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As I told Phillip Adams two Thursdays ago: Labor by a landslide.

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  1. The vibe im picking up from people who dont give a damn about politics is that the ALP has a chance now.

  2. My sister who has voted Labor all her life was never going to vote for Gillard. She told me late last night she is now voting for Rudd and Labor again. How many like her will change their minds now, to make the difference, and how many like Rudd and Christine Milne will do so to prevent Abbott ever becoming Prime MInister?

  3. A landslide? Wishful thinking I fear.

  4. I will miss Gillard but last night on Lateline Carr did what she did not do. Every time Tony Jones talked about the Labor leadership Carr turned it around to Abbott’s invisibility and lack of policy.Why has this taken so long.Labor will lose the election but will save quite a deal of furniture. Rudd will then resign from parliament after doing the right thing and saving some backbenchers’ jobs.

    • Interesting that it’s ‘only’ SMS, with no other inputs. No margin of error provided, so I’m guessing the ‘science’ of SMS only polling is still in its infancy.

      I keenly await the big polls in four weeks, to provide a proper gauge on voter intents for a (at this time)Sept election.

      • The people SMS’d were people that were face to face polled previously and had been asked whether they would like to participate in SMS polling in the future. What makes this poll accurate according to them is that they know what these respondents said previously, hence they can see changes.

    • Hold on. Found it. 2.2% MoE by the looks of it.

  5. Always look on the bright side of life….

    Not the best option, Rudd got his way. But maybe he is at least half as good at campaigning as he thinks he is and can stave Abbott off.

    Another hung Parliament for Christmas please….

    Labour movement still needs to rebuild, maybe something to that end can be salvaged from the ALP, maybe not.

    • l heard that interview Bob. Adams was laughing politely at you. l could hear him thinking “are you fucking joking’ Seriously, the game has changed Labor can win but not by a landslide..

  6. Listening to Shorten on 774 now. Generally very smooth but he wouldn’t go so far as say he thought ALP could win (why not?)

    But what really pisses me off is he can’t pronounce ‘accomplish’ using the half-literate spelling pronounciation. There is no rounded vowel in accomplish.

    • JD, do you prefer the way Abbott speaks?

      • That’s important in any person? All people display flaws to somebody’s ears, so it’s hardly a point for derision.

        • You are flaunting your flaws again, BL. By the way I was asking Jeremy.
          I’m not interested in your negative Liberal views.

          • You seem to make it an issue as to how somebody speaks. Don’t you find that a petty trait to worry about?

      • No Helvi, I do have a not especially serious dislike of spelling pronunciations, which I find pretentious and annoying. But my concerns with Shorten run deeper. My comment on his pretentious speech was a bit self-mocking.

        I like ‘forehead’ to rhyme with ‘horrid’ and ‘victuals’ to rhyme with ‘skittles’ as nature intended. And for Australians I like there to be a /kun/ in ‘constable’ not a /con/, and a /kum/ in ‘accomplish’. As they learnt at their mothers knee before they decided to sound educated.

        I like the spoken word in all its rich variety and accent rather than the pseudo-literacy of the spelling pronunciation. Spelling pronouncers tend to be quick to tell other people how to talk “properly”, ie according to upper middle class Southern English norms, which is annoying enough but more so when they get it wrong. I dislike it when would-be improvers of my childrens’ speech (“they are disadvantaged you know”) tell them that ‘ate’ rhymes with ‘mate’ instead of with ‘pet’.

        But no, it doesn’t really matter. In saying that this is what really pisses me off about Shorten I was joking. What pisses me off about Shorten is that he is a smiling serviceable villain who aspires to rule us in the interests of big money.

        • I understand what you are saying, Jerome.

          Funnily enough, someone here on the Ellis blog ,was annoyed with me for using the word ‘horrid’.'Are you pretending to be British, H?’
          So sorry, I had learnt that word in English lessons at school in Finland, and thought it a perfectly ‘nice’ word… :roll:

  7. Yep rudd will romp it in with his speaking skills aaaaaaahahahahahaha;

    “THEREFORE, there is, in my argument, on the face of it, a natural complementarity between these two philosophical approaches and a complementarity that could be developed further in the direction of some form of conceptual synthesis”

    alp is going to still get belted by the electorate and deservedly so.

    • The Catallaxy boys and girls are getting worried, why else would you come here.

      • Helvi tune in to parliament. Worried ain’t the half of it. It is written on the kisser of every Baboon, that is sitting on the opposition benches.

