Lines For Albo (31)

It’s all about trust, is it? He doesn’t even turn up for the wedding!

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  1. People chastise our major parties for ‘personal’ politics, but you promote the idea here?

    If the Gillard episode showed nothing else, it’s that people are craving policy, direction, trust and a sense that grown-ups are running the show.

    Maintaining conversation in the gutter is past its use-by date.

    • So it’s not about trust, then.

      What is it about? Policy?

      And the Libs can win with policy?

      Come on.

      • Using personal situations will do NOBODY in public office any good. It’s why there are so many open secrets in politics, but only the desperate play those cards.

        I think myself as somebody loyal and with integrity, but no doubt there are events in my life that would challenge those notions, in isolation.

        People go through challenges and don’t always come out smelling of roses, particularly when we are younger.

        So how about considering this before offering advice to make public events that are both personal and perhaps likely to have little in common with the morals of a person later in their life.

    • Daniel Jenkins

      Jesus, Bob. Can we get out of the gutter? Your ‘classics’ post about Julia was ill-timed and lousy. This is not much better.

    • BL,so why are your mates, Abbott, Brough and Morrison and Pyne stuck in the gutter mud…

      • Give it up, Helvi. You don’t accept my allegiances are not set in stone and think to lump me with a specific side. A go-to from rusted-ons from both sides that burr up at anybody not falling lock-step into every opinion you have.

        Grow up and enjoy the variety of ideas and freedom of choices we have in this country.

        And, yes. BOTH sides need to drop their various points of discussion, on matters that have little to do with the policy and direction of our great country.

        Unfortunately the change of leadership will only drag it on. Rudd is dominated the last week on being the right guy to challenge Abbott; not focus on the need for better engagement with the public - that feels like an afterthought from him. And the LNP will undoubtably flood the airwaves with anti-Rudd stories (most by people from his own side).

        Both methods will not engage the voters any better to the point where we find ourselves now.

        • BL, go and try and fool someone else, your lies do not fool me.
          Go and engage in spreading Abbott’s non- existing policies ,and leave Rudd alone, he is miles ahead of Abbott in all aspects.
          Be happy that the efforts of your side finally managed to get rid of Gillard.

          • No matter what anybody tries to tell you about Abbott, you will ignore or hate it. Pure and simple. I can count three major policy announcements but you will simply jump on the ‘he’s got no plan’ bandwagon’ that your circle demands.

            The ALP got themselves into the mess they did with Gillard.

            The problem with people like yourself is that it’s ALWAYS somebody else’s fault. Never a genuine look at the deeper issues; always projecting your frustrations against a ‘foe’ so that you don’t need to accept any responsibility.

            It stands to reason then that you found a connection with Julia and were happy to promote the victim card for every slight that passed her way.

            Perhaps now Rudd can restore some credibility to the ALP brand and force the LNP to provide more and further in-depth options to the public, instead of cruising to the finish line with a minimum of announcements.

            • With regards your last paragraph. That’s pretty much what Kevin was advocating in the house today. He openly challenged Tony to a debate on all the important issues, anytime, anywhere. Now it’s up to Tony, will he accept this challenge and debate toe to toe with Kevin. Can he come up with fresh language and not rely on the old negativity. Can he acknowledge that the economy is not heading down the gurgler, as backed up by our AAA international rating. Can he give a proper, measured response, with credible alternatives to Labor’s policies. That’s what the whole country is waiting for. Real ideas, real visions. Real debates.

              • I think Kev still has to outline any changes to ALP policy first.

                It’s playing into his hands for the LNP to make announcements, only for Kev to do an 07 and ‘me too’ on many of the points raised.

                As new leader, there is a fair demand to hear what new directions he’ll be taking the ALP on immigration, IR, tax, education, climate, etc, if he is shifting policy.

                It will then be fair then to focus on the LNP response to these platforms, rather than expecting them to debate directions the ALP haven’t yet decided on.

                • He won’t have to ‘me too’ anything.
                  The liberals have nothing to side with.

                  If you disagree please list all of their policies that you see as more favourable than labor’s. start with health, education, broadband, asylum seekers, and workplace relations.

                  • I second that post, Judd.

                    Abbott is the “me too” man of action :lol:

                  • Rudd didn’t offer much different to Howard in 2007; Workchoices was his only really big policy change on offer.

                    I realise some on here are prone to head-in-sand syndrome but the LNP does have policy out; some I agree with, some I don’t.

