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Who that voted for Rudd in 2007 is going to vote against him now?

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  1. True, particularly the new model.

  2. If they were in his seat, Peter Garrett, Craig Emerson, Julia Gillard, Greg Combet, and perhaps 20 or so others . . . :lol:

  3. People who voted for krudd who will vote against him? That would be 60% of the population ata minimum.

    • Hey, what do you think about the Indonesians saying fuck you to Abbott’s turn the boats back policy?

      Can you offer any sensible articulation as to what Abbott’s NEW policy may be, and will he increase his asylum policy by a quarter by introducing a new word?

      60% at the moment is looking good to me. Abbott, Pyne, and hockey’s face the other day tells me that’s its good.

      • ‘Can you offer any sensible articulation as to what Abbott’s NEW policy may be’

        Kevin Rudd certainly can’t, throwing around ridiculous statements about a potential war.

        • He doesn’t have to, all he needs to do is put the liberals most prized ‘policy” back on the table which means that fool Abbott has to now talk about it in a way he hasn’t had to or ages.
          By that I mean using more than 3 words.

          That, my confused fellow blogger, is what’s called smart politics. You want further proof of how smart it is?
          What are YOUR thoughts on Abbotts asylum turn the boats around, we’ll tow them back to Indonesia if we have to, fuck the Indonesians, who cares if they say no fucking way, policy?

          Over to you, brains trust.

          • ‘That, my confused fellow blogger, is what’s called smart politics.’

            It’s smart politics to claim something so over the top and stupid, that you look like a prize fool? If you say so. I mean that was Gillard’s style of politics and it worked out so well for her. She was able to forwarn us all about PM Kevvy and his blue tie of male repression. A truly noble act of public service.

            “You want further proof of how smart it is?
            What are YOUR thoughts on Abbotts asylum turn the boats around, we’ll tow them back to Indonesia if we have to, fuck the Indonesians, who cares if they say no fucking way, policy?”

            My thoughts? I think it sounds a lot like someone else’s policy…now who could that be?

            Oh yeah:

            Mr Rudd said Labor would take asylum-seekers who had been rescued from leaky boats to Christmas Island, would turn back seaworthy vessels containing such people on the high seas, and would not lift the current intake of African refugees.

            “You’d turn them back,” he said of boats approaching Australia, emphasising that Labor believed in an “orderly immigration system” enforced by deterrence.

            So Juddy my boy, explain Rudd’s comments to this poor confused blogger. Was Rudd (according to his own logic) trying to start a war with Indonesia himself?

            By all means, enlighten me.

            • Enlighten you? It would be my pleasure!

              The point I’m trying to make is that Abbott’s policy is a dead end. Full fucking stop. You want “ridiculous statements”? Then go no further than right here!
              You thinking you can fuck me over by coming at me with Rudd’s will get you nowhere. I don’t like his much either - but at least it doesn’t have, in practice/policy the patently absurd chest thumping of ‘turn the boats back’ as its CENTRAL plank of policy which means one of two things in my book: either you get blood on your hands or you start head butting with Indonesia.
              As far as I’m aware, and despite your quote to the contrary, the labor policy is not to ‘turn the boats back, but to use Nauru or png for example as a site to process claims for refugee status the same as you would if these people came from anywhere in the world.
              In contrast the liberal policy is to treat every boat as illegal and turn it back.
              And this is where the craziness is:
              Turn it back where?
              Turn it back how?
              So many questions and complication that Abbott has REFUSED to address all these years.
              That’s my point!
              You’re right about Labor’s lurch to the right - retaining mandatory detention, its offshore processing and cutting of Australian islands from the migration zone, its visa suspensions and increased? deportations of asylum seekers.
              You got no argument from me on that score.
              But that doesn’t excuse Abbott’s ‘turn the boats back’ bullshit rhetoric.
              This issue is complicated enough without the stupidity and bravado of a 5 year old.
              In light of your quote, and the way you associated it with your view, I would be very happy to see you now champion Rudd’s policy in the upcoming election.

              As for me, I say let them in.
              We, the western war mongers, created the the overwhelming Push factors , so we’re responsible or the consequences.

              So, to conclude, I’ll return to my original point and ask you or any liberal hack, again,
              you support Abbott’s view?
              Then tell me exactly how we turn boats back.

              Your turn to enlighten me.

            • That was then, this is now. It was possible up until about 2009 to effectively tow boats back, if they were seaworthy.

              From about that year, the would-be asylum seekers worked out that a sinking boat had to be rescued rather than towed back.