        Scott Morrison is gone off on one, he may soon be hearing the rustle of white coats. I have no doubt the speaker must be calling an ambulance for the raving fool.

        Yep, they are worried alright. All the years of insults, bluster, lies, mis-information, will now come to nothing.

        If Abbott is not on a high does of valium by the end of the week, I would be much surprised.

        • Remember, Phil, Abbott is climbing Everest by his own admission. When ‘the mafia’ broke into Rudd’s office they left a few vital components behind. Crampons, oxygen tank, thermal suit and an ice pick. Rudd’s on his way up, Abbot’s run out of oxygen. Guess where he’s gonna shove that ice pick? Right up Tony’s a..e.

          • Indeed. Up and onward. I truly think Rudd can win. They under estimate this man at their peril.

            You have to laugh, the insults thrown at Rudd are unbelievable.

            All the abject nonsense that has been thrown around about Rudd, only came out after he was dumped.

            The public thought and still do in many quarters, thinks the sun shines out of this fuckers arse.

            For mine he is a nerd an in many senses an effeminate man, I am btw not a homophobe. However perception and four bucks will get you a cup of coffee.

            But!!! For all of that, Labor still needs a leader that speaks the lingo of the common man.

            Hawke could drink piss with wharfie’s, or sit down with the Queen for tiffin.Hence his success.

            Over in the west where I live Pt Hedland, Kalgoorlie and the other areas where you would think it a laid down misere forever, to have a Labor local member, we have Liberals.

            Something has gone wrong in the process.

            As an after thought.

            We had a Premier in the west that was as bent as a nine bob note. Corrupt as the day is long and a convicted jail bird.

            The influence he still carries in the party is unbelievable. When I brought this up at a branch meeting, the leader of the opposition looked at me like I had just beamed down from Alpha fucking Centauri.

            We have people in the party that just don’t get it. Of course as you know, a lot of them wouldn’t know a working class stiff if they visited a fucking building site.

      • Kurisu Shimei

        Keep thinking that rudd can win, it will make the belting from the electorate so much sweeter. :lol:

        • Back to Catallaxy,KS. I once checked the blog, I was revolted by the bloggers there, and the article written by MS Sloan…
          Few weeks later she popped up on Q&A….

          • Kurisu Shimei

            So you are a prudish bansturbater. Why am i not suprised.

            • You and Brisbane Lad seem to have the same time table; do you walk hand in hand, or share the same keyboard…ah, you are flatmates.. :grin:

              • Basing the assumption on such a premise, it would be fair to suggest that yourself and a few others here constantly, share plenty of time together off-site?

                Never any variances in the ‘gospel’ and all sitting ready at the keyboard to please Bob with abusive defence of another’s opinion here.

                I do note the very small circles many in here appear to move in.

              • Kurisu Shimei

                Keep dreaming, maybe kevni will invite you to his 2025 summit.

                Have your tissues on standby when kevvie the little dictator gets belted.

          • The one good moment apart from watching Summers keep her cool, was when the guy in the audience picked out that born to rule snob on her comments about welfare workers.

        • I don’t think anything, I know.

          Are you watching question time? Rudd is making the opposition look like the fools they are. Oh yes, Rudd will win.

          • I agree with you there Phill.
            I just saw the look on Abbott’s face.I haven’t seen that look in over a year.

            • All of their faces, crestfallen, like they’d been told they’d won the lottery only to be re-informed that it was an unfortunate mistake. The brief shot of Malcom was slightly different, a philosophical look, and something else, was it hunger? Like my ginger tom, who came in through the cat door the other night, swinging a dead coney from his jaws. Christopher Pyne was slung out, the “old” order of hysteria and obfuscation just isn’t working. Everest has just got a whole lot higher.

            • Did you see Pyno Clean crack a full blown mental when he got slung out?

              It was like watching some spoilt petulant brat who couldn’t get his way.

              I understand Pyne, the world is full of them. You’ll always find them sitting on a church pew on Sundays somewhere. The wife dressed all in white, radiant perfect rack of choppers. The kids dressed and groomed immaculately.The boys short back and sides with pop oil on their hair, well that’s what the priest tells em it is.

              Or at a family bbq, drinking long tall glasses of sarsaparilla, holding a cucumber sandwich with the pinkie prominent and visible.

              You know I hate these fuckers, they represent everything in the world I despise.

              In my time on the planet I’ve smacked a few of them in the chops.