                    The reason Rudd needs to outline his plans soon is because to not do so leaves a vacuum that the voters will not appreciate. Many were frustrated that the ALP couldn’t sell some of their big ideas, so (a) how is Rudd going to sell the same message, or (b) what changes to them does he propose to take to the people.

                    The LNP aren’t going to give him a free ride to coat-tail any initiatives that have, after his 07 trend.

                    • Dont deflect BLad.
                      You said the Liberals have policies.

                      What are they?
                      Let’s hear their merits.

                      It’s comical to hear someone talk about the Liberals “giving free rides”.
                      They havent had a policy discussion in a year. They tried it with broadband, failed in spectacular fashion, and returned to their favoured meme: personality politics.

                      Now about those Liberal polices…

                    • It is clear that people on here that ask for detail of a list of ‘what’s better’ are going to disagree with my opinion.

                      Fair enough.

                      But to blindly believe that there are no policies out there from the LNP is misleading.

                      We know there IR, broadband and education stances.

                      We know their policies on taxation including reduction and reviews over the first term.

                      As I said, some I agree with, others not so.

                      It’s simply another election to see all that each offers and see what best suits me and mine over the next three years, and for now that is the LNP stance.

  2. Wonder if Albo’s back is any better.

  3. Last night I had a vision. There was this group of climbers clinging on to a ledge high on the slopes of Everest. Some of them had run out oxygen and were trying to rip the tanks of the backs of others. It was brutal, gasping and rasping, but I kept hearing their desperate lamenting voices “but we trusted you, we trusted you,” directed at one of the climbers in particular. And then a tall white-haired climber appeared, he was fresh and amazingly energised. I had a horrible thought that he was going to put them all out of their misery, club them down like baby seals, but he didn’t, he just strode on by, purposefully, wishing them luck, on his way to the top. It was a hell of vision.

  4. Albo, supports the mighty South Sydney and ‘ loves to fight tories’. In my books that makes him a fucking good bloke.

    His allegiance to the ALP values is rock solid. Is was a credit to Julia Gillard and trust in his ALP values and ability when she offered him his former cabinet position after the previous Rudd leadership attempt. He had wanted to resign from the cabinet for supporting the failed Rudd which showed Albo to be honourable-

    There is not so much a question of trust over Albo but to others who switched allegiances. He has been consistent in his support for Rudd.

    But the real issue of trust does not extend to the government but to the opposition.. Can they be trusted ?

  5. Michael Lawrence

    Here’s the problem for Labor as I see it: the ASX200 is about to take/is taking a sharp downturn from it’s recent minor bubble, and the Volatility Index (fear index)is consequently about to rise, while interest rates are unlikely to fall until after the election. Overpaid miners under 40 are about to get laid off and find it almost impossible to get decent jobs in other sectors. Economic factors determine social perception determine political choice. This is why the Liberals can easily win while having no policy whatsoever. Also: the falling exchange rate may be good for local business, but this will take at least three months to kick in. In the meantime the main effect is that prices of goods will rise. Also: just because people say they believe in Anthropogenic Climate Change at the dinner table or faculty meeting doesn’t mean they actually do. This is not socio-economics, but socionomics. Labor seriously need a socionomic advisor.

  6. BLAd,

    So you’re saying that you are happy with their node scheme that will cost considerably more than the NBN whilst providing less of a service?

    So, you’re saying your happy with their education policy that resembles, kinda, sorta, but different, but not this bit, but yes that bit, Gillard Gonski?

    Which bits exactly BLad?

    That’s the problem we’ve got here. 3 years of bagging Labor policy have left the Liberals without any strong coherent policies of their own. This is not simply a matter of opinion, this about actually HAVING an articulate policy in the public domain.

    Thus far, they do not. My proof? NOTHING on the website.
    NOTHING from their supporters.

    Unless you’d like to give it a crack?

    Hmmm, not so easy is it.
    Thinking, I mean.

    • Thinking? Heavens forfend! Cut and paste ideas from a website are the go, if there were any to cut and paste . . .

      They may “think” of some eventually. :lol:

    • Yes, I’m happy with the Node scheme and am interested in why you think it would be more expensive. Considering the delays to FTH, I am yet to be convinced in the merits of a free, gold-plated line to every house. Business, service providers, schools; get them sorted with fibre first. If the people want faster porn, downloads or streaming TV, let them pay for it.

      Education needs a shake up in the right places. There is no proof that money fixes the inherent problems, especially if the purse strings are held too high up the chain. It is telling that Garrett struggled to answer the basics on holding people accountable on funding use, as recent as this week. If that part of the policy isn’t even sorted, why trust the rest.

