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  1. Kevin Rudd is Labor’s answer to Nelson Mandela! I’d never read that in The Australian. :mrgreen:

  2. On a slightly different subject, who has been appointed Defence Minister after Stephen Smith? I can’t find a name anywhere.

  3. I hesitate to interrupt the current reverie (good for the soul), but I see that the Ruddster is really back with this constant government mantra about ‘debates’ (all his men and women are told to mouth it at every opportunity and they are) and I have a few points to make to save a possible let down for you but, at the same time, offer some hope.

    I won’t bother intervening all that much by way of interrupting the train of thought, none of my views on the new/old Rudd except, perhaps when and if the psychic of the man bursts from its temporary shackles, but only time is on his side. The very effective Demolition Man so hated and reviled will/would eventually bring down the curtain on this era, and it took about four months last time he took on Rudd (after nearly two years of supine Liberal surrender to The Ego by his peers and in that Gillard lasted far longer even though Abbott was greatly assisted by Rudd in crushing her is one for her and the hatred of Rudd within the ALP.

    Can Rudd hold it all in (or be forced to) hold himself in check until an election? They know what he would be like after an election win and no doubt have prepared for that too. The Rudd “plans” I nominated the other day will be in play immediately as a huge contrast to the Gillard Tin Ear: go for the popular, anything that is popular; reject anything unpopular, no matter what or, at the very least indicate an easing of it, a change of direction; Neutralise anything that hits hard for the opposition. You get the picture? These are the “general principles”.

    Stunts are next and this is where the new Abbott won’t play as far as debates are concerned. The “Rudd Roll” of “busy, busy, busy” has to continue (and the photo ops overseas, The Rudd ego couldn’t stop that coming out).

    But be warned, depending on how he is feeling and the tactics of it (Abbott trying to politically get over the three year campaign about the Negative Abbott by being positive, so positive), any debate could be a bad idea if the Rudd character starts to leak out and the master of politics sniffs that attack is politically suitable.

    Because Kevin Rudd is vulnerable to debates, with Abbott, at least, but anyone when you think of it.
    Not many people remembered the only time Rudd actually debated Abbott, the health debate in March 2010. It’s generation was the same as this latest stunt. Challenge in parliament and out Abboitt5 on the spot and he might accept immediately and the die be cast. Not on asylum seekers or anything like that, oh, no, ‘debt and deficit’ this time. Rudd came to the ‘great health debate’ with his great Health Plan (the one Roxio bagged as stupid and unworkable, that the Mad, ‘lost his way’ Rudd was going to go to a referendum on to browbeat the States and also told her to “get it all ready in three days” stuff. The one that disappeared down the plughole after 200 hospital visits for the cameras. All against Abbott who had no plan at that stage. What could go wrong? Take a walk down memory lane. Well, the love media more or less gave the debate to Rudd of course, he was spouting a sort-of policy and had some unchecked stats of his own, but basically it was what he would do now if he had a “debate” on debt and deficit. “promises”. Plus his Bob Hawke impersonation that’s always a bit off. But would be very nice for him now when pushing the New- Rudd-for-Now. “Let’s all come together on this”, “bi-partisan approach” , blah, blah, blah. I actually loved this one when I picked it up the other day, “”It’s time that as leaders we stopped pointing fingers at one another and started pointing to the way ahead,” and this would play how well after months of him raving on about stopping the “dangerous” Abbott. A smile at least.

    Abbott attacked him. Fake. Phoney. A do-nothing leader heading a Government that breaks promises and is incompetent in program delivery; “you are not prepared to consult. Your problem is you want to dictate to people, and your own premiers are in revolt over this.” That’s how it went. And “Mr Rudd asks for me to cooperate with him and then he tells blatant lies about my record,”. I don’t think Abbott would easily go for this as it might conflict with the fightback against the Mr No stuff so it might not be on at all I suppose.

