The ReachTEL Fraud Continues

‘ReachTEL used an automated telephone response system to poll around 650 electors,’ the smh tells us, ‘in each of the four electorates on Thursday night. The answers were weighted by age and gender.’

Which means the figures were made up.

It’s important these idiots be outlawed soon.

Polling only landlines in commuter suburbs on Late Shopping Night with machines not humans and then publishing numbers other than the ones you have got is, I think, an act of fraud and its perpetrators should be put in gaol.

I ask, again, how many of its 2600 respondents were over 80, how many over 70, how many over 60, and how many over 50?

And how, if, as I suspect, 2200 were over 60, this sample can mean anything at all?

I ask that this question be answered.

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