      NDIS is a great idea and I hope that the program isn’t railroaded by political interest down the track. The trial sites need a fair go and I hope very much for the system to work and expand.

      The immigration issue is of the ALP’s own doing. They failed to appreciate the pull factors when dropping the Pacific Solution, and even Carr now admits that the vast majority are ‘financial refugees’ and most shouldn’t have succeeded in being processed into our community. It disappoints me that in all the crying for letting them in, people neglect the impact it has on the real refugees stuck in camps and without the money to pay somebody for a boat ride (let alone a plane ticket to Indonesia). I support a harder stand and would expect that once the LNP are in government, they can negotiate with Indonesia to meet their basic expectations when dealing with smugglers and returned boats/people.

      If you are wilfully ignoring the policies on the LNP site, or as released by Abbott in recent weeks, then this is painting a more damning picture of yourself. Not liking them doesn’t mean there aren’t any.

      • To the node will prove vastly more expensive than claimed due to the maintenance costs. One factor no-one seems to recognise is that if it is done once and done properly it will be vastly less costly than doing and redoing the cabling. In a few short years they would find out it has to be done anyway.

        The rest of it is clearly indefensible; Gonski’s report is comprehensive and widely acclaimed.

        Immigration has nothing whatsoever to do with asylum seekers.

        A few thousand boat arrivals may be compared with our intake of 190,000 people per year.

        • There are priorities IMO and to the house is not it, especially for free. The NBN site had my green-field house ‘ready’ in Jan 12 but it took another 10 months for it to switch on. If that is how well a roll-out is going in a brand new estate, what of the rest of the country!!! The expense is in the delay, which I don’t think you appreciate. The policy is also to remove copper when it fails, and install fibre. Talk of upgrading copper with more copper is wrong.

          Did you see Garrett the other night fail to address one of the most basic questions surrounding such a big dollar project; who is responsible for the spend of this money. If the minister (at the time) can’t even address that basic question of who will take responsibility for $16B in spending, there is a problem.

          You must have heard Carr’s comments in the last day; they are largely not seeking any genuine asylum. It’s tied to immigration because of the impact to those that are. ‘Few thousand’? That’s one month’s worth these days and if we don’t learn from the issues its created elsewhere, we are bound to see the same outcomes. Genuine refugees don’t trash the country they arrive in and they don’t consider it a right to be here; they make it a home.

          In all, you and I have our different views on some stuff. But I’m sure there is others we agree with, showing the value I place in not pigeon holing opinions to either side of the political divide.

          • Remove copper when it fails and not replace it with copper?? You must be joking! Copper cannot be replaced piecemeal by optic fibre so that it goes fibre copper fibre copper !!

            That would be insane.

            I’m sure we do agree on some issues; I am not one to reject an idea simply because it comes from “the other side” however that is defined.

            • But then you let yourself down when you concoct a scenario to then elaborate on the flaw of a policy that is broader than the issue outline!!!

              It’s like arguing against NDIS because you can think of a dozen examples when the wrong people are supported ahead of others.

              I deal in the broader overview on what the policy provides.

              The ALP had a great idea but over-reached to get the public into it. That time may come down the track to provide it to residential areas, but my priority is to concentrate the stretched resources and timings to service all the essential services, CBDs and schools first. Some might enjoy a benefit if the run goes past their place, but this is no different to the rollout plan now with one side of a street covered, and the next street over missing out.

              If a resident isn’t prepared to pay for an early connection, then perhaps it wasn’t as important as they suggest now.

              • Mush. What you do is to lay out a sensible grid which will provide coverage for all Australians once it is complete.

                Do you build a freeway only to a hospital?

                An airport only to service a school?

                A port only to allow access for an ambulance?

                They are all infrastructure funded by taxpayers for all Australians, just as the NBN will be.

          • Lucky you living in a new housing estate.

            And the connection cost how much?

            The rollout is in it’s infancy so whilst some of the new estates get wired IMO it’s a bit much to criticise the fact that that yours wasn’t immediately available.

            Spare a thought for the ultimate majority of users who live in established suburbs.

            Whats the additional cost going to be to connect to Malcolm’s box some distance away.
            Spare $5000 anyone?

            And what do you use, copper?

            Or is it a case of ‘pull up the ladder Jack, I’m on’ for you?

            State of the Ark idea.

            • My comment was to highlight the flaws in the planning and rollout to this point.

