Certain Housekeeping Matters (35)

I have decided to compose a shit-eating speech of apology to Kevin Rudd. I thought him destructive and venomous and no solution to anything and I was wrong. I worked hard to ruin him, sometimes in rhymed verse, and I was wrong.

I will work on it overnight.

It will not be easy to do.

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  1. Max Willoughby

    Bob, you were unbecoming to Julia Gillard, who has done more for the ALP than Kevin has. Julia is a classy act, as Okeshott acknowledged today, while Kevin is an ego masquerading as a man. And Philip Adams is an embittered old man, like me.

    • Max, you do know yourself!

      Today I said goodbye to the faceless men, who had, after a night of heavy drinking, magically regained their faces. They told me, when they were seriously pissed, that their faceless cousins had defected to the Coalition, I’ll have to look into this.

      Man with regained face: Bob’s got to eat a shit sandwich.
      Men with regained faces: Bob’s got to eat a shit sandwich.

      Visiting android: “I’m going home to Uranus

  2. Well said.

  3. Before you do, spare a thought for the talented team of truly outstanding Ministers choosing to exit rather than work with Rudd. Smith, Conroy, Garrett, Swan, Emerson. Too soon to apologise? Spiteful and venomous people grow to enjoy their little character traits, in my experience, and do not give them up easily.

    • I’ll be missing all the ones leaving, what about Combet? Is he too leaving?

    • Michael Lawrence

      I’m already missing Swanny too. What’s the deal with Chris Bowen anyway? Is he really intellectually disabled or does it just look that way?

      • …of course I miss Swanny, I’m not impressed with Bowen very much.

        • Swanny could not sell our world beating economy. This was a huge failing on his part.Swanny let Abbott convince the electorate we are debt-ridden broke and destitute when our debt is the 3rd lowest in the world with record low inflationj, unemployment and interest rates.Costello wld have yelled this from every doorstop every day as he STILL does whenever he is on the box.

          • wombat, yes, have you seen how much the debt is? Have you noticed Labor running out of money? Low interest rates? What about the US? 15+ trillion in debt, low interest rates, councils going broke, yes low interest rates are a measure of success aren’t they? 3rd lowest debt? Maybe but that doesn’t mean it’s good. It still has to be paid back. How many economies started the gfc with 26 billion in the bank? The US began the gfc with about 9 billion in debt. Labor has no plan to pay back the debt, only to spend more. They get more revenue than ever but spend much more than ever. As Thatcher said, the problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other peoples money. That is the Labor government

            • The US debt at the time of the GFC was nine TRILLION Mick.

              It is 16 trillion now.

              • USA is currently at $16.7 TRILLION in debt. Seems only LNP Trolls and assorted conservative assholes are interested in this little fact.

                Labor people go very quiet when money needs to be repaid.

                Funny that…

            • Well mate how wld U like to return to Howard’s tax scales of 2007? That wld give us an IMMEDIATE $21billion surplus. Are you a happy camper now? And how did we get into such debt? The structural deficits Howard inflicted upon us with his un-meanstested baby bonuses, home grants and middle class welfare. Some of which Labor has tried to address. Rudd has been a culprit too. He should not have carried on with the tax bribes Howard used during the 2007 election. Now please go to the corner and get your mother to change your nappy!

              • Wombat you must compare apples with apples.

                Not apples with cabbages.

                It never balances out.

                Howard despite your loathing for him. came into office facing a $90 billion deficit and with good management and Costello’s fiscal acumen and annoying smirk, paid it ALL off.

                They never promised it 1000 times to the electorate and then reneged like someone else I could name. No, no. They paid it all off. Odd that eh?

                We once had political masters who did what they promised to do!

                Amazing you say?

                But guess what?

                Rudd then as a Howard-lite impersonator came into office with a $26 & $60 billion surplus fund and snaffled the lot!

                It went down the toilet like a magic trick.

                Wombat as punishment, go into the naughty corner and write 100 times on the blackboard.

                “Mustn’t call the Libs fibs!”

                It insults people with brains.

                • We remain the envy of the world. Triple xxx ratings, low debt, low unemployment, low inflation. The envy of the world.
                  Julia Gillard, despite Australia’s fondness for slagging anything progressive moved mountains.Standing ovation from Gerard. clap, clap.

                • You ready to talk Frank?
                  well done, I applaud your bravery!

                  Now, where were we, ahh yes!

                  Could you please tell me what exactly is the Abbott position on t
                  Indonesian Governments refusal to accept boats that he’s ‘stopped and turned around’?

                  Also, could you tell everyone here what the cost will be to the .australian taxpayer of the Telstra infrastructure the Coaltion plan to buy?
                  And how come that figure wasn’t accounted for in their policy release?

                  Last one for now, everyone’s favourite - where did Joe lose that $70billion?

                  Answe these and I’ll ask only 5 more. don’t answer and I’ll ask 10.

                  By the way you never got back to me with your address, you big hunk of keyboard warrior you!

                • There was a GFC and a GST, and higher threshold tax, and the hospitals were terribly run down and an unprecedented mining boom at its peak and Workchoices that shafted the worker, and reduced sick leave, and rising house prices that only helped some. Apples with Apples? The debt was reduced through bullying.
                  Did Howard retire on a good pension, with all the tax payer funded benefits for life, etc etc?