    But the visual reaction of Rudd was the point to take from that “debate”. I was reminded of this the other day by my son who reminded me of the inability of Rudd to cope with the attack emotionally, how taken aback he was by it, an effect noted by ALP heavyweights at the time.

    That’s all I have to say right now, see how I goes. Because it also came out in that debate, it is timely that I assist further by showing that its wrong for Wombat to inform you again about “Abbott reducing health expenditure by a billion dollars’. Health expenditure went up by more than the rate of inflation when he was health minister (something that people with even a small grasp on reality would see as inevitable anyway, but there you go. Politics trumps inconvenient facts, happens all the time.

    I provided the reference here some months ago when someone else got that wrong, but you might not have seen it. Go to this this site and look at “Total Health Expenditure” page 21 of 200. Gives figures from 1996/7 to 2006/7’ in
    Then you will also know that forward estimates are just that: estimates. And Abbott has stated that he got rolled in cabinet on that occasion, something that won’t happen if he is leader.

    • PS I should have noted my opinion on the slowness of the Libs machine to get with it on these sorts of stunts. It was obvious that Rudd would repeat everything in his debate stunt and try and hit an unprepared Abbott forced to debate. We hypothesised at home how easy it would have been to kill it stone dead by demanding a full treasury briefing and then consider it (with access to all modelling thrown in if necessary) but seeing they have their “elections are for debates” meme that demanding a pre-election Treasury briefing brought forward would probably do it also and they could actually debate on the same treasury figures (no doubt frantic and new Treasury modelling is underway to assist Rudd even as we speak ) so that is a basic minimum requirement. Maybe then a REAL debate eh?

      • “…and hit an unprepared Abbott forced to debate….”

        Unprepared? What has he been doing the last 3 years? Why is he not prepared? Spending to much time riding bicycles and swimming perhaps?

        • No, unprepared with the Rudd ‘special’, that’s all. Come to a debate with a new “plan”, new “figures” (ie new modelling here I suspect) and wing it on the “I am here to help all of us get along”.

          Just opinions of mine as to tactics etc. If Rudd didn’t have form it might not be a problem, but this is politics.

          • But all the right wing commentators, including some liberal polititians, were predicting a Rudd return. In the end they were correct. So, why are they unprepared? Stupid I guess.

      • Ryutin
        PS-flat lemonade will be helpful to keepyou hydrated and your sugar level up with that(verbal)diarrhea

        • Why hello Lance, I just have to say welcome to newish posters.

        • Id like to welcome you also lance and congratulate you from the outset on your demonstrated shrewdness and your discerning, penetrating and insightful, analysis of Ryutin’s post.

          Keep up the good work!

      • Quite a readable piece Rootin’ Tootin’ I see you are on about DEBATES….as you are aware, something I have been on about here for Yonks. Now how are we going to get Abbott out for debates when he won’t be interviewed or found ANYWHERE except on the Alan Jones show sometimes. No Insiders or Q and A for Tones. He might be asked for a “policy”.

        Go here comrades….you too Uncle Bob!

    • .
      A lot of words to say nothing much, as usual.

  4. Not sure how well Tony Abbott would go debating Ruddspeak. Costello would only need to smirk to demolish Rudd in debate. But I suspect more “detailed programmatic specificity” phrases will babble out of Rudd when cornered in debate. And with that, I gotta zip!

    • Yes I liked the ‘zip’ bit the other day when he started to be quizzed on Indonesia. A “new” Kevin might submit to detailed and questioning interviews and that would be a change. Barrie Cassidy being a mate of Tim might continue to stop him appearing there, but who knows, Barrie might have changed and I will be interested to see if he does go on the Andrew Bolt Report in July like he had promised BEFORE he cut her down.

      And when finally even Kerry O’Brien turned on him at the death, he showed that he didn’t like that either (where the hell did those bouncers come from?).

      • ” A “new” Kevin might submit to detailed and questioning interviews and that would be a change.”


        We’ll just take any version of Tony for an interview: the old, the in-between, the new. Whatever you got, we’ll take!!

