Certain Housekeeping Matters (37)

Joel fixed up Radio Ellis today and it will be available by the end of tomorrow, by a means I am yet to learn, and explain to you.

Anyone who wishes to should come to The Word Before Shakespeare, performed by me, Al Clark, Terry Clarke, Terry Serio, Terry Bader, Jane Harders, Doug Hansell and a songstress yet to be named in the Bondi Pavilion on Monday July 8 at 7 pm. The text is by me, Shakespeare, Sir Thomas Malory, Sir Philip Sidney, Saint Thomas More, Plutarch, William Tyndale, David, King of Israel, Anne Boleyn and Queen Elizabeth the first of that name, with music by Henry VIII, Thomas Tallis and my frequent collaborator Chris Neal. It is a celebration of the English language before 1590 and a reminder of the many fine imprisoned, hanged, burnt and beheaded men and women who brought it, after 1480, to its greatest pitch and resonance.

Twenty dollars at the door. Come one, come all.

Anyone who wants a seat saved for them should leave their name, or pseudonym, among the responses below.

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  1. Roy Morgan:This week’s Morgan Poll, the second since Kevin Rudd became Prime Minister, shows another swing to the ALP. The ALP 51.5% (up 2% since last Wednesday’s special snap SMS Morgan Poll) is now ahead of the L-NP 48.5% (down 2%) on a two-party preferred basis.

  2. I am disappointed Bob, to find your name missing from the program for this year’s Byron Writers Festival. What of your new book? I had hoped to see you on stage with Maxine McKew, discussing your book and hers, and recent events, Kerry O’Brien in the chair. What about it?

    And “The Word before Shakespeare” would be great as a fringe event. Twenty Dollars any time!

    • Oh well, I always like a few days break at Byron Bay, but if Bob’s not going to be there, then what’s the point… :wink:

  3. News Flash: Current TAB Odds, AustralianFederal Election 2013.

    Last week Labor $7.50, Coalition $1.08

    Weekend, Labor $5.00, Coalition $1.16

    Current, Labor $3.85, Coalition $1.25

    Tomorrow ?????? We now know for sure who has the momentum, where it counts. MONEY TALKS!
    And remember, these odds only reflect the balancing of the books, getting a proper spread, they reflect the money already laid on, the massive bets at $1.08. Right now, more actual money is being put on Labor than Liberal. Large money. It takes huge bets to tumble the odds as is happening. Malcom, start working out the post election opposition shadow ministry. Tony, outside of permanent slagging, what are your credentials for a career change. Any suggestions anyone?

    • Well, he’s pretty good at boxing (oops)apples and filleting fish, so getting a job ought not to be too difficult for him after politics.

    • Malcolm Kukura

      They need caretakers on Nauru.
      I’ll leave the 2014 shadow ministry to my namesake from Goldman Sachs - Minister for Asbestos Cleanup.

      Black knight to Bishop’s Kings pawn.

    • Doesn’t Bourke need a dogcatcher?

      • Perhaps he could be stationed off Christmas Island, in a tinny rowed by Morrison?

        • Umberto Ledfooti

          *Rowed* by Morrison?

          Hell, no; use him as an outboard motor by sticking his head in the water - and as he filibusters the fish, he’ll provide abundant forward momentum for something other than the deserved demise of the LNP.

          • Hmmm, or perhaps the whole scurvy Coalition front bench should be chained to the oars of a Viking longship, as Pirate Tony yells :

            Stop the Boats

            Stop the Boats

            Stop the Boats . . .

            Ten years of that should do it; “tis a far far better thing they do, than ever they have done before”

            (apologies to Dickens)

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