                • FRANK:-I like you but you are preaching shit sandwiches. Anybody can create surpluses by doing this:-
                  1. Mass sackings-Howard sacked 30,000 as soon as he was elected in 1996. Newman is up to 15,000 already…and more to come. O’Farrell (NSW) and Baileui (Victoria) are quickly catching him.
                  2. The selling off of taxpayer-owned assets. Libs love doing this. Privatise the world with taxpayers’ money!
                  Abbott has said he will cut $70 billion…..where from? He won’t tell us! He won’t even appear for interviews
                  except with Alan Jones. COME OUT ABBOTT….explain your “policies”.
                  3. Rape hospitals, schools and infrastructure…they always do. Its in their DNA. Abbott has already squibbed on his $4billion infrastructure promise. Here comes Tones:-sacking, selling off, cutting services-LOOK OUT!
                  4. Already the Libs (Greiner and Co) are trying to put up the GST-the worst and most discriminative tax ever inflicted on the poor and the marginalised. The Libs will put up the GST. Richo said so.
                  The Liberals had the advantage of a $334billion resources boom tax windfall….they pissed it up against the wall
                  in 3 years and left a lousy $20billion to fight the GFC which even Hockey said would not have insulated us
                  from the worst world recession in 80 years. Name ONE Treasurer who ever had this luck and spent it all!

            • Mick, The US began the GFC with about 9 trillion in debt.

          • Wombat, the Liberals are shouting and spouting so much rubbish that only the most ignorant are believing. Our debt is nothing compared to other western countries; I’m not talking about people’s private debt. Living above your means was always a foolish thing to do.

      • That’s a particularly pathetic comment.
        You should take a good look at yourself.

    • What do you mean exit,Glow Worm?
      Not all of your list are leaving parliament altogether.
      Those resigning their portfolios made that decision themselves.
      The criteria for resigning wasn’t the fact they had shot their mouths off in an ill judged attack against Rudd.

      O’Connor tendered his, but it wasn’t accepted, and he was a bit nasty with his anti Rudd rhetoric.
      Spiteful and venomous for sure.

      Combet is still there Helvi.

        • Combet could replace Rudd at some stage. Now that is a thought. :)

          • ‘everyone’s strange except thee and me and sometimes I’m a bit doubtful about thee’
            If you are Labor the main thing is to get re-elected as things now are.
            That’s where our energies should be going.

            Combet, if you are enamoured can wait.

        • I agree Combet is very promising. He has a certain gravitas that is not easy to acquire; experience in senior cabinet positions over the next several years will see him well positioned to inherit the leadership.

          I think we have had enough of challenges on the Labor side; it is a different story as “They” consider the next Coalition leader.

          • When Rudd exits after the election I wld much rather have Combet as leader than Shorten. Some of his parliamentary performances defending climate change and the carbon tax have been gems.

  4. Kurisu Shimei

    Bob, why would you apologise to rudd. He was a micro managing, disorganised sociopath who excluded the entire caucus from his kneejerk decision making (aka gang of four).

    Did you forget the NBN was written on the back of a napkin with Mr red undies on a flight.

    Apologise to rudd, i can’t imagine why you would even bother the little self absorbed megalomaniac with such dross. He is a self promotingloon.

    The belting the alp will recieve will be a wake up call to stop promoting the usual union flunkies, hacks, seat warmers and time servers.

    Face it they deserve to get belted for their sheer incompetence and the amount of people their policies have killed.

    • Incompetence? You must be talking about your own team, Kurisu.

    • Kurisu, How many people has John Howard’s policy of going to war in Iraq killed? Not just Australians, but innocent men, women and children, caught up in the conflict. And Menzies heading off to war in Vietnam when the US didn’t formally invite him, he volunteered troops, and lent on the Kiwis too. I was one of them, and I’ve suffered for it ever since.

      • Kurisu Shimei

        How many boaties have died at sea because of these incompetents. Keep in mind kevni also backed the iraq war so how much blood is on his hands.

      • Malcolm Kukura

        Glad you mentioned that about the traitorous war criminal Menzies.

        He showed the way to go with Ell Bee Jay so Holt could swim with the fishes all the way with Lyndon manufacturing the Tonkin incident to justify the war crime of March 1965 urged on by Menzies working under cover for Churchill and the Lord of the Cinq (Heroin) Ports reward. Nugen Hand anyone? Ted Shackley and the golden triangular wars anyone?

        Do you have any references that document Menzies’ role in hanging the carrot that LBJ took out his big stick too while walking softly?

        • Only from an excellent documentary I watched years ago. It could be researched. The Kiwis were reluctant to follow and in the end the Yanks suggested that the Aussies ‘convince’ the Kiwis to join the conflict. Apparently Menzies had to explain the nature of the special relationship and that ‘convincing’ was not really a part of the ANZAC tradition. By this time the Kiwis did the right thing by the Aussies and agreed to an artillery battery (161), followed by a slow escalation of infantry, embedded with 1ATF. That’s where I came into it in 1969 - 6RAR/NZ(ANZAC)Bn. You rightly named the Gulf of Tonkin incident as ‘manufactured’. It certainly was.

          • Malcolm Kukura

            Thanx for sharing your story.

            I lost/won the lottery in 1968 after declining an invitation to Duntroon in 1964.