              My only regret is I didn’t hit the fuckers harder. One such altercation was a bit over the top, it cost me the price of a holiday for me and the cheese to Disneyland.

              Yep, I’m old school you get a pasting, you take your lumps, not these cry babies.

            • Yep, they have backed the wrong horse. The polls after the honeymoon period will be interesting.

              I hope they don’t dump Abbott, he is the Labor party’s best asset.

            • You know nothing idiot.

              That includes your warped and bitter Menzies hating friend BTW.

              Ignorant, uneducated, blind to your sick hatreds … a pathetic piece of crap.

              Tony will simply dispose of this preening, poncing, control freak just like he did before the slut took over.

              VIVE LNP !!! :razz: :razz: :razz:

    • Your reason. Pray give us your reason.

    • Malcolm Kukura

      Urizen KS

      Single Vision?

      A meagre Eiger Sanction is coming your way and no phlogiston remains - only stains.

      A well fed troll will defecate profously and spread the skid Marx all over the holy writ of free market ideology hoping for a hand out from the chief monkey.

      This is a war zone agent lest you forget - I mean you - who code name your self as Kirasu Shimei. In war zones stay alert in case you are mistaken for enemies of civilization. Like no-worriers crossing frozen streams.

      The first of twelve steps to take is ending denial. Your projection gives you away.

      Seven billion humans are speaking. Freedom.

  8. Better by a landslide than under one.

  9. below is a link to what i think more sane australians are thinking….and some thoughts that the glee club here might also do well to ponder….

    • Anne Summers has a victim industry to keep together. Seems some simply can’t accept that for all the talk about ‘moving forward’, Gillard failed in too many areas and the public weren’t happy on her PERFORMANCE.

      I would suggest that this gender issue as raised by the likes of Summers, used by Gillard and many of the ALP ladies, and a host of sympathetic victims, was the beginning of the end for most swinging voters.

      Fear of being called out as ‘sexist’ for simply questioning the abilities of a person, has driven much of the attitude to Gillard. None of what Gillard copped was new to standing PMs but because she was female, it apparently shouldn’t have happened!!!

      A lot of people will respect the ALP more now for not standing by and fearing acting because they’d be accused in the manner Summers has here.

      • BL, you are unbelievable, now it’s Anne Summers turn. Abbott did not look too happy today, and Pyne was purple-faced with anger. Worry about him PL not about Anne.

        • Only a moron, Helvi. Only a moron..

          • Helvi and Paul; are the ALP nothing but a bunch of weak spined sexists, failing to stand up to this apparent misogyny and instead dumping Gillard because it’s all to hard to fight the tide?

            That’s what it boils down to when you consider Summers rant and the actions taken to remove Gillard.

            I would seriously doubt the majority of the ALP caucus believe there is a sexist problem in this country, to the extent that Summers tries to convey, let alone within politics.

            Sane people recognised that Gillard made her own mistakes, and were sick to death of being told that to question her abilities was to question her gender.

            There are some fools out there that perhaps thing a woman couldn’t handle the job, but I’d be surprised if that were in any great number to justify Summer’s claims.

  10. Daniel says “The vibe im picking up from people who dont give a damn about politics is that the ALP has a chance now.”

    Now perhaps Daniel (or any of the “rusted ons”) can explain the reason for all the resignations since the last election.

    Usually, the resignations happen AFTER the election!!

    Look forward to some interesting responses.


    • Interesting response?

      You and your self fellating mate mike d are a pair of fuckwits who compound your idiocy with cowardice.

      We’re all still waiting for you two cocksuckers to explain some liberal policy but everytime I ask you boys just……disappear!

      Fucking cowards who don’t even have the courage of their convictions. I can’t think of anything worse. Useless even to your own party, unable to prosecute their case.

  11. Judd,

    What an abysmal piece of work you are!!

    You’ve NEVER asked me about Liberal policies but there are PLENTY (look up their web site and just don’t criticise WITHOUT knowledge - that’s what FOOLS do). Just because their policies are one’s you don’t agree with doesn’t mean they don’t have merit.

    Still interested in your (or anybody elses) answers to my questions above.

    In the interim - enjoy your weekend - lose some of your anger - it could lead you to a much shorter life (we’re ALL Australians - no need to have a hernia)


  12. The greatest merit Abbott’s policies have is that they will never be implemented. Even if by some mischance he gets elected.

    I say that he never intends to implement his major policies; expect instead that they will be reannounced in the 2016 campaign, if he gets so far.

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