In Eleven Words

Are there any safe Coaltion seats in Queensland now?

Name one.

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  1. Peter Dutton holds Dickson by 54.69 2pp at 2010 election. If this is considered unsafe I will be delighted.

    • Dutton needs to go back to pounding the beat.On Q and A a while back Tanya Plib. absolutely destroyed him in a health debate.He was just not up to it.Did not have any facts or figures associated with his brief.He was so bloody hopeless I actually felt sorry for the guy.Did anybody else see that debate? Hey people dnt forget……every day that Abbott is not forced to come out of hiding is another day lost.Labor must stay on message.Oh and Turnbull is watching the polls VERY carefully.He knows if Labor gets a 4 in front of its Primary vote he will be leader.

  2. Ryan, Moncrieff, Fadden.

    But then if Rudd can turn even you, perhaps nothing is safe.

  3. No. Time to target all Coalition seats. You don’t win by hanging you win by going after seats. Time to win and defeat the filthy Liberals.

  4. yeah the one with a B.L.F flag ,flying gay like rooting Queensland girlie virgens proudly above Jo aboriginal jail keys and her in doors Flo’s scones hot cakes on the stove in the bush.

  5. you katz are so faaaarkking square man…. your revolution never happened ……..Lower the bar …

  6. oh dear I got side tracked in my life .Excuse me while fuck off .Ha ,and get fucked . Bob of the drop pie face……xxxxxx

  7. I guess Tony Hughes shows the average intelligence of a Liberal Party supporter.

  8. Joe Hockey is reported as saying at a Liberal gathering that he’d wished he’d drowned Kevin Rudd on the Kokoda jaunt. What utter garbage and filth Liberals are. Pure scum. I suppose they are desperate and insane now they know they are going to lose. Can’t wait to see Abbott trotting up first on election night with his gait, giving his concession speech, with his sorry we couldn’t win it trash. Turnbull will take over immediately after the Liberals are defeated.

    • Mate the way Labor is surging ahead it will be Turnbull giving the Loss Speech.The Libs are sharks.As soon as there is a smell of loss the unpopular Abbott will be dumped.By the way dnt becsurprised if Rudd waits forever to call the election.Think November.

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