            So I did not go but my brother and cousin and others I know did.

            What you reveal about the Menzies NZ relationship encourages my interest in further explorations of what really happenned.

            • A pleasure. By my calculations you are just a few years my senior. Here’s an interesting snippet. We had a small entertainment venue in Nui Dat, named Luscombe Bowl. In fact it is illustrated (by me) in a book of war poems published through the SA DVA around 1991. The book is titled “Sorrow is Knowledge.” (After Byron) It was launched at a major veterans’ art show that I curated, attended by many military/DVA personnel including Major General Digger James and the singer/poet John Schumann (I was only 19). The book pretty much sold out in weeks. But I digress. At one of the concerts in Nui Dat I suddenly realised I was being filmed, at some length, by Normie Rowe, previously, and after the war, an eminent Australian entertainer. One day I hope to, catch up with him and hopefully he will still have that footage. By the way, with all due respects, you probably won that lottery. Clearly you were, as they say, “officer material”. Cheers.

    • If only youse wouldn’t see things in black and white so much. Like Rudd (or as it may be Gillard) having to be either Our Saviour or a fever bearing louse.

      Just people.

    • KS, it is obvious you’re just your average, run of the mill, libertarian conservative. Nothing to see here - move along.

  5. THE STENCH GROWS:-Clive Palmer has backed allegations Peter Slipper has made in Parliament that Liberals Joe Hockey and Mal Brough requested the billionaire pay the legal fees of Mr Slipper’s former aide James Ashby.Slipper recalled a breakfast he had recently with Mr Palmer at the billionaire’s resort in Queensland.

    “We had a very interesting conversation,” Mr Slipper said. “And I do recall that Mr Palmer mentioned to me that … about Easter last year Mr Brough, accompanied by the member for North Sydney, came to see Mr Palmer to ask him to fund James Ashby’s legal fees.”A spokesman for Mr Palmer supported the former Speaker’s account to Fairfax Media, saying Mr Palmer met with Mr Brough and Mr Hockey and that during the meal the matter of funding Mr Ashby’s legal defence was raised. Mr Palmer’s spokesman said the billionaire rejected the approach.

  6. Incandescence

    In an alternate universe, we could have witnessed what a Gillard government would have been like without the internal destabilising factors. How much difference would it have made? Ironically, the first time I saw her clearly and concisely communicate her government’s achievements was in her speech last night, after she had been deposed. Would she have been able to prosecute her case effectively if she had been given clean air? We’ll never know.

    I think that her dire position in the polls was due to many factors. Her gender was one of them, not the least, but perhaps not the foremost either. She did suffer comments in office no man would have, that is not in dispute. But she erred in other areas. The MRRT was a disaster, no doubt about it. She succeeded in governing but failed at politicking. She was able to counter Abbott on the floor of parliament, but not in the media, where it counts, and that is why she is no longer prime minister.

    I think Australia always had a distaste for the way she came to office, and I think many mistakes were made on that night and in the nights that followed. Rudd’s speech started with the fact that he was elected by the people in 2007. I think that many will forgive his behaviour over the last 3 years, because they feel that the manner in which he was deposed was unjust. That perhaps, he is now getting the chance to prosecute the case for his re-election that he was denied in 2010. Does he deserve it? Perhaps he does. Can he win against Abbott? I think he can.

    If he does, I hope he has learned from his mistakes and is able to connect with his colleagues in the same way he is able to connect with the electorate. Else we will just go through this saga, this soap opera, all over again.

  7. Just off topic a little.
    The blog is still with its collection of LNP trolls, mostly very obvious.
    The long time bloggers are still here, Helvi, DQ and so on, always a worthy contribution.
    But there seems to suddenly be some vocal ones of recent times missing in action.
    Maybe they are having a day off.

    • Yes, I’m missing, Chris, Johnsalmond, Fedallah, Dali, Thespian, and others… I’m hungry, a pub dinner tonight, these are difficult times, no time for cooking… :wink:

      • I miss the old home made counter lunches, big rough feeds made by the pub’s mum out the back. Now the pub kitchens have been taken over by “executive” Chefs who are more intereste3d in the shape of the food pile than the taste of it. With the bureaucratisation of the kitchen has come a five-fold increase in the price of your bangers and mash. The same dish, just served up differently! Give me the old counter lunches anyday made and served in the old fashioned way! Here is an example. I was at a Ghost Town, Lake Cargelligo a couple of months ago. A Mixed Grill was $32. Could you believe it?

      • Kurisu Shimei

        Helvi - you miss the oher bansturbators, how twee of you to be a statist, but then again why would i be suprised by he crusted on’s.

      • As you know Helvi, I have only recently joined in, as it were, having been a long time reader but not commenting until now.

        Was it Fedallah with the group that made totally unrelated posts like a private letter between themselves?

        The lady that was in some sort of competition to win dinner from her sister, I’ve forgotten her name.

        I see Thespian making a reappearance recently, and Dali has sometimes been lurking in the middle of the night, waking up to his gems at breakfast.

        And the Chris I remember was the guy in a wheelchair, seemed Labor through and through but met the fate that I was destined for, being excommunicated as the loud boys called him the same name as some other transgressor and squealed for a ban.
        That one was a pity.

      • My problem is I am 8 hours behind where I am (not Tuscany)and many websites are zone-blocked.

