Five Questions

What was the average age of those rung by Reachtel, on a Thursday late shopping night on landlines?

Why were they not asked their second preference?

Why were the second preferences based on 2010, when there were no Palmer or Katter parties in play and the DLP was defunct, and the Windsorite Independents not identified with Labor?

Why, in short, was it cheated?

Fear of the real result, 53 Labor’s way, perhaps?

Please answer these questions.

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  1. It was an automated phone poll, supposedly weighted by age and gender to reflect the population. They are claiming a margin of error of 1.8% which I do not believe.

    But you are right - blind dialling phone numbers results in the views only of those who (a) have a phone; (b) decide to answer the phone on a Thursday night; and (c) decide to answer the computer voice when they realise it’s a poll. Hardly scientific.

    I thunk it vastly overemphasises the popularity of Rudd. Abbott will romp home in a canter.

    YESTERDAY Kevin Rudd in his first parliamentary appearance as prime minister in over three years challenged Tony Abbott to a national press club debate on the economy, debt and deficits.

    I am glad he is not wasting time. Abbott is hiding and it is the ONLY way anybody will get him to come out!!

    • Wombat, I been saying it for a while on The Drum, all I have gotten back is a bunch of Liberals attacking me…

      It was most interesting yesterday when the nice relief newsreader girl on SBS asked Abbott some pertinent questions, she did it well, smiling sweetly, but she obviously managed to rattle Abbott, who did not know what to say.

      • Yes Helvi….you have been very perceptive. I even note you have been calling for the debates long before me. I wish Labor would have listened to you much earlier. If Gillard had debated Abbott a couple of times she would still be leader. There is no way he could have beaten her on any of the major issues possibly with the exception of refugees. But she might have even won that. I saw a poll a while back where 55% of people supported ONSHORE processing.

    • Kurisu Shimei

      Kevni debate Abbott.

      That would be brilliant, TA would slap him like a red haired step child. The little egomaniac doesn’t do well being questioned in public without a script and meme.

      • No one reads you, so save your words, KS

      • You are effing CRAZY:- recent polls have shown the public are FOR the mining tax, the carbon tax, the NBN, Gonski,debt and the economy the Health deal….for Christ’s sake please tell me what Abbott would have left to debate with bar refugees? Are you Insane. Haven’t you heard Rudd’s challenge to Abbott for a debate. ge is to gutless to accept. Abbott will not come out of hiding, will not give interviews to anyone but Alan Jones. Soesn’t that tell you ANYTHING about the man?

  3. Exactly. The debates issue has the power to show Abbott up for the mischievous coward he is!
    The perverseness of the Opinionati is most disturbing. No sooner do they vilify The Honorable Ms Gillard and agitate to have her deposed, than they are now hypocritically beatifying her thereby continue the agenda of destabilisation. This has to be the work, essentially of personal enemies and political opponents, some motivated by opportunism, others by sheer Murdochian malice.
    I felt Leigh’s tone was acidic last night, and that Uhlman was only marginally impartial. Something/one is driving the ABC into the realms of evil.
    The best we can do now is, like Bob, accept the present reality and hope against hope that the repellent MM’s dream (our nightmare) is NEVER realised.

    • I have noticed that this has been happening for a while, it’s so bad I can’t watch the 7.30 anymore, Leigh is turning into an attack dog, can’t stand the two pompous ones either; Jones and Uhlmann…

      Things have definitely changed on ABC.

      • I too have been aware of this for the past 12 months. Very sad that it has come to this
        Of course, Chris Uhlmann’s wife is Gail Brodtman who is a declared Rudd supporter and now sits two rows behind him in Parliament. Hmmmmm…..

      • Malcolm Kukura

        Simkin and Iggleman are psychlones in the same mold.

        They know where their Mark Scott Howard Blair Bush war criminal butts are breaded and will pay the price when the turnips are tabled.

        • Kukura, Kukura…I’m leaning towards Scott in my search for reasons…
          Hubby is putting too much emphasis on turnips…I’m simply baffled by the importance of these root vegetables.

          • Malcolm Kukura

            They (turnips)are great in home made pasties.

