The Galaxy Fraud, Hypothesised

How many of Galaxy’s 1005 respondents were over seventy? 500, was it?

How many were over fifty-five? 800, was it?

How big a cheat was that?

If my figures are wrong, please tell me what the real ones are.

  1. its all fucked up Bob.I got some seriously good lsd 25 .Do you want some ..?

  2. Paul Kelly on some early info for Newspoll results: (Preferred PM Rudd 49% that’s +16% over Gillard - Abbott 35% -10%)

    Kelly; ‘appears to making some inroads’

    Wow,I’m in awe.
    The man is demonstrating the skill that has thrust him to the pinnacle of his career.

  3. Daniel Jenkins

    I don‘t in any way want to be associated with Tony Hughes, but the rest of you are on drugs. Rudd hasn‘t even got to 50 percent in the post challenge polls. And it‘ll all be downhill from here, because the more you know him, the less you want to know him…

    • Daniel, he has 55 percent once you allow for the tweaking of the polls and the news of this will dismantle Abbott’s credibility.

      Please looks at the facts, as I did.
      He has momentum, and will win with 56 percent, and Palmer and Katter will gain seats.

  4. “the more you know him, the less you want to know him… “Daniel

    I don’t want to know him, I want him to keep government of Australia out of the clammy fingers of the current batch of liberal party politicians.

    As for the figures you say prove people are on drugs, Galaxy found only 34% of all voters think Abbott would be a better PM than Rudd.

    Which one of the following do you believe
    would make the better Prime Minister?
    Total Labor Coalition
    % % %
    Kevin Rudd …. 51 95 12
    Tony Abbott … 34 1 74
    Uncommitted ….15 4 14

  5. Daniel Jenkins

    Fuck! My words are in a rectangle.

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