        I did however catch the announcement of the caucus vote, and it was a sobering reminder of the savagery of politics, and the buffoonery of the press.

        “How did ms gillard react when the vote was announced?” this from a cadet reporter keen to get her voice on the telly.

        • How bloody awful, put that little princess in the similar situation and see how she’ll cope, no doubt she’ll run to her mum crying and swearing…they are so mean to me.

    • Kurisu Shimei

      cyril - you mean new people aren’t welcome?

      What a neat little circle jerk you rednecks have devised.

      • Not all K.

        Just that the teeny bopper facebook refugees, the young lib types from menzies house, are sooo predictable.

        • Kurisu Shimei


          keep dreaming remora the facebook types wouldn’t bother.

          • Sonny, (I’m sure I got that right; even the roughest sheilas don’t type with their mouth full), you are wet behind the ears.

            Don’t go away mad, just go away.

    • Malcolm Kukura

      Name them

  8. Don’t do it, Bob. Bank some of your remaining integrity and credibility for the lendemain of Rudd’s eventual loss, when you can remind us how you had his number all along. Save your shit eating speech for Abbott’s win, when you ruefully concede that he’s not so bad after-all.

  9. Nah.

    No saviour from on high delivers/No trust we have in prince or peer/ Our own right hand the chains must shiver….

  10. Ha ha, that will test your creativity. Don’t forget “ungrateful cunt, tyrannous pest, uncorrected Asperger’s patient, insipid prima donna, egocentric sadist”, and “pernicious twerp, worst news for Labor since Evatt.”

    I’m sure you’ll manage. Upon mature reflection one has to re-calibrate one’s attitudes occasionally in response to the changing realities which help to form the fabric of our diverse and challenging multi-dimensional democratic institutions.

  11. .
    I doubt that much shit needs to be eaten, Bob. I am happy for you to use some of my recent posts. :grin:

  12. I would have thought Rudd is still the dysfunctional psychopath he has always been, but he has, apparently, electoral appeal and could well defeat Abbott.
    Bob, what is the shit eating apology for? Not believing he could win - then I get that, but premature. Anything else - there seems to be no reason. A euphoric moment perhaps.

  13. Exactly what has convinced you that you were wrong Bob?

    • Elementary, my dear Watson. Whilst we thought he was a psychopath, a wrecker, a traitor - it turned out he’s the saviour.

    • Hmm, saviour? I agree with Watson, keep your powder dry Bob, there is ample opportunity for KRudd to confirm all comment that has gone before. The key pointer the LNP will push will be that this shiny new ALP is a marriage of convenience and that under the shine the majority of the survivors will turn on KRudd and replace him at the first opportunity. Bob, your past comments are still widely shared by Rudd’s new supporters. Nothing has changed.

  14. Bob,

    don’t do it. Maintain the rage. Think, like Braudel, of la longue durée.

    If you must, you’d be wise to steer well clear of the graceful written cadence you usually employ. Our Kevin has a tin ear. It’s tuned exclusively to the frequency of his his ego. Why stroke it only to see its ugliness further engorged?

    If you must tickle his fancy, do so in the language he clearly prefers. Employ a timbre that recalls an awkward Australian primary school teacher trying too hard to ingratiate himself with the kids.

    Speak condescendingly of your mates ‘Smithy’ and ‘Albo’. Take us to the playground. Eat your soggy sandwiches, mate. Reach for the sauce bottle and give it a squeeze. Kevvy will love you for it.

  15. All that matters Bob is that the Liberal Party are going to lose the 2013 election and it is they who will have to eat the shit sandwich, after they’ve given this country nothing but shit for the last 10 years. They are vile filth and will be heavily defeated as they truly deserve. All the so called Liberal attack ads on Rudd will be water off a ducks back and will probably increase his popularity. Labor by a landslide.

    • Wow. I certainly hope the ALP don’t believe Richelieu’s extreme view. To do so will be to ignore the real errors that have lead to the replacement of two PMs within 3 years. Of course the LNP are negative and blocking, that’s what oppositions should do. Do you think Hawke or Keating wouldn’t have chewed them up and spat them out. No good blaming the LNP for this current mob being not as good as H & K.

      • What errors were they?

        • Fight internally by all means but don’t trash the ALP brand. Don’t trash your good policies by rushing them and communicating them poorly. Don’t argue the only poll that counts is an election but then use poor polling to roll two PMs. There’s a couple for starters Bob.

          • So the policies were good, were they? And Murdoch had nothing to with how they were presented?

            Please answer this.

            • Good or bad to whom? It matters dot really. The fact is policy being presented by the Govt too often suffered. Take for example the attempted change to communications legislation. Sure it got a slagging by the Murdock press (predictable) but it was rushed into parliament and wasn’t even understood in detail by the cabinet. Then at the last minute withdrawn.

            • Bob, I’ve a question for you. What was the difference between the Hawke/Keating govts and the Rudd/Gillard govts? Quality of policies or quality of delivery?

              • Many of the Hawke-Keating reforms were disastrous — the floating of the dollar, the end if tarriffs on manufactured goods, the selling Qantas. Most of the Rudd/Gillard reforms were good, or, in the case of NDIS and Gonski, great.