              As well, Indonesia’s attitudes have hardened towards tow-backs.

              In summary, the policy just won’t work.

      • I don’t usually listen to Abbott’s MPI’s but I did Thursday. Between Pyne’s squealing and screeching when he rose, what I heard of his assessment of K Rudd was spot on to my way of thinking. Well bloody obvious to anyone who has been aware and with insight into these last 3 long years.
        We were in the Gallery the last day of Parliament 2007 watching Rudd as Opposition Leader with his very own MPI on the Howard Govt. I thought Rudd a hero. I was wrong. I will not vote for him this time.

        • It’s a little unfortunate Bernie, that you hold yourself on these pages as being of superior cognisance and brilliant vision compared to most of the other contributors, save the LNP trolls.

          I haven’t been bothered this morning to scroll through all the previous threads but I’m guessing you have some axe to grind on some issue, which has coloured your view.

          What a shame.

          • Cyril, What a Cyril! Get out of the bed on the wrong side this morning? True I haven’t noted you before. You haven’t watched Sky over the last 3 years? You haven’t watched Parliament over the last 3 years?
            Please tell me do where and when I have displayed I consider myself of “superior cognisance and brilliant vision” to you or anyone else, don’t be nasty, it’s not nice. I marvel at some of the clever comments people deliver here, I would never be able to achieve such language. I thought Rudd was a hero I was wrong, what is “Superior” about that.

            • Bernie,

              ‘Well bloody obvious to anyone who has been aware and with insight into these last 3 long years’.

              That’s all of us Bernie.

              That’s OK then is it?

              Who’s being nasty?

          • what an idiotic ad hominem argument - that is, idiotic, even for an ad hominem argument. if u are not meretricious, you have had his brain transplanted

            • I fully agree, a description of an event in our Parliament and one is accused of considering oneself “as being of superior cognisance and brilliant vision compared to most of the other contributors” But Johnsalmond I would not consider or go as far to express that Cyril is “harlotry”.

              • No Bernie it wasn’t ‘a description of an event in our Parliament ‘that got me to comment. You must be able to read so I won’t bother to repeat it.
                Who you vote for is your business but if you are in Gilmore 6% swing which is roughly on at the moment could return the seat to labor for the first time since 1996.
                And I’m no more Joel Fitzgibbon than you are Senator Cash.

            • How’s about engaging your brain.
              How does someone who’s banned get to comment I wonder.
              I would imagine that something like their ISP number is blocked to this site if they are really banned or something to do with the email(although its easy to have more than one email).
              So apart from your line speed check, I think he/she used to say, you need to brush up on technology.
              Disgruntled you may be, but you could always butt out and go bother some other site.

  4. Kurisuity - you do realise that only 70K odd in the seat of Griffiths have the option?

    • Stop being a pedant.Swing voters in all electorates regularly vote for the local candidate based upon who the party leader is. Do you not realise that this is what the last week has been about?

  5. Don’t forget the 2 million 18 to 24 year olds who will vote for the first time . 70 percent will probably vote Labor or for Greens . Also the approximate 2 million people over 70 who have died since 2007 of them 70 percent voted for conservative parties .so very rough figures but we have lost 1 and half million conservative voters and gained 1 and half million progressive voters , (these are very rough estimates)

    • Well spoken…..why didn’t I think of that!!

    • The AEC give the total eligible voters (as at March 2013) in the 18-24 bracket as 1.4 million and the total roll as 14,4 million approx.

      Where do you get the big number of over seventies voting conservative from?

      Possibly they do but none of my neighbours in that grouping confess to it.

    • Malcolm Kukura

      Very insightful Lulu.

      The MSM presstitutes in general take the electorate to be an objective static
      entity when in fact as you demonstrate it is dynamic - a living organic whole

      • Just had a group of gorgeous smart women from Horn of Africa . They All loved Julia Gillard and were sad she is not leader , this will be the first election that these women have voted in as Citizens . That are all voting Labor , said they were looking forward to voting for a women . Not changing their vote as they also like Kevin . They also understand that it doesnt matter who the leader is more concerned about policy .First group all day that are not changing from Abbott to Rudd . These women care about education ,health things that matter to their families . Said great things about Australia ,all proud to be voting all enrolled and excited . They didn’t that care that Julia has no children or is not married , Fine about Rudd don’t get involved in the drama only care about policy and voting for their “favourite ” party . Many of them have actually taken voting more seriously than any other group I have had ,they have tried to find out what the Liberal Party policy on education to in their words”be fair” but can’t find any information on it . Absolute joy to be around these engaged passionate women . After days of people who don’t care ,bought tears to my eyes that these women care about Australia so much ,care about their kids and families . salt of the earth ! overwhelming support for Labor in CALD communities ,lots of 1st time voters .