        Fucking priceless Ryutin!! :lol: :lol:

        It’s been a bad week for you - lost a few arguments and now a slip into the Twilight Zone!

        I can’t wait to see whats on next!
        “The Monsters are Due on Maple Street” perhaps?

        :lol: :lol:

      • Why would he bother with Bolt? No-one likely to vote Labor listens to Bolt or Jones; they preach to the elderly converted, fascist taxi drivers and “aspirational” truck drivers.

  5. With regard refugees, any system based around isolationism is a cop out. Canute Abbott, holding back the tide of refugees. If Abbott were to climb a hill and gain a greater view, he might, just, concede that turning ‘them’ around just forces ‘them’ to seek shelter elsewhere. Out of sight, out of mind. ITS A FUCKING WORLD PROBLEM. Pandering to a brainwashed, xenophobic electorate, I’m all right mate, is just dribble-shit. Is there anyone, man enough in the Liberal party, to show him the door?

  6. What needs to be done as I’ve mentioned before, is to pull apart Abbott’s language, his “policy”. It’s the only reason i keep asking the same series of questions. We’ve all noticed that he’s been cruising on fuck all these 3 years. The only constant thing has been his unrelenting attack on Gillard personally. These never-ending series of personality attacks have been so successful that he did not think, in his overwhelming confidence, that he actually needed policy!
    Then something happened last week that change the landscape enormously.
    Credlin and her coterie of Liberal spin/mantra merchants hadn’t accounted for what would become the greatest challenge to their carefully constructed narrative - where for over three long years and with the tireless efforts of every msm mouthpiece in the country, they proved that yes, this country is indeed full of the pinheads spleenblatt mentioned earlier; that yes, this country can live off 3 word mantra’s, that yes, keeping an alternative PM hidden will work - Abbott and Hockey and Pyne etc called for one too many Labor spills.
    They hoped for a Gillard victory by just a few votes, that would have guaranteed them the continued success of their narrative - “Labor in turmoil”, “Labor party divided” etc.
    But that didn’t happen.
    They should have just let things be and cruised toward a comfortable victory. But their hubris fucked them up. Politically they made a disastrous decision to CONTINUE fomenting the leadership tussle when they should have capitalised on their election winning lead by articulating some policy and begin treating the electorate with some respect. They failed to do that and NOW they’ll have to pay for it by doing something they haven’t done in years - talk/think policy.

    They have a few months to do that in.
    As a Labor man I didn’t think they can do it.

    Its only those Liberal supporters with fear in their hearts that label Rudd’s call for debates a “stunt”. And they’re scared for good reason - they know that Abbott doesn’t have the intellectual, the charismatic, the persuasive, the rhetorical, the POLITICAL nouse to match that of Rudd. Whatever one thinks of Rudd, Abbott’s fear of him is a FACT.
    Some may even suggest, as as happened here, that Rudd was trounced by Abbott in the 2010 debate. What else could they say? Abbott however was exposed as a buffoon. I noticed several key points Abbott hoped to score on were in fact victories for Rudd! I laugh now when Liberal supporters put up Health expenditure reports to exonerate their man by using the forward estimates argument! It’s interesting that I didn’t see the “forward estimates” excuse go down very well with Treasurer Swann’s figures. All of a sudden we have a swarm of Liberal hacks jumping up and down like 2 year old’s bawling that “forward estimates” equate to rubbery figures!
    “Forward estimates”?!?! I really had to laugh. It’s the curse of the hypocrite to be trapped by his own words.
    It’s also a mugs game to compare the Liberal spending (Howard) with Labor’s (Rudd). I do believe that all registers will say that Rudd’s Labor has consistently spent more on health.

    Hell, I can even remember when Abbott as Health Minister said, hold on to your trousers here libertarians, secessionists and other assorted Righties, that he wanted the “Commonwealth Government to take over the system” - yet in the many years of his stewardship he did NOTHING, and then criticised Rudd for suggesting that the Commonwealth become the dominant funding source!