        • There are 9 principles of war. 2 of them are Maintain the Aim and Concentration of Force. The last two ALP govts failed in both of these. They divided and therefore weakened their force handing free-kicks to the LNP and good, solid policy was constantly weakened on its way to legislation. How Rudd must rue not brassing out the original ETS scheme. He allowed himself to be bullied by the Greens FFS.

      • Roger, what about the real errors that led to the replacement of Brendan Nelson, then Malcolm Turnbull?

        By the way, the role of her majesty’s ‘loyal’ opposition is not to be negative and block. That’s a groundless excuse for the sabotage that Abbott’s beerhall tactics have been causing.

        • Yes Dali you are right however the errors of the opposition are never as pronounced as those currently in charge. I despair when I hear Rudd say vote for me to keep Abbott out. How about vote for me because we have fairer, more compassionate policies and we have learned our lessons in how to deliver them in a calm, considered, timely and efficient way.

  16. Listened in to the House of Reps. on ABC radio. Was particularly impressed with Rudd’s references to Gillard and her team’s excellent achievements, and references to his time on the backbenches, and what he may have learned, observing.
    It will be amazing if he turns out to be an X factor for the Party.

    Thanks for the great coverage Bob.

  17. Brisbane Lad and your feeble tag team friend K,are you sitting comfortably?
    Then click and begin today’s lesson about Queensland and the young voters of Australia.


    • It is interesting that the 2PP outcome here is now back on a par with the figures the ALP ‘enjoyed’ when Kev was last shafted. Suddenly the same numbers are cause for celebration!!!

      I’ve said it here previously; the test is what the numbers do over the next month. There will be a sugar hit and there will be a relentless campaign against Rudd by his own party, courtesy of LNP attack ads.

      I still stand by my prediction of a LNP victory with 2PP in the election of 53-47. They’ve saved some deckchairs, which I guess was the point of dumping Gillard.

      • The link wasn’t about the 2PP nor if the figure go up or down in the next bit.I can see that.

        The link was for you to see, contrary to your assertion, that few young people in Qld would vote ALP when clearly in the first three brackets this is simply not the case.

        If you got down the info on the link far enough you would have seen it I think.

        • I never made the Qld-kids comment. You have me confused for somebody else.

          It’s generally accepted that the kids tend left, and they loved Rudd. It’s why he immediately called for them to hurry and enrol, noting that the percentage for eligible but unenrolled had increased since the last election, according to the AEC.

          The jump is no surprise, but sustaining it will be the challenge.

  18. I’m saving my ammunition for Abbott – not going to waste it on Rudd. What’s done is done and will be analysed in due course, but there’s a campaign to be fought to save the place from the Jesuitical Abbott, or ‘Abo’ as he is affectionately called by the person whom he knocked unconscious.

    Abbott, the most conservative leader the Liberal party has ever seen, knifed one of the most progressive, Turnbull, there was only one vote in it. Effectively, without Slipper’s vote, Abbott would have been a faded footnote in John Howard’s diary.

    Abbott then saddled Turnbull with the most difficult and absurd portfolio to sell – opposing the hugely popular and globally applauded National Broadband Network. Turnbull has vainly, and through clenched teeth, tried to convince the public that the Liberal plan would cost marginally less – dodging the fact that it results in significantly less coverage, bandwidth and access for internet users.

    The Liberal party’s own faceless men currently support Abbott, and they have fought hard to thwart Turnbull’s leadership ambitions, but he is the better politician, and the favourite of his side of politics. He might take a leaf out of Rudd’s book in the coming weeks.

    Enough Australians may balk at a PM who is a monarchist clone of Howard, whose front bench is a jaded bunch of disinterested extras, and whose incoherent policies are unachievable.

  19. thanks cyril

    A special snap SMS Morgan Poll (2,530 Australian electors aged 18+) conducted after last night’s ALP leadership ballot showed a large nation-wide swing to the ALP 49.5% (up 5%) since last weekend’s multi-mode Morgan Poll, now just behind the L-NP 50.5% (down 5%) on a two-party preferred basis after former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was returned to the leadership of the ALP after winning a leadership ballot against outgoing Prime Minister Julia Gillard 57-45.

    If a Federal Election were held today the result would be too close to call according to last night’s special snap SMS Morgan Poll on Federal voting intention.

    • The reason I linked the Morgan for the two gorms was the additional analysis since last night that showed;

      Special analysis of last night’s snap SMS Morgan Poll by State shows big swings to the ALP in Rudd’s home State of Queensland (ALP 51.5%, up 10.5% cf. L-NP 48.5%, down 10.5%) and in the strong mining States of Western Australia (ALP 41%, up 7% cf. LNP 59%, down 7%) and South Australia (ALP 50%, up 7% cf. L-NP 50%, down 7%).

      n depth analysis by age-group shows that Rudd’s return has proved a ‘hit’ with the Under 50s – all swinging strongly to the ALP in last night’s special snap SMS Morgan Poll.
      • 18-24yrs: ALP (59.5%, up 7%) cf. L-NP (40.5%, down 7%);
      • 25-34yrs: ALP (58.5%, up 9%) cf. L-NP (41.5%, down 9%);
      • 35-49yrs: ALP (50%, up 6%) cf. L-NP (50%, down 6%);

  20. Two more observations before you do, Rudd keeping everyone waiting for over half an hour for his post-ballot speech last night; Rudd being coy about an election date today, as if the matter had never crossed his mind before the ballot. And a deeply scary possibility - that the election may still be badly lost, and in that calamity, we will also have trashed, and lost, a fine and talented parliamentarian.