  6. Labor needs to match person for person Rudd’s front bench against Howard’s retrenched Tampa Crew and call weekly debate-offs. Gawd look at this hopeless lot : Kevin “The Undertaker” Andrews, Bronny “Hair Spray Bee-Hive” Bishop (Abbott’s Political Love Child Mother Fathered by Howard), Warren “The Invisible” Truss, “Mad Hatter” Bill Heffernan, Julie “Dimidenko” Bishop, Andrew “Robber “Robb, “Poodles” Pyne, Erica “Gestapo” Abetz, Phillip “Fossil” Ruddock, George “Whingeing” Brandis, “Sloppy” Joe Hockey, “Soapy” Mirabella and ME…Tony “People Skills” Abbott!”. Up against the likes of Rudd, Bowen, Albo, Wong, Shorten, and Co they would be crucified. The debates must be called for EVERY DAY Bob.

    In the end, Shanahan, Akerman, Jones, Hate Radley and Co have done their mate Abbott a huge disservice and given Rudd a wonderful foot in the door! By abusing Gillard and Labor day in and day out, it has led to the return of Rudd and I see Abbott and his mates are Running Scared as The Big “O” would say. Instead of a huge win against Gillard, Abbott could be looking at a loss thanks to Jones and his team of biased snake pit minders.
    If they had left Gillard alone things would have been much easier for Rabbitt. Labor must now remind punters of the terror-filled Howard Dark Years. Who knows we may see the end of Abbott and the return of the pin-striped Turnbull. After all he only got to be leader by Slipper’s vote which by now he would surely withdraw if he could!

    • Brilliant , :wink:

      • Dead right Wombat. But I was looking forward to seeing Abbott, just once, trying to deal with Gillard in a real debate.

        • Well I totally agree and this is the reason week in and week out on this blog I craved for Gillard to seek Abbott out of his hiding hole. She was the receiver of the most hopeless advice any leader has ever been given. For how much longer does labor have to turn the other cheek? What did Rudd do? The day he was elected….called the debates. To me it seemed obvious. To Gillard and her minders-not even a thought of it. If Gillard had read this blog and hounded Abbott and his hopeless shadows into debates, believe me comrade, she would still be leader. She would have done him over much better than Rudd will. The next thing I would do if I was Rudd would be to take the shock jocks on at their own game. Rudd’s people will not appear on 2GBias. Well they should…every week like Abbott’s lot do. They should phone in when the lies are dished out and tell their side of the story. Rudd should also deal with Murdoch and publicly state the fact that Joe Hilderbrand, Miranda Devine, Piers Akerman, Judith Sloan, Paul Kelly, Nicki Sava, Henry Ergas, Janet AllWrecksEverything, Terry McCrann, Christopher Pearson (sadly deceased), Peter Van Onselen, Greg Sheridan, Dennis Shanahan, Tracey Spicer, and Bolt write column after column against Labor with no scrutiny of Abbott whatsoever. Shanahan is over 90 consecutive columns against Labor. Sheridan, Ergas, Devine, Akerman Sava are up there with him. These people should be outed every day because what they are preaching is gutter journalism. They have sold their soul to Murdoch. Look at Paul Kelly who used to be the doyen of balanced reporters. He is hard right wing and is writing for his superannuation and nothing else.He was never like this before.

          • Thing about politicians is they don’t listen…it is part of what they give up to become successful politicians.

            What may seem like listening sometimes is just jungle sense, responding to threat and opportunity.

        • Daniel Jenkins

          Fuck yeah!

        • Ahhhh Barry, what I would’ve given to see that.

    • Malcolm Kukura

      Do you know why Rudd and Gillard have not removed Mark Scott or otherwise cleaned house at the ABC to put an end to the disgraceful bias of the Uhlman Sales Simkin Jones Iggeldun Alberici Cassidy bordello tag team

      • A recent university study found 40% of ABC journalists supported the Greens so if you are suggesting the ABC are biased towards conservatives, excuse me while I go outside and laugh.

        • Frank makes an unreferenced statement!!

          Shit, I believe him.

          I found one too. 7 recent university studies have found that liberals have a reduced capacity for logic, empathy and mathematics.
          It was found that most (78.6 %) were moral cowards and a whopping 94.7% wet their bed.