            How ironic that here on Table Talk I slipped on my Freudian frock and inverted “Tables are Turned” is all.

            I now smile with Jack Russell

            • Jack Russells are very finely tuned to their bosses’s moods, if you are happy they are happy, and of course they are the real bosses , have you got a dog, Kukura?

              • Malcolm Kukura

                Unfortunately I am without one of humanity’s best friends.

                I vicariously shared my neighbour’s pets - Dom and Monty. Both JRs. Very popular breed here in WA.

                When I lived in the mountains of central Colorado I had custody of Winston/Cujo (white lab) and occassionally his visiting friend Polo/Pablo (Carmelite Wolf).

                My brother in Sydney has beagles.

                One of these days I may have the right locale for a golden retriever - my favorite breed.

          • Helvi, it’s a pity it’s not parsnips.
            There’s a good puff recipe for parsnips.

      • For the good! Finally some balance! :mrgreen:

    • Labor was brave for a time, as Gillard said in her speech; now they have sold out, done what the media asked for. And they expect the media will now go easy on them? Now they have smelled blood?

      Oh, dear, there will be tears before bedtime

      • For heavens sake give it up, you’re becoming boring and starting to sound like a total whinger.

        So your wish didn’t come true.

        Too bad, so sad.

        You are either with Labor or not.

        • we just ran into an iceberg, but don’t mention it, be a team player.

          also, we hit the iceberg because we were arguing over whose turn it was to steer

          • bugsplat the yankee boys driving the drones in Nevada call it when they mash some kids by mistake (and watch it on their little playstation screens)

            Labor just got bugsplatted by krudd

      • You can’t make this shit up, you really can’t.

        Every utterance you have put on this blog about Gillard is total tosh.

        Wind the clock back to the night they stuck it to Rudd, the principle remains the same.

        Labor could not win with Gillard simple. The media may well have said get rid of Rudd, they have made the same mistake as you.

        For some reason, one of those anomalies that come along from time to time, the unexplainable, the people could not take to Gillard.

        I can only presume people on this blog have no friends or live in a gold fish bowl. I don’t know anyone to a man or women who liked Gillard.

        She nearly destroyed the Labor party, with one stroke of the pen she alienated a good part of the base of the party. All those single mothers that she stuck it to, by taking social welfare off them was the clincher.

        Rudd is back, the whole direction, tenor, M.O of the party has changed. Rudd is a master politician. He makes Gillard look like a rank amateur. He will go on and take Labor to the greatest victory since the party was formed.

        The Labor party begins and finishes in the poorer suburbs of every capital city in Australia. Piss them off, it’s over.

  4. Parsnip Puff;
    All good cooks,in light of today’s theme, are male of course.

    This is a freelance recipe, great cooks can guess the quantity per the amount needed.

    Parsnips, peeled and cut in chunks set to boil in salted water til just tender. Drain and add good knob of butter and seasoning to taste; freshly ground black pepper and decent salt, some nutmeg.
    Mash, whisk in an egg and a nice dollop of cream.(Should be a firmish mixture, not runny.)
    Spoon into either individual ramekins or suitable size dish, not overfilling-it rises.
    In the meantime, with your other hand you have made your own coarse breadcrumbs or small croutons from real bread in the pan with a smidgin of good olive oil. scatter these on the top and pop into the oven at about 180c
    Ready when its risen and set.

    This recipe brought to you by the multi personalities school of cooking.

    • Malcolm Kukura

      What a gem. Parsnips are popular in this household but usually roasted or otherwise mashed with carrot. Your gourmet offerring sounds delicious.

    • CYRIL:-This will give me a fucking heart attack…watcha tryna do…kill me?

  5. We all know that calamari soaked in buttermilk overnight and charcoal grilled for a few minutes is a good way towards conjugal bliss. ( same sex or otherwise)

    • I reckon the biggest mistake some people make is cutting calamari in rings.
      Much less tough in pieces.
      Love me tender…

  6. “Why, in short, was it cheated? “

    Bob, because Reachtel is a simple anagram of L Cheater, L being Liberal.

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