  21. Julia Gillard’s speech on sexism and misogyny was hailed by many, including the New Yorker, The Sud Deutsche Zeitung, The Guardian, Le Monde and others as an international sensation. The world gave a standing ovation for her fifteen minutes speech. No female in Australia’s history has ever come closer to so succinctly and precisely sum up the curse of sexism and misogyny.
    History will be kind to her.

    • Malcolm Kukura

      Will not the misogyny she tattooed on Abo now become so indelibly permanent that perhaps it will be decades before Australian men recover the status of civilized ubermensch in the estimate of the yin-yoni 51% of the planetary polity?

  22. Glow Worm, who exactly are you talking about?

    If it’s Julia Gillard remember it is all her own work, her rules, her condition for the ballot, that the loser should retire from politics.

    Didn’t have to be that way.

    Was she staying if defeated at the September election?

    • Yes, I’m referring to Gillard - and she didn’t bring it on herself. The ultimatum would have been enacted without her saying it: both would have had no choice but for the loser to resign. And if she had been defeated in September (which I doubt) she would, I believe, have stepped aside but remained to contribute to parliament. That’s what I meant by trashed. We are careless of what we do to good people these days. The barbarians have reached the gates.

  23. Geez, time to stop reading ALP affiliated blogs, The Party’s back flipping has caught on here too

  24. Don’t do it Bob, or wait at least until he vindicates himself with some decent policies and some kind of electoral salvaging of the so called furniture. So far what’s been achieved has been the loss of several talented servants of the party in government, to whit a considerable weakening of its future prospects. Methinks it too soon for overmuch celebration in Rudd’s honour!

    I think its fair to say that Gillard made some mistakes and that it speaks to a certain maturity in Australian political life that we don’t have to mollycoddle her as a member of the “weaker sex”. The very notion is the essence of sexism itself!

    At least now the conversation will turn back to policies and be the better for it. Rudd’s work and opportunities are all ahead of him, what’s happened in the past couple of days should not however be seen as anything like his crowning glory!

    • Daniel Jenkins

      Yeah. What in the fuck has he done in the last 24 hours that’s so redemptive?

      • hudsongodfrey

        He’s made the polls bounce back in Labor’s favour, that’s about it, and it is all we’d expect anyway. I’m not saying he won’t do better or try as best he’s able, but I think we’re bound to reserve judgement for policies rather than personalities.

      • Yeah, it’s only the voters expressing their opinion.
        What would they know?

        Lets hope that it will all go away so we can whinge on uninterrupted.

    • Malcolm Kukura

      When you say

      “At least now the conversation will turn back to policies and be the better for it”

      you imply that Australia’s long standing misogynist reputation (consult G Greer Eunuch) now demonstrated for the world to see - is a matter to be banned from “policy”.

      That would inevitably be vulnerable to accusations of misogyny down under is alive and well - youtube is ready.

      Would you care to clarify what you think should be doe about embedded misogyny?

      • Malcolm Kukura

        The last line should have been

        should be done…

      • hudsongodfrey

        “now demonstrated for all the world to see”, if that’s your premise then I disagree. Political machinations and personal attacks are not always one and the same. Read my response to Helvi below, and by all means get back to me.

        On the broader question of embedded misogyny, would not getting into bed with misogynists be a good start. If so avoid Abbott like the plague!

    • Hudson, no woman, not Julia, not me, not the cashier at Woolies wants to be ‘mollycoddled’ as a part of a weaker sex’, some respect and courtesy would be very nice…
      Julia’s treatment was absolutely disgusting, it has been noted overseas, but here we think it was OK.

      I’m not even speaking of her as the country’s PM, but as a woman.
      I don’t think German kids throw sandwiches at Angela Merkel, here we laugh at this kind of behaviour.

      • hudsongodfrey

        Helvi, there’s a distinction to be drawn and it shouldn’t have to be a fine one that I need to explain.

        On the personal insults front I think her treatment by some was as you say despicable. On a political level where numbers are weighed and polls consulted clearly the cattle got nervous and felt no compunction to treat her any differently from a man who was thoroughly on the ropes.

        So I am speaking of her as she was the country’s PM. Because it shouldn’t need to be said that the personal stuff and sanga throwing was uncalled for.

        I’m saying that it would have been a form of reverse sexism to baulk at precipitating a leadership spill based on the notion that to do so is to let the sexists win. I think those two wrongs wouldn’t have made a right when the twist in the sexist tail would really be Abbott winning virtually unopposed.

        On the broader question of whether she was doing a good job and why she apparently needed to be replaced, only time will really tell. It wouldn’t matter who the new incumbent was, the fact is that a change now brings expected, maybe even hoped for, changes in policy back into starker focus.

        Had Julia Gillard avoided what seemed to all of us to be trying to make capital out of the sexist atmosphere emanating from certain quarters then maybe she’d have succeeded in keeping policy on the front burner. For mine she’d also have needed to change a few of the positions that she’d taken. She didn’t, maybe she just waited too long, but either way she’s gone.