    But I digress, if any of the Liberal supporters think that kind of debate would happen NOW, whereby Rudd lets Abbott get a word in, they are not just mistaken but are ignorant of what’s just occurred on the political landscape. Rudd’s drive and willingness to crush his erstwhile tormenter is the key defining feature of this return. If he waited three years to burn Gillard, make no mistake that there will be NO ERRORS this time with Abbott.
    It’s difficult to see, or even imagine, a scenario whereby Abbott can better Rudd - certainly not in PR, certainly not in policy, certainly not in debate, certainly not in momentum. The only possible friend Abbott has now is Rudd himself. But I don’t see Rudd imploding - too much time has passed, lesson learnt, revenge has been on the slow simmer.
    Mark these words, Abbott will explore every possible avenue to resist debate, his supporters will wax lyrical about Rudd’s “stunt”, but it will fall on unconvinced, if not deaf, ears. Abbott’s skulking ended last week, and I believe the electorate shaken into this NEW reconsideration of Rudd will, by association, cast a new and more critical eye over Abbott.

    Game over.
    Game on.
    All in the one evening.

    I think this will go down, IRRESPECTIVE, of the election result, as a Liberal strategic mistake of great, possibly historic, consequence. They were looking to control seats as far as the eye could see, they were planning Liberal government for at least 2, possibly 3 terms.
    That dream is now over.
    The causes of their hubris are many - but one that I would like to touch on as my most pertinent would be the policy vacuum they and their supporters lived in all these years. It is to their shame and to Labor’s good fortune that they were so fixated on personality politics. If they had in place sensible, credible policy they would always, in times like these, be able to fall back and counter Rudd’s steamroller, with some good old fashioned policy.
    But they can’t.

    And without anything to offer by way of policy they are of no good to me, my children, my community, my country whatsoever and I say to them; fuck you.

    • Clip, clop, I hear you… sucked in Tony, his descent into political oblivion is well underway. The only thing that could possibly save the Liberals is to move to a clean skin, like Malcom, but that won’t happen, because their entrenched delusion is even greater than Labor’s, when they thought they could win with Julia. Labor have taken their medicine, they are on the mend, but the sickly coalition, well, they still foolishly refuse to consult that wisest physician of them all…. Dr Public.

    • This is a tremendous post Juddster BUT….we should be working on ways to draw Abbott out of hiding. Can we shame him out? Challenge him out? Start placing his chair in a packed hall waiting for him to appear? Tell us all…. HOW CAN WE GET HIM OUT of HIS HOLE to TALK? We need to penetrate his shield. This is the Howard 1996 campaign tactic or I am a bigger fool than I look.

      • I knew a bloke once who used to dig wombats out of their holes, on the outskirts of Port Lincoln. An old bushy I met up north. Apparently he used to eat them, thought them delicious. With rabbits the ideal way of getting them out is with a ferret. Put the ferret down and net off any exit. I’ve seen it done. It’s the sort of stunt Get Up should be involved with. Like outside Federal Parliament, over one of the road drains, set up a net and someone dress up as a ferret… ok, I’ve had a couple of reds, not rough ones though…

  7. Not your strongest work.

  8. “on whom the gods endow
    Ambition, patience, smarts, and stealth”

    those were not enough, it also needed bad faith and willingess to harm the cause on which many depend, and vomitous hypocrisy

    “Ten days into the 2010 election campaign, on 27 July, Oakes fronted Nine’s evening news with a report that, while deputy leader, Gillard had opposed increases to paid parental leave. He also reported her questioning an increase to the aged pension, allegedly saying “elderly voters did not support Labor”. The story, which also appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald, written by another long-time Rudd confidant, Peter Hartcher, cruelled Labor’s vote in marginal electorates.

    “An internal review of the campaign, conducted by party elders John Faulkner, Steve Bracks and Bob Carr, implied either Rudd or his backers were responsible for the leaks. They wrote: “The review committee is unanimous … that these events were designed to cause damage to Labor’s election chances and those involved should be condemned by the party.” ”


    “When I say to my parliamentary colleagues and to the people at large across Australia that I would not challenge for the Labor leadership – I believe in honouring my word. Others treat such commitments lightly. I do not. I’ve been very plain about that for a long period of time.”

