In Sixteen Words

‘Gloat, jeer, hide policy and prepare for government’ was Plan A.

There is no Plan B.

  1. “Hide policy”?!
    What fucking policy?

    • The ones they have carefully placed in a vault :

      1. Workchoices mark II;

      2. Plans to sack 10,000 public servants;

      3. Plans to allow Rupert to gobble up the rest of the media;

      4. Plans to redistribute boundaries to gerrymander the votes;

      5. Plans to further undermine the ABC;

      6. Plans to limit any damage from the Royal Commission.

      I’m sure there are others.

  2. No Plan B. It will be full steam ahead with what they’ve been doing, ie hide policy and right wing attacks, only problem is it won’t work against Rudd and will probably increase ALP vote over the 52% mark. The Libs are finished.

  3. Truest comment I’ve seen this week, Bob Ellis.

  4. Welcome to Rick Perry’s Texas, y’all.

  5. Daniel Jenkins

    I haven‘t forgiven you, but these are good lines…

    Rudd should use them.

  6. The summing up of the Tony Abbott / Liberal launch in Melbourne was “it had lots of bad jokes and zero policies “.

    That seems a pretty reasonable summary of the current state of the Liberal party to me.”

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