  25. Hey Bob,you’re are having a lend.Do your fawning acolytes realise you are taking the piss .No,of-course not .You just give it away in big slug like blobs. I think your self love and flagellation is equal to Abbots. Get your hand of your wad mate.That said .I Love your command of these sad fucks. That don’t have a life . All you sad fucks .This is the drum from the real Tooheys long neck world .Not sad Bobs world ,with his oh so prosaic gilded Lilly ,rusty umbrella world.. It’s going to be a slippery pole to defeat for the Laborious party all the way to the election . .In three years time king maker shorty will run the no show . Shorty will then beat Abbot for P.M

    Right now the Salem ship is sinking. Women last bullshit first.
    Emperor Bob and put some clothes on .You’re a tosser of the highest disorder..You wank in the wind like your pollie confidants.
    Me I’m voting for my local labour candy dent Tanya Pilbersek and the Laborious party at this election .Not for Mr Dud.Nor dick wad mad fuck ABBOT and his fuck-wit opposition.
    If there is any shite grandma or spulling found in this tirade I dont give a fuck .I dont have the time or the inclination to proof read the truth.Pass me that plate I need another line.

    I’m voting for Tanya Pilbersek

    • Will you need a leave pass to get day release from the asylum to vote, or will it be a postal?

      Just asking.

    • “This is the drum from the real Tooheys long neck world ” tony hughes

      I bet you sing hey true blue as you drive home from the pub in your holden ute.
      you just ooze authenticity.

      btw - her name is Tanya Plibersek.

      • Tut tut Dali, if you vote for Tanya Pilbersek you live right amongst the ‘in-crowd’, yuppieville, inner city Sydney. Greens territory. “East” Balmain wanted to block off their roads to commoner/outsiders, so I suspect that tradies and their vehicles are limited to purely servants entrances.

        • MR, what are you talking about;when I lived in ‘East’ Balmain, my neigbours were dear Tom Uren and Dr Menadue. (Labor), Peter Baldwin was member a member of Parliament (Labor), my brother-in-law was bashed up by the Right wing Labor faction at the branch meeting in Balmain Town hall.

          I had friends from all sides of politics, so it was a pretty good to place to be, and still is…

          • Calm down Helvi, I know I mention the old Judy Davis crew’s once-proposed ‘barricade’ every now and then and “stopping Just-Anybody” proposals have been mooted in a number of suburbs before (Mosman, Paddington) and yet others such as “East” Hunters Hill have 24/7 tightly restricted parking in a more subtle ostracism of the outsider, but my point was that the federal electorate of Sydney was hardly Tiger Country OR the haunt of tradies and other such unloved types. You agree. You must.

            You must excuse my slightly cynical takeoffs for the new classes graduallytaking over working class suburbs and excluding them and that greens and the modern ALP run them with an iron fist.

        • ha I told you not to correct my spulling .Anyhow whats in a name you dick wad .Our Tanya is a rose by any other .Now go stroke your leader Bobs hump.

    • You have breached the rules and are banned for life.

      You do not talk about me if you do not know me.

      I do not tell lies.

      Get out of my life.

      • I didn’t say you lied Mr King of the libel man . You wrote a beautiful piece of doggrel, limerick Bango oh the over flow prose in regards to Ruds wad.Then he gets the guv’ers job again and you start spouting how the working class can kiss his arse he’s got the guv’s job again at last .Pretty pathetic turn around .I love your doggerel ….Oh man of the drop pie face . :roll:

  26. Certain Housekeeping Matters (around our place). It’s early morning - Our budgie named Kevin kept rattling the cage till he got a treat. When I gave it to him, I was bitten. Damn!

  27. Well stop trying to root him and give him some seed.

  28. Hey bob, do you have anything to say about gillard?
    Anything complimentary I mean? Anything about her reforms, anything about her keeping your erstwhile amour out of the pmship for 3 years? Anything at all that we might consider a fitting tribute to the person who navigated her way through the most difficult of parliamentary and public conditions in australian political history?

    • She has many achievements to her name I think. They are as set and permanent in history as is her massive retirement pension. There can be argument about who was ‘best’ or worst’ PM in Australian history. Gough Whitlam has had a bit of a raw deal on that for years when the chaos of the period 1972-1975 has seemed to overshadow everything else and even his landmark reforms from that era tend to be forgotten in the shadow of his governments decline and fall. Gough not only had to rebuild, virtually singlehandedly and from the ground up, an old party which had, because of the split and fight with the communists become totally unelectable, he did, has and will stand the test of time as being its leading intellectual force of the past 60 years at least.

      Gillard has no such redeeming features.

      She has shone out though, as being out of the mould, the ONLY person who could have risen within the ALP to its highest level with the least ability but, with a finesse unseen before, to gradually use (and then successfully betray) just about every faction the ALP ever had and just about every politician she used to advance herself. Her policy achievements are momentary, usually the production of others and those others are now to be left with the task of trying to turn it into something that works.

      While she was finally cut down by the only mob of supporters she had left, her other ‘first’ was that she made the many enemies in the Victorian ALP who hated her, the happiest they have been in the decades since she progressively betrayed them,

      A whole series of ’firsts’.

      • She ran a good government, and passed many, many good laws.

        She was a good person. She was a good advocate behind closed doors.

        In public, she was a bad salesperson.