          That was fun!
          I suggest everyone have a go at this in response to Frank.


            I showed you mine. Now you show me yours?

            As usual, a shriveled embarraing specimen. Judd, you require one of those suction pipes and pump to enlarge your facts.

            Judd can not back up any argument he postulates and never will. I argue with wit and facts. Well armed, I can ward off Labor cretins with a flick of my wrist and a firm grip and regular motion.

            Splat. Poor Judd. Another stain on the wall.

            • The Australian?
              Pia Akerman?
              :lol: :lol:

              Shit Frank, my imaginary university study has more credibility than yours!

              News Just In!
              Recent study updates figures on Liberal supporters IQ:

              Recent reports suggest that the appropriate forms of measuring IQ for Liberal supporters will need to take into account new and controversial nano technologies.

              Some “unnamed” insiders say this is still too large.

              Frank, its been about 2 months - do you think you’ll ever get around to answering the question as to how much Telstra will charge you Liberals for their infrastructure? Or to where the Liberals are going to turn the boats back to once Indo tells you to fuck off?

              Are you EVER going to answer them and enlighten us all with your “facts” or are you going to spend the rest of your life walking around with your dick in your mouth?
              Just asking.

            • I can ward off Labor cretins with a flick of my wrist and a firm grip and regular motion.

              Frank…. Wanking will just not get the job done.

            • Hilarious Frank!

              “MORE than 40 per cent of ABC journalists who answered a survey question about their political attitudes are Greens supporters”

              “Those who answered”!

              If I was a journalist, I would try not to let my leanings show too obviously, and “those who answered” : Ha!

              Are the Greens and their supporters more naive than the rest of the population?

              I’d be shocked if they weren’t!


        • Sales better calm down when interviewing Labor politicians, the M Cash Look is not very becoming…
          People are turning away from 7.30.

  7. Wombat and lulu - you guys have a wonderful spirit!
    Keep it up please.

    • Eats roots, shoots and leaves. Must be some better stuff in his diet lately!

      Lulu is an old comrade from when I actually bothered with The Drum. Welcome aboard.

      • DQ, I was always against banning wombat, I knew he was genuine; good to see Lulu here, we need more female voices…

        • You are always kinder and more tolerant than I, Helvi. But I think the beast needed shock-therapy to treat his negativity.

          As for female voices, I care not whether a commenter is male, female or somewhere in between as long as they make useful and intelligent comments!

          • Dangerous Doug has been let loose again! GO GO GO Dangerous!

            • Pleased to see you recovered, Wombat, but don’t go too far the other way. There’s still a long way to go to September. Most likely dates are between 3 August and 30 November; October 12 or 19 seem likeliest.

              • Yes I am thinking November…….Rudd needs to roast Abbott ever so slowly basted in his own slime Dangerous.

  8. MM has refused to debate Krudd about anything coz, like, now is not an election campaign(whaa..?.
    Weren’t he & the vertical chihuahua a couple of weeks ago demanding a halt to all government appointments & legislative activity coz it WAS a election campaign.
    No-one would expect consistency from them but this utter lack of guts from MM is indicative.
    BTW, the Royal Progress through SPringwood in the bell wether seat of Macquarie was a throwback to the daze of laying on of hands, hundreds of apparently sentient people eager to glimpse the Messi..naughty boy and touch the hem of his robe.

    • “the vertical chihuahua”! I like it.

      • DQ - ta but I simply modified the description, upright corgi, of ex MLA (NSW) Michael Photios, now for some inexplicable reason a ‘power broker’ in that state’s tory clusterfuck.

        • It’s none the worse for that. I’ve called him an “attack chihuahua”, variants perhaps on what he fancies himself, ie a rather more grand attack-dog type. Others call him a poodle, but I fear that goes close to criticising his appearance rather than his behaviour, a favourite rightist way of demeaning the opponents.

          • In preColumbian Central America, the Aztec noble ladies kept chihuahuas as their lapdogs for protection so “attack chihuahua” is not quite the oxymoron that is seems. They are vicious little beasts at the best of times, as if some atavistic memory remains of when they were real dogs.
            Perhaps Chrissy Whine.. err Pain.. has some vague guilt/self hatred about his uni daze when he was weighing up whether to go Lib or Lab, as noted by Wong and others.

  9. Who won’t vote for Rudd? I won’t.

  10. I won’t, don’t know anyone else either (and I’m in my thirties).

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