    • …. hark the faceless angels sing…

      Well might you throw out your sea anchor on Labor’s current voyage, jsa. I have a different take on it. Your beloved Julia has departed, dramatically smote by her own sword. With Rudd, and the public, it’s a matter of coitus interruptus. I don’t believe for a minute that Rudd was going to lose the last election, as Gillard and her acolytes were stating at the time, using his diminished popularity, down to 52%, as an excuse for the coup. In hindsight it sounds ridiculous, and it was ridiculous. As Martin Ferguson later said of the original mining deal, “We were within an inch of signing,” the daring brinkmanship of Rudd, thwarted by members of his own party, and attendant unionists. Why? Do you really believe the story spun, that he was leading his party to defeat? When this did not gain traction with the public the second wave of orchestrated vitriol was peddled out, about administration failures etc, wasn’t the original premise strong enough, that he was going to lose the election? Read between the lines. That Rudd may or may not have leaked seems incidental when compared with the dodgy, dodgy coup, and its lame aftermath. And finally, when Rudd was making his first run in the leadership ballot his office was burgled, by whom I ask, by whom? Apparently the matter was not investigated, why not? Ironically, Rudd, as Prime Minister, could still order an investigation into this, but he won’t I’m sure, in the interest of party unity, looking ahead, defeating Abbott. Either pull your sea anchor in jsa or declare your allegiance with another party. The decision is yours.

      • drivel

      • btw, Labor’s current voyage is into opposition

      • Well Rudd’s removal came across as a right wing coup because he had crossed the miners. No doubt the whole story will eventually come out but that isn’t too far from the truth is it?

        And of course Rudd has always radiated stress. Remember him on Good News Week? I don’t doubt the stories about how difficult he was to work for.

        But in the end Rudd and Gillard are both of the Alternative Liberal Party. I mean, hell, Rudd’s wife grew rich from Howard’s welfare deforms….

        Clearly Rudd could have won in 2010, and probably would have. Gillard in 2013, I thought, could have won too; but it was looking less and less likely she would make her run. She was being badly advised on image. (Woollen kangaroos for royal sproglets? Will she finish the kanga?)

        She should better have taken Germaine Greer’s sensible advice and kept to the “working lawyer” persona.

        Ellis’ poem has an edge of satire which saves it from actual shit eating….what might have worked better is a hack of Marvell’s Horation Ode which both praises Cromwell and warns against him in one breath.

        Marvell wrote of Charles 1′s execution:

        He nothing common did or mean/ Upon that memorable scene/ Nor called with vulgar spite/On God to avenge his plight/But laid his noble head/On the block as on a bed.

        Marvell, whatever his reservations about Cromwell, was a hard-case Republican and this is a moving tribute from an enemy. Something like it could be said for Gillard.

        • Should be said Jeremy, should be said.

          What’s done is done.
          Lets just move on and take the fight to Abbott. It should be the ONLY focus.

          • Judd, I’m with you, we should stop fighting, we ought to unify behind Rudd. I preferred Gillard but as Abbott win would mean I’d had to leave the country, I have to be practical: this is about ME too (for me) and I don’t want Abbott…

            • :lol: Youre absolutely right Helvi, this is about me and you

              (Where are you taking me? Is gerard listening?)


              • He’s cleaning the bottom of the iron…

                • Keep him busy Chris…


                  • just remember Judd, in Gerard’s neck of the woods everyone has a cricket bat behind the front door…

                • Don’t forget the toaster too. Some have taken to cooking calamari rings into them as well.

                  • Hiya Gerard! Just having a bit of fun with your better half.
                    She’s a keeper!


                  • A little olive oil, a sprinkle of garlic, pepper and some of those hot chilli’s from my Macedonian neighbour!