        And she nearly cost us our entire civilisation because of it.

        • That’s my opinion. As is the Gough Whitlam one.

          • A silly opinion, Rootin’ , because even after all the crap thrown at Gillard 45 MPs still thought she was the best person for the job.

            Shorten agonised over the decision, as did Wong; they decided, right or wrong, that loyalty to the Party came first and demanded Rudd redux.

            • I am surprised she didn’t get even more votes than she did (well, surprised until I heard that the NSW ALP machine had ordered MPs to vote for Rudd), but that has nothing to do with ability. Nothing of the sort.

              Rudd is universally loathed, that’s why. As much as anyone has been for a long time. Sooner or later, when the post mortems are in (even if Rudd wins the election, soon after that) he will take his place beside the worst of the worst for treachery, up there with the famous “rats” like Lyons and Hughes.

              He can’t last past the time when all he is wanted for is over. Shorten may well have agonised. But because he, too, loathes Rudd. I think I have painted the right picture for all of them. Ask around, but pictures tell a thousand words and body language is, as usual, a fair tip.

              The 45 votes include those who had nothing left to lose or just didn’t care.

              • Well, that is a better expressed opinion; is it yours? :lol:

                • It is an ‘informed opinion’ with Rudd’s final description as to his the depths of his end-reputation in the ALP ‘hall of fame’ mine alone.

                  • Oh Ryutin stop flattering yourself you haven’t had an informedopinion since posting on this blog.

                    Your so called opinions, can be found on any right wing blog site. You all follow the same routine, paragraph apon paragraph of nothing.

                    I bet the thought of Rudd winning, will be the last straw for you. Next stop the nut house.

              • Im starting to feel guilty about all of this Ryutin. I don’t kick a man when he’s down, but in your case ill make the exception.

                Tell me the names of say 20 of the 45 with ‘nothing to lose or just don’t care.’
                Lets hear if you can put some meat on that bone.

                I don’t think you can.
                As a matter of fact I know you can’t.
                Anything you write in response that doesn’t include the names of labor ministers, 20 of them, I’ll take to be your frank admission to being a fucking dog’s arse when it comes to the offering of opinions.

                Agreed? Excellent!

                Now, about those 20 names…..

                • Okay, you tiny-minded automaton,
                  Get onto Bob Ellis, the (at least part-time) ALP insider by sending a private email to him.

                  Ask him. Okay.

                  And then shut your mouth.

                  • Just as I thought!!
                    :lol: :lol:

                    No, you fucking imbecile, I’m ASKING YOU.

                    YOU said it, NOT Bob, YOU!
                    Can YOU back it up?
                    Or are you that much of a coward that you can’t even back up your own words?!?
                    I mean, what kind of man are you?

                    I’ll do you one better than your fit of affected pique “shut your mouth” - give those names and I’ll apologise for calling you out.
                    Don’t give them and be forever known as the Liberal Party’s “Back Door Man”!

                    It’s your choice Ryutin.

                    Ahh, don’t trouble yourself with pretending to ignore this post. I KNOW you won’t give names. You can’t. It’s just another, yawn, in a long line of bullshit side comments by this blogs Doyen of Bullshit.

                    Fuck off Imbecile.

      • Sorry, did you say something?

  29. Bob at the time you were right and Kevin was wrong

    Kevin’s 40 days and 40 nights in the wilderness has made him holy once more

    With Kevin’s new found holiness- he can move forward in a way you always recognized as the best way forward for the Labor party

    No need for the mea-culpa when it was you alone who kept the faith and always saw through the evils of an Abbott led evil empire

    Your great inspirational musings have aroused the Labor warriors to a heightened sense—

  30. a visit here now is wasted space/time - essentially there will be no difference between Lab and LNP in power….with minor squabbles for show, that is the victory, so who cares - they are both in a mutual admiration club for who will earn the best super when time comes to return to the real world of private influence and private money….

  31. I wonder how any journalist worth a crumpet can work for New Ltd - they have become almost laughable with their bias and campaigning - not a true record for any reader to bother with.

  32. .
    Mirror on the Wall : Well Tony, rejoice! The wicked witch is dead!

    Face in the mirror : That’s all very well but they’ve got Rudd back.

    Mirror : Isn’t that what the Lib strategists have been trying to achieve all along?

    Face : No! They just wanted to destabi- destabe- upset* Julia and make sure she’d never get a proper go at anything. No-one wanted Rudd back.

    Mirror : But surely the attack ads are already in the can, for Rudd redux?

    Face : Rudd what?

    Mirror : reincarnated, resurrected.

    Face : Use shorter words!

    Mirror : Sorry, I was with Costello for a few years and that bloody journo for News/The Drum.

    (aside : and I thought I might get a gig with Turnbull)

    Face : Hmmph.

    Mirror : the return of Rudd.

    Face : Why didn’t you say so?! No the ads are there ready, but I doubt they’ll work; everyone out there seems to think Rudd’s the Messiah and the Laborites made it all up about his being the Antichrist.

    Mirror : Who’s using big words now?

    Face : That’s one the Cardinal taught me. Hey, don’t be so cheeky.

    Mirror : (aside : Come on Malcolm, you know you want to!)

  33. Bob
    Life itself is like a-:
    SHIT SANDWICH -the more bread you have the less shit you have to eat

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