              So much promised and the advertising in our area had everybody wondering why we then had to wait 10 months before there was a connection, despite the NBN on-line schedule saying ‘ready’.

              Do you really lose out using a slower speed? Do you think that vast majority are concerned about the difference between 20 and 100, when we’re talking about the entertainment it provides, not a service?

              And the $5000 is another scare number that is not based on the Australian model; it’s more spook from the UK experience and incorrectly stated by Gillard. It will cost but the $5000 is not the expected amount.

              I don’t use it. I can’t justify the increase to even the basic plan, from my mobile one. So, no, it isn’t a case of me-get-you-miss-out. My understanding is the LNP will continue green-field roll-outs so that makes sense for the long run.

              I just think there’s better priorities to consider than replacing current residential lines.

      • BL,I’m absolutely stunned that anyone,anyone with a any intelligence would want Abbott as PM, to want a man who thinks he can turn the boats back when there are 45 million displaced people in the world…
        A man who says climate change is crap…who does not believe that polluters should pay…
        A man who relies on copper wiring, who wants to support well- to- ladies, not all women…
        A man who is misogynist…

        As a woman, most likely a struggling woman what on earth are you on about.

        • well-to-do women

        • I don’t agree with everything he says or does. But I am backing a side and a team. The ALP haven’t shown much to me to retain any support I had for the change in ’07.

          IMO it’s time to see how the other guy can go, and judge him and his team on their efforts down the track. If they fail in my eyes, they lose a vote. It’s the least I can do.

          I am stunned though at what a sponge you are to all that ALP rhetoric, capable only of hearing one side and repeating on cue whatever anti- crap you heard here or elsewhere.

          You have a strong victim mentality and a narrow attitude to the broader issues at play.

          You treat politics like a religion; basing beliefs so strong on one order, you are ignorant to the wider audience around you and incapable of understanding why they can’t see what’s ‘right’ about your stance.

          There is nothing wholly right or wrong about either side. Both display good and bad traits and an election is a chance to sum up their plan and/or governing and what it means to me and mine, then to vote accordingly.

          It’s your loss as no matter what the ALP does to you, you’ll cop it on the chin, making a weak excuse to accept it.

      • ‘Yes, I’m happy with the Node scheme and am interested in why you think it would be more expensive.’

        So BLad, you’re happy with the node scheme you say?
        Are you happy with the amount that the money the Coalition will pay for telstra s infrastructure?
        Are you?
        Could you please tell me, tell us ALL, what that amount is?
        Thank you. I’ve been asking around for ages and no one will tell me. Ive looking at EVERY Liberal website and press release and information package i can find, but they wont tell me either.
        I’m glad I finally found someone. Whew, how lucky am I?

        Are you happy with ONGOING maintenance costs on the copper that will run from an initial one billion a year to at least 3-4 in 10 years time?
        So , you’re happy with that are you? You think an indefinite and increasing spend on a single service/product is the best way?

        ‘If the people want faster porn, downloads or streaming TV, let them pay for it.’

        I was going to address your points individually but then I crashed headlong into this absurd cliche and realized I was talking to either a dribbling blockhead or a lobotomised Luddite.
        BLad, with all due respect, you’re a fucking idiot if you think this is about porn and downloads.
        You couldn’t have given me any greater evidence that you’re an absolute fucking Neanderthal who has neither the imagination nor the practical experience to see the applications that are required in nearly ALL areas of business.

        Go away and ONLY return after you’ve THOUGHT about this some more, thought about this a LOT more.
        I don’t have the time or the patience to deal with yet ANOTHER ignoramus (hi Ryutin!).

        • Your point fails when you cling to the idea of the copper being maintained to any great degree. Nice way to scare others against the LNP idea, but not the reality.

          Try again.

  7. Lines for ANY labor minister.

    We read this morning that the Indonesians are very unhappy with Abbotts ‘turn back the boats’ policy.
    How will the opposition leader address the Indonesian concerns, especially when,

    The ABC’s Indonesia correspondent George Roberts told Lateline it is “no secret” Indonesian officials do not like the Coalition’s policy.

    “They call it unfair, they question how it would work and say that it puts all the responsibility back onto Indonesia,” Roberts said.

    “They even tell you that Australia’s a signatory to the Refugee Convention, so they think the policy is actually against Australia’s international obligations under humanitarian laws.”

    I invite any liberal hack to NOW unpack this colossal dogs breakfast of a ‘policy’ in more than a three word mantra.

    ryutin, Frank, BLad??

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