                    You can’t go fucking wrong Gerard.

                    What time you want me to come over?

                  • That you can cook a salmon cutlet on an iron is one very useful piece of info I have gained from this blog. Calamar in a toaster though…? maybe an old style taoster not a pop-up. Surely?

              • To a place where we are all united against the enemy, a place where everyone is against Abbott, a place where Bob , gerard, Mrs Judd, and all compassionate people will live in harmony, you can be black ,white or brown, there will be misogyny, no misandry, no racism….
                A place where even the word ‘enemy’ will be replaced with ‘the one on the opposite side’….friendly swearing will be allowed. :lol:

                • Well spoken m’am!

                  John, I’ve been thinking about this whilst flirting with Helvi and feel the need to tell you what would seem an obvious thing . I’m sorry for that.

                  I understand your bitterness toward Rudd. I share it more than you can imagine. I Don’t particularly like the triumphalism of Chris, phill and few other Rudd supporters but understand that their moment in the sun has arrived.
                  Let them have it.

                  Rudd killed off my favourite, Gillard, from the word go and proved himself a disloyal man. But it’s his politics that interest me. He’s left. I’m left.
                  That’s what counts. It’s the only thing that counts. I want schools for my kids, I want a better health system, I want a more open and tolerant society, I want people to be placed before big business.

                  That’s what matters. I don’t care how treacherous Rudd is, just as long as he DELIVERS leftist policy.

                  That’s all I ask of my politicians.

                  Let the past be past and lets just move forward and guarantee the Liberals another few terms of opposition.

                  Anyone that gets in the way of that is my enemy.

                  I’ve read your posts, agreed with most of them and know we’re on the same side.
                  Lets not give those mongrels any ammunition at this time when they’ll grab hold of anything to shake Rudd/Labor’s current honeymoon. Lets give them NOTHING.

                  If you ever want a glimpse into what it is we’re fighting just take a look over a t Catallaxy.
                  Wear a full body overall and gumboots.

                • Well thank Fuck for that. I couldn’t make a cogent, clear concise argument, with out at least two fucks in it.

                  Occasionally when I’m dealing with rancid right wing,arse holes, that incidentally includes, so called Laborites who are really rancid right wingers in denial. I find the word cunt! most useful.

    • finally found a source as unreliable as yourself

      “[muldoon] has recently collaborated on a children’s book Jasper & Abby and the Great Australia Day Kerfuffle with Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd.[12] Jasper, the Rudd’s cat, died on 25 October 2012.[13]“

      • Gee, so links from The Monthly when you put them up are kosher, anyone else points out a differing view, one that includes an eye witness account it’s claimed, from the same mag is ‘unreliable’.
        Yeah, right.

  9. Anyone watch Turnbull on “cooking’ with gas” this evening ?- Sorry, I meant Kitchen Cabinet with Annabel Crabb. Even half pissed on two glasses of red, Malcom is far more eloquent than Abbott. He is much more appealing to even seasoned Lib. constituents. A drop of a couple more points in the polls and Tony’s gone. AND - so is Rudd. - Just my two bob’s worth Bob.

    • silver spoon; made a mint manipulating finance in the pre-crash tech/finance madness; thinks an important issue is whether some Pommie tart has her name on the corporate letterhead while Australia faces a series of existential crises in refugee flows, American destabilisation of the world, farmers wrecking our ecosystem, and of course an inevitable climate smash devastating our already marginal country . . .

      talks loudly and confidently, generally a smooth product of his private schooling (2013 Sydney Grammar annual tuition fee Forms I – VI: $28,827) . . .

      of course he appeals to Libs and plenty of other products of generations of forelock-tuggers

    • Watch “Kitchen Cabinet”, are you for real, GP (not mine)

      Saw one, that was enough. I’ll stay home for Borgen though, much better viewing than Bronnie in the kitchen…

    • It struck me to compare this puffed-up poseur with a real human - Dick Smith’s primary school is never mentioned in all the internet stuff on him; but “Mum and Dad never had any money”, so we can assume nothing in the $30,000 range.

      This crystal-set building, lizard-hunting outsider kid from a pretty ordinary Australian background, set up a real business (not one based on playing games with his GPS mates leveraging other peoples’ money) and has since become one of Australia’s natural statesmen.

      He bravely supported the despised David Hicks. How far from the Bull’s phoney struggles with her maj

      Smith should be the hero of a real believer in the Libs’ philosophy, but of course they actually bow down to the fat Bobs and the puffed-up Bulls

      • Totally agree with your summation of Dick Smith. His stand on behalf of David Hicks was admirable to say the least. I wrote a lot of letters on behalf of Hicks, to Downer and even Peter Slipper and several published through Crikey. A lot of bullshit was put around about Hicks, mainly to suit Howard’s fear campaign. Howard even tried denying that Australia’s involvement in Iraq had anything to do with the Bali bombing. I shake my head in disbelief.

        • America is at present going around the world killing people and creating storms of hatred. This hatred will also be directed at Australians.

          The future is not good with Obama fiercly ratcheting up the Bush killing.

          I’m just reading Jeremy Scahill’s “Dirty Wars: the world is a battlefield” (available *cheap* on the net)

          It is a picture of America creating all over the world the same mess for themeselves they made of Vietnam- hamhanded operations of ferocious force that leave dead men women and children and immense hatred - and there are plenty of dangerous enemies to utilise this hatred in shedding western blood.

          The repeated stories of getting the wrong target are very scary. One in particular, about an Afghani police official killed by mistake, is a fine depiction of what a mess the thing is from top to bottom

          some of it is in Google Books


          • Well, and bravely said. The Yanks are very adverse to criticism. An American film director got hold of me a few years ago with regards raising funds for the restoration of Further, Ken Kesey’s bus of Merry Prankster fame. I’d been in touch with Zane Keysey (son) and was prepared to raise money for the project on the basis that he (the film director) contrast his documentary in such a way as to highlight the politics of Timothy Leary/Allen Ginsberg etc in relation to the abhorrent politics of the Bush administration. Well he broke off contact, although Zane did get back to me later on. Yanks can be real bully babies.

  10. Just a quick comment on Forward Estimates to try and clear things up for the confused (or the merely interested). The “budget” is a political document, informed by treasury advice on the forthcoming years expenditure. Treasury also models and ‘estimates’ various trends and likely financial outcomes over the next three and four years and these figures can be relied upon by a government when planning future political one-year ‘budgets’ SUBJECT TO necessary changes in actual results from those forecast when they were still ‘forward’ estimates. These changes can be rapid and large as we have seen in recent years, but at least they are actually calculated by treasury in actual plans OF Treasury and OF treasury work.

    Periods ‘beyond forward estimates’ are no better than guesses/political wish lists and treasury retains enough professionalism so as not to rely on them at all. Nothing mentioned in the forward estimates could ever be called “Budgeted”, let alone something ‘BEYOND the forward estimates’. That is plain ignorance. Changes in the actual forward estimates is common, not only by treasury due to necessary financial changes, but by politicians adding or subtracting from their own spending plans. It can be the Abbott plans to increase health expenditure not being as big an increase as planned or the Gillard government reducing health expenditure to the states, or otherwise. In BOTH cases, the actual health expenditure growth is usually positive (as it was in both the Abbott and Gillard cases).

    That is the difference, as I understand it, between budgeting, forward estimates and beyond the forward estimates.

    • Yes, Howard and Costello pretended that Keating had left them a huge deficit based on the forward estimates. It was only ever a paper deficit, which was always going to be adjusted.

      Traps for the poorly informed; expect more of the same if (avert!) Abbott ever gets in.

      • yes, we should remember that barefaced lying was not invented by Abbs, though he is the first to base a whole career on it.

        The failure of our piss-poor press to laugh Costello to scorn was one of more vile failures by this vital pillar of democracy to